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  1. Re: Watermelon fruity fragrance for summer?

    This was my first thought. Reaction seems melony to me. That would be my description if someone asked me how it smelled. Melony.
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    Re: The ultimate go to scent

    That was how I read it as well. Imagining that you are a woman and want to smell something from your wardrobe on your man. That actually seems like a more interesting thread. Asking men what they...
  3. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    Sweet. You are going to have to give us some thoughts on how they hold up. I wish I'd done this over the years.
  4. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    My local Macys had no idea.
  5. Re: Fragrances for a hoodie and jeans type of guy

    Anything. I would wear anything in my wardrobe with a hoodie. That is not much to go on. If forced to answer id say hoodie style is casual, comfortable, not challenging, and not usually in extremely...
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    Re: Manly fragrance help

    Hmmm... cant find anything about this. Was this a joke or is that a real fragrance?
  7. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    My edt and edp both last all day.
  8. Re: Just bought Kouros , current formula

    I haven't worn the new version, but Id like to try it someday. Glad to hear it is passing your muster!
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    Re: One choice for...Vol IV

    - Dinner with Grace Jones and her entourage in 1982 (winter).
    I could never get on with her. Thunderdome and Conan, eh, just not my type. So whatever my SOTD was would suffice.

  10. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Exactly. I would agree that it is in fact a cash grab. But I'd say many flankers are, in my opinion. My thoughts were more on the efficacy of the timing of the cash grab, not on whether that was a...
  11. Re: Male Fragrances You Would Rate 10/10?

    Yatagan would be my only 10 I think so far. Fahrenheit, Yatagan, and Heritage are the only 5 star fragrances that I have at the moment. Third Man is growing on me, and Dior Homme EDT might have a...
  12. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    So, Ive heard people talk about this being a cash grab, and why are they doing it, releasing these so quickly instead of waiting, here were my thoughts on that subject. I feel like when something is...
  13. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    I guess the question will be if they will weaken the EDT now, with the EDP and Parfum available. I'm glad I got me some "vintage" Sauvage. Lol.
  14. Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    I like 100ml bottles. They just seem more proportionate. The 50s feel tiny in my hands, and the 200s are unwieldy. I have 200s of AdG and Fahrenheit, hate those bottles. Like an atomizer on top...
  15. Re: Which one scent you own do you give max sprays

    I guess maybe Ideal Cologne at 6-8. I really went through my whole wardrobe and thought about it, and it seems that all of mine are 4-6 for me. Somewheres in there, maybe less, but rarely ever...
  16. Re: Thoughts on Caron & Guerlain + What do I try next?

    We are not at all on the same wave length, so I cannot really say anything there. Dandy is a love, but if you are not into patch in heritage and lidg it might not be to your liking. Maybe Ideal...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    Lol. That is funny.
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    Re: YouTube Fragrance reviews

    I don't feel like I would go there for any real knowledge, though they are not neccesarily not knowledgable. The medium just doesn't quite support as nuanced pictures in my head as the written word....
  19. Re: Actually asked to wash a perfume off - it was that offensive to others

    I want to ban ugly people from the workplace because they offend my sense of sight.

    Seriously, kitty. Don't let them get you down. I know that would bother me, though I would do my utmost to try...
  20. Re: Hmm, vintage fahrenheit vets help plz

    Not new. About 1/4 left. Just was wondering if that looked correct. Ive got a couple newer fahrenheit bottles, which imo have way nicer caps and atomizers.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Once i live with...
  21. Hmm, vintage fahrenheit vets help plz

    Real or no. Sprayer seems cheap. Cap seems like cheap plastic. Smells kinda like acetone, or alcohol. Got a bit better after the top disipated, sprayed a card, idk. Im wearing vintage Kouros today,...
  22. Re: Latest Caron for Men - Nuit Fraiche!

    2 of my top ten are Carons, ill try it.
  23. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    My first partial bottle of vintage Fahrenheit. Huge fan, hope it is good.
  24. Re: Mancera Cedrat Boise "18K312A" Batch Performance Isuue

    The 8ml I got from maxaroma a while back was not beastly. Not weak, just normal. Would not be one I'd think of when talking about strength. It does smell good though.
  25. Re: Can you guys tell if this is a counterfeit BR540?

    pretty impressive fake
  26. Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum Identification

    Awesome. Thanks!
  27. Eau Sauvage Parfum Identification

    Is there any easy way to tell the difference between 2012 and 2017 versions (besides smelling it obviously)? I've seen the black box and white box, did this change for the reissue?
  28. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Thank you for this. Next month I can handle. Not pathetically trying to muster up excitement with a drawn out distribution process a la Armani Gio Absolu Instinct. Terrible execution turned me off...
  29. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Has anybody seen anything else on this? I was looking for some upcoming fragrance story or something.
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    Re: Goodwill/Thrift store finds!

    I love thrift stores and antique shops. I go fairly often. I have never yet seen one bottle in any store that I thought was cool or wanted to buy regardless of the price. Always think I should see...
  31. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Ill probably buy it. I like sauvage and dior in general. If only to complete my set, though i can smell a difference, the edt and edp are interchangable to me. Hope the parfum if differentiated a bit...
  32. Re: Which one? Fahrehnheit EDT, Absolute or Parfum ?

    EDT. It is just so fahrenheity. Smells like itself. Le parfum is fantastic tho. Really nice stuff.
  33. Re: Yatagan or Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme EDP ?

    Yatagan. I feel like is generally a pleasant smelling fragrance to most, while gga is a bit more polarizing. Both rock.
  34. Re: Did all of you reach a bit of a "turning point" after a certain time in the hobby?

    I feel like my tastes are constantly evolving, so i sorta feel ya there.
  35. Re: Any houses on your “no buy list”

    I dont buy some things with ugly bottles, or ones that will be strangely shaped and not display properly. CdG comes to mind.
  36. Poll: Re: Kiehl's Original Musk X Narciso Rodriguez musc

    I actually haven't tried NR Musc, but I have a decant of NR for him, and a bottle of Kiehls. I would consider these as being very different musks, one dirty and one clean.
  37. Re: A*Men Formulations Today: How is the Performance?

    Havent worn mine in a month or two and I cannot recall what date it is from. Venturing a guess, I'd say 2017-18. Performance is middling. Not super loud and doesn't last forever. Maybe 2 hours...
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    Re: Explain your icon

    mine is Harrison Ford from Empire when he takes particular exception to being called scruffy looking. I'm a lavish star wars fan, or at least used to be before Kathleen Kennedy got her mitts on...
  39. Re: Should I even bother with Fahrenheit?

    Its gonna get you! It gets everyone. Fahrenheit rocks, its a fact.
  40. Re: Civet. Please explain this note, and share your favorite fragrance that features it up front.

    Urinous. Kouros.
  41. Re: Name a scent that smells even better when you overspray it

    IMO i prefer Costume National Homme when it has been oversprayed. It just seems like the nuance becomes a bit more apparent, it seems drier, and spicier.
  42. Re: Everyday compliment getter for teen?

    Dylan blue, eros, wanted
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    Re: What NEXT? Suggestions desired!

    Br 540 extrait
    Grand Soir
  44. Re: Which fragrance to wear with this outfit?

    My initial thought was no. 9 or sauvage. Some kind of lady killer. But i just feel like she may know those profiles too well. Im going with La Yukawam. It will stand out, smell sexy and manly. Wont...
  45. Re: Smelled mont blanc explorer at Dillards

    I liked it when i tried it. From all the talk i expected it to suck. I was suprised. I thought it was a really nice fragrance. Aventus-ish, but different. I thought it smelled really good much later...
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    Re: Newbie - beginning a collection

    Dior homme edt
    Leau d'Issey pour homme
    Costume national homme
  47. Re: Why is your favorite genre your favorite?

    I like a good strong woody. Feels masculine, and they are usually not as sweet.
  48. Re: If Recommending One Fragrance For A Beginner To Start With (Given Our Experience And Knowledge)?

    Maybe AdG Profumo. Accessable, easy, and palletable by the masses.
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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    No. 5 on an old lady. Nice.
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    Re: Fragrance as Pre-workout?

    I generally dont work out. Whenever i do there is usually nobody else there, so i guess whatever strikes me. Im pro-fragrance during workouts and in general. Ive never yet in my life wished another...
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    Re: Armaf

    I had to get rid of Tres Nuit. It did smell good, but I can;'t stand that triangle bottle. It took up the space of like three bottles and threw off the feng shui of my lineup.
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    Re: Your guilty pleasure fragrance

    Armani Acqua di Gio. Still in love after all these years. When I wear it, it just seems right.
  53. Re: Pick Top 5 Most Masculine Fragrances You Have Smelled?

    Old Spice
  54. Re: Kids and perfume (I may not get my rental deposit back)

    Love it! Gave my 5 year old a dupe bottle belcam sauvage/primitve man. He burned about 25ml before i had to take it away. Its still his though, im not a fan.
  55. Re: Old School Vs. Modern What Do You Gravitate To Most?

    Im not exclusive, but i feel like i prefer pre 2000 fragrances. As a whole im not excited by todays designer pieces, though i wish i was. Gucci Guilty Absolute is pretty good though.
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    Re: List of reference perfumes?

    Musk - Kiehls Original Musk

    Cade - Trex maybe
  57. Poll: Re: Tauer Au Coeur du Desert or L'Air du Desert Marocain?

    I havent tried au couer. Id like to. I consider LDDM a masterpiece. Never feel the need for more power. It is a decent projecter with above average to good longevity. It does have a weak sprayer tho....
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    Re: Why Sauvage EDP

    I have both. Have worn both quite a few times. EDP is a superior fragrance. More refined, rounded, a little creamier and spicier. That opening in the EDT is sharp and bracing in a way the EDP is not....
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    Re: - - - -

    I tend to try to wear something fitting to the setting and my mood.
  60. Re: SOTD Stats - Most Worn, Milestones

    I also like stats. This is awesome.
  61. Re: Purchase Question: Bleu de Chanel EDP or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

    I found Light Blue Sun nauseating.
  62. Re: Purchase Question: Bleu de Chanel EDP or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

    It is not close. Bleu wins in a landslide.
  63. Re: What are your favorite houses at the moment?
    They have a few here. Only one ive tried was Norne. It was enormously powerful.
  64. Re: What are your favorite houses at the moment?

    Ive been digging Guerlain as of late. If pressed for a favorite that would be it.
  65. Re: Overview of my Montale / Mancera haul

    I also found Black Aoud to just be too much.
  66. Re: One that I don't see much talk on, Missoni Parfum Pour Homme

    Kind of generic aromatic cleanliness to me. Not bad.
  67. Re: Armani Code 2018+ Honest Opinions on Sillage/Projection and Lasting

    I remember when Code came out. I was young and had been using much AdG. I decided that i was in the Gio camp, and shunned Code. Tribal thinking extreme. I should go try this again as well. Its been...
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    Re: Fun new haul

    Thanks! My samples were:
    - Derby reissue
    - Mitsouko EDP
    - Habit Rouge EDP
    - Guerlain Vetiver
    - Guerlain L'Heure Bleue EDP
    - Guerlain Homme Intense EDP
    - Guerlain Jicky EDT
    - Dior Eau...
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    Re: Monthly Samples

    Guerlain L'Heure Bleue EDP

    Smells like a poof of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. I had a hard time smelling anything else from it for about an hour. I also had to look up the notes to pinpoint the...
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    Re: Fun new haul

    4.0 oz maybe 75 percent full. Yea, ebay.
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    Re: Fun new haul

    Not sure about dating the Kouros and Polo, but im thinking 2000 kouros, the polo idk. Three digit it looks like. $24 for the Kouros, $48 for the Polo. Wifey liked the Kouros actually. I was...
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    Fun new haul

    Had all of this waiting for me outside the house yesterday!


    - Cosmair Polo
    - Silver shoulders Kouros
    - 5ml Arsene Lupin Dandy
    - Heritage EDT
    - Bunch of samples
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    Re: Decant got skunked in car

    When i was a young man of say 16 years old i used to keep junkers in my car for spot sprays when you spot some females or something. Or maybe cover up some cigarette smell before school.
  74. Re: Terre D'Hermes EDP vs. Eau intense vetiver (Performance)

    TdH vetiver goes 24 hours on me. All three tdh tdhp and tdheiv perform well.
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    Re: On an ideal date

    Yatagan for me. Silk mood on her.
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    Re: Most animalic that you enjoy?

    Hm, i have decants of vintage Leather Oud and Siberion Musk II, which i love, but both of those give me pause before lavishly applying. For daily wear i guess Yatagan is an everyday driver for me....
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    Re: Similar to Lalique White

    Very singular to me. I enjoyed it. I wouldnt want any more projection. But i did feel like its longevity was a bit shorter than i would have expected from the laundry musk part of it.
  78. Re: Your favorite fruit-forward, non-citrus masculine

    Summery fruity. So im thinking fresh airy peachy fragrance. Sounds like a hunt in the womens department would be in order. Like a upscaled bath and bodyworks bodyspray.
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    Re: Monthly Samples

    Lately ive been interested in more classical compositions. I decided to go for a deeper dive into a single house. Guerlains structures seemed the best to me so far. I ordered:
    - Derby reissue
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    Re: Gravel - "A Man's Cologne"

    Ive heard its got rocks in it, right?
  81. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    This is a fantastic set of scents.
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    Re: Do You Feel Like You're Cheating?

    I miss a few, and sometimes feel a bit bad that im neglecting them. But in general i work my steeds pretty hard.
  83. Re: Givenchy Gentleman: current formulation defense.

    Original wrap-around

    Silver cap
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    Re: Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

    I didnt really bat an eye about tonkas obscurity. I took it to mean obscure in a gender profile way, and not as rare or unique.
  85. Re: Givenchy Gentleman: current formulation defense.

    I have a silver cap bottle that is just awesome. Ive probably been sneaking myself a spray every day for the last week. How different is the silver cap from the black cap? Anybody compare and...
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    Re: Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

    I dont get the bottle. Is it standing like that? Herbal spicy amber citrus? Did they leave anything out, or just dump it all together and pretend its purposefully complex.i suppose id sniff it if i...
  87. Re: Not sure if this is the right thread? But who knew Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy?

    Socialism had seduced her. Its always sad, but i tend to think many companys are founded and run by terrible people. LVMH corporate facelessness bothers me even more though.
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    Re: Hello! New and need help

    DIY section is where you want to go. Good luck!
  89. Re: So is dior homme pparfum discontinued or not?

    I got a newish bottle. 2019 i think. Limited distribution.
  90. Re: Pls recommend lavender/herbal fragrance (no.9 of max-10 collection)

    Dolce & Gabbana Intenso


    or regular Pour Homme
  91. Re: Pls recommend lavender/herbal fragrance (no.9 of max-10 collection)

    You should probably not frequent this forum then. It will make you want to buy!
  92. Re: Any of you guys wear Ambre Nuit by Dior?

    Ive got a 10 ml decant. It is really classy juice. A bit feminine for my tastes, but not unwearable. It is fairly soft to me as well.
  93. Re: So what do you guys think I should try next?

    Terre d'hermes eau intense vetiver

    Dry citric opening with a norlimbanol ac finish of bdc.
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    SOTE L'homme Ideal Cologne, as summery as i have.
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    Its rainy and cold! Nooo! AdG.
    In solidarity.
  96. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Ive heard of this one and seen it on ?Joy Amin? Looks like a fairly interesting thing. Bottle doesnt look bad either.
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    Re: Smells Like Money

    Bonheur by Bortnikoff was the thing that brought that most to my mind.
  98. Re: 6 Months on Basenotes and living a fragrant life. 10 bullet points of things I have learned so f

    I dont disagree that chemistry can make things, say, differently accented. I used BR 540 as my example because my wife and I have both worn it, and there was a bit of a different connotation it felt...
  99. Re: Expending collection with some quality fragrances

  100. Re: 6 Months on Basenotes and living a fragrant life. 10 bullet points of things I have learned so f

    I think it can be percieved differently for sure. But ultimately smell very similar. If a person were to have somebody walk up behind them wearing baccarat rouge 540, without looking i dont think...
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