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  1. Re: a green smell of the woods after the rain ?

    No. 19 is a green citrus with woods. Although it smells tempting, I feel the drydown in disctinctly feminine.
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    Re: SotD Thursday 6 July

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    Re: dunhill desire dissapearance

    I concur, bon voyage!
  4. Re: Creed's Feuille Verte:  Initial Impressions

    I thought that movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" was about a bottle of Feuille Verte but I later found out it was about cars! LOL! Anyways, if you like FV, give cyprus musc a try, you won't regret it!
  5. Re: One day you like it then the next you hate it.

    For me, Neroli Sauvage is divine every time! My story is with Rive Gauche. I loved it now I hate it. It is nothing more than a can of barbesol shave cream. I like Jazz much better. D&G is comparable...
  6. Re: Terre D'Hermes - Summer's Essence

    I just love TDH and it is my holy grail. I have creeds and other niche stuff but TDH is the ultimate fresh and masculine fragrance. I will always have it, always!
  7. Re: One scent for the rest of your life.

    I was going to answer with Terre D'hermes but golly, A*Men is quickly growing on me!
  8. Re: Suggestion for next cologne? (22yr old male)

    I love Terre D'Hermes but I don't know if it might be a tad more mature. If you want a young teenage girly magnet fragrance found at a bazillion department stores, go for Chrome, kenneth cole...
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    Re: A*Men: Born on the 4th of July

    I did one direct spray and then one walk-through. I found myself craving just one more spray but would that be living on the edge? LOL! I have enjoyed it tremendously today!
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    Re: How do you measure sillage?

    By the number of feet away someone can smell you! LOL!
  11. Re: One scent for the rest of your life.

    Terre D'Hermes is a holy grail for me. I love the green and inscensy notes! I kept wondering what smelled so good all day yesterday and it was where TDH did not wash out of my shirt! I use tide which...
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    Re: Not to be a jerk...

    edited by moderator. this thread is close to getting locked.

    "If anyone has any issues with moderating on a particular thread. Please take it up with the moderator or me by private message....
  13. Re: Luca Turins: Article on Perfume chemicals

    A halogenated nitro compound doesn't sound like something I would want on my skin *HINT*
  14. Re: General CREED perfumes impression

    Some do smell of old world quality, some are beautiful, and some are other-worldly. Creed doesn't make a bad fragrance, it is a matter of finding the one for you. With me, I change my mind often.
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    Re: A*Men: Born on the 4th of July

    I forgot to add that the summer flash is absolutely amazing! All of their stock was gone but I still got to sample it from the tester!
  16. Re: Which is the most unique fresh fragrance...

    Neroli Sauvage
  17. Re: One day you like it then the next you hate it.

    Dolce and Gabanna PH! I love the lemony fresh start but that tobacco note makes me sick and ill!
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    A*Men: Born on the 4th of July

    This is a fragrance I have loathed for quite a long time due to it's superficial chocolate scent and strength. It is not that friends, today is the day I became devout A*Men lover!

    I have been...
  19. Revisiting Scents and a Purchase

    Hello Everyone!

    I was inspired by another thread to go and revisit some older classics. I visited some that I tried or owned in the past and some that I have completely ignored since its arrival....
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    Re: Silver Mtn Water revisited

    SMW is very beautiful and intoxicating! I find it seductive and refreshing. I got so many compliments from this one and GIT while at college on a daily basis! It is worth the money to me unlike the...
  21. Re: When life is a lemon, or my battle with citrus

    I find eau d'orange vert to be lasting on me.
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    Re: do you know diptyque?

    I didn't care for virgilio if that is the one that smells like a christmas tree.
  23. Re: New Haarlem or A*Men... or both?

    I am gonna have to say A*Men for integrity reasons.
  24. Re: New: Polo "Double" Black by Ralph Lauren.

    I was thinking t he same thing. I can't fathom a berry smell with my coffee but who knows......
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    Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    The one time I tried this from oa sample, it lasted all day. I am going to sephora today and will give this a try!
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    Re: Fuille Verte Review(s)

    Let me have a stab. The lime is detectable in the topnotes which quickly fades to some raw woods. The overall longevity is poor, at best 10 minuites. At $475, it ought to have sillage from hates! Not...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 1 July

    cartier declaration!
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    Re: D&G masculine - woth buying?

    I have often pndered the same question. I love the inscense note but fine the lemon a bit off-putting in the top notes. I will have to revisit this one. If you find the top note unsettling, go for...
  29. Re: House Referendum -- L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Great review Joel! It sounds like something to try out for sure! Now, let me sprint to the phone and see what I can do about a sample!
  30. Re: Retrying frags with a bad reputation here

    Ihave been tempted with Le Male also and need to find out if that sweet edge will be headache inducing. I also would like to see CK Eternity revisited. I think it is a classic for CK!
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    Poll: Re: JHL vs Antaeus - Classy Fight

    Antaues is more classy but JHL is a great novelty fragrance. A macys that I sometimes frequent carrys a few pieces of JHL at a time.
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    Poll: Re: Vote: Top 3 YSL

    1. Jazz

    2. Live Jazz

    3. Kouros Colonge sport although I should have voted for kouros.
  33. Re: House Referendum -- L'Artisan Parfumeur

    If this is in this thread already, I apologize. I would like someone to do a review of Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan. This fragrances sounds intriguing but I would like to hear what a member has to say...
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    Re: The closest thing to Mitsuoko?

    That is very interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us!
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    Re: SotD Friday 30 June

    Hamman Bouquet
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    Re: The closest thing to Mitsuoko?

    Yes Narcus, what a magnificent post you made! I would like to see more from you with this kind of thought and depth!
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    Re: The closest thing to Mitsouko?

    This was an excellent description and good point! You should write more reviews!
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    The closest thing to Mitsuoko?

    I have been admiring this fragrance. I am tempted to believe that these are in the same genre perhaps:


    -Paul Sebastian

    -the drydown of baldessarini

    What do some of you think? I...
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    Re: NEW" Ferre for man

    Is this it?
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    Re: Armani Mania and Code

    Mania wins this dilema easy!
  41. Re: buy a deodorant stick for every fragnance?

    I use to, then I went through a period where I didn't have to have it for compulsion sakes. Now, I try to get it when available for theses reasons:

    1. To layer the scent

    2. They last a long...
  42. Re: Excellent website for beginners!!!

    A great website for sure but can be enjoyed by the most credulous members. Under the tip for wearing perfume, a great topic for discussion would be "why not to rub your wrists together". The article...
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    Re: Battle of the Aquatics!

    MI is not aquatic, Erolfa is. Unforgiveable is MI and SMW mixed. Also, bond's Hamptons = SMW.
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