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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme II ?

    If anyone is searching for gph 2, you can buy it at century 21 stores in the ny/nj area, I believe it’s also on their website.
    Picked it up about 2 months ago, it’s the 3.4oz for $70 or so.
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    Re: Latest Armani Acqua Di Gio Flanker!

    I own Instinct and found that the amber woods are the heaviest dose I’ve ever experienced and are almost nauseating if sniffed too close.
    No attacks for me but I can see how if you have any...
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    Re: Opening Day

    Saints fan here..Monday night will be Fahrenheit night!
  4. Re: Thoughts on MFK Amyris Homme.... worth owning?

    Own it and never really bonded with it.
    It’s nice but a little too sweet for me.
  5. Re: " The Combination" Fragrance & Bottle

    Love the by kilian scents and presentations.
    Really like what Chanel did with their Bleu line and what Dior did with Sauvage as well, simple, structured and fitting the scents very well.
    Tom ford...
  6. Re: Versace Eros VS Eau de baux for casual everyday

    Eau des beaux might be a little too “mature” as it does have a big Smokey incense phase, try before buying.
    Eros is nice in very small doses and seems a little more young and in style for your age.
  7. Re: Dior Sauvage: generic freshie... or misunderstood prickly pear weirdo?

    Completely agree with a unique strangeness in Sauvage that is for me a brilliant use of pepper and ambroxan to create a dry, dusty and most importantly a very clean feeling to the scent.
    I get folks...
  8. Re: What do I need? (Top challenge for you all)

    Bottega Veneta Pour Homme
  9. Re: Anyone here going to CANCEL Dior for their sauvage ad?

    For the life of me I cannot believe that anyone can be offended by anything in the ad at all.
    I happened to watch a movie trailer from the 80s the other day from a Tarzan film with Bo Derek and was...
  10. Re: top 5 most BEAUTIFUL perfumes you have smelled

    Amouage jubilation XXV
    Dolce Gabanna - the one EDT
    By Kilian- straight to heaven

    Not that familiar with women’s scents
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    Anything and Everything from Tom Ford and Kilian...think kilian might be the biggest offender though Tommy is catching up quick lately.
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    Re: Worst Reputation

    The worst out of all the major designers for me is Varvatos.
    It’s a great ride for the first half of all of their fragrances but they have really cheap bases to me and use poor quality ingredients.
  13. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    I don’t find that to similar after the first 20 mins at all so not the correct answer for me.
    Minor nuances is the idea of all flankers , start with something familiar and add a new twist.
  14. Re: One Fragrance Versatile (Covers every occasion, setting, season) Your Pick?

    Another vote for bleu EDT.
    Not my favorite but extremely adaptable, classy enough to dress up, casual enough for lounging about and works in all seasons.
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    Re: Odin - let's talk about it

    Sorry, no experience with 08.
    I found the incense and overall feel similar between 07 and ENE, 07 to be smokier but extreme to be a more complete fragrance with the additional vetiver and nicer...
  16. Re: So we have a cheaper way to produce orris butter?

    Dior Homme which launched the iris for men copy cats uses a synthetic iris note from all the info I’ve heard
  17. Re: Which (designer) brands are current trend setters among mainstream brands?

    I feel Dior is the mainstream trendsetter.

    Not one of their major men’s releases have been safe and all seem to have a tremendous amount of detail put into the release.
    I know most will disagree...
  18. Re: Are any niche companies basically a scam?

    I agree with the amateur influx in niche during the past decade.
    I believe it might be due to a very young generational mindset that younger folks ( not all of them but a good amount) believe they...
  19. Re: "K" by Dolce & Gabbana - new "secret" scent!?

    For me....

    If there was any fragrance made for dudes that are in the Jeremy fragrance “ fragrance army” this is it.
    I unfortunately am in another division of the smell forces
  20. Re: "K" by Dolce & Gabbana - new "secret" scent!?

    Smelled it today.
    They should have kept the secret to themselves.
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    Re: Dior Sauvage Parfum vs EDP vs EDT

    Own the entire line including very cool spray.
    Edt and cool spray the best in longevity, projection and sillage, edp the most composed in all 3 categories, Parfum lacks projection and sillage but...
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

    It might just be the vetiver and pepper combo, I don’t think this scent is predominantly lemon at all.
    Just a little sharp citrus with a ton of synth vetiver pepper and Tonka.
    I do happen to like...
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    Re: Odin - let's talk about it

    For me 07 was initially worth a buy ( I think I paid $80 new on eBay) but found it ultimately not worth that especially when you could get something like encore noire extreme which does...
  24. Re: Any information yet on Christian Dior Dior Homme line changes if/when?

    I believe it’s just a packaging change with minor cosmetic updates, no reformulations.
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    Re: What are YOUR 10/10 fragrances?

    Amouage Jubilaion XXV
    By Kilian Straight to Heaven
    Tom Ford Oud Wood
    Dior Fahrenheit
    Crabtree & Evelyn For Men
    Penhaligons Endymion
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    Re: Odin - let's talk about it

    Let me start by saying I love the Odin store in NYC and think they do a great job curating their merch.
    Wanted to like something from the line but did not.
    Owned 07 tanaoke which smells great but...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    I have every version of Sauvage and love them all, converted niche snob.
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    Re: deconstructed /avant-garde FOUGERE?

    Forgot about this, excellent suggestion!
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    Re: deconstructed /avant-garde FOUGERE?

    When I think of deconstructed and modern in the Fougere category I think Sauvage but probably not what you want to hear.
    More traditional but very modern is Masculin Pluriel.
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    Re: Orto Parisi?

    I own boccanera and like it but my girlfriend loves it on me ( disclaimer: she bought it for me).
    Tried Terroni and liked it but it’s fake incense overload ( and I love fake incense ), much too much...
  31. Re: Crystal Ball----- Future value of a fragrance

    I believe initial launch batches of Dior products will have a premium in the future, since they are one of the largest houses who openly admit to reformulations and the community seems to have...
  32. Re: How long have you been collecting fragrances, and do you have an end point?

    It’s been a 12 year journey which has come to its end.
    I never had any desire to collect but to find a suitable replacement for a long lost scent ( and did! ).
    I now have a total of 25 bottles but...
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    Re: By Kilian Performance

    I only own straight to heaven and love it.
    Projection is minimal for 2 hours then it remains close for another 4-5 on me.
    I’m happy with that.
  34. Re: Looking for a specific type of woody scent

    Lots of great suggestions above.

    I’d like to add:

    CDG- Dover street Market
    Aesop- Hwyl ( has Vetiver but more woods and incense)
    Le Labo- santal 33
    Loccitane- Cade edt
  35. Re: What is your TOP 3 DESIGNER of all-time??

    ADG- edt
    Fahrenheit- edt
    D&G the one- edt
  36. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion


    Projects for about 3 hours then becomes very close to the skin.
    Very modern oriental, more amber woods ( Chanel’s “incense”) than ambroxan in the base.
    Smooth deep and dark, well...
  37. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

  38. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just picked it up at Lord and Taylor, I ended up getting the 60ml it was $120 before tax.
    Wearing it now, seems to be a lot darker than what I tried in Macy’s from the...
  39. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Any word on official sale date?
  40. Poll: Re: Le Labo Bergamote 22 or Tom Fords Grey Vetiver EDT?

    I voted Le Labo.
    When it transitiontions to the mid it’s the best 20 mins of any scent I’ve me it’s heavenly.
  41. Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    I find the bottles often look more proportionate are easier to travel with and allow me to have a bit more variety.
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    Re: Donna Karan Black Cashmere

    My ex wore it as well and it’s perfectly acceptable for a man, totally unisex.
    If it’s nostalgia that has you then you will pay what you feel it’s worth, however many other scents do the same...
  43. Re: Recc Me A Fall/Date Scent Based On Weird Preferences

    By kilian- straight to heaven
    CDG- Kyoto
    Gucci Pour Homme 2
    Loccitane- eau des baux
  44. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Tried today at Macy’s herald square from a sample spray ( the SA’s were great and were surprised so many folks are coming in to test).
    Agree with everything that’s been said already and would like...
  45. Re: Which Maison Francis Kurkdjian cologne sample is this?

    I would bet on Amyris Homme, this seems to be the favorite for men of the SA’s I’ve met.
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    Re: Tom Ford Straw Poll

    Love Oud Wood, very much like Costa Azzura Aqua and own both.
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    Re: Tom Ford Oud Wood "Accessories"

    I do.
    Does very well under 5 sprays, this is in NY summer.
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    Re: Male Fragrances You Would Rate 10/10?

    Straight to Heaven- By Kilian
    Oud Wood- Tom Ford
    Fahrenheit EDT - Dior
    Bergamotte 22- Le Labo
    Endymion- Penhaligons
    Kyoto- CDG
  49. Re: Will "Ambrox Sensitivity Syndrome" soon become prevalent?

    Was thinking this very thing, couldn’t have put it any better!
  50. Re: Lucky scent / scent bar is coming to nyc !

    Very excited!

    In the neighborhood all the time and excited to have the CDG line easily accessible!
  51. Re: Latest Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Amyrris Homme Extrait De Parfum!

    Tried this Today at NM.
    I found it to be a denser version of the original a bit smoother with nice sillage, prefer the original as it’s cheaper, fresher and already lasts all day.
  52. Re: Festival coming up - Which sample should i try?

    Molecule 01 out of all the chosen samples.
    All of the others are very dense powerhouse scents that might be too smothering with all those folks.
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    Re: Junipepper?


    Bulgari extreme pour Homme very similar to Dover st market but without the incense.
    Bottega Veneta pour Homme also does a really smooth pepper conifer scent with a little leather in the...
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    Re: Olibanum

    Perfect list!
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    Re: Autumn Selections 2019

    L’Occitane Eau Des Baux
    Lalique Encre Noire Extreme
    Bottega Pour Homme
    CDG Kyoto
  56. Re: Am I expecting too much from a cologne?

    Dior Fahrenheit EDT or Parfum will do the trick.
    The EDT projects quite far and sticks around a long time, the Parfum is more of a dense scent that might be a bit too much in high heat though.
  57. Re: Woody Incense - anything better than Gucci Pour Homme 1?

    In the same price range as GPH1, I think you might like By Kilian straight to heaven.
    A great cheap alternative in the same ballpark as the Gucci....Encre Noire A’lextreme.
  58. Re: Does the nose know?....... & other dilemmas

    1- I don’t buy fragrance for compliments but it is very kind when people do say something positive.
    2- I found the best way to test for me is by the inner fold of the elbow, far enough to catch...
  59. Re: Which one? Fahrehnheit EDT, Absolute or Parfum ?

  60. Re: Niche Fragrances - Best bang for the money

    My definition of value = quality of scent, at least 6 hours of good performance ( I could clearly smell it, don’t really want something that projects across the room), smooth transitions from top,...
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    Re: Most Pleasant Rare Fragrances?

    I would suggest:

    Oud Wood- Tom Ford
    Amyris Homme- MFK
    Endymion- Penhaligons
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    Re: What should I wear in nYC

    Something from Le Labo or Comme De Garçons.
  63. Re: Impressions, dispair and misery on me - search for a new summer scent

    Out of all that we’re tested...for summer, Dior Homme cologne.
    Would like to also suggest Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Aqua if you’re looking for something very refreshing for the heat.
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    Re: Get Me This For Father's Day.

    MFK Masculin Pluriel
  65. Re: What fragrance would Bobby Axelrod wear?

    Aventus or original Vétiver
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    Re: Sauvage EDP vs Blu De Chanel Parfum

    I own both and think the Sauvage edp is much more versatile.
    Bleu Parfum is very nice and the better quality scent but is richer and I couldn’t imagine wearing it in the summer due to its thickness.
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    Re: Suggestion for summer frags

    I don’t think it would be anything someone finds very offensive at all but I would go light on the trigger.
  68. Re: 20+ years looking for a fragrance and still haven't found it

    I know it has none of the notes listed that you said but for some reason I keep thinking that it might be Hugo by Hugo boss.
    Easily found and tested to disprove...
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    Re: Suggestion for summer frags

    Dior Fahrenheit 32.
    A mix of citrus, melon, vetiver and vanilla that’s as niche smelling as any designer I can remember.
    I recently bought it because I wanted something different than the citrus...
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    Re: The "oud" in Royal Oud

    I believe it’s norimbanol and ambroxan that create the “oud” note.
  71. Re: Creed Opinion and other Qs - my first post

    Out of all the samples you have mentioned I like royal oud the best but I don’t feel it so special that I would pay the asking price.
    I agree Viking has a cheapness about it that is hard to get...
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    Re: Head Fried

    I recently found myself in a quite similar scenario, Almost the exact same process as you in fact.
    I believe that bleu and Sauvage meet your criteria best, they are pleasant and versatile and even...
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    Re: Cutting way back on perfume purchases

    I’ve slowed way down and sold a bunch off or gifted them to friends.
    I’ve found that most of what I purchased was variations on similar themes and now I’m only purchasing scents that really resonate...
  74. Re: I tried Chanel's Sycomore; should I try Encre Noire?

    You’re most welcome!
    Good luck with all.
  75. Re: there is nothing I want to smell for an entire day

    I agree with the 6 hour mark for being a good fill point for me on most scents.
    If you bore easily with a scent try to source some stuff that has a lot of changes through the day.
    The most recent I...
  76. Re: What were there most popular fragrances in the mid 2000's ?

    Sean John Unforgivable
  77. Re: I tried Chanel's Sycomore; should I try Encre Noire?

    I believe Encre Noir Sport to be the best of the line and recommend that one, still a big Vetiver with a more rounded feel and good transitions from top to base.
    To me sycamore is a much more...
  78. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Allure Sport Cologne, or Homme Edition Blanche

    I own the eau extreme and don’t find it to be as much of a powerhouse as most claim.
    Tried the edition Blanche a few times and definitely has stronger projection and staying power to me, I just...
  79. Re: What readily-available colognes under $100 fit this description?

    Allure Homme sport
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    Re: A better version of ADP Essenza?

    I had Essen a and while it was nice, I gave it away to a friend.
    I think dunhill icon smells similar , has a more modern touch and is a fraction of the price online.
    Nicer bottle too! ( even the...
  81. Re: Please help me find a similar fragrance!

    I think you might want to try Versace man eau fraiche, seems like what you have described the blue jeans to be.
  82. Re: Beginner Advice on What Fragrance to Get

    In high school...Victory league
  83. Re: Today, I am not particularly enjoying...

    I felt the same and purchased carbon instead as well.
    Then eventually went back and bought Sauvage.
    I’ve found that after the 3rd try with Sauvage something clicked and I understood the fresh/dry...
  84. Re: Today, I am not particularly enjoying...

    Dior Homme.
    Wearing it for the 5th time and really trying to grasp the scent.
    I love the lipstick opening but something in the dry down can be off putting for me...might be the leather accord, it...
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    Re: Your favorite fresh scent

    Dior Sauvage EDT or MFK Petit Matin
  86. Re: The 10 Best Fragrances You've Ever Smelled

    Dior Fahrenheit
    Jubilation XXV
    Bacarrat rouge 540
    Dior Sauvage
    Crabtree & Evelyn for men
    CDG Kyoto
    Penhaligons Endymion
    By Kilian straight to heaven
    Dolce Gabanna the one
  87. Re: What scents would be evocative of wisdom?

    Endymion Penhaligons
  88. Re: The inevitable: I need a few fragrances for the boyfriend

    +1 on the bleu de Chanel recommendations , since he seems to like some darker scents on you try the edp or Parfum versions.
  89. Re: How many chances do you give a fragrance?

    3 for me
  90. Re: My nose, my samples, my taste, which is it?

    Something you might want to try is Abercrombie and Fitch woods.
    A really soapy Fougere that smells very clean and aftershave like with no off notes.
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    Re: You Have Some Explaining To Do!

    I have a huge fascination with monkeys and wear mostly plaid shirts.
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    Re: Your all time favorite!!

    By Kilian Straight to heaven.
  93. Poll: Re: Which Fragrance Family Are You Wearing to Easter or Passover Services?

    Friday Passover - Sauvage Eddp
    Saturday Passover- Penhaligons Endymion
    Easter Sunday- MFK Masculin Pluriel
  94. Re: Which houses in your collection have the best presentation.

    By Kilian (the entire line but especially black phantom).
    Design wise love the MFK line as well ( great boxes and bottles IMO).
  95. Re: 2010's: Decade of Ambroxide. Who actually used it best?

    My vote is for BR 540 for the best use of.
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    Re: Earthiest patchouli

    Voluer de roses fromL,artisan has an earthy patchouli after the jammy rose opening.
    Literally smells like clean dirt to me.
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    Re: Sway your interviewers

    27 sprays of Sauvage........they’ll never forget you.
  98. Re: Name an house that is better than Dior, overall...

    Chanel by far for me.
    I do like Dior and really admire their bravado in taking chances in their men’s line that Chanel does not.
  99. Re: Confessions of a Basenoter. Am I moving to next level? Starting to like the other Clive Christia

    As far as Clive Christian goes I have had the CLV travel set and recently sold it without hesitation, nothing really resonated with me except for V ( which there a plenty of cheaper and better...
  100. Re: looking for a sweet fragrance with very good stamina.. (a stronger with you but with more hold..

    Try loccitane eau des baux.
    After the incense opening the vanilla comes on strong and stays there until your next shower.
    Great sweet oriental for those who enjoy them.
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