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    Re: Negative emotions scents

    Hi Nizan - I too focus on the spiritual side of fragrance creation and the first thing I learned was to drastically reduce concentrations...for 'spiritual work', you'll be using 0.5% - 1% instead of...
  2. way to go!!

    way to go!!
  3. As a 'scent artist', are there facets of the...

    As a 'scent artist', are there facets of the scent structure that challenge you more than others...e.g. do you find it naturally easier to work with the heavier/less volatile molecules vs. the top...
  4. Re: A scotch/whiskey scent using essential oils?

    I've noticed a few of my 'practice' accords had a whiskey usually happened when I used Cognac with Patchouli.
  5. I actually see this as an opportunity to drive...

    I actually see this as an opportunity to drive creativity. Yes, I agree, we may lose a 'love', but as with any love lost we have the chance to find new ones.
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    Re: Powdery bases

    [QUOTE=Chris Bartlett;2681725]Thanks for the kind words everyone - it's much appreciated

    Long time reader of the forums, but first post...had to second the comment...Chris, you are an awesome Soul.
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