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  1. Re: Pure Havane how does it compare to Tobacco Vanille?

    I have both and while they are in the same family, they are very different from each other. TV has epic potency, is full, rich and well defined. PH is rather thin in comparison, doesn't have the...
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    Re: Creamy Cozy Sandalwood

    I have recently been craving this exact same kind of sandalwood, something robust, smooth, creamy and rich. I found an old evaporated sample vial of vintage Samsara in my stash and applied the sticky...
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    Re: Kiehl's Original Musk--oil or EdT?

    I have both and prefer the EDT. I find it has more sillage and complexity, the oil is what I use for touch ups at the office as I dislike the "fresh sprayed" effect.
    I dont believe the oil has...
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    Re: why is it that sales clerks do this?

    Sound like many dont have samples because they're giving them as rewards instead of using them sales tools. I once had a Guerlain rep load me up with multiple samples of the very scent I just...
  5. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

    Yep, sadly its on its way out. I wholeheartedly agree, I remember seeing Chandler Burr's reaction when he got his sample, he was so excited that something so bold and unique made it out the gate on...
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    Re: sensitive soul/ perfume choice

    She sounds like a true perfumista in the making with those intense emotions! Hopefully she will find comfort, strength and joy in perfume. She sounds like a kindred spirit.
    For some reason SJP's...
  7. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

    I always read great things about Womanity, but seems to be a bit too on-the-nose for the average consumer hence its demise.
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    Re: Molinard: Any tropical scents?

    Vanille Marine is an interesting one, its pretty much Molinard Vanille with a well-done seawater note. I wouldn't consider it tropical, more marine/gourmand.
  9. Poll: Re: Single most helpful, yet unavailable, piece of information:

    While the suggestion is valid for curiosities sake, your reasoning is retarded IMO. You're getting too hung up on the source rather than the content, and it seems rather superficial and unnecessarily...
  10. Poll: Re: Should the mods delete posts about what a religious leader would wear?

    Why are you so antagonistic? To be honest, its people who behave like you are that ruin it for everyone.
  11. Re: I want something that smells heavenly, mild & sweet.

    Pretty much everything suggested above contains alcohol. You might want to foray into perfume oils, alcohol free fragrances are few and far between. Bulgari's Petit et Mamans is very much in the...
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    Re: Jean Desprez®- Bal a Versailles®

    The sidebar navigation and viewing pane to the right is much more user friendly :)
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    Re: Jean Desprez®- Bal a Versailles®

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Just some feedback, the site really needs some work.

    BAV is a legendary fragrance and its sad that its 'home' on the web doesn't seem to reflect its history and...
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    Re: How shallow are you?

    A well presented, appealing bottle will get my attention quicker, but I will try anything and everything, regardless of packaging. Cant always judge the book by its cover.
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    Re: Need female advice: Perfume for my mom

    What kind of scents does she like? Any favourite flowers? Has she worn perfume in the past, and if so, what kind?

    All we can give you is a bunch of popular perfume names, but as to what your...
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    Re: For a woman who "has it all"...
    Now Ctrl +F and type in "rubber".
  17. Re: How much of your wardrobe do you currently use?

    The amount I have is definitely not proportionate to what I use. I've started culling and am not missing the ones I have rid myself of. Its hard when you have a sentimental attachment to a scent, but...
  18. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    Bimbo juice is a horrible adjective. Whats with the derogatory language towards women? I see it a lot: Stripper scent, bimbo juice, eau de mallrat, baby prostitute, old lady, skank-juice...sure, I...
  19. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    Lets face it, older women today are a new generation, the term "old lady" used in describing perfume it itself becoming outdated. Why the need to stereotype women of age and box them into a category...
  20. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    Im not personally offended by this term, however I do find it ignorant. And I believe certain terminology should have no place in the perfume vocabulary.
    Some terms have become so prolific that it...
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    Re: For a woman who "has it all"...

    Go with any of the above Chanel recommendations, I'd be wary of Shalimar, the burnt rubber note can be unsettling. You could try the Ode a la Vanille version of Shalimar, easier to work with.
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    Re: 24 Gold - Shouldn't Smell This Good!

    Maybe its something you're just not getting that others simply find appealing. Why it has to be an "ironic hipster" thing is beyond me. Its unnecessary to label people for their preferences in...
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    Re: What scent is best for pleasing most women?

    Most women have individual tastes that also largely-nay, HUGELY depend on the person wearing the fragrance and how they present themselves.

    Half the fragrances suggested in these types of threads...
  24. Re: New To Fragrances, Deeply Saddened About Ingredient Bans

    If you're concerned about putting synthetics on your skin from IFRA compliant perfumers, why would you even consider a cheap knock off that has god knows what in it?
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    Re: Room Scent Of The Day - October 2014

    Cilantro & Orange Zest by Glasshouse Candles. Its so hot and sunny here and this candle is just the ticket. It seems to love my vase of freesias and they are playing beautifully together up my...
  26. Re: Do you find Borneo 1834 unwearable? Then try Mechant Loup.

    I dont find them all that similar, and would never connect them both. ML is a well executed gourmand but nowhere near the deep earthiness and organic feel of Borneo.
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    Glasshouse Candles Rave

    If you haven't tried this brand, its well worth a sniff. The candles are extremely well scented and of sufficient size, house in a heavy glass jar with lid. Priced very reasonably, I find that just...
  28. Re: Bought my first Diptyque candle- box is stained?

    Thank you all for your responses, the suggestions about improper storage ring true. These candles are stored haphazardly in drawers, as the girl was sifting through them she was upturning them all...
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    Re: Gift help needed: Citrus vanilla?

    Like a Creamsicle? There's Demeter's Creamsicle, its not too bad on the vanilla, well balanced with the realistic orange that is fresh and juicy. Around $20+.
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    Re: Un bois Vanille, Gris Clair

    Un Bois Vanille is definitely a sweet vanilla, more syrupy and creamy than sugary though. Think of it as fudge in comparison to cotton candy. I do find its well balanced by the smoky, charred woods,...
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    Re: What's the deal with tester candles?

    Lighting the candle is impractical and time consuming, as you do have to give it time to melt the wax and diffuse the scent. And in a shop, its not practical given the other scents in the atmosphere...
  32. Bought my first Diptyque candle- box is stained?

    So I purchased my first Diptyque candle, unfortunately the only place that sells them isn't too reliable in terms of freshness. Anyhow, the candle seems to smell as strong as the display one, but was...
  33. Re: Have people stopped buying Guerlain after the racist remarks?

    More than half of those buying probably didn't even hear of the scandal, I doubt very much many would even care. In this day and age there's always another scandal or headline or moral decision...
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    Re: Lush to Discontinue Gorilla Fragrances

    All Lush perfumes are Gorilla Perfumes, sold in Lush stores. So yes, they are the Gorilla line.

    Kingderella, I would suggest you try before you buy. Its not an easy one to wear unless you love...
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    Re: NEW: Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum

    A replacement for Parfum Initial? Does that means PI is to be discontinued?
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    Re: Chanel Eau Premiere

    Not happy with this, they took a good chunk of that fresh lift that gave its sparkle and replaced it with something more plush. Still nice, but not the same if you're a stickler for those kinds of...
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    Anyone Tried Qualitas Candles?


    Came across Qualitas Candles on a sale site and a few of their scents reminded me very much of Diptyque's offerings, at a fraction of the price. I was hoping someone had tried them and had...
  38. Re: Do you buy testers from sites like fragrancenet etc.?

    Paranoid Parrot much? lol

    You have to ask yourself, why would a site like fragrancenet mess with the bottle? And if they were really intent on doing this, would the cap really and box really be a...
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    Re: What is your occupation?

    Its about priorities as mentioned above. Everyone has different ones which allows them to indulge. For me, my perfumes make me happier than driving a nice car, so I drive an ugly bomb of a car! You...
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    Re: Suggestions for warm, sweet fragrances?

    Lolita Lempicka
    Bulgari Omnia
    Prada Candy
    Hanae Mori Butterfly
  41. Re: Cool, refreshing, dry, not sweet, non-citrus, a bit bitter, feminine, niche... Any suggestions?

    Try Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal, ticks all your boxes.
  42. Re: Mystery Perfume -- Please help me identify

    Defiintely not Avon, they didn't do splashes in that bottle.

    It does remind me a bit of the Maxfactor Jardin bottle, perhaps it could be an obscure mini of that fragrance?
  43. Re: Mystery Perfume -- Please help me identify

    Avon Soft Musk? I know they had bottles like that in the early 90's.
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    Re: Fruity wine scent suggestions

    Kors by Michael Kors was very wine-like to me, part of the reason I hated it. Used to be dirt cheap but I haven't seen it around in ages. Red wine and red roses.
  45. Re: Most Entertaining, Outlandish, Inexplicable Notes in a Perfume

    It's a very distinct scent, bread-like but pungent and rancid. Smells of childhood, lying on the hot pavement after a swim, squishing ants with a pudgy thumb in the summer...
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    Re: Lush "American Cream" Conditioner

    Ah well, now we know your budget, SL Cuir Mauresque bears a close resemblance to that creamy woodsy sweetness, but of course is a leather frag. I actually bought it because it reminded me of American...
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    Re: Lush "American Cream" Conditioner

    Lots of e-tailers sell the dupes and its pretty spot on. Its actually a very comforting woodsy gourmand. Just do a search on Etsy and you'll find a bunch of them.

    Word of caution with the actual...
  48. Re: Anybody ever make an unintended duplicate purchase...?!

    I have at least a couple of hundred fragrances but can name all of them and know exactly what I have and how much. The day I cant keep track of it is the day it has become about acquiring out of...
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    Re: Kai Perfume oil vs EDP?

    The lotion is most excellent, very tenacious and long-lasting in scent and you wouldn't need the perfume if you wore the lotion on its own. Worth every penny.
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    Re: I need an amplified Daim Blond

    Cuir Amethyste is my choice, I have both and they're extremely similar, however Cuir Amethyste does have that added 'oomph' that I crave some days.
  51. Re: How do you respond to unfavorable comments on your SOTD?

    Unfortunately its the risk you run when wearing perfume in an enclosed space. Someone above made a comment about bad breath- well, someone with an undesirable perfume can be like being exposed to bad...
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    Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Your short lists are on the right track- well done Dad! Im sure she'll love the Pink Sugar and Prada Candy, they are always a hit with the younger vanilla-lovers.

    Im also gonna to echo the...
  53. Re: Philosophy Pure Grace - similar scents, please?

    Clean Ultimate is indeed very close. However, the staying power isn't too fabulous but its far better than Philosophy's.

    Unfortunately Philosophy's scents have gone down the gurgler in recent...
  54. Re: Wisteria Hysteria by Comme des Garçons + Stephen Jones

    The only Wisteria fragrance I have smelled (Crabtree and Evelyn) leads me to believe Wisteria does have a fruity side to it, more of an animalic slightly rotting, peachy, pear-ish kind of vibe to it....
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    Re: Angel Eau Sucree

    Im guessing it will be something along the lines of EL's Pleasures Delight, going by the notes of berries and meringue with patchouli.
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    Re: Montale Bottle Blues!

    I too have suffered a similar fate with this exact same scent. God knows how it leaked, its always upright in its bottle, but I discovered it one day after not touching it for months, the pouch it...
  57. Re: Esprit d'Oscar /Eau Premiere/L'Heure Bleue

    I find Esprit very reminiscent of LHB, that gorgeous, powdery heliotrope with a hay-like vibe to it. Then add a bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and there you have it. Creamy, feminine, ethereal and...
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    Re: Please help me remember this perfume!

    Probably some dime-a-dozen mall scent that stuck around for a few months and is now long gone. Doesn't look designer.
    These kinds of scents are usually dupes of designer fragrances and Im willing...
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    Re: funny fragrance sniffing stories

    Otherwise they would price themselves out of their target demographics financial range.
  60. Re: (UPDATED) Fragrance companies ditching samples to keep dept. store vendor reps?

    Its no wonder samples are used as rewards instead of sales tools when people have such grabby attitudes.
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    Re: Atomiser vs dropper/dabber

    Its possible to spray only a minute amount at a time and let it dribble out of the sprayer in drops instead of full spraying- its less bother than jimmying open the bottle and mucking about with...
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    Re: Why do I dislike Shalimar?

    I have only worn Shalimar once, and that was a very exhausting experience. Its the pungent rubbery-gasoline smell that undoes it all for me. I can appreciate all the other fabulous notes, but that...
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    Re: Most worn in January 2014

    SL Clair de Musc got an unprecedented wearing this month. 3 weeks straight! Not sure what it was, I just felt very drawn to it and it suited the weather and my mood. Pink Sugar got 2 days (another...
  64. Re: Guerlain - Aqua Allegoria - What's the deal???

    They're good fillers for warmer weather when you want something light and easy to wear. I find they have very reasonable lasting power in Flora Nymphea and Lys Soleila.
  65. Re: Midnight Poison/ Dior Addict Has Been Discontinued

    Midnight Poison has been dc'd for a few months now. Odd they would discontinue Addict, that's a very popular scent and its only just been reformulated and repackaged.
  66. Re: Opium Collector's Edition 2013- Same juice, new bottle?

    So no ones tried it?
  67. Opium Collector's Edition 2013- Same juice, new bottle?

    Came across the Opium Collector's Edition 2013 in the gold bottle the other day and had a quick spritz- and found it rather good. Smoky, spicy and smouldering. I only have the EDT so was wondering if...
  68. Re: I made a blog to answer questions for the "just starting out" category of people

    That just crass. Not to mention offensive to women, as if they are merely receptacles for horny guys, that will remove their underwear on the command of scent alone.

    For someone who purports a...
  69. Thread: Missoni

    by L'eaulita

    Re: Missoni

    Overrated. Should disappear without anyone noticing or caring. Except maybe L.T.
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    Re: Looking For Firewood Type Fragrance?

    Lutens' Fille en Aiguilles perhaps?
  71. Thread: Hello Ladies

    by L'eaulita

    Re: Hello Ladies

    I like it, in fact I wear it myself. A very dense and earthy cacao scent that reminds me a bit of Serge Lutens' Borneo 1834.
    A quality fragrance, but does it really matter what women think? As long...
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    Re: Jicky - where is the filth?

    Yep- that's the stuff! Glad you found it lol Apparently Mouchior de Monsieur is supposed to be a bit more filthy and is dubbed the dirty cousin to Jicky so could be worth checking out.
  73. Re: does anyone know the name of this perfume?

    hehe who would have thought that buying a $30 perfume in the late 90's would be able to help someone else all these years later?!
    So glad to help, and I really hope that elusive bottle finds its...
  74. Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    If you want instant gratification, try a fragrance oil like Natures Garden "Mountain Dew". Its all the work done for you and all you have to do is add the oil to product. Smells very fizzy and like...
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    Re: does anyone know this perfume? first post disappeared...

    Could it be Monsoon?

    I believe it was marketed under the name of Wild Lagoon in...
  76. Re: does anyone know the name of this perfume?

  77. Replies

    Re: Jicky - where is the filth?

    The only 'filth' I get is a smooth, creamy, sweet, milk-fed-baby shit. Gives it a nice tone and works beautifully, despite the crass association.
  78. Re: Which discontinued fragrance is number one on your list?

    If I had cojones, I'd give up the left one for some more Shalimar Light.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense - Why is it "formal"?

    I think formal and informal is as outdated as the day or night thing that was prolific pre-90's. You can wear anything you want whenever you want. If it smells good, why should a stuffy boardroom...
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    Re: Guerlain L'Instant Perfume Gel- que?

    It's very nice and worth getting if you like the perfume. The gel is applied with a small brush and glides on like smoothly and leaves a silky feel. I simply run the brush from my wrist and up my...
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    Re: Subtle warm apple pie fragrance?

    Innoxa's Gingham is a subtle Apple pie with powder, or Urban Rituelle's Ginger Apple. That one to me smells like straight up apple/pear pie but is done in such a way that its not sickly, fake or...
  82. Poll: Re: Returns -- Which way does your moral compass point?

    Down under there is no such policy, unless the product is damaged or the person has a bad reaction to it. Other than that, once its opened its yours and they don't want it back.

    I could never...
  83. Thread: RIP Montale?

    by L'eaulita

    Re: RIP Montale?

    Jump the gun much?

    - - - Updated - - -

    You were quite right to buy it- there are so many problems with this company and its better to be safe than sorry. Who knows what will happen. Enjoy...
  84. Re: What scents do you trust in extreme circumstances?

    A: Sublime by Jean Patou. No woman could ever feel less than elegant in this.

    B: Boudoir. Always a conversation starter.

    C: Fracas. This one keeps me entertained and by over-applying, its acts...
  85. Poll: Re: If your beloved doesn't like/hate a scent you really love, you...

    I'd still wear it- I'd just try not to wear it around them.
  86. Re: Discontinued, Resurrected, On Hiatus or really gone?

    Thanks Donna & Genie, looks like another hoarding mission to stock up on those two :( I hate having to go into squirrel mode, but Datura I cannot live without and don't have access to the bell jars....
  87. Discontinued, Resurrected, On Hiatus or really gone?

    Sometimes it can get confusing with all these comings and goings :confused: I'd appreciate if anyone is able to shed some light on the fate of the following:

    Sicily- I had heard Sicily was...
  88. Re: Most agreeably Good or "Best" Perfumes for a Beginner?

    Those are some very polarizing scents- be prepared if she doesn't take to them immediately, it took me years to come around to liking all of those!
    Would be good to know what kind of family of...
  89. Re: Women in history and their fragrance choices..

    I read somewhere that Diana wore 24 Faubourg and Quelques Fleurs. Beautiful fragrances for a stellar lady.

    I always wondered what Gina Lollobrigida wore, I imagine her in Carthusia's Ligea.
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    Re: Fracas!! And Courtney Love

    Welcome to BN!

    Fracas is vulgar, tenacious and loud. I suspect she wears it to cover up body odour because she doesn't wash often. I love Fracas, but dislike it when its used to mask the unwashed....
  91. Re: Suggestions/Authors Needed For Blog Post About Homemade Fragrances

    With such limited experience, what kind of article will it be? What topics do you want to cover? Or is it a simple "make your own ___" piece with a list of ingredients and throw them all in and...
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    Re: Perfume industry: approaching the crack?

    I see a disturbing trend....the explosion of gourmand!
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    Re: Do you wear fragrance on the beach?

    Natural ingredients can indeed induce skin reactions. In fact, that is why some of them are being banned by the IFRA and instead synthetics have to be used as they are deemed 'safer' by the IFRA.
  94. Replies

    Re: Do you wear fragrance on the beach?

    I've worn fragrance to the beach on many occasions- nothing adverse to report. I usually go with something complimentary like Kai EDP, Datura Noir, GAP Tuberose Coconut, L'Occitane Verbena or 4711. I...
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    Re: suggestion for the community

    I think this is just putting a band aid on a bigger problem- the fragrance directory here that doesn't have enough varied input. Its a nice enough idea but just highlights the glaringly obvious issue...
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    Re: Top Selling Female perfume in US?

    Is it possible to take her on a sniffing spree? Make a day of it, take her around a few counters, get some ideas and then go have lunch in a nice cafe, then narrow down which ones she liked- then go...
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    Re: SL La fille de Berlin

    My bottle just arrived and I've had it on a few minutes. It opens in a very familiar way- it has a sheer, cold and almost metallic quality to it like Vitirol d'oeillet did. In fact, if I were lazy I...
  98. Re: Juliet has a gun...ladies list your favorites

    Citizen Queen is my favourite. I don't get leather, just a deliciously dirty, musky rose.
    Miss Charming is nice, but too close to Stella, and Stella did it better. The others just didn't stoke my...
  99. Re: Harajuku Lovers: Please need advice for gift

    You totally have to come over and play Barbies! :thumbsup:
  100. Re: In search of a breezy, green, tropical perfume?

    JLO's Deseo (women's version) has all of what you're looking for...except for the sugar free aspect. You might be able to look past the sweetness though, because its not exactly gourmand and it has...
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