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    Re: Looking for a good everyday cologne.

    Prada Infusion D'Homme.

    Good everyday versatile scent. Can wear it to work, wear it with a hoody or wear it with a suit at a formal event.
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    Re: Rate my wardrobe and suggest more?

    You appear to have a similar taste in fragrances as I do.

    I will recommend:

    Prada Luna Rossa
    Blue de Chanel
    Chanel Allure Homme Sport [or] Eau Extreme
    Burberry Touch - beautiful fragrance...
  3. Re: Tips for a signature scent and winter/summer daily's

    It doesn't have the same citrus top note. It's named extreme but it is more musky as oppose to having the sharp citrus.
  4. Re: Tips for a signature scent and winter/summer daily's

    If you like AHS but want 'less sporty', try AHS Eau Extreme. It's one which has gone under the radar but it's a great scent and perfect signature scent material.
  5. Re: Does it exists any great or even a masterpiece "sport" scent?

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme - this is one which gets overlooked but it is a great scent.
  6. Re: HELP: Hollister / A&F perfume which smells like Armani Mania?

    haha come on guys, if he knew it'd have been much simpler for me! - He didn't know which one it was himself, he tried it on in the store.
  7. HELP: Hollister / A&F perfume which smells like Armani Mania?


    I was out with my friends the other day and of my friends smelt a lot like Armani Mania so asked if that was what he was wearing. He said he was wearing Hollister or A&F but couldn't quite...
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    Re: fresco by ilum deam (an aventus clone?)

    Only thing I'm wary about is the potential tax which can be put in it...
  9. Re: My obsession with Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch...

    I did not get the Legend and Fierce comparison at all. Legend smells far too similar to Lynx / Axe. Fierce is far more fuller / richer / more powerful fragrance.

    I do not own either so I'm not...
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    Re: Chanel's on eBay - how so cheap?

    Thanks for the responses guys.

    As I suspected, they are fakes. Ridiculous eBay is not doing something about as it is extremely unfair on on unsuspecting / normal buyers. They look the real deal...
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    Re: Gucci PH II Tea Note

    It's not just you, it did smell slightly vinegary when I tried it in store a few weeks ago. Not unpleasant but certainly not something I would want to spray on myself and smell of all day.
  12. Thread: What to add?

    by P77

    Re: What to add?

    This is a fantastic bit of advice and one I recommend everyone new to the perfume world to consider.

    The whole 'trying to get a variety to have a complete well rounded collection' has ended up...
  13. Thread: What to add?

    by P77

    Re: What to add?

    I have pretty similar tastes to you and have quite of few what you do. I love the Chanel line: Bleu, Allure, Allure Homme Sport as well most of the others. So check those out.

    Have a look at the...
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    Chanel's on eBay - how so cheap?

    I'm a massive fan of Chanel perfumes and I have never even seen a 100ml below 63GBP and 50ml below 45GBP (across there whole range) - from as far as I'm aware Chanel do not discount there perfumes.
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    Re: Prada Luna Rossa, new male perfume by Prada

    I love it. My favorite scent of 2012.
  16. Re: Rate 60 Designer/Mass-Market Fragrances (from 1 to 5)

    2 - Viktor Rolf Spicebomb
    2 - Cartier Declaration
    [n/a] - Cartier Roadster
    [n/a] - Guerlain L'Instant
    [n/a] - Guerlain Imperiale
    2 - Terre D' Hermes
    3 - Dior Homme
    2.5 - Dior Fahrenheit...
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    Re: Recommend Me A Summer Frag

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport - beautiful summer fragrance in my opinion [can also be used year round if you really want].
  18. Thread: 1000ml!

    by P77

    Re: 1000ml!

    Considering in the UK, a 50ml of Fierce costs 58GBP and 100ml is 100GBP, if someone can be bothered or has the time, they can make some money decanting the stuff and selling it.
  19. Thread: Prada Luna Rossa

    by P77

    Re: Prada Luna Rossa

    I absolutely love this. It's the type which makes you feel happy / confident when wearing it. I got a 100ml a few weeks after it came out.

    It's one I wear with a shirt and chinos or suit etc not...
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    Re: D&G The One for Men at £15 for 100ml...

    Will do!

    Although the M&S I use is very big and has a large women's Beauty department, for the men's fragrance there was literally half a shelf with around three perfumes out of there whole...
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    Re: most versatile scents

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport
    Blue de Chanel
    Dior Homme Sport
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    Re: D&G The One for Men at £15 for 100ml...

    I popped in today to try it out and it is pretty much exactly the same as The One.

    Currently have a bottle of The One however it's less than a half full so going to pick up this stuff and use it...
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    212 Men - Biggest projection beast?

    Around two weeks ago I was in a department store and sprayed the sleeve of my jumper twice with 212 Men. I hung the jumper up and wore it again today. While I was sitting at my desk I kept catching...
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    Re: Found a couple of hidden gems today......

    Does Fenwick stock Indivuel? I know none of the department stores do. I heard they also stock Pure Malt? I'm in England and funnily enough have never been into Fenwick but if they stock stuff other...
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    Re: 15 Year Old Newbie Help!

    To be honest while I myself own London I can't say I would recommend it in the case of OP.

    It's one which I find quite difficult to wear, it definitely isn't a hoody / jeans / t-shirt type scent...
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    Re: D&G The One for Men at £15 for 100ml...

    Ah brilliant. I'll have a browse in store next week and report back.

    Keep us posted on Iconic. Currently have half a bottle of The One and while it smells great, I always have to be wary of the...
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    Re: D&G The One for Men at £15 for 100ml...

    Do they have these on display in stores to try? Having a quick browse and it does appear to be some imitation going on.

    Blue de Chanel?
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    Re: Mont Blanc Legend or A&F Fierce?

    It would have to be Fierce without doubt for me.

    I really wanted to like Legend. Everything I read about it gave the impression it would be perfect for me. I almost purchase it without trying...
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    Re: 15 Year Old Newbie Help!

    For summer or even a staple any season / any occasion I would recommend Chanel Allure Sport or Versace Pour Homme.

    Boss Bottled, Givenchy Play Intense and Burberry Brit are other good casual ones.
  30. Thread: A*Men blind buy.

    by P77

    Re: A*Men blind buy.

    Does it smell bad? Not at all. Quite the opposite.

    Is it something I want to smell of? No, not at all.

    I wouldn't call it safe. As a scent, it's safe. However as a fragrance to be worn I...
  31. Re: Fresh, bright, summery, sophisticated, quality ingredients

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport.
  32. Thread: Hugo Boss

    by P77

    Re: Hugo Boss

    Boss Bottled is a great fragrance.
    Hugo Man is a great fragrance.
    Energise is a fragance that I enjoy but longevity is terrible. It's a brilliant casual / hanging with friends fragrance.
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    Re: Why I might leave Creed...

    I'm quite new to this forum and I didn't know about Creed before I joined. Having read a great deal of this forum one thing which puzzles is how and why are the Creed batches so inconsistent? What is...
  34. Thread: 212 men

    by P77

    Re: 212 men

    Yep that's the original. There are two flankers as far as I'm aware, 212 Sexy Men and 212 Ice [or something like that].

    Absolutely love 212 Men! I think it gets bad press due to it being very...
  35. Re: Teenager looking for a fragrance, thinking of Egoiste

    Scents like these you definitely have to try before purchasing. E.g going off forum comments and reviews alone (148 positive, only 19 negative) you'd think Chanel Antaeus is the safest buy ever which...
  36. Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    Nothing at all abnormal about being into fragrances at your age. I got into it at around age 14 and it has been progressing since.

    The only thing I would deem to be slightly abnormal /...
  37. Re: You’re going away for 6 months and have room for only ONE fragrance…what fragrance do you take?

    Chanel Allure Sport

    I think its an incredibly versatile scent [hot / cold / - smart / casual - day / evening etc] moreover it is inoffensive; while everyone may not love it I doubt many people out...
  38. Re: What is the cleanest, soapiest, fresh out of the shower frag out there?

    Agree with above - Prada Amber Pour Home
  39. Re: Perfume compliments from strangers - not really a UK thing?

    Going by many YouTube reviews it appears to be extremely common, hence why I created this thread as I was also under the impression that fragrance compliments were rare. However if you have browse...
  40. Perfume compliments from strangers - not really a UK thing?


    I've been wondering this for a while; both on this forum and especially on YouTube views perfume reviewers talk about the tremendous amounts of compliments they got on scents and there are...
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    Re: Help with winter fragrance

    While Burberry London is a fantastic fragrance and perfect for the winter, its longevity is not great. Which is fine if you have a collection of perfumes and use London every so often but if you want...
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    Re: £300 to spend, care to help me?

    Prada Amber Homme
    Rochas Man
    Burberry Brit
    Burberry London
    Versace Pour Homme
    D&G The One
    L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme

    I would have recommended some Chanel perfumes but I don't think...
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    Re: What female scents are even deadlier on the male?

    D&G Number 10 - La Roue de la Fortune. Something I will probably go for at some point but for now there is a long list of perfumes I want to purchase before I get to this one however it does smell...
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    Re: Paco Rabanne 1 Million

    This is a fragrance which smells good to me but I don't have any compulsion to own. I actually do think its due its sheer popularity which makes me averse to owning it. However, sure, their are many...
  45. One scent you've been through the most bottles of [used - not stocked up]


    I was browsing through a thread where everyone listing the bottles they have in duplicates / stocked up.

    My question is two-fold.

    - Which is the one perfume you've been through the most...
  46. Thread: Which Chanel?

    by P77

    Re: Which Chanel?

    I have Bleu and I have sampled Edition Blanche and at certain stages of wearing it smells very similar to Bleu. So I wouldn't buy both.

    Both Bleu and Blanche are great fragrances but I'd recommend...
  47. FAO for those with Prada Luna Rossa - is there perfume missing from my bottle?


    I received a 100ml bottle of Prada Luna Rossa as a gift. It was purchased from London Heathrow Duty Free so no qualms as to its authenticity and it was wrapped in cellophane so no way that it...
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    Re: La Nuit De l'homme vs Givenchy play

    After seeing La Nuit make so many top ten lists of YouTube reviewers I decided to try it out today. I cannot see what the fuss is about. It's pleasant, but nothing that really stands out as wow. Out...
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    Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?


    I love D&G The One and I'm currently on my second 100ml bottle.

    I've heard good things about Vera Wang for Men but have not got a chance to sample. I was walking through a department store...
  50. Re: Help decide last fragrance purchase of this year: Burberry Brit or Rochas Man

    hehe :) I have my list which I'm making my way through. So Brit will be in my collection very soon. I like it a lot.
  51. Re: Help decide last fragrance purchase of this year: Burberry Brit or Rochas Man

    I went for Rochas Man :)
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    Buying habits; do you get hauls or space it out?


    Say for example you've decided upon five or so perfumes you really like and want to purchase next and you have the funds; do you buy them all in one go or do you space them out over a month or...
  53. Re: Help decide last fragrance purchase of this year: Burberry Brit or Rochas Man

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to almost certainly end with both soon enough so it isn't the biggest decision ever.

    Going by the replies so far Rochas seems to be winning!
  54. Help decide last fragrance purchase of this year: Burberry Brit or Rochas Man


    I've decided I'm going to buy one more perfume and leave the rest of my purchases until Jan.

    The two intriguing me the most are Burberry Brit and Rochas Man. I sampled Brit a few days ago...
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    Re: Burberry Brit - safe to buy without sampling?

    I understand where you guys are coming from in terms of sampling and I haven't previously purchased without sampling before. The exception with London and Brit have been shops in England do not...
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    Burberry Brit - safe to buy without sampling?


    In England, bizzarely, none of the main retailers stock the two most popular Burberry scents; Brit and London. They do however have Touch (which I like) and Weekend and Burberry Sport.

  57. Re: Scent for Christmas; I love Burberry Touch, D&G The One - will I like Burberry London?

    I went to one last shop which I thought may have it but they did not stock it either... so..... I went for it anyway! Ordered it online. I'll report back later!

    First time I've ever purchased...
  58. Re: Scent for Christmas; I love Burberry Touch, D&G The One - will I like Burberry London?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm still mulling over it however I've just come across site which has it at a very good price which may make my decision slightly easier :p

    Boss Bottled has been on my...
  59. Scent for Christmas; I love Burberry Touch, D&G The One - will I like Burberry London?

    I'm on the search for a scent for the Christmas period. Burberry London appears to have excellent reviews (133 positives on Basenotes). However I've been to the usual perfume shops and they don't...
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    Re: Zara Man Gold/ Zara Gold / Sprint

    I'm slightly confused. Is the Zara Man Gold (Black Bottle) the same as / replacement for the Gold cylindrical one?

    As I popped into Zara and they have the Zara Man Gold twin pack but not any...
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    Where to buy samples / testers from?


    Can anyone recommend a site where I can buy samples and testers from?

    I've tried googling it and all that comes up is how to get free samples and filling surveys etc
  62. Ralph Lauren Blue; Massively underrated / unknown? Or is it just me.

    Hi! I'm new :)

    Now I remember around 7 or 8 eight years ago I was given a bottle of Ralph Lauren Blue and it was a fantastic perfume. I loved it. It was a big bottle and when it finished I...
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