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    Re: Your Basenotes Milestones

    Will be my 12th yr on BN this year
    My personal milestone would be when I started posting forum replies that are more “me” based on what I know and experienced, rather than giving in to the general...
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    Re: How do you control your purchases?

    I feel you.
    I try to limit by buying only one from each house, but I’ve already broken that rule several times (I’m looking at you Mugler).
    A few years ago I’ve switched to buying 30 & 50ml...
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    Re: John Varvatos Files for Bankruptcy

    Sad. I have Artisan, maybe I should buy another one as a show of support. Any suggestions for 34C degree weather?
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    Re: Best scent for sex?

    Ditto. Only BNers would put thought into this
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    Re: How Much Is Too Much?

    Yes go easy, especially if you’ve experienced being called out, or you’re averse to people who smell “loud”. Overspraying is just obnoxious and insensitive IMO, I generally stay away from people who...
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    Re: Top Summer Cheapies Young Men

    Ralph Lauren Polo Blue and other flankers
    Paris Hilton for Men, Nautica Voyage and Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction - super affordable
    Mugler Cologne
    Lush Body Sprays like Dad’s Lemon Tree and...
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    Re: Where to go after Dior Homme

    Versace the Dreamer
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (blue box)
  8. Re: Everyday fragrance - Dunhill icon, Montblanc explorer/legend

    Legend & Explorer. And yes I echo that other Montblancs, even though some are highly praised, are not for everyone and IMO not fit as daily drivers. Earlier Montblancs smell old weird and difficult...
  9. Re: Need suggestion, Terre de' Hermes / Pure malt / Light Blue Intense for college student

    Im going against the grain here, if you’re in college and want to be, maybe, noticed by the ladies, Light Blue Intense.
    Both TDH and Pure Malt, though designer frags, are too Basenote-y IMO unless...
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    Re: Spring/Summer Scents

    Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree by Lush
    Paris Hilton for Men
    Mugler Cologne
    Monsieur Balmain
  11. Re: Beginner looking for a fragrance that smells like the forest

    Pino Silvestre - pine forest duh haha
    Adolfo Dominguez Vetiver - when I think forest I think lush wet underside roots, like after a light rain, very earthy
  12. Re: Do you have scent that makes people walking by you turn around and ask what you are wearing?

    Once in an elevator by a random mom, and I was wearing Polo Red White & Blue, not any of my Lutens nor rare frags. Only BN fragheads care about those things.
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    Re: Hugo Boss Boss

    looks like a knockoff
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    Re: Fragrance for a male exotic Dancer

    Something likeable, his audience aren't Basenotes snobs. ADG Essenza, Invictus, Aventus, heck even an overdose of Chrome or Curve!
  15. Re: BOSS TV ads show celebs spray on while dressed. What's up with that?

    Spray sequence after shower :

    Chest - wrists (dab on neck), back of hand

    Wear shirt

    1 spray from far away unto clothes (to prevent scent stains or spots), spray back under the shirt collar
  16. Re: Summer Fragrance For People Who Don't like Summer Fragrances

    Something a bit off-center:
    Dirty by Lush

    Something else to consider:
    Fahrenheit Aqua
    Guerlain Homme L'Eau

    Something under the radar:
    Ferragamo Tuscan Soul
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    Re: Today I bought October 2016

    Alvarez Gomez Colonia Concentrada
    Mugler Cologne
    Santal by Fragonard
    Azzaro L'Eau

    From a trip to Europe...all these aren't available where I'm from. Happy enough to see & sniff the niches in...
  18. Re: Appropriate fragrance to wear while delivering good news?

    Something thats generally well liked. I'd wear my Acqua di Gio Essenza
  19. Re: A*Men Ultra Zest by Thierry Mugler - Worth the blind buy???

    Yes IMO, was glad I bit the bullet with this one.
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    Re: Zara Men perfumes

    I have Zara Man Gold, it lasts quite a while on me, and yes it has that ubiquitous pineapple note or something like it.

    I was at a Zara yesterday and tried their new release, the W/End series (12,...
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    Re: Armani Fragrances?

    I wanted to get in on the AdG hype train (when it first came out I was too poor to buy it haha) but when I re tested it, it was surprisingly sour on my skin. Bit the bullet and bought AdG Essenza...
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    Re: Do you wear fragrances based on seasons?

    We have 2 seasons: hot wet and sticky with the sun and hot wet and sticky with rain.

    So to the question, yes.

    If I feel frisky and rebellious will wear say an SL when the sun is out but will...
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    Re: Most masculine fragrance you've ever smelled?

    In my wardrobe that I enjoy : Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme ^sticker bottle^ and Dolce & Gabbana By Man
    When I wear em its either I'm the scholarly yet dandy dude in a leather armchair with a cigar OR...
  24. Re: Underappreciated fragrances? Ones you find worthy of more attention?

    Why are Goutals around here underappreciated? I do like Eau du Sud but havent gotten around to snagging a bottle, or any of from that house for that matter.
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    Re: Best Neroli with a budget

    Aside from the history (PR spun or otherwise) I dont get 4711, I mean its perfumed water that's gone in 2minutes unless you bathe in it.
  26. Thread: Fruity frags

    by funhuntr

    Re: Fruity frags

    Not along the lines of Aventus also but sometimes you might have a "frisky tart of a man" mood. Yes I use Paris Hilton for Men during those kinda days haha.
    Polo Red White & Blue gets me...
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    Re: Recommendation for a everyday fragrance

    Le Vainqueur by Rance
    Gris Clair by Serge Lutens
    L'Essence de Cerruti
    The Dreamer by Versace
  28. Re: Does Lanvin L'Homme Sport smell weird to anyone else?

    Easily into my top ten (and I have quite a good number of bottles)

    ... So no it doesnt smell weird to me at all
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    Re: Fragrances people in your area wear a lot

    In the Philippines the holy trinity of Fresh still rules : Cool Water, Acqua di Gio and Hugo Hugo Boss. Or iterations of these. Our hot and humid climate + culture (people here are not fans of heavy...
  30. Re: Any suggestions for fragrance by a Japanese House?

    Granted, but it's aesthetic is associated with Japan. Fragrance-wise, I haven't tested these 2 but Kenzo's Tokyo and Kenzo Air might be polarizing opposites reminiscent of the country. I have L'eau...
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    Re: Student fragrance

    Yup, go to a Sephora a few times or any other frag store WITHOUT annoying salespeople pushing whatever fragrance at you.
    Test a couple undisturbed from the choices listed here or posts in the other...
  32. Re: Fragrances you love and wish would perform better as well as last longer.

    +1 on 4711. If there's a 4711 Ultra Parfum Extreme version pls let me know. (but no, I will not spend more than $80 on it haha)
    I also wish that mango note in Polo Double Black lasted longer!
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    Re: How often do you blind buy?

    Around half of my current wardrobe are blind buys

    > from where I live there isn't a lot of access to fragrances (only run of the mill dept store offerings)
    > I hate talking to fragrance SAs so I...
  34. Re: Completely new to the world of men's fragrances- Any recommendations for under $50?

    Sans one or two "old person" suggestions above :) , I'd say most of the suggestions are solid.

    If I were a newbie, I'd probably want to get my hands on
    > Versace Eau Fraiche (smells young,...
  35. Re: New to Guerlain Vetiver....I am finding a conflicting experience to the popular opinion.

    I love it but I get headaches from it. What kind of "Guerlainade" is in this thing? (not an actual term, I just read it floating around somewhere).

    I get your vibe too -- sleek, classy, soapy,...
  36. Re: Do all aquatic fragrances smell really close to each other?

    +1 on trying Bvlgari Aqva since it's one of the more available and easy to test out there, just to prove rather quickly than aquatics don't all smell the same. Can try Kenzo L'eau Par Homme as well...
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    Re: Habit Rouge - should I go for it?

    1. Nope.
    2. Nope. A lot of people here sing praises about it but I'm in the "utterly-confused-I-won't ever-wear-this" side of the bench. Though I did see that someone commented that if you want to...
  38. Re: Is it normal to get a headache from certain fragrances?

    From personal experience, yes. I get it from the Guerlain fragrances I own (L'Eau and Vetiver), particularly Vetiver which is unfortunate because I think it's a good fragrance, classic and quite...
  39. Thread: T K Maxx

    by funhuntr

    Re: T K Maxx

    I am dying with envy with those prices and the availability ... *gasp*

    Tea for Two ... Mure et Musc ... ahhh great finds!
  40. Re: Why commercial perfumery is more interesting than niche

    While reading the article I was half expecting the niche frag heads to come out in full force to slam the article

    Great to see there is still some open mindedness

    Or maybe the slam-designer...
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    Re: The most sexy fragrance you have ever smelled

    Everytime I wear this I feel like a 70s gigolo-sexp0t, I love it

    Dolce & Gabbana BY Man
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    Re: New Michael Kors for Men "Extreme Blue"

    With this I'm getting to be more interested in the original Michael Kors, because of how "unpopular" it is with the masses.
    Fragrances with a big marketing push scare me.
    Hope Extreme Blue also...
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    Re: Most impracticle bottles or Form vs Function

    My McQueen Kingdom doesnt spray magnificently but its not the worst that I have. I fancy the bottle so much though.

    What comes to mind is Marc Jacobs Bang, the base is so flimsy, its better to...
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    Re: Best Mont Blanc Cologne?

    Sorry to hijack, have you guys tried the new Emblem and Emblem Intense?
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    Re: Paco Rabanne Invictus

    This. BN-er designer hate be damned 😄

    I'm not a fan but my Dad (!) owns a bottle and he gets a kick out of wearing it. Makes him happy, then I'm happy
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    Re: cK One Shock vs Nautica Voyage

    Out of the 2 from OP, Voyage for warmer weather. Though it has a creamy sweet side too, which can be a bit cloying.

    Would prefer some of the other frags mentioned so far : Lanvin L'Homme Sport and...
  47. Re: I just got Banged! My newest Obsession Marc Jacobs Bang

    I own a bottle, meh. Like, not love.
    Holds my attention just as long as the sharp pepper top notes are on, which isn't too long.
    Love the chrome bottle but hate that it topples over so easily.
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    Re: your favorite designer fragrance


    At gunpoint, I'd always reach for Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme first.
  49. Re: Fragrances that blew your mind when you first smelled them?

    Recently smelled but not (yet) owned :

    Chanel Sycomore

    Bought a bottle right away or soon after

    Dolce & Gabbana BY Man
    Alexander McQueen Kingdom
    Lush Dirty
    Versace Black Jeans
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    Re: Is it excessive/redundant to own these...

    I own both Narciso for Him and Encre Noire; they stand on their own as unique fragrances. Narciso has a somber melancholy feel -- it's likened to wet concrete -- but I get some dark sweetness in it...
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    Re: aquatic with BRUTAL PROJECTIVITY?

    Bvlgari Aqva. +on longevity, sillage and one of the few I can determine on other people when they pass by, very distinct
  52. Re: From which sites you order colognes ? Are these sites legit ?

    I've bought 6 frags so far from FragranceX (2 transactions), no complaints so far. Will order again soon. I only buy if its free intl shipping though (FSW code).

    I still find Strawberrynet...
  53. Re: SPRING/SUMMER cheapo fragrances recommendations

    +1 for Ed Hardy's Love & Luck
    +1 for L'Eau par Kenzo

    -1 on 4711, yes, it's light, cheap and a classic cologne, but it dissipates ascsoon as it hits skin, so like, wha** where'd it go, such a...
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    Re: Last fragrance that blew you away

    From last testing, Eau Du Sud by Annick Goutal. Now thinking if I should drop some coin for a full bottle
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    Re: What have you STILL not tried?

    Aventus, just so I can figure out the hype machine (too expensive for me anyway, and at close to 100 bottles, it's not as if I need another one)

    Basenotes faves like Kouros, L'anarchiste and...
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    Re: Your favorite scent from Alberto Morillas

    Wont say that thisnis his best, but I do love it (and bought it mostly because it's from him). Im a 90s kid and this is it in a bottle thats NOT AdG :)
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    Re: Quick tip for increasing longevity.

    I usually try ("try" being the operative word) to choose my fragrance the night before I wear it the next day. So it looks like I have to choose my OOTD the night before as well so I can pre-spray....
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    Re: Do you have a fragrance pal?

    No fragrance pals.

    When I do get to mention I'm into fragrance and own more than a hundred kinds, I get a lotta those slightly amused chuckles and that look (the...
  59. Re: Most feminine smelling fragrance marketed to men and vice versa?

    Gaultier Fleur du Male is the most feminine smelling scent I own that's marketed to men.

    Otherwise it doesn't matter since I have several frags "for ladies" which I regularly wear, among them :
  60. Re: Can leather based scents be worn during the summer time?

    Yes but keep it light. I can step into a mist of Lutens Cuir Mauresque for summer (up to 41C here in Manila) but to do 3 sprays on skin I'd be oppressive come noon
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    Re: Fragrance that disapointed you the most

    I'm a sucker for all the hype surrounding T Mugler A*Men Pure *insert hype-machine* here.
    Got so excited for Pure Shot - bad
    Got so excited for Pure Havane and bought a bottle - now, meh.
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    Re: Is Tom Ford a Perfumer?

    He may not be a perfumer in the strictest sense of the word, but he's way ahead of the pack amongst all of them in terms of toeing the balance between creative and commercial success.
  63. Re: Ignorance from people who don't know/use fragrances

    Doesn't bother me at all. What does bother me is that if someone shows a tiny tiny bit of interest in how I smell for the day, I suddenly geek out in telling this person about my SOTD, the way I...
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    Re: Versace oud noir

    Quite a nice surprise that a mainstream designer's Oud offering is not receiving too much flak from round here.
    Might be worth a sniff.
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    Re: Fragrance headache

    Guerlain Vetiver. Almost everytime. (I know, which is sad).

    I don't have the heart to get rid of it so I spray lower, farther, and lesser. Then pray each time that I won't have a headache.
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    Re: Gym Fragrance: Your Go-To?

    Before gym, none specifically. SOTD only.
    From observation, yes, the cologne guys at the gym are usually just the ones preening about. *scoffs*

    After gym, just the same SOTD. Though frm my...
  67. Re: Ralph Lauren Purple Label or Gucci Pour Homme 1 purchase -- which?

    This is one of those "sniff-but-don't press" type of stores, and each piece is like a one-off (no testers, so no trying it out). I don't buy to resell either, as shipping out from here isn't exactly...
  68. Ralph Lauren Purple Label or Gucci Pour Homme 1 purchase -- which?

    Was mucking around a mall yesterday after gym and found sweet stuff at a frag store (one of those independent non dept store types). Gift boxes of Ralph Lauren Purple Label and *gasp* Gucci Pour...
  69. Re: Which perfume house uses the best/worst quality bottles in comparison to their price tag?

    Exactly what I was thinking about Lalique, though Encre Noire has been mentioned once. I like bottles with heft (though a bit of a pain to carry around since Im too lazy to decant). From my wardrobe,...
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    Re: Unexpensive fragrance for this spring/summer

    Without going too off-tangent from what you're using :
    Versace Pour Homme Eau Fraiche
    Hugo Hugo Boss

    Personal recommendations:
    Paris Hilton for Men (blue swirl bottle) -> fruity sweet fresh and...
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    Re: Best of the 90's?

    In terms of influence --> Acqua di Gio, CK One & Cool Water.
    Up to now still the top sellers in my country, the holy triumvirate. (Joop, Rochas Man, whatever Paco or Creed release be damned --...
  72. I just hope that these turn out to be more...

    I just hope that these turn out to be more "Essence" rather than their not-so-impressive other frags released earlier. This more premium line has a few good ones (I have the Oud), I just hope the...
  73. I don't expect a lot from her when it comes to...

    I don't expect a lot from her when it comes to frag development; I'm sure it takes a lot of training, study, and one really has to have a "nose" for it. So yeah, she may be more of a marketer and a...
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    Re: Anyone a fan of dolce and gabbana for men?

    I love the vintage juice, but I try to space my usage, I dont want to run out of it and switch to the new one.
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest (new for 2015)

    woooh it's getting some Basenotes love, looks like TM hit the nail on this one. I doubt it'll hit our shores over here but I hope I get to see it in one of my overseas trips this year. MUST.GET.
  76. That bottle might get a lot of snarky comments...

    That bottle might get a lot of snarky comments but I got the tingles when I got to the end. Excited much!
  77. Re: What was your First Fragrance that triggered collecting?

    My mom would bring me a fragrance from the first time she could afford leisure travel -- first was Lacoste Eau De Sport from Hong Kong duty free, then Paco Paco Rabanne (the unisex one in the...
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    Re: What will be your first purchase of 2015?

    None, at least in the 1st quarter of '15, unless I have a sudden business trip again overseas and trip on a good deal. I have a dozen unopened bottles still; including Nemo from Cacharel and eau...
  79. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Pour Homme is in my top 5, and I'm excited for this.
    However, I am wary about the creamy part, or the parts in the thread where it leans towards the 1 million kind, which I'm not into (and the world...
  80. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Pour Homme is in my top 5, and I'm excited for this.
    However, I am wary about the creamy part, or the parts in the thread where it leans towards the 1 million kind, which I'm not into (and the world...
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    Re: Carolina Herrera: Best of?

    Herrera for Men was a fragrance I loved so much in the past, but recent sampling (my old bottle fell on the gym floor) hit me with a sour note that I couldnt get over, so I didnt repurchase. Was it...
  82. Re: Which cheap and reliable introduction to leather and tobacco scents?

    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
  83. Re: What is the best smelling fragrance from Ralph Lauren's "Polo" line?

    Yup, most of BN will stick to the original Polos rather predictable really.

    From the newer ones, Polo Blue. Safe and most people will like.
    I own the Red White & Blue flanker and it's one of...
  84. Re: Going to a big board meeting, what should I wear?

    +1 on Rance Le Vainquer & Gendarme. Throwing in Banana Republic Classic into mix too.

    Let your work do the talking.
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    Re: A*Men Pure Wood, worthy or not?

    Tried it a few days ago in Dubai, felt the same way. I was like, "where's the wood?"
    Creamy sweet. Not my cup of tea. I'd take Pure Coffee (which I own) over this any day.
    Come to think of it, I...
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    Re: Today I bought: October 2014

    Just got back from a business trip. Dubai was indeed the perfume paradise it was cracked up to be.

    Got 5 bottles :

    1. L'Eau de Cartier
    2. Bentley Intense
    3. Halston Unbound
    4. Mizyaan by...
  87. Thread: Dubai

    by funhuntr

    Re: Dubai

    thanks for these lists guys, I'll be in Dubai next week for a few days. I doubt that I'll be buying a lot of stuff but I have a few hours to myself when I arrive (it's a work trip) so I'll be in test...
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    Re: What are some great value scents?

    + 1. Twice. Great value, great scent.
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    Re: Which David Beckham Frags are worth getting?

    Im not the TS but I do want to thank those who've actually discussed the frags and gave great suggestions to try.
    I've been logging on less and less due to the snooty vibe, as if everyone here is...
  90. Re: When you go out of town, what fragrance(s) go with you?

    I go out on business trips once a month and my considerations are size of the bottle I have (too lazy to decant) and versatility.

    3 I usually bring along :

    Terre d Hermes EDT - from Miniature...
  91. Re: Comme Des Garcons - SERPENTINE - A New Fragrance

    A bitter green to me, and I dont get any of the grit of the city nor airy qualities at all. Between this abd Odeur 53 I prefer the latter.
  92. Re: Share your greatest bargain ever. A silly thread to show off.

    Two of the most ridiculous : a real honest to goodness By Man by D& G and Nemo Cacharel (both 50ml, bought on 2 separate occasions) for less than 30usd each from a frag store here who for the life of...
  93. Re: Article: The Top Ten: Discontinued Men's Fragrances

    Great validation of my fragrance hunts! I already have 3 of these in my active rotation (By Man, Montana Red Box & Ungaro II) and I know where to score Balenciaga Pour Homme, Gucci Pour Homme (at...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*MEN Pure Wood

    The last time I got excited about the Pure series was before Pure Shot came out, and that turned out to be a dud. Hoping that thia would be much better.

    And regarding the teaser ad that looked...
  95. Re: Early warning: Pharrell Williams teams up with Comme des Garçons

    +1. It's a shame that a board full of fragrance enthusiasts can dismiss it just like that. Not a good example for fragrance newbies, when celebrity fragrances would be the easiest way for them to...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*Men Urban

    What's more surprising to me is with the number of die-hard Mugler, A*Men, & Pure collector fanatics on BN, no one has actually bought Urban & provided info if this is just original A*Men in...
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    Re: Expected Perfume Trends for 2014-2015

    I don't think China will hve an impact on styles & formulation anytime soon, not in the next couple of years IMO. Majority did not live with fragrance in their culture, it's a fairly new concept and...
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    Re: Lush's Big and Ladyboy

    Go-to standouts of course are Dirty and Breath of God. Lush's Gorilla fragrance line is such a creative and accessible alternative to run-of-the-mill designer frags.
  99. Not from the US so I don't access to your Ross'...

    Not from the US so I don't access to your Ross' and your Marshalls', so whatever Paris Hilton for Men giftset or bottle I will find here will still be full price. Since they're officially...
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    Re: Collines de Provence

    Was looking for further information on this line, sadly not so much on basenotes. There's an online store, I believe its based in Manila, that carries at very affordable prices (local its only around...
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