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  1. Re: How long have you been collecting fragrances, and do you have an end point?

    10 years and counting. Have gone far beyond the endpoint, storing bottles in spaces meant for clothes. Pretty soon I’ll be walking around naked but at least I smell good! :wink:
  2. Re: Looking for a specific type of woody scent

    Odori Cuoio
    - clean, crisp, hints of wood & leather. Discontinued but available on eBay & secondary market from time to time.

    Ramon Monegal Agar Musk
    - clean, stripped down oud & white musk
  3. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    I try to keep them but in this humidity they don’t last very well & tend to get moldy.
  4. Re: Casamorati Mefisto or Mefisto Gentiluomo

    Between the two I prefer the original but these aren’t exactly my favourites from the house.
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    Re: No-Buy August

    Dang it. August’s starting to feel loooong...! :wink:
  6. Re: Skin allergies - red spots & itchy skin- Fragrances

    Had that unfortunate experience with Creed Green Irish Tweed. Good thing I never liked the scent.

    Sounds like you should apply fragrances on fabric rather than skin from now on.
  7. Re: Penhaligon are discontinuing English Fern & Douro

    As a fan of Douro (aka Lords previously), I’m sorry to hear the news. But I’d rather have a fragrance discontinued than having it in the lineup albeit in a badly butchered or reformulated state.
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    Going with :

  9. Re: Your Favorite Animalic Classy Fragrances?

    Among my favorites...

    Guerlain Jicky
    Chanel Cuir de Russie (vintage)
    Areej le Dore Siberian Musk
    Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin
    Fragrance Du Bois Oud Rose Intense
  10. Re: What is your TOP 3 DESIGNER of all-time??

    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Ralph Lauren Polo
    Dior Fahrenheit
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    Re: Niche starter bottle

    Just try one of the Serge Lutens orientals. This house was my personal intro to niche perfumery 10 years ago. It blew my socks off then before doing a number on my bank account LOL.
  12. Re: Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather - Alternatives?

    Just scratch that itch and buy yourself a small decant. Not only will you find a little goes a long way for such a powerful performer, you’d also stop wasting money chasing after cheaper clones that...
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    Re: Let's talk about Drakkarr NIOR

    I liked it back in the day when I was in the artillery unit. Unfortunately do did everybody else then. I prefer it in smaller doses of course but ‘em dudebros wouldn’t leave camp without emptying...
  14. Re: Boadicea the victorious Green saphire

    Samples of BTVs are hard to come by and they aren’t exactly blindbuy material. Aside from Regal which I own I have only tried Explorer and Complex.
  15. Re: Boadicea the victorious Green saphire

    Duplicate post
  16. Re: Move over Josh of Slumberhouse, make room for Hans Hendley

    I have to agree the comparison was probably meant as a tongue-in-cheek compliment; objectively speaking their approach to perfumery do not belong in the same postal code. I find the Hendleys more...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    It IS indeed a complex multifaceted gem. It wears a little differently with each wear.

    I don’t mean to sound like a broken record player but these natural fragrances do indeed get better with age....
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    Re: One choice for...Vol V

    - Rainy day at home (winter).
    Serge Lutens Serge Noire

    - Talking with a group of casual friends at a bar (season of your preference).
    By Kilian Straight to Heaven (autumn)

    - Eyes crossing...
  19. Re: Article on frankincense from BBC - demand is destroying the trees

    I’m more surprised they haven’t yet developed a synthetic aromachemical substitute to replicate frankincense. But I’m calling dibs on ‘Frankencense’ :wink:
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    Re: Best fragrance for keto diet

    Lol. Not a bad idea really since you can’t eat much of it when you’re on Keto. Perhaps the scent of ‘roasted potatoes’ might be worth looking into.
  21. Re: Blackrock buys Authentic Brands Group

    Not sure how sound this is as an investment but Blackrock’s probably looking to grow the next LVMH. As it is ABG owns a somewhat eclectic mix of brands on the fringes. Fragrance-wise I don’t...
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    Re: Best citrus oud niche fragrance?

    Can’t really afford to have a prominent oud overwhelming the lighter citrus notes. To that effect I find Oud Bleu Intense by Fragrance Du Bois highly enjoyable.
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    Re: Bogue MAAI

    That sample might have come from a fresher batch that will require a little(?) more maceration time (a year +} to reach a similar level of quality. This seems to be the case with fragrances...
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    Re: One choice for...Vol IV

    Dinner with Grace Jones in 1982
    No fragrance; I was still a wee lad. Probably wouldn’t even get past her entourage.

    Dancing cheek to cheek
    Bortnikoff Bonheur (autumn)

    Watching a sunset with...
  25. Re: When the perfume storytelling doesn't match the scent - research gone bad

    Enjoyed your reviews on these scents Kitty2Shoes, especially the synopses of the opera productions they referenced. I have to agree with you. Clearly it was an order much too tall for the house that...
  26. Poll: Re: Le Labo Bergamote 22 or Tom Fords Grey Vetiver EDT?

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    Re: Random observation

    That’s another novel reason to return a bottle if ever there’s one. LOL.
  28. Re: Will "Ambrox Sensitivity Syndrome" soon become prevalent?

    That’s how the bros roll...! BEAST MODE: ON.
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    Re: Male Fragrances You Would Rate 10/10?

    Honestly? None. Some do get close though. And I’m saving up for a gorgeous 11/10 but that’s probably fodder for another thread... :rolleyes:
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    Re: Random observation

    Here we go again. Maybe I’ll take one for the team, ‘sacrifice’ a bottle and put it over a barbecue grill just to see if there’s any noticeable change in scent from the extreme heat exposure... Might...
  31. Re: Lucky scent / scent bar is coming to nyc !

    That’s awesome. Happy for u guys.
  32. Re: The Attar thread for attars that are not necessarily middle Eastern

    I’m excluding Omani house of Amouage. IMO these aren’t Middle Eastern-inspired:

    From Rising Phoenix Perfumery
    Sicilian Vanilla
    Mughal Amber
    Musk Rose
    Pomme du Soleil

    From Areej Le Doré ...
  33. Re: Do you enjoy fragrances with bitter or gothic notes

    As a matter of fact I do. Especially when the bitter notes are used to create an extra dimension or lend depth to partnering notes by offering a contrast. Birch tar /cade in leather fragrances,...
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    Re: looking for a sparkling fragrance

    Have you tried Chanel No.5 L’eau ?
  35. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

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    Re: Possible Ambergris discovery

    Cool find. I’d love to see a photo of it. 5 kg is pretty big.
  37. Re: If you had the choice would you get Eau Sauvage vintage, or new?

    Since I did not enjoy the vintage I probably wouldn’t bother getting the current. What’s the point?
  38. Re: Massive mental struggle to decide between wearing Creed Viking or Vetiver Geranium today.

    +1 That’s what I tend to do as well. Love French Lover too but not quite sure if current formulation is still worth it.
  39. Re: Dunhill Launches Four Mens Scents in Signature Collection!

    Thanks @Jack Hunter for the excellent round up of this line which incidentally doesn’t ship to my part of the world. But I agree these may become available at more palatable price points in the...
  40. Re: Which one scent you own do you give max sprays

    Le Petit Grain by Miller Harris - 8 sprays max
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    Re: What Oud/Mukhallat are you wearing today?

    Koh-I-Noor by Areej Le Doré

    After more than a year I find its floralcy seems to have acquired deeper baritones & harmonized better with the aged Indian oud & sandalwood in the base....
  42. Re: New Signature Collection from Alfred Dunhill

    Another bunch of ‘also rans’ at the masstige horse race. Still, as a leather fan I’m curious to see how British Leather is executed.
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    Re: Tom Ford Straw Poll

    I believe this house excels in extending its central accord beyond what is typical. If you enjoy this accord, appreciate its relative linearity and ambivalent about the drydown or seeming lack of one...
  44. Re: Can people be grouped into taste categories?

    Nice work, Jon Schmo!

    I belong in whichever group with “eclectic tastes”.
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    Re: Chanel feminines enjoyed by us guys

    Very aptly stated.

    Personally enjoy wearing No.5, L’Eau No.5, No.19, Cuir de Russie, Bois des Iles, Crystalle Eau Verte And many from the Les Exclusifs.
  46. Re: Recreating a perfume from ancient Egypt

    Mandy Aftel’s a true blue dyed-in-the-wool fragrance nut. I wouldn’t have gone up close to sniff a mummy. Would you?
  47. Re: Actually asked to wash a perfume off - it was that offensive to others

    Hey, I want a badge too! What does yours say? FBI - Fragrance Bottle Inspector?? :wink:
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    Re: Scent bar hit list

    My chosen trio:

    Bruno Acampora Musk Extrait
    Charenton Macerations Christopher Street
    Areej Le Doré Malik Al Taif

    I’m assuming you have already sampled the ones on your list?
  49. Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    It depends on the nature of the fragrance.

    Heavy orientals / 1-2 sprays 10-30 ml
    Light-wearing / 4-6 sprays. 30-50 ml

    100 ml is just way too much juice for me.
  50. Re: Where have all of the rich, warm, manly scents gone?

    Castrated & stripped naked, languishing in purgatory at a hidden level called ‘Reformulation’.
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    Re: One choice for...Vol III

    Ok, I’ll play.

    - Alone at a Café, enjoying a drink (early autumn)
    Atlantique Ambergris by Areej Le Doré

    - New York, 1983 (any season)
    Polo by Ralph Lauren

    - Reunion with friends that you...
  52. Re: Actually asked to wash a perfume off - it was that offensive to others

    Jeez... Instead of embarrassing you in such a manner why couldn’t they just give you a free pass for the day and practise a little tolerance? Some of our workplaces could certainly do with a little...
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    Re: Signature scents

    Try Dior Homme or Valentino Uomo Intense.
  54. Re: Your Favorite Fragrance For A First Date.

    None. Just regular antiperspirant. She was the one who asked me out so I figured I wouldn’t need all these extras to impress her. Sounds like a cooler answer than the truth: I was totally clueless....
  55. Re: Move over Josh of Slumberhouse, make room for Hans Hendley

    Received my discovery set yesterday, with a little personal thank you note from Hans.

    Only sampled Bourbon so far, both the extrait and the EdC. Lovely naturalistic composition-...
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    Re: Barneys is closing

    What this turn of event underscores:

    Be a property owner, not a renter.

    Barney’s basically got its nuts caught in the landlord’s vice-grip.
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    Re: One choice for...Vol II

    Just off the top of my head without thinking too much:-
  58. Re: Have you ever stopped someone to ask what they're wearing? What was it?

    Only moved to ask on 2 occasions:

    First, in 1993 - a girl wearing CK Obsession.

    Second, sometime in 2007 a young woman wearing Gucci Rush.

    I reckon it’ll be another 2 years before I ask...
  59. Re: The official Ralph Lauren Polo Green thread

    It is entirely plausible. Iirc the Polo I smelled at the fragrance counters in 2017/18 was nowhere near as bad as some of the earlier ones and still ranks among the best the house has to offer (which...
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    Re: Best rose fragrances for men?

    The name sounds a lot like Axl Rose. It must rock then. :smiley:
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    Re: Most Pleasant Rare Fragrances?

    Vintage Guerlain Mitsouko extrait.
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    Re: Your best and worst blind buys?

    Siberian Musk

    Aventus (Erwin’s limited edition stinky socks batch, apparently)
  63. Re: New Parfums de Nicolai in September, Baikal Leather

    Color me interested. But what’s with the ‘Intense’ bit? Why not just ‘Baikal Leather’?
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    Re: Am I expecting too much from a cologne?

    Look for the heavier orientals from Middle Eastern houses. I know Al Rehab has some beast mode fragrances that tick your boxes. My wife’s aunt wears one of them; we’d smell her coming even before we...
  65. Re: posting the long detailed reply I received from Villoresi about 'Uomo.'

    Hey I get you. When I say ‘perform’ I’m not just looking at the projection/ longevity metrics but also at the ‘harmonics’. I never expect citruses to last long anyway. But if I were to pit the...
  66. Re: Does the nose know?....... & other dilemmas

    Spend less; go with the smaller bottles - you’ll struggle to finish a bottle of anything for tastes tend to change sooner than you think. ‘Love’ may turn to ‘like’, and ‘likes’ to ‘loves’.

    Do not...
  67. Re: Talk me off the ledge or push me off, your choice

    Actually agree with this. Frankincense works well in the heat too.
  68. Re: posting the long detailed reply I received from Villoresi about 'Uomo.'

    Joe, the current formula is OK but it IS weak. FWIW, in that herbal /aromatic citrus category I have others with better performance I’d much rather wear.

    Negligible? Perhaps but not always. To...
  69. Re: posting the long detailed reply I received from Villoresi about 'Uomo.'

    What I meant to say was you can’t always swap out one ingredient and still stick to the same formula ( material proportions).

    Say for example in Old formula:
    Bergamot A. 10%. *
    AC X. ...
  70. Re: Niche Fragrances - Best bang for the money

    If potency and longevity are the fragrance currency you swear by, I agree nuclear-powered Mousse Illuminee will make you grin ear-to-ear like Batman’s Joker.

    To the growing list I’ll add Etat...
  71. Re: Price check on Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme...

    I’m not all too familiar with the reformulation history but what you have was the older version. I have the exact same vintage. Bought it some years ago in the secondary market, paying a little more...
  72. Re: posting the long detailed reply I received from Villoresi about 'Uomo.'

    Ok guys, let’s just stay cool. We can do all the sparring later, in the octagon. :wink:

    Whenever you swap out a specific ingredient for an alternative but keep the formula unchanged, something’s...
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    Re: Pairing with Chanel Cuir de Russie

    Thanks for sharing. Somehow in my mind I see that pairing as Chanel’s plush leather gloves vs Bel Ami’s weathered chesterfield armchair.
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    Re: Sample Pass: Rogue Perfumery

    Hmm. Thus far the impressions on Flos Mortis and 40 Rogue were nowhere near exciting enough to loosen my purse strings and acquire some samples. Perhaps Manuel had picked a tricky number to ‘revive’?...
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    Re: NEW: Zoologist (?)

    Interesting. One I’d like to sample just to see how they work that opoponax in.
  76. Re: Xerjoff Nio - masterpiece or kitchen cleaner

    Perhaps you’d spent too much time cleaning the kitchen...
  77. Re: Designer or Niche: A Reevaluation (very long post)

    True. I’m not a fan of verbosity myself. Anyway experienced frag heads are seldom the ones who harp on the niche vs designer ‘dichotomy’. It seems to inhabit the realm of fragrance snobs and...
  78. Re: Designer or Niche: A Reevaluation (very long post)

    LOL. TLDR, eh? Is this an ‘affliction’ more in common among the YouTube smartphone-wielding generation who find reading long text a challenge but apparently have no problems crossing busy roads with...
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    Re: What Roja Dove would you recommend?

    Adding Great Britain if price isn’t a dealbreaker as it seems to be for many. The travel size is the smarter option when your wardrobe is big.
  80. Replies

    20% Discount - Le Jardin Retrouvé

    Code: MICHEL2019

    Valid for all online purchases until 15 August 2019. You may visit the store here.

    Personal recommendations:
    Cuir de Russie
    Citron Boboli
    Verveine d’Ete
    Bois Tabac Virginia
  81. Re: posting the long detailed reply I received from Villoresi about 'Uomo.'

    Thank you for sharing this. It confirmed our earlier suspicions all along even if we didn’t share the same definition of ‘reformulation’. :smiley:
  82. Re: What are the most controversial notes?

    Bullshit made up notes.
  83. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Boucheron Pour Homme has had its day in the sun. Almost blind bought it years ago based on BN recommendations. Thankfully there was a tester so I got to test it first. The opening citrus was great......
  84. Replies

    Re: No-Buy August

    Hey, I’ll join you. The pending deliveries for purchases already made in July should easily make up for this ‘temporary restraining order’ lol.
  85. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Funny you should mention it. I really wanted to like the scent as I fancied the twisted glass bottle it comes in. The scent starts off nicely enough but kinda loses its way after the opening act....
  86. Re: Recent Fragrance Releases You Feel Have Been Overlooked?

    Too many to name. The fight for retail shelf space is so brutal it even eats into marketing & advertising budgets. If a release doesn’t get allocated enough funds to go on TV /billboards it doesn’t...
  87. Re: Super popular super hyped releases that you haven't tried?

    Patou Pour Homme :vrolijk_1:

    That’s probably ‘criminal’ enough to invalidate my BN membership lol. Oh, I do have a sample of it. Vintage too if I’m not mistaken. Just kinda dragging my feet over...
  88. Re: Dolce & Gabbana K. The new masculine pillar

    Ooh interesting. Looking forward to sampling it but doubt if it will floor me. I quite like the crown if it’s metallic. But IMO they chose the wrong typeface for the ‘K’. It’s too plain & blocky;...
  89. Re: I contacted Villoresi about Uomo and they say their formula hasn't changed

    Yup. I was definitely one of those who inferred the likelihood of a reformulation. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but getting a significantly weaker juice in identical-looking bottles WILL piss...
  90. Re: I contacted Villoresi about Uomo and they say their formula hasn't changed

    Agree with Scarce re: likelihood of substitution of materials with IFRA-compliant alternatives but keeping the material blend ratios unchanged. I have sampled the vintage some years ago and on the...
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    Re: Parfums DelRae announces retirement

    Hmmm. I wonder what’s the chief reason behind this. Burnout? That tends to happen to small indie/niche brands without a viable exit strategy. I did like Mythique but never felt compelled to get a...
  92. Re: What are great Immortelle-note fragrances?

    Huitieme Art Fareb.

    Histoires des Parfums Tubereuse 3 L’Animale

    Dior Eau Noire
  93. Re: Since everything has "performance issues" these days, why not stick with cheapies?

    Not everything. Mine works well as certain women could attest to... :wink:
  94. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    These 5 just didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.

    Only for Men by Julio Iglesias - Not that bad but not as smooth as the crooner’s voice. My first AND the last celebuscent purchase.

    Diva by...
  95. Re: A question for those like me who can't afford to buy niche perfumes.

    My first encounter with affordable niche was Grey Flannel @$10 for 30 ml. Ok, it’s not exactly niche but if you’re familiar with it you’ll know exactly what I meant. :smiley:

    +1 on Nicolai as one...
  96. Re: Jeremy Fragrance's method of spraying - yes or no?

    I’m now much more comfortable using this approach with some of my bigger volume stash. I don’t sashay though...just moonwalk. :wink:
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    Re: Favorite violet fragrance?

    A Unicorn Spell by Les Nez
  98. Replies

    Re: The role of fragrance in my recovery

    Yup. Accounting truly sucks especially when you’re more of an ideas /marketing guy. Wish I had my oud blends back then. Cool narrative btw. :thumbup:
  99. Replies

    Re: Masterpiece

    ‘Contentious’ only because they can’t agree on its definition as this thread amply demonstrated. Personally I don’t like to use the term ‘masterpiece’ but I can’t fault the fans for going...
  100. Re: Jeremy Fragrance's method of spraying - yes or no?

    Nope. IMO Jeremy’s (?) method is a good way to quickly induce olfactory fatigue. Perhaps spinning on one’s heels helps reset the nose...
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