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    Poll: Re: Blind buy Advise?

    I have no experience with the Loewe so I cannot say, but the other three are not fragrances that I think you should buy blind.
    They are very distinctive scents which people either love or hate....
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    Re: Female fragrances used by men?

    Several of the classic Guerlains are definitely wearable for guys. People won't even notice they're supposed to be feminine scents unless they happen to know what you're wearing. The ones I can think...
  3. Re: Losing inspiration and interest in fragrances

    I can relate to your concern. I've recently returned to BN after something like a 15-month hiatus, and I've sold off half of my collection. During that period, I did pick up up another hobby, fine...
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    Re: About to buy my first Creed

    If you're not in a hurry, take your time to smell more things. Explore other houses too - just because *some* people say Creed is the shizzle (I happen to think otherwise) you needn't restrict...
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    Re: For those familiar with Vetiver Tonka

    +1 for Vetiver Oriental.
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    Re: strange and not popular scents

    Others have mentioned some of their products already, but Etat Libre d'Orange and Comme des Garcons are two houses that have much to offer in the way of strange, obscure, and dare I say, beautiful...
  7. Re: Woody,Citrusy,Fresh and Elegant piece for summer?

    Any one of the Acqua di Parma Colonia trio.

    Sisley's Eau de Campagne fits the bill, and it's greener/sappier than the AdP offerings.
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    Re: Top 3 favorite spice notes?

    Tonka beans, saffron, and tea for me.

    I'm kind of split on pink pepper. I love it when it's done well (e.g. Ormonde Man) but other times, it can be a chemical mess.
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    Sprayer nozzle problem

    Just thought I'd give my Mure et Musc Extreme a whirl this morning, but then to my horror I realized the atomizer was not functioning at all.

    It was working fine the last time I used it (must...
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    Re: Voyage d’Hermès by Hermès

    A fresh musky woods scent? Somehow, I'm not too excited about this, but let's see what Ellena can pull off.
  11. Re: New Serge Lutens Export Launch (And it's Fresh?)

    Really? Go to Aedes' website and see for yourself.

    Anyway, back to the main issue at hand - oh boy, am I excited to see this! I will need to save some money by March so that I'll be able to pull...
  12. Re: Is Serge Lutens indeed the vey best line in terms of longevity?

    Most Lutens have fair longevity (although some do disappoint), and I would put them in the medium to long range.
    Montale ouds, on the other hand, last almost too long. It's actually kind of annoying...
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    Re: Birthday Fragrance Purchase - 1st Niche

    Why don't you try Philosykos (Diptyque)? It's a sappy green fig-themed scent, and slightly sweet but not at all cloying. Easy to wear and versatile, but different enough from the mainstream that it...
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    Re: SotD - Monday, 25 Jan 2010

    Fumerie Turque, by Serge Lutens
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    Re: The smell of Spring!

    Yes! En Passant, as mentioned above.

    Also, I think Sisley's Eau de Campagne is an ideal scent for that period when spring turns into summer, but I might be thinking a bit too far ahead here (well,...
  16. Re: Which perfumer is CURRENTLY making the best fragrances?

    I would say Duchaufour is in top form these days - although his creations aren't as mass-market as those of Ellena, I have to say he's very consistent and I haven't been disappointed by anything he's...
  17. Poll: Re: Why do people think perfume and men is a gay combination?

    Umm.. okay???

    So would you care to explain to me what makes perfume-collecting more inherently effete as a hobby than wine-tasting or stamp collecting?
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    Re: If You Were Royalty......

    It'd be a tough call, but I'd have to choose between Duchaufour and Sheldrake for the position of the royal perfumer.

    The second step would be to ban Cool Water from my kingdom.
  19. Re: What was your favourite personal fragrance 'find' of 2009?

    I was in Jordan for the larger part of the year, and I didn't really have access to anything new there. Hasn't really been a fragrant year for me, subsisting on only two scents for the whole time I...
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    Re: Wearing fragrance to Job Interview?

    If I were an interviewer and the applicant came smelling good, I'd give him/her an extra point for good tastes.

    But then I'm a Basenoter ;)
  21. Re: Luca Turin and Tauer L`Air du desert Marocain.

    And Sanchez wore Osmanthe Yunnan, I believe.
  22. Re: The Stealth Release (I'm looking at you Montale!)

    At the rate Montale's cranking up new scents, it would be difficult, not to mention costly, for them to launch a publicity campaign with every new production.
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    Re: Most natural smelling fragrance?

    Another one for AdP Colonia.
    Gris Clair smells just like freshly stone-ground lavender.
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    Re: Decant swaps to resume

    If you don't have the patience to wait, you can also just pay 5 bucks and become a supporting member for a month.
  25. Re: Has Luca Turin's Fragrance Writing Style Influenced Your Thinking?

    Too many critics (perfume, wine, film, book etc.) take their writing too seriously, and I start up nodding off to sleep before I get to their final verdict. Turin's one of those upbeat writers...
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    Re: Unusual or remarkable fruit scent

    Another recommendation for Daim Blonde (apricot + leather)
  27. Re: Is Agarwood (Oud) and (Frank)incense a good combination?

    Oud and incense go hand in hand in many, many fragrances. You'll find enough examples from Montale and Amouage.
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    Re: S o t D ..Thursday 24th of Sept '09

    Le Labo Rose 31
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    Re: Medicinal Scent...

    The opening of Egoiste is somewhat medicinal, although after that it's something else altogether.
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    Re: Accidently layering a good combo

    Egoiste + AdP Colonia

    Softens the rough edges that Egoiste has, but at the same time emphasizes what I consider the highlights of both fragrances - roses! Yes, that initial punch that Egoiste...
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    Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    The first time I sniffed L'Air, I was hooked. And I still am to this day, although I don't put it on every day for the fear that I might grow tired of it! It's an experience to be savored every time,...
  32. Re: Best fragrances for cuddling/snuggling with a loved one

    L'Eau d'Hiver - after all, it was conceived as an eau chaude, or warm water. This might just fit the bill.
    Or Dans Tes Bras. Literally, in your arms.
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    Re: Summer Niche Men Recommendation?

    Most scents from Diptyque will in fact do just fine, but besides those that have been mentioned already from this house, let's not forget Oyedo!
  34. Re: Which is the fragrance house that suits to your taste/preference

    For me, it's a close contest between L'Artisan & Serge - the two houses have quite different character, so between the two they cover a lot of territory.
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    Re: Kiwi Recommendations?

    I'm surprised no-one has thought up this one yet - Aqua Allegoria Tutti Kiwi! It even has a picture of a sliced kiwi on the box. I haven't smelled it myself, but reviews seem split, though.

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    Re: Tuberose for man

    I second Carnal Flower - don't be put off by the opinion of some saying it's too feminine. At least give it a try.
  37. Re: Blackberry & Vanilla Musk #9, a scent by Trish McEvoy

    How does it compare to L'Artisan's Mure et Musc?
  38. Re: Cheap, easily available EdC or citrusy/refreshing scent

    How about Pino Silvestre? Citrus + pine
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    The "Yes We Can" Perfume!

    I don't really visit perfume stores in Korea any more, since they don't stock anything I haven't sniffed before or worth sniffing. But it just happened a few days ago that I was taking a stroll in...
  40. Re: New Serge Lutens export line addition(s) in '09?

    I believe FT was released as a limited edition to the export line in 2005 (give or take a year, I can't remember exactly).
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    Re: Favourite reviewers

    Naed_Nitram and his tales of Baron de Charlus!
    This link contains all his reviews.
  42. Re: "When the bottle is empty, I am not replacing it!"

    Being impatient, I tend to sell bottles that I don't care for before I get to the bottom of them.

    Having said that, though, I will finish those but not restock:

    Terre d'Hermes (will probably...
  43. Re: Scents for the Enigmatic/Mysterious Personality

    How's Fumerie Turque?
  44. Re: Masculin scents that come off as being feminin

    In response to your PM to me of similar concerns, Jeremy:

    As I posted above, no, I don't consider it femine. But then I am pretty flexible on this matter (I wear Carnal Flower from time to time)....
  45. Re: Masculin scents that come off as being feminin

    Feminine? No.
    Will women like it? Well, that's another story...

    As for Egoiste, people around me have commented it's "medicinal" and "old-man-like" but I have not heared "feminine" mentioned.
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    Re: Your 5 Biggest Disappointments Ever

    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree: Smells nothing like original, too stuffy. Would rather go for Heritage.
    M7 Fresh: Nice try, but too synthetic and not worth the hype
    Cool Water: Milestone in...
  47. Re: Do any men here wear Mûre et Musc or Mûre et Musc Extrême

    I also enjoy wearing M&M Extreme. However, for something marketed as the "extreme version", the longevity isn't too impressive, I have to admit, but it's okay. I imagine the original lasts even...
  48. Re: Top10 Spring fragrances - what are yours?

    Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca
    Mure et Musc
    Guerlain Vetiver
    AdP Colonia
    Hammam Bouquet
    Chanel Pour Monsieur
    Encre Noir
    Gris Clair
    Route du Vetiver
    Iris Bleu Gris
  49. A rose, by any other name - so what are the differences?

    Although somewhat suspended due to my extended stay in Jordan, my fragrance hobby has currently reached the rose phase. I can't get enough of it - well, to the extent that my budget allows anyway.
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    Re: Things I'm tired of smelling!

    - Sweet/fruity aquatics
    - Suffocating florals
    - Cheap knockoffs

    Unfortunately, all of the above are found in abundance in Jordan, and people here have a tendency to literally douse themselves...
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    Re: Terre d´Hermes is a masterpice?

    Nice, earthy citrus frag, and nothing more. But I enjoy wearing it, and isn't that what matters?
  52. Poll: Re: Do you have a favorite Maitre Parfumer et Gantier fragrance?

    Why no Iris Bleu Gris? I think I'm getting a bottle of this stuff as soon as I get back to the States.
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    Re: OK... I finally "got" Egoiste!

    For some reason, my skin soaks up Egoiste so it behaves rather tamely (in fact, too much so) on me, instead of being the sillage beast that many people experience. Hence I never have to worry about...
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    Re: Your Fave "Feel Good" Scent

    Nothing clears the head like Gris Clair for me.
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    Re: ............ smells like a log of, WOOD

    Tam Dao smells not so much like a log, but wooden furniture.
  56. Re: New Serge Lutens scent in Jan '09 - Nuit de Cellophane

    Ditto moltening - from the name of the release I would have thought it an ELDO production!
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    Poll: Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Platinum

    I have owned both, though at different times.

    PE isn't altogether bad, but rather generic. I got bored with it after a while and traded it away. But Egoiste, on the other hand, is a keeper.
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    Re: orange blossom, special

    I believe the difference between petitgrain and neroli is that petitgrain is extracted from the leaves of the tree, while neroli is the flower...? Wikipedia seems to confirm my opinion.
  59. Re: 'Hammam Bouquet' Am I crazy, or is this a great woman's scent?

    I think it's perfectly unisex.
  60. Re: A challenge for you all: Wardrobe reduction

    From my cold, dead hands!
  61. Re: Which scent helps you sleep or dream better?

    I dab my pillow with lavender oil, too. It seems to work pretty well.

    Valerian is powerful stuff, but it's not recommended you use it in strong doses or for more than 2 weeks at a time (if I...
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    Re: Egoiste as a floral/rose?

    All I can do at this point is endorse mrclmind's post, since he said everything that needs to be said.
  63. Re: Godsillage - Godzilla's Cousins - Monsters Of Sillage

    Musc Ravageur.

    MR is almost unique in that it performs very well sillage-wise on my skin, considering that even vaunted sillage monsters fail on my skin. For example, Black Aoud and Arabie only...
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    Re: anise and aniseed in fragrances

    Yes!! Douce Amere is a wonderfully smooth anise masterpiece.
    Maybe the most un-Sheldrake Lutens ever made, too.
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    Re: bitter leather?

    I'm surprised no-one's yet mentioned Lonestar Memories. As bitter as they come, almost makes you choke from the amount of tar in it. Or Patchouli 24 for that matter.
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    Re: YSL M7 yuck!

    All good points.

    But did I mention that it just smells so damn good?
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    Re: Best Green Tea and Best Asian Scent?

    I'm also of the opinion that Arden Green Tea is a rather nondescript citrus-dominant scent.
    Eau Parfumee au The Verte, I think, is the reference green tea scent.

    And as for the second question -...
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    Re: " Top Notes Nation "?

    Dude, there's a reason why the site's called BASENOTES! :)
  69. Re: Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque has disappeared

    I doubt it, since Chergui has already been selected for 2005, if I recall correctly (I have an export bottle of it).

    I'm hoping it would be either Borneo 1834 or ISM - but any will do, really.
  70. Re: Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque has disappeared

    I doubt it, since Chergui has already been selected for 2005, if I recall correctly (I have an export bottle of it).

    I'm hoping it would be either Borneo 1834 or ISM - but any will do, really.b
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    Re: scentemental's last post

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're leaving us, scentemental. You will be sorely missed, everyone will agree.

    I wish you the best of luck whatever you do in the future.
  72. Re: Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque has disappeared

    It's not particularly anti-American, per se, since anywhere outside the EU they won't ship to.
  73. Poll: Re: POLL : "Dissecting Diptyque" your selection of the best of Dyptique scents

    Philosykos is my favorite, followed by Ofresia and L'Ombre dans l'Eau.

    I think Diptyque is probably the best house out there for piquant vegetal/green notes. And they just last and last.
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    Re: Why aren't Serge Lutens sold online?

    Psst... is still selling SL bottles for $110, which was the price a year ago. Or it's still listed so, anyway.

    The owner there is a really nice lady (I forget her name...), and...
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    Re: grapefruit scents

    Aqua Allegoria Pampleune is as close as it gets to a real grapefruit.
  76. Re: Perfume shopping and fragrance in South Korea?

    Well this does look like a question I should be answering :)

    Unfortunately, the fragrance market is disproportionately small, considering that people do have a lot of buying power there.
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    Re: SotD .. Thursday 21st August - 2008

    Chanel Egoiste
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    Re: The Magic of Hammam Bouquet

    Hammam Bouquet definitely makes it into my top 5.

    I agree it's a little powdery, especially on my skin - it's like a luxurious floral-scented soap. I've had several people comment "someone's soap...
  79. Re: which fragrance would be ideal if they lasted longer.

    Another vote for EdOV!

    But then again maybe it should remain that way. The evanescence of its haunting, ethereal beauty is part of its charm, I think.
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    Re: Who is Your Favorite Nose?

    My favorite noses, roughly in this order, with my favorite works in brackets:
    Christopher Sheldrake (Fumerie Turque, Chergui, Gris Clair, oh so many)
    Bertrand Duchaufour (Timbuktu, Avignon, Mechant...
  81. Re: Is there such thing as a creamy woody scent?

    Well I wasn't the only person who recommended it. Yes, it is on the pricier side of things but you can get samples, and many Basenoters would think nothing of dropping $200 or even more for a scent...
  82. Replies

    Re: Serge Noire by Serge Lutens - a review

    Your review's making me drool as I read, Mike. I've been hoping for a while that Lutens would make an attempt at an interesting incense scent, and maybe this might be my dream come true. Can't wait...
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    Re: Something as "Special" as Tea for Two

    I am a native Korean, so I grew up drinking that stuff by the bucket - my grandmother's brew remains the best I've tasted anywhere after all these years. Right now I'm in Jordan with its killer...
  84. Poll: Re: The "Help Moltening Choose What to Buy Next" Poll and Thread.. Thanks! ;)

    They're all such excellent scents that it's hard for me to choose!

    IMO, though, if you go with T42 and Rose 31 you will have a more variegated/balanced wardrobe (if such a thing matters to you).
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    Re: Something as "Special" as Tea for Two

    Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfumes is said to be an excellent rendition of dark tea.

    It isn't exactly what you asked for, but if you replace tea with tobacco, I think Fumerie Turque might...
  86. Re: Is there such thing as a creamy woody scent?

    Many people here consider Bois des Iles unisex, so try for yourself and don't be afraid that it's supposedly for the female market.

    Vanilla and woods mixed together definitely feels smooth and...
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    Poll: Re: 'THE TWO TAUERS" Poll: Andy Tauer Scents

    I love LdDM. My holy grail scent, and Andy's masterpiece, IMO.
    And then Incense Rose, a twist on incense combining two of my favorite ingredients.
    Incense Extreme was nice, but a pretty middle of...
  88. Re: Men's Health: "Wear a Scent She'll Find Irresistable"

    Haha, I wonder how many guys outside of Basenotes will be prepared to wear something that smells like ylang-ylang.
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    Re: SotD Moday 4 August 1008

    AdP Colonia
  90. Replies

    Poll: Re: --( Citrus Poll )--

    My write-in votes:
    1. Acqua di Parma Colonia
    2. Eau Sauvage
  91. Re: Could you all please stop talking about oud already?

    Since when did Creed cost $100/ml?
  92. Poll: Re: Poll: Egoiste vs. Platinum Egoiste , which do you prefer

    Except for the sweetness and the name, there's nothing in common between the two - as many others have pointed before me.

    PE is more versatile, I agree, but the original is so much more...
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    Re: Do I need Caron Pour un Homme?

    As mentioned by others, CPUH is not like any of the scents you mentioned above.

    You have to remember, scents are more than just the sum of parts...
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    Re: Women's frags you enjoy - on you !

    If someone gave me a bottle of No. 19, I'd be happy. In fact, I've been trying to get my hands on a bottle for a while, but just not enough cash at the moment.
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    Poll: Re: The Desert Island Ambre Poll

    L'Air du Desert Marocain. Maybe you forgot it because it doesn't have amber in its name? Haha.
  96. Poll: Re: Reasons why you have sold/swapped a fragrance

    I try to keep my collection below 20 bottles - since I move around a lot, it wouldn't be such a good idea to let my collection spiral out of control. Moreover, as I'm a student, I have financial...
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    Poll: Re: The Metrosexual Basenoter

    Sunblock is not really an option this time of the year in Jordan. The sun here burns through SPF 50!!
  98. Re: About to order l'Artisan samples, which ones to choose?

    Ah, L'Artisan Parfumeur - I think it's just the house if you're looking for fun, off-beat scents (hence one of my favorites).

    If I had to pick 5:
    Tea for Two
    Mure et Musc or...
  99. Re: what is your "You Will Notice Me!" niche fragrance?

    If you put on enough Jardin du Nil, it will get you noticed for sure - though the attention you receive may not be positive one.
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    Re: Hardcore Vetiver

    For a rough vetiver, I second Route du Vetiver. Pungent, powerful, and smells like freshly dug earth.

    You should also look into Villoresi's Vetiver.
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