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    Re: Discontinued and never want to finish.

    Sahara Noir by Tom Ford - love this scent for winter.

    Insense by Givenchy. I bought my bottle a few years ago when it wasn't this difficult to come by. Now it's near impossible to find a bottle.
  2. Antaeus, TF Noir pour Femme, Wonderwood Comme Des Garcons - which to buy?

    Hi all,

    I am looking to get a new fragrance. I have narrowed it down to these three options. Which one would be the best buy, have the best sillage/longevity?

    These are the reasons for choosing...
  3. Autumn-ly, earthy, gourmand-y, full-bodied, warm and unique recommendations

    Dear Fellow Basenoters,

    It is getting cold in London now therefore I am looking for that one special scent that is going to last me through until next spring. I want it to be a staple in my...
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    A deep, strong and bold Orange fragrance?


    Doing my daily lurking here on Basenotes and I'm having trouble finding a deep, strong, natural, zesty but not in a citrusy way kind of fragrance...

    Eau D'Orange Verte is really nice but...
  5. Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Women / Paraty Women

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased Armaf's Club de Nuit Intense as a Tom Ford Noir de Noir replacement. It is incredible how good this cheap knock off smells!

    In the package I got a sample of...
  6. Neroli Portofino - same soapy citrusy but cheaper scent?

    Hey guys,

    I know this has been talked about for a while... and I know some of you do not like 'clones' or just hate the idea of not getting the original and not supporting the craftsmanship that...
  7. What should I get next? Strong, powerful, androgynous fragrance suggestions needed.

    Hello there,

    I really enjoy well crafted and distinctive fragrances, intense powerhouses that are who they are and don't say sorry for being like that. I also tend to go for earthy qualities,...
  8. What happened to GENTSREVS reviewer on Youtube?

    Hi there

    I used to watch the German reviewer on Youtube called Gentsrevs... after a while away I have come back to find his channel has been deleted! Does anyone know what happened to him?
  9. Re: Today I had my lucky day - My purchases were unbelievable!

    Uuugghhh!! Sounds just like my cup of tea! You were indeed so lucky to find all these vintage versions at such low price!
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    Poll: Re: Summer night out scent for 16 year old

    Well.. all I can say is that I´m 18 and I went out last saturday wearing Ivoire de Balmain and, since I guess what you are looking for are compliments, I did get compliments...

    Not exactly a...
  11. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought after joing basenotes?

    I remember very well my first blind buy and first ever fragrance purchase was Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    I read all the reviews and made myself and idea of what it could be like but...
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    Re: Am I ready to go into Niche?

    Thanks guys for all your replies!! I had read on here that niche doesnt mean that they are "better" than what is available mainstream and you guys comfirmed it.

    Of course there is the money...
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    Am I ready to go into Niche?

    Hello to all fellow basenoters,

    I was wondering the other day that although I enjoy my collection a lot I believe I am a bit stuck/dont know where to go-what to buy next with only the commercial...
  14. Re: Moving to Thailand - What to take from my wardrobe?

    So what about Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Him? I believe that to be quite musky...
  15. Re: Moving to Thailand - What to take from my wardrobe?

    Yeah, I thought of Zino straight away too! I think it could do well... I have never really lived in a hot and humid country so I can´t say :s
  16. Moving to Thailand - What to take from my wardrobe?

    Hi there everyone!

    So at the end of this month I am leaving for Thailand for about 6 months of English teaching around the country. As I am on limited funds... buying fresh fragrances is not...
  17. Re: New Fragrance: Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue

    Tried it yesterday!! So pleased to have tried a flanker that actually excites me as much (or just a bit more :P) than the original.
    Really great!! Querky, good quality and addictive. When I try it...
  18. Re: A review of Lady Gaga's new fragrance Lame, I mean, "Fame"

    Best description ever! hehehe... it is generic because even right now without having it here I cant remember how it smells... it is not memorable at all...
  19. Re: A review of Lady Gaga's new fragrance Lame, I mean, "Fame"

    I am very dissappointed with this fragrance!! From the advertising and marketing campaign it promised to be a good quality, different fragrance. As a Gaga fan I am very sad to agree with you that...
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    Re: Choose from my collection: Graduation day.

    Thanks a lot guys!! In the end I went for Insensé, it had been quite some time since I had worn it and it just seemed right!

    Egoiste was my original option too though!
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    Choose from my collection: Graduation day.

    Hey there!

    So today is sort of my high school graduation and I have not been able to pick out which fragrance to wear, I wonder if you guys could help me out with your thoughts...

    These are...
  22. Amazing! First try - Grey Flannel!! Impressed. Longevity??

    Hi everyone!

    So two days ago I recieved my 60 mL bottle of Grey Flannel on the post I had ordered. I didn´t know what to expect because of all the turmoil regarding this scent that goes around the...
  23. @Pour_Monsieur That is just what I was...

    @Pour_Monsieur That is just what I was thinking... it never has been a niche quality brand...
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    Re: Which fragrances are TRULY original?

    Lou Lou - Cacharel
  25. I really like Heidi Slimane and the work he has...

    I really like Heidi Slimane and the work he has done, he is new, fresh and for sure will bring something different.
    On the other hand - Yves Saint Laurent or YSL is such a respected brand name as...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Hey everyone! So I thought I could share my small and modest collection, bare in mind I´m a student... so... you know what its like!
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    Re: L'Occitane Fleur de Lavande?

    I personally don´t like and would not recommend L´Occitane products mainly because they advertise themselves as a high-end natural beauty products dealer when in fact, many of their products,...
  28. VERY average... nothing special or worth paying...

    VERY average... nothing special or worth paying attention to. I dont like this house mainly because it makes you believe they sell natural products when really its not natural at all... and the...
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    Re: Narciso Rodriguez for HIM EDT vs EDP

    EDP is more heavenly like and EDT is more down to earth, earthy. Both being really good the EDP is very musky while the EDT is querky and on the edge. I like them both although I only own the EDP...
  30. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    Inscents: wow what a collection!!
    My favourites:
    Azzaro pour Homme
    Halston Z-14
    Ungaro II

    Although I could pick way more than those five...
  31. Trussardi Uomo drydown resembles Miss Dior drydown?

    Hey everyone!

    So I recently got Trussardi Uomo 1983 version.
    When I first got a taste of it it seemed totally masculine, quite avant-garde, a bit synthetic... quite different from Miss dior....
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    Re: Most Authentic Leather Smell???

    What about Trussardi Uomo for an 80s powerhouse of leather?
  33. Re: Avant-garde, modern, exciting, fresh, new Aldehydes

    Thanks for the descriptions!! Wow the Narciso Rodriguez one is pretty good and accurate! You really are tempting me to buy it!
  34. Re: Avant-garde, modern, exciting, fresh, new Aldehydes

    Wow thanks a lot guys for all the responses!!
    I haven´t heard a lot about Comme des Garçons or Le Labo and I have looked it up and obviously it isnt easy to find where I live. (Northern Spain)
  35. Avant-garde, modern, exciting, fresh, new Aldehydes

    So I am a fan of Photo by Lagerfeld, Chanel Nº5 and all these great classic fragrances that shout aldehydes.
    I am looking for a scent that is not so much the 80s but more modern and a step...
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    Re: Spotting a Fake: Chanel Egoiste

    haha thanks a lot!!! its a relief knowing mine is not fake hehe
  37. Re: David Bisbal............anyone? Just learned................

    Please, do not apporach any of this person´s music or even "fragrances"... I just dont know what this is doing on Basenotes... Please do some research before posting... he´s not a designer but the...
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    Re: Female fragrances that really should be men's...

    I really don´t believe at all in marketing strategies and social conventions. I have never understood why some fragrances are restricted to some people... but well...
    When I first smelt Black...
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    Gres - Cabochard - Help me figure this out

    Hi everyone!
    I bought Cabochard based on the reviews on here. I bought the new version, which I know has gotten lots of negative reviews and "is nothing compared to the original" but.. I was curious...
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    Re: Which will be your first buy for 2012?

    My first purchase this year has been the great Chanel - Egoiste.

    A masterpiece!

    One of my best scents, if not the best among Insense, Zino, Halston Z-14, Opium pour Homme, Leonard pour...
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    Re: Christmas Day Fragrance!

    I wore Opium Pour Homme, great fragrance, very spicy and warm, just like christmas!! It did a great job, as always.
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Platinum Egoiste

    IMO Platinum Egoiste can´t even be compared to such a great fragrance like Egoiste.
    They are so different it is impossible to compare. And, again, from my experience with fragrances, Platinum...
  43. Re: Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme - Vs - Escada pour Homme

    Thanks a lot for your answers!
    I have read into Ungaro III also, but what attracts me to VC and A is the leather note. Is it very distinctive??
  44. Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme - Vs - Escada pour Homme

    So it is getting cold here now and I´m looking for a winter fragrance!
    I have been "basenoting" around and have found two interesting fragrances that could work well during winter:
    Van Cleef...
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    Re: Is There Such Thing As A Manly Floral Scent ?

    +1 for Insensé by Givenchy, it is a really well made floral for men. Very good sillage, quality, longevity, and can be had for not much on ebay.
    I am wearing it now and it is very good!
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    Re: Sublime by Jean Patou vs Loulou by Cacharel

    Thanks bonsai and teardrop!
    I am now living in Spain... so I don´t know if I will be able to get any samples, but I will definitely keep an eye on ebay!
    I will come back and tell you what I chose!...
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    Re: Sublime by Jean Patou vs Loulou by Cacharel

    Well, firstly I want to thank everyone who posted an aswer!!
    I was interested by Loulou because somehow the television ad that I watched on youtube really drew me in to find out more. The...
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    Sublime by Jean Patou vs Loulou by Cacharel

    First of all I would like to say I am a man. That dealt with haha, I would like to say I want to try some good, well made, interesting, not common feminine fragrances.
    I have searched around and...
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    Re: Crystal Noir - Versace for men?

    Thanks Paper Moon, your message really helped! Its good to know its more on the dark side than truly feminine...
    I would like to test it before I buy it but it isn´t available here where I live... ...
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    Crystal Noir - Versace for men?

    I, once again, ask for your help!
    I am loooving the description of Crystal Noir by Versace!
    The thing is it may be too feminine, although I really don´t mind it, maybe the people sitting...
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    Help me chose a new fragrance!

    So I´ve been thinking about buying a new interesting, quality, good sillage, longevity scent.
    I was thinking about:
    Ungaro III
    Narciso Rodriguez For Him Musc EDP
    Lapidus pour Homme by Ted...
  52. Re: Garden, soil, plants, water, rain natural fragrance.

    Guys!!! Its really great you have sugested soo many names!!
    I will have a look at them all!!

    I am really interested in buying Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, is it very sweet?? Is it realistic?? Or very...
  53. Garden, soil, plants, water, rain natural fragrance.

    So I am looking for a really interesting fragrance, something that would remind me of wet soil, rain, garden, flowers, plants, jungles just very natural and wonderful.
    Does something like this...
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    Re: Help me find the right fragrance

    Double post
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    Re: Help me find the right fragrance

    Yeah I thought about zino but for me its a little bit old...
    I was thinking about someting more young... but good...
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    Help me find the right fragrance

    So I´m looking for the type of fragrance that you can smell when a good looking man walks by, by that I mean a masculine scent that can be worn at the office and I´m sure you´ve all wanted to...
  57. Finally I bought Zino Davidoff and Halston Z-14

    So after thinking about it a lot, I have made my purchase thanks to all your help!

    I bought:

    Zino Davidoff
    Halston Z-14

    I think I will like these fragrances, from what I have read...
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    Halston Z-14, thoughts?

    So I´ve been looking at Halston´s Z-14 and Im thinking on buying it.
    For those who are familiar with it... what is it like?? Is it good quality?? Longevity?? Smell? Compliments??
    Please let...
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    Re: Help me find something similar to Opium PH

    Theres nothing wrong, I already have Opium pour Homme, and I am looking for a new fragrance :D:D
    Thanks a lot for all the comments I will certanly check all these out, and Ill tell you what I...
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    Help me find something similar to Opium PH

    I am looking for a fragrance.
    I need something that is as good quality as Opium pour homme. As innovative, as nice, as strong... something good.
    The price has to be affordable too......
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    Re: Ungaro III + Zino by Davidoff

    Im looking for a good, real quality scent. Something as good as Opium por Homme. Please say if you think they are not as good.
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    Ungaro III + Zino by Davidoff

    I am thinking of blind buying these two fragrances:

    Ungaro III
    Zino by Davidoff

    What are your thoughts?? Are they as good as they say?? I´ve heard longevity in Zino is far from good... is...
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit or Dirty English?

    thanks guys!! i will probably get farenheit!! I really like it!
    So far I have
    Opium pour Homme
    La nuit de l´homme
    Insense Givenchy

    Do you think it will suit me??
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    Dior Fahrenheit or Dirty English?

    I am looking for a new scent. I am really interested in Fahrenheit, but Dirty English also sounds good. I havent smelt DE, but I really loved Fahrenheit when I tried it.
    What do you think?...
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    Insense by Givenchy

    I recently made a blind buy with Insense by Givenchy. When I received it I got this bottle.

    I bought it...
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    Re: Help chosing fragrance - 16 year old.

    Thanks a lot to Dr_Rudi and komak123!!! I will chech it out.
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    Help chosing fragrance - 16 year old.

    I´ve been lurking on basenotes for a while. I love the idea of fragrances and perfumes, its something I can relate to, I dont know why.
    I need help chosing a fragrance. I am not the typical 16...
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