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    Re: Best of Tom Ford Private Blend?

    My 3 favorites are from the originals: Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, and Noir de Noir. I've tried some of the newer stuff and they feel redundant.
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    Re: Euphoria Essence Men

    Saw it on Fragrantica the other day. Looks extremely boring based on the note.
  3. Re: Tommy Bahama's Very Cool for men...............

    Reminds me of a mix of Chanel AHS with some mint mixed with Bvlgari BLV. Great fragrance for casual shirt/flip flops days.
  4. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I pop in every now and then, but not as frequently as I used to. I used to go every week, now it's like every other month.
  5. Re: Is Creed Windsor a top 10 of all time?

    I really wanna try this, as I love rose. I just feel like Creed fragrances are often way overhyped, and just mediocre at best.
  6. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I gave up on these stores. They haven't had anything good in like a year.
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    Re: Creed Windsor coming soon

    This is the only Creed that I really wanna try.
  8. Re: Fragrances by Kilian in US with good price

    I've seen some testers go pretty cheap on Ebay, but you gotta keep checking. Taste of Heaven 3.3 oz was going for about 100 or 109 shipped not too long ago.
  9. Re: Is there pride in wearing samples and/or splits?

    Obviously people buy samples/splits so they don't have to spend as much for something they may not wear as often. Pretty self explanatory. This thread is pointless.
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme II Discontinued

    This one is on & off their site all the time. Frankly I don't even care, it's not loss to me if they get rid of it. Very overrated juice.
  11. Re: Spiciest modern designer fragrance... help!!!

    Lanvin Avant Garde
  12. Re: What do you think are the sweetst and spiciest fragrances?

    Damn this is an old thread. I still agree with Blue Sugar though, probably the sweetest. Gaultier2 is up there too. Both of these repulse me because they are just too sweet.

    Spiciest though, I...
  13. Re: Bid retracted on EBay frag, how is this possible?

    Not sure how that happens, that sucks though. I've been having great success getting rid of my cheapy lots on Ebay. I haven't had anyone retract a bid, but I have been able to cancel bids from...
  14. Re: Which fragrance smells similar to CH Men?

    Pretty unique scent. Kind of has a little bit of Black XS in it.
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    Re: Fathers Day Fragances

    Can't really go wrong with Azzaro pH.
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    Re: What do you know about REALM by Erox

    Smells like hair spray to me.
  17. Re: I'm almost certain that Amen has been reformulated

    Haven't tried it recently, but the bottle I have is from like 2001 or something, and it smells extremely strong, very hard to wear, but I do love it.
  18. Re: Where can I get a decent pocket atomizer ?

    Here's what I order -

    You get 15, and the price is about the lowest you'll find.
  19. Re: Chanel Allure Sport or Givench Gentleman

    People recommend stuff based on personal preference usually. Gentleman is nothing like AHS. Though for your age, 35, Gentleman could work. I am 30, and I would prefer AHS of the 2. However, I am not...
  20. Re: Remy Latour Cigar Black Wood & Cigar Black Oud

    So someone said Black Oud one smells like Tobacco Vanille. Any truth to this?
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    Re: Your favorite Givenchy

    My favorites:
    Play Intense
    Blue pour Homme
    Xeryus Rouge

    If I had to pick one though, it would probably be the original Play.. it has some nostalgia for me.

    If Very Irresistible...
  22. Thread: Havana

    by The_Cologneist

    Re: Havana

    Pretty good tobacco fragrance. Very masculine and mature. It has gone down significantly in price, my guess is bad sales. Even the retail is something like 50 bucks for a 3.4 oz bottle, which is a...
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    Re: Paco Rabanne XS reformulated?

    I got some samples of this recently, because I remember the original smelling similar to Creed Himalaya. I got like 7 ml worth for about 5 bucks shipped, didn't wanna whole bottle since I wasn't...
  24. Re: What happened to the ManLovesCologne Youtube channel/website?

    ManLovesCologne, it could very well be your Amazon links. When you link to Amazon in every one of your videos, which you do, it makes it look like your using Youtube's site as a platform for making...
  25. Re: How Come People Don't Start New Threads?

    There are A LOT of really repetitive threads in this forum, especially in the past 6 months or so. This is why my posts have gone from 5-8 a day, to 1 or 2, depending on the activity of the thread,...
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    Re: Need Blind-Buy Advice

    What's your preference? It seems like you're into aquatics a bit, but they dominate half of your collection, are you looking for something different?

    Gourmand, oriental, tobacco, leather, woods,...
  27. Poll: Re: Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme is pulling the compliments in!

    Very underrated Chanel frag. A bit boring to me though, but so is most of the Chanel line except for Edition Blanche.
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    Re: Is my YSL L'homme fake ?

    It's legit if it's from fragnet, don't worry. They will accept returns too, they just take a while to send you a refund, if you're not satisfied with it.
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    Re: Diesel Plus Plus price hike

    I do think Zero Plus is waaaaay better though.

    The newer stuff from Diesel is garbage for the most part. I do own Fuel for Life too, and I think it was probably the last good one from their...
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    Re: Best Al Rehab's?

    Thanks eccj, this si the first I've heard of Blanc. Might have to check it out, I do love Lacoste Blanc, but the longevity on me is pretty bad.

    I also agree with you on Khaliji, it's pretty nice....
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    Re: Is my YSL L'homme fake ?

    Sounds about right to me. Should be a noticeable burst of ginger in the opening.
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    Re: Is my YSL L'homme fake ?

    Where did you buy it from? Ebay, or a reputable department store?
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    Re: Is my YSL L'homme fake ?

    Ya Bigbz is correct. I noticed on a Libre tester at Sephora, the atomizer was more narrow than usual. As for yours, it looks pretty legit to me, I don't think a fake bottle would duplicate the black...
  34. Re: Sean "Diddy" Combs and Sean John Fragrances launch their newest fragrance: 3AM

    Someone on Fragrantica already wrote a review.. it's one of the most biased uninformative reviews I've ever seen. He just flat out slanders it, and gives no insight into the fragrance.
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    Re: Diesel Plus Plus price hike

    Ya, exactly.
  36. Re: Donald Trump builds his fragrance Empire

    Just saw this now. Thanks, lol.

    Still many comments later, no replies on anybody else actually trying it.
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    Diesel Plus Plus price hike

    I noticed Diesel Plus Plus for men has a disappeared from many retailers, and other sites that usually have it listed for like 13 bucks have jacked the prices up. You know what this means.. it's...
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    Re: Erolfa ?

    I am not trying to belittle Creed or anything, there are plenty of Creed's I enjoy; but Erofla smells like piss to me. It starts off as a generic, and I do mean very generic aquatic, same realm as...
  39. Re: Sean "Diddy" Combs and Sean John Fragrances launch their newest fragrance: 3AM

    Man I agree with you, I love the top notes on I am King. I got a bottle from theperfumespot site, 1 oz bottle for like 8 bucks, which is a great deal. You could buy a few of them at that price, since...
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    Re: How macho is your wardrobe?

    High 2 to high 3. I have a few unisex frags. I have a few "for men" frags that are arguably unisex. I don't think I own any women's frags.
  41. Re: The greatest fragrance for men ever released (so far)

    I would say if you took a world wide vote, (not just us frag junkies).. it would boil down to either Fahrenheit, or Acqua di Gio.
  42. Re: No love for the current formulation of CK Obsession Men?

    I actually like the current formulation of Obsession better than the vintage. It's much more wearable now.. however, I have just smelled this so much, so it's played out to death.. I don't really...
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    Re: Spraying on shoulders?

    Our pores dissolve the fragrance quicker. That's why people recommend to use unscented oil, like jojoba oil, because it creates a film over the pores and helps retain the fragrance better. Fragrances...
  44. Re: Need help finding a fragrance similar to Chanel Allure Homme Sport with good performance!

    Something to consider. Tommy Bahama Very Cool. to my nose, it's very similar to AHS, but included a great minty note. The performance isn't outstanding, but considering you can get a bottle for about...
  45. Re: Which house do you have the most fragrances from & how many?

    Definitely London.
  46. Re: Which house do you have the most fragrances from & how many?

    Damn, didn't even know Amouage had that many.
  47. Which house do you have the most fragrances from & how many?

    I was organizing my frags and noticed, damn.. I have a lot of Burberry stuff.

    Burberry: 6 bottles

    Not far behind:
    Tommy Bahama: 4
    Theirry Mugler: 4
    Bvlgari: 4
    Diesel: 4
    YSL: 4
  48. Re: New Fragrance: Calvin Klein - CK One Shock Street Edition for Him

    I got a sample of this from somebody on BN about a year ago (maybe longer). It wasn't bad but seemed kind of generic. Reminded me a lot of Diesel Fuel For Life. A pleasant fragrance, but not worth...
  49. Re: Are there any fragrances that smell like Redbull?

    +1 CK One Shock, first thing that comes to mind. Escada Magnetism is also one to consider.

    Kenzo A Time For Peace sort of reminds me of a more medicinal Red Bull as well. Maybe like Red Bull mixed...
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    Re: Mila Kunis in Jupiter Rising wears:

    To me, it smells like a cross between Bvlgari Black and Dior Homme. It's a wonderful fragrance.
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    Mila Kunis in Jupiter Rising wears:

    Midnight in Paris. Apparently, lol. Well they don't show her ever wearing it in this strange and intriguing movie.. however, there's a scene at the beginning that cuts across her dresser or counter,...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Ahh yes, the ever so changing top 5. Well, this is my favorite time of year to wear frags, because it's hot, but some days it's cool and windy. Sometimes there's rain, so I can pull out the darker...
  53. Re: Unexpensive fragrance for this spring/summer

    Just get Mugler Cologne. Make sure you like neroli, citrus and vetiver, because that's what you'll get. Mugler Cologne is a good choice because it's both inexpensive and unique. Maybe not unique to...
  54. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Somebody probably returned it and stuck the fake in there. I've seen this before with a Cool water imitation at Ross.
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    Re: Porsche Essence Intense

    Just tried this today from some samples I ordered on Ebay. It's very similar to the original, only darker with less projection. I am wearing them both now, the original, and the Intense, one on each...
  56. Re: Makeup / lipstick / woman's purse smell

    Paul Smith Man
    Arpege pour Homme
    Midnight in Paris EDP and EDT
  57. Re: EDT, EDP, Cologne, etc. That Ended as Bathroom Sprays....

    Ya the pepper is intense on this one. I like pepper, but in moderation. This is probably one of my less worn frags.
  58. Re: EDT, EDP, Cologne, etc. That Ended as Bathroom Sprays....

    Right now in the bathroom: Samba Fresh (doesn't smell bad, just boring.. too cheap to try and get rid of), Jacomo Paradox Green for women (this was sent to me by mistake, and the merchant let me keep...
  59. Thread: Neroli

    by The_Cologneist

    Re: Neroli

    Not a big fan of neroli, but I do enjoy Varvatos Artisan Black. Despite Black in its name, it works in the heat.
  60. Re: Cartier Declaration Colonge. What to expect.

    Sounds nice.. maybe I will pull the trigger on it soon. I've only tried the original DHS once, but it was wayyy better than the current stuff.
  61. Re: Cartier Declaration Colonge. What to expect.

    Did you get this one yet, Rich? Would love to hear your thoughts.
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    Re: Targeting TARGET!

    Nice deal.

    Ya you guys would be surprised at what you can find at Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, CVS on sale.

    I've gotten a dual pack with a 1 oz Tommy Cologne and 1 oz Tommy Hilfiger True Star,...
  63. Re: I like it better than expensive scent X or I can't justify the price difference.

    +1 Al Rehab Silver. I have both the spray and the roll on, and they are both good. The roll on is a little spicier, and the projection and longevity is better.

    Cuba Gold of course, over Le Male....
  64. Re: Question about roll-on bottles (decanting)

    I'm just talking about the bottles, not the juice inside.
  65. Poll: Re: Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to a fragrance?

    Nope, thank goodness! Although I have has some minor eye burning, watery eyes, and itchy throat while dabbling with pure Iso E.
  66. Question about roll-on bottles (decanting)

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone can help me on this. Preferred people with experience in the matter. I really like using the small roll on bottles (like what Al Rehab uses - only smaller). That said,...
  67. Poll: Re: How open are you to wearing a "clone" scent ?

    If it's like a Dollar Tree knock off of a popular designer fragrance, I am not gonna wear it. There's just no point.. it's just gonna be a watered down version, but I may buy it and use it as a room...
  68. Re: 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    I was questioning some things about it. I guess it's hard for some people to read others on here.

    Anyways Jive, I appreciate your feedback, but could you please stick to the topic.
  69. Re: 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    That was 5+ years ago, my first Burberry fragrance, I had no experience with the brand. I knew it was real, obviously.. I just wanted to know some more information about it. Furthermore if you...
  70. Re: 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    Oh was that you? Thanks! Couldn't find the thread with the suggestion. Really good fragrance. glad to have it in my collection now. Pretty good longevity too.
  71. Re: 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    I've never started a "is my frag fake" thread either, because I only buy from reputable places. I don't think an 80% full bottle is normal. Obviously no bottles are 100% full, but I expect more than...
  72. Re: 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    Ah ya, it does remind me of Rock Vol 1 now that I think about it. Haven't tried the Yurman though, didn't even know he made frags. I was watching a documentary on David Yurman the other day and how...
  73. 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    I wanted to shed some light on this great fragrance. I posted a thread asking for recommendations for a modern inexpensive rose fragrance, and this was recommended by someone. I was able to acquire a...
  74. 24 Platinum (Scentstory) + Fragrancex experience

    Sorry double post please delete
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    Re: Rate My Fake DHI

    Hmm, so maybe I am misunderstanding... but here is what I gathered. You passed on something that you know was counterfeit and sold it to another BN'er, who was under the impression that it was real....
  76. Re: Bought my first aquatic (Bvlgaria Aqva Homme) and it smells Sweaty on my skin? WHAT GIVES?

    There's a lot of calone in this, I am pretty sure. Calone is an aroma chemical used to mimic the smell of the ocean, sea, etc. Basically to smell aquatic without having put too much effort into it....
  77. Re: Does anybody know what Loewe fragrance this is?

    Thank you guys for info.
  78. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche - fake or original?

    Wouldn't expect something like this to be faked, but.. you'd have to really beat the hell out of the bottle for it to look that bad, and I don't think the paint would peal like that.. but then again...
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    Re: Vintage Cool Water?

    Sorry to hear it is gone. I saw somebody in the forums is selling a vintage CW at a reasonable price. Not sure if he would ship to your country though, maybe if you paid the shipping prices up front...
  80. Does anybody know what Loewe fragrance this is?

    I was ordering some samples from this guy on Ebay, and I came across this:...
  81. Replies

    Re: Designer or niche?

    To me, niche fragrances tend to be heavy and hard to wear. There are plenty that are high quality and wearable, but usually there is a designer alternative to those, that can be found for a fraction...
  82. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Is the lasting power good on it?
  83. Re: Patchouli Base on Office-Friendly Scent

    If you like Patchouli Patch you may like Tommy Hilfiger Loud. I know it's a cheapy, but it actually does have a good patchouli note. I think that's why this one failed so bad in sales, because this...
  84. Re: Your top undoubtedly masculine/Alpha fragrances!

    If I had to limit myself to 3, I would say:

    Azzaro pour Homme
    Loewe Esencia
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest (new for 2015)

    I've concluded that this smells like a mix of A*Men, Pure Malt's base, and vomit.
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    Re: Flacons - Tampered with?

    wrong thread
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    Re: Blue Jeans vs. Baby Blue Jeans

    I see it available on Ebay right now, at least in the US for very low prices.
  88. Replies

    Re: Blue Jeans vs. Baby Blue Jeans

    I've tried Green Jeans (which is overrated). Used to own Baby Blue, and currently own Blue. Although I don't reach for Blue much, it's certainly the best of the 3. Green which I don't even care for,...
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    Re: Perry Ellis Citron

    Saw this at Macy's already a couple months back, didn't bother to try it. It should be at your local Macy's though if you wanna give it a shot.
  90. Re: Macy's fragrance counter sales associates.

    Exactly.. you'll frighten them.
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    Re: Burlington Coat Factory.

    Haven't been there in years. I do remember though about 5 or 6 years ago they had 3.4 oz bottles of Gucci Envy for like 20 bucks. Went back the next day and they were all gone.
  92. Re: Macy's fragrance counter sales associates.

    That's when you tell them "I only wear Aventus".

    Seriously it works, they back off.
  93. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Congrats on you guys who got that Halston Man in the Silver chrome bottle, I think it's from 2009. I loooove the opening of it with the passionfruit and cinnamon mixture, I find it very unique but...
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    Re: Jacques Bogart City Tower

    I think somebody said it was very similar to Bvlgari Black, but much much stronger.
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    Re: Vintage by John Varvatos

    This thread inspired me to wear Vintage tonight. A fine fragrance that I often overlook. It does last a good 6 hours or so on me, but after the 2 hour mark, it's pretty hard to detect.
  96. Replies

    Re: Vintage by John Varvatos

    I think it's perfectly fine for a man your age. The only fragrances I would probably never wear in my 40's would be things like 1 Million, maybe A*Men, Joop! for sure.. anything overly loud and...
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    Re: Prada Amber Pour Homme colors..

    Actually there is a blue liquid in a bottle, but the bottle doesn't look like the Prada Amber atomizer bottle, it looks different. I've seen it in some gift sets before, it's either some sort of body...
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    Re: What's your signature scent?

    Fahrenheit is pretty much my go-to signature. I just have so many other great fragrances that I hardly wear my signature fragrance, it gets pushed to the side so much, and other stuff takes over.
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme II Thoughts

    I'm probably in the minority with this one. When I first bought it, I loved it, thought there was nothing like it, and still agree with that assessment. It smelled like chai tea mixed with jello. I...
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    Re: 24 Gold by Scentstory

    My guess is they are just dumping out what's left of it, it's probably been discontinued like most obscure fragrances. Although popular to us on here, that accounts for what, a couple hundred people?...
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