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  1. Re: New splits for 2012! Armani/Prive| Creed | Guerlain | Puredistance | Tom Ford | Xerjoff

    Matt, does your UK distributor offer the 500ml flacons?
  2. Re: New splits for 2012! Creed | Guerlain | Hermes Hermessence | Mona di Orio | Tom Ford | Xerjoff

    I received my share of the HdP Ambrarem (with the bottle/box) in the mail yesterday. Shipping to Canada took just over a week and everything arrived safe and sound with no customs issues. Kron is a...
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    Re: [SPLIT] Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (OPEN) | Creed Aventus Batch # C42B11X02 (CLOSED)

    PM'ed questions about Tobacco Vanille and Canadian shipping.
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