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  1. Re: Davidoff Cool Water - A question concerning its magic, lost or otherwise.

    I have never done a side by side, but will someday. I've smelled the new version at a Kohls, it is synthetic and unpleasant, though it does register as Cool Water. Kind of a, "Man, I can't believe...
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    Re: Game Day!

    What, 40-0? You gotta be on top of the world right now, eh? Best you guys have been at least since you had Gacia at quarterback and Gore in the backfield.
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    Re: Would I like Yatagan ?

    Hm. It is not a updated fragrance. Do you like Polo or others from that era? It is not universally loved.
  4. [CONUS] Re: Grand Soir, Dior Homme Parfum, Eau Sauvage Parfum, Code Profumo, A*Men

    New bottles.
  5. Re: Does your partner understand your addiction?

    Wife rolls her eyes hard. Subtle digs every now and again. Nothing too much. I got pretty thick skin. She knows im trying. Lol.
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    I suck at blind buys

    I was boppin around on the ol' interweb and was seriously considering blind buying Guerlain Songe dun Bois d'Ete. I've been unable to find a sample for a while. As I was thinking about it, I...
  7. Re: Your TOP 10 from this decade, subjectively and/or objectively.

    Objectively - to me, sales are a huge touchmark in overreaching fragrance success

    1. Aventus - Frag bro darling, driving up prices on the market
    2. Sauvage - Mass marketing campaign, best seller...
  8. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Tom Ford Noir Anthracite
    Caron Yatagan (backup)
    Mont Blanc Explorer
    Creed Viking (decided to get a bigger bottle)

    ...then a bunch of samples
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Well, they swapped out My Heroine for Velvet Teddy, so i will be back on original intent, though in reality My Heroine sounds like it would better fit my tastes.

    Samples are small, but transfered...
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Round two is ordered.

    Beau de Jour
    Fougere Platine
    Italian Cypress
    Patchouli Absolu
    Plum Japonais
    Oud Wood Intense

    And a couple to slake my curiousity on a few that are often mentioned...
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    I will keep it around. Probably got a couple wearings left.

    On it.
  12. Re: If you could have 3 and only 3 fragrances from now until the end - which 3, and why? (no 'buts'.

    I don't like that I lose 1 to aftershave. I gotta keep an aftershave or I'll get razor burn, but I don't wear them as a fragrance. Might as well penalize me 1 for using toilet paper too.

  13. Re: Today can in the mail Declaration Cartier and Opium pour homme

    Awesome. Good picks.
  14. Re: Givenchy Gentleman was my 1980's teenage scent - does it still have the magic ?

    As long as you get a brown bottle (Givenchy Gentleman) and not a clear (Gentleman Givenchy) I'd think its still fine.

    There are three Givenchy Gentleman bottle types to look for, wrap around...
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Yeah, I'm scared to try those Intense PBs. Castoreum is one of my favorite notes, could be dangerous for the ole pocketbook.
  16. Re: My bottle of Terre d'Hermès has gone bad

    Terre does fatigue easy. But move it. That will ruin it.
  17. Re: Buying Fahrenheit 32 Dior in 2019-2020?

    Incidentally, one was posted just today on the basenotes for sale. Go get it.
  18. Re: Buying Fahrenheit 32 Dior in 2019-2020?

    Ebay. Basenotes marketplace. Facebook are your only real options.

    Edit: that i have seen available. You may be able to find another avenue. Others may have different places they use. I see traur...
  19. Re: Did you ever blind-buy Heritage de Guerlain, and did it fall short, meet, or exceed expectations

    I dont think the question is to Heritage or not to Heritage. You definitely Heritage. Really, gold cap edt, silver cap edp, or current widely available and fresh is what you should be asking...
  20. Re: What are the differences between Guerlain L'Instant Parfum and EDT ?

    I found the edt exceedingly light, in composition and performance. The only edp ive tried was the old eau extreme and it was a quilt. So i dont know. Forced i suppose EDP. If the rumors are true its...
  21. Re: What are the differences between Guerlain L'Instant Parfum and EDT ?

    I think you mean the EDP and the EDT. I initially thought you were asking about the difference of EDT vs pour femme.
  22. Re: Did you ever blind-buy Heritage de Guerlain, and did it fall short, meet, or exceed expectations

    I sampled first, but ultimately bought. I'm wearing it today, and it is great stuff. New wood cap edt. I'm over 8 hours after application and I can still smell it, 5 sprays.
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    Re: Big kudos to MFK in Paris

    They really are great, right?
  24. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Anyone think Gravitas will get its own thread?
  25. Re: Opinions on the following scents?

    Whoa, you collect Insurrection? I'm surprised. Always thought on them as a junky little clone house, like armaf or maybe lomani. Maybe I should try something of theirs.
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    For those keeping score at home

    + Noir Anthracite - Full bottle ordered
    + Ombre Leather - Full bottle ordered
    + Noir
    + Black Orchid
    + Metallique
    + Tuscan Leather
    + Tobacco Oud
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    I gave some sampling and full wearing to a couple of the feminines.

    Metalique - smells like vanilla, coconut and hairspray. I like it.

    Black Orchid - Puzzling. There is some of that floral...
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Oh, yea. Forgot about that one. I was excited to try that bad boy. Thought it would be the retro updated fragrance of my dreams. Fell a bit flat. Beau de Joir now has my eye.
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    Re: Your 3 Favorite Niche Houses

    I'm a designer guy, so mine comes with many many grains of salt.


    Some things, like Papillion, I cannot really put that in a favorite category when I've only smelled one...
  30. Re: The Top 3: Of Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Significant Other

    1. Armani Gio - her favorite by far
    2. Sauvage - She told me it had become her second favorite.
    3. AdG Profumo - only in as much as it smells similar to the original

    Not enthusiastic...
  31. Re: How is the longevity on Encre Noire Sport?

    Pretty good when i tried it. Especially for its genre.
  32. Re: Spicebomb without the sweetness?

    I feel like sweetness is central. Not muxh left after its gone. Tobacco and cinamin. Actually sounds like a better fragrance imo. Maybe try Costume National Homme. It doesnt have tobacco though.
  33. Re: Your Current Favorite Fragrances That Set You Apart From The Public?

    +1 I really love this one. I went into my wardrobe. Im pretty mainstream i think these days. That is probably my most bold.
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    Re: Patchouli based Masculine scents.

    Gentleman is where I go when I get a patchouli hankering.
  35. Re: What're the absolute best clones/alternatives?

    La Yuqawam clones Tuscan Leather

    Belcam at walmart has varying amounts of success. I wore their adg clone for a lot of years when funds were tight. Their Sauvage, primitive man is not good. Their...
  36. Re: it's true: perfume doesn't have gender

    Funny, for clothes red and pink used to be assosiated with men and blue with women in terms of clothing. Red hid, and gave the appearance of blood. Culture drives it a huge amount (if not...
  37. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Jules has been on my to try list for a while. Seems right up my alley. Im spurred. Getting a sample in my next order.
  38. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Faces to names
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    Re: share your method of application

    1 spray each side neck
    1 each top forearm
    About 33 percent of the time 1 more to my shirt.
    4-5 sprays
  40. Re: it's true: perfume doesn't have gender

    In that frame of mind clothes are genderless as well. I tend to disagree, but dont really care if a dude wants to wear a dress or chanel no. 5
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    Re: Game Day!

    Im pretty sure randy moss has one, but ive never seen team specific. Worth looking in to.
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    Re: Game Day!

    I do hate bye weeks. I feel lost and rudderless. Good choices! :thumbsup:
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    Re: 10's top ten?

    2010 - Guerlain Arsene Lupin Dandy
    2011 - I refuse to put anything i tried here
    2012 - Rasasi La Yuqawam
    2013 - MFK Oud Silk Mood
    2014 - Fahrenheit Le Parfum
    2015 - Papilione Salome/Sauvage...
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    Re: 10's top ten?

    Ooo. Cant answer off the top of my head, ill work on it today. Pen and paper and the interweb.
  45. Re: I received very negative feedback unexpectedly by a trusted loved one

    ... love and hate are two sides of the same coin.
  46. Re: The Cap And Why, Caps That Would Have Been Better Otherwise?

    Stronger with you. Nice looking cap, but you have to line it up perfectly or you cant shut it. Stupid.

    LDDM has a silly cap, its trouble to get it on tight and off.

    Built in i dislike almost...
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    Re: What Fragrance Would..

    Nicholson - Opium Pour Homme

    Hammill - Caron Pour Un Homme

    Ledger - Secretions Magnifique

    Leto - Roja Dove something or another

    Phoenix - Haven't seen the movie, from clips I'm going old...
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    Re: back-ups , which and how many

    1: what was the first scent you bought back-up bottle(s) of?
    Club de Nuit (regret)
    2: what is the latest scent you have bought back-up bottle(s) of?
    3: what is the scent you have most...
  49. Re: SPECIAL EVENT for Chicago-area Basenoters, Oct. 12, 2019

    We need a recap of how the day went. We are all jelly!
  50. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Tom Ford Noir Anthracite
  51. Re: Bottega Veneta Pour Homme vs Hermes Bel Ami Vetiver

    I haven't tried the Hermes, so I can't pick, but I will agree with the position that the Bottega Veneta has subpar longevity.
  52. Re: Purchasing Baccarat 540 Extrait on eBay or retail?

    The best way to get MFK is directly from the source. This is a great price, IMO. It is $425 at Nieman Marcus. I believe shipping is included. I think I got my bottle from MFK in like 3 days or...
  53. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Two of my last four purchases I got notifications that it had been delivered. "arrived at unit" I believe it said. These both happened after 10PM, and I went outside to check. But it was then...
  54. Re: Tom Ford Private Blend Reserve Collection - 8 re-released Private Blends

    I have yet to give it a full wearing, I probably will sometime next week. I've tried it on paper and on the back of my wrist twice. I hope it fares better when more generously applied.
  55. Re: Tom Ford Private Blend Reserve Collection - 8 re-released Private Blends

    Oof. Oud Minerale is not good. Salty seaweed clash.
  56. Re: Azzaro Wanted vs Azzaro Wanted By Night?

    I prefer the original fragrance. Neither is super up my alley though. I like the darker brown aesthetix of WBN.
  57. Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV or Amouage Reflection Man

    I had not really heard any love for Reflection until somebody was mentioning is was the obvious amouage they wanted to get a few months ago. I was surprised. It wouldn't even be like top ten I'd...
  58. Re: Fragrancenet coupon code that's still valid for BN'ers?

  59. Re: Where is the best place to buy Maison Francis Kurkdjian?

    Yeah, you gotta call your bank and say you want to make a one time purchase overseas. Fraud protection. Its annoying, but ultimately its a good thing.
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    Re: Clean Reserve Sueded Oud

    I tried this the other day. There is something Tuscan Leather lite going on, but different. It is a clean fake oud, more tangy than medicinal, with a bit of pleather. I actually liked it quite a...
  61. Re: There's a fire, you can take only one.

    I suppose it would be the most expensive thing to replace, which in my case would be Grand Soir. Not even nearly my favorite frag though. And I could see that if my house was on fire I probably...
  62. [CONUS] Siberian Musk II 4.5 ML, Ambre Nuit

    Siberian Musk II - say a valuation of $30, I've got a strifeknot 5ml Siberian Musk II I'm looking to unload, sprayed a few times. Say three times. It is mislabeled as Ottoman Empire II.

  63. Re: Which two non-niche affordable fragrances would you add to bring my collection to six?

    I feel like whenever it is humid I want something dry, even moreso than usual. My recommendation is

    Terre d'Hermes EDT.

    It is dry and citric. You seem to like classic things, and the...
  64. Re: Vintage Kouros Body Oil by Aldunya?

    no!!! don't do it!!!
  65. Re: Ralph Lauren Polo: Old vs New or Alternatives?

    I actually dont mind the new version. It does seem weaker and dryer. The moss in the original gives it a much rounder less sharp quality to me. I only own cosmair and will not buy the new one, but i...
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    Re: Body Kouros.. arrived

    I always mix this one up with silver in my head (the one with apple listed). This one is something id try if i saw it. Heck, might even have to sample and review.
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    Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Keep on keepin on. Buy some. Sell some. Treading water is about right. Gotta stay under 50 in rotation for me. Otherwise i feel stress. Sampling. I like to just wind my way organically. Right now im...
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    Re: Body Kouros.. arrived

    Ive never smelled it. So it smells like kouros AND la nuit? I cant marry the two in my head. I feel like the skank would overpower the mellow flavor. And longevity would then be somewhere between...
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    I can believe it. I like it, but it seemed almost simplistic in structure.
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    Poll: Re: Choose a 'budget' Fall fragrance

    Where did you get Meharees for $35?
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    Re: Aventus the next Cool Water?

    I feel like Mont Blanc is the first real entry of this fragrance to the masses. And with the fragmentation of everything, I don't know if anything can ever reach the ubiquity that was previously...
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Tobacco Vanille - smells like pipe tobacco and vanilla. Pretty realistic pipe tobacco thing, which I like. A bit of booziness and a backdrop of, ?leather? It says woods, but smells akin to leather...
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    Poll: Re: Choose a 'budget' Fall fragrance

    Well, Ideal EDP is good, but it is just an all around all season frag. A bit cherry sweet, and not as good as the edt, but its good. Costume National is a good fragrance. Dry citrus clove. It...
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    Re: Best leather fragrance?

    Leather focused,

    Gucci Guilty Absolute
    Ombre Leather
    Leather Oud
    Tuscan Leather
    Dior Homme Parfum
    La Yuqawam
    Dark Rebel Rider
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Early favorites were Tobacco Oud and Anthracite. The opening patchouli of Noir was beautiful, but it dried down eh on my wrist.
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    Yeah, i went back and forth on italian cypress. Seemed up my alley, probably make round two cut. Plus the intense versions all around. Forgot i used up a sample of Tuscan Leather too. I better go add...
  77. Re: Fragrance connections I made today...

    Tom Ford Costa Azura Aqua and Gucci Guilty Cologne
  78. Re: Which Baccarat do you like better and why? Reg or Extrait?

    I like the smell in the air on my wife. Not on me. Shes worn it a bit. Maybe a couple times a week, i always notice when she does. And the extrait is best. It smells a bit better than the edp.
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    my Tom Ford sampling

    So, recently ive been enamored with Ombre Leather. It just got me curious, and it has been festering. I decided to get some samples from perfumed court and try whatever i can locally from the house....
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    Re: Today's Hull

    I love clove. Its a clovey monster for sure.
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    Re: Only one

  82. Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread - Part 2

    Yea, i suppose. Im gonna accede here. It does smell like sandalwood and ambrox. I have been wondering what driftwood smells like. I have no reference. I saw it listed in notes somewhere lately. I...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    I do find this to be one of the most effeminate male branded fragrance I have tried, i think. More so than say, Dior Homme, which I dont really think is. Probably not quite as much as Fleur de male. ...
  84. Re: Fragrance connections I made today...

    Fougere Laube and Cool Water
  85. Re: The definitive aromatic fougère thread

    Always funny when you come on to say things and see others thinking similar. I was just pouring my Rogue samples into some new atomizers i bought and spilled a bit of Fougere Laube on my fingers....
  86. Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread - Part 2

    I dont get norlimbanol at all. I get ambroxen. I also dont find it particularily woody.
  87. Re: What makes a perfume male or female?


    A sparkling, clean unisex fragrance
    Inis instantly refreshes and makes you feel close to the sea, no matter where you are
    Energizing top notes of lemon and marine, refreshing lily of the...
  88. Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread - Part 2

    Preparing to wear this tomorrow I was considering it today. I really like it a lot. I get a spicy minty pink pepper drying down to a sandalwood ambroxy. I think it is better and more complex than...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    I think it should be pour femme. Not masculine in my eyes. Soft sweet creamy. Maybe unisex leaning fem. I do really like the way it smells though. Incidentally, reading this has made me take...
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    Re: How many fragrances do you own?

    That's gotta be like 1/4 of all the fragrances ever created. Numbers geeks out there? Historians? Anybody got the stats?
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    Re: What are YOUR 10/10 fragrances?

    Yatagan. Full stop.
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    Re: Hello everyone!

    Welcome! We are all open arms here! Everybody is very nice. Sounds like you are basically a premade player with a respectable sized collection and 10 years experience.
  93. Re: Which types of fragrance am I missing?

    Situation, Mad Max in the Thunderdome city. I'd say something with a large amount of masculinity. I suggest Polo. Or perhaps something raw and animalic, like Kouros or Leather Oud.
  94. Re: Fragrance connections I made today...

    Grand Soir and CK Obsession FOR MEN in the opening. CK is a bit more balsamic.
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    Re: How many fragrances do you own?

    +2 good wardrobe
  96. Re: Super popular frags that you've never smelled on anyone?

    Ive never smelled Sauvage out. Not being cheeky. Did smell le male or an approximation today. It was nice.
  97. Re: The opinion, quick question, and recommendation thread

    Aspen is green cool water. Smells pretty good. Most walmarts carry it, you should be able to smell it easily. Can i add calvin klien obsession for men and jovan musk to the list. Heck, cool water...
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    Re: How many fragrances do you own?

    Currently have 28 not for sale in my rotation. And yea, wardrobe function is the best. I keep mine up to date.
  99. Re: Which Caron for a blind buy, based on these existing preferences ?

    3rd man.
  100. Re: Fragrances you feel wear just perfectly, longevity, sillage, projection...

    I started a thread like this a while ago and it just turned into beast talk. My answer was and is yatagan. 3rd man wears the same to me, heritage very similar. Not bombastic but present. Not skin...
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