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  1. Re: What have I bought? (L'Heure Bleue "vintage"?)

    It seems to date from 1998, january.
    The first two letters are the ones to take into account. The first one deals with the year, the second one, with the month.
    (Year) p= 1996, s = 1997, v = 1998,...
  2. Re: Is Tom Ford's Black Orchid a good scent for men?

    I am a woman and use it frequently. Perhaps that is way I cannot see Black Orchid as a masculine fragance. Although perfectly wearable by men, if you feel so, personally I am afraid that I conceive...
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    Re: Upgrade from Coco Chanel

    Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin is a beautiful rose scent. On the other hand, perhaps she would appreciate Classique edp by Jean Paul Gaultier, roses and vanilla.
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    Re: i'm asking it to ONLY GIRLS!!!!

    I do really enjoy fragances worn by men who know what they like and feel self confident enough to wear them without having to ask. Being a grown up man and having a powerful intellect would be my...
  5. Re: Any male approximate equivalent of Dior Addict?

    For me, Dior Addict has similarities with Chergui. I know it sounds crazy, but... they are quite close (excepting the initial stage).
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