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  1. Re: Why do so many men not like Chanel's Blue de Chanel?

    Its a nice fragrance. I can see people disliking it because it has a crushed smarties candy vibe to it. Masaki Matsushima M*C is a similar scent but a bit lighter and fresher. I like both.
  2. Re: Any high quality dirty masculine/unisex scent recently released?

    Dolce and gabanna light blue discover vulcano has a earthy cedar vibe to it. Not exactly dirty, but its rugged and nice. Dirty English and Ruehl Signature are old ones but really good. If you can...
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    Re: Tommy Summer for Men 2003

    I have a bottle of tommy summer 2003 if your looking for one. I was googling the new tommy brights and found your page here. send me a PM if your interested.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshall's

    escada sunset heat and moon sparkle both for $25. vera wang princess shimmering body lotion for $10. nice gifts-
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    Re: Deodorant and Anti-perspirant Sticks

    axe/lynx works great. Its the only antiperspirant that actually works well for me. the deodorant works great too, but i'm able to overpower it during the more intense workouts. I try not to use...
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    Re: best shave cream

    I have used Anthony Logistics for Men for about two years now. It works great, lasts a very long time and is at a moderate price. I purchased the big tube from bath and body works last December,...
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