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    Re: Dior SAUVAGE. A constructive discussion

    Well, the ladies in the Dior concessions are really pouncing on guys with this one. Hadn't tried it before this weekend.

    First, had a sample on card pretty much pushed into my hand in House of...
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    Re: After 20 years testing - these are the best

    This is about the reactions you get from others, right?

    La Nuit gets the most positive reaction, and seems to be non confrontational and non polarizing to others, if I've understood you correctly?...
  3. Re: New bottle of Boucheron pour homme edt has almost no fragrance at all. What's up?

    Well that's odd.

    My bottle of EDT is by Interparfums and it can clear a room!
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    Re: Next Thierry Mugler Flanker - You name it.

    Pure Lack of Imagination.

    Seriously, it's about time Mugler launched an all new mens frag. As much as I like them, the well has run dry on the A*Men flankers.
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    Re: NEW: Habit Rouge Dress Code

    Has anyone found where this can be bought in the UK?
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    Re: NEW: Habit Rouge Dress Code

    There are four official languages in Switzerland, but no such language as "Swiss". Most Swiss people speak two of them, which one is their primary language tends to depend on the region of the...
  7. Thread: Zino Davidoff

    by andym72

    Re: Zino Davidoff

    I've got the newest formulation, never smelt any of the older ones. The "dirty florals" note, which I've always associated with a overdose of Jasmine, is what puts me off.
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    Re: Layering? Truth or Myth -

    My wife once asked me if I had anything like PdN Maharadjah, which she used to buy as a room scent. I had to look up what was in it first. Mainly Lavender, Cinnamon, Clove and Sandalwood. I've always...
  9. Re: Rich and manly, yet Harmless and office safe ??

    Rich and Manly says either Leather or Tobacco to me.

    The trouble is, I don't think most frags with leather notes are harmless and office safe. You'd need to make sure the leather note was "soft",...
  10. Thread: sweet tobacco

    by andym72

    Re: sweet tobacco

    I've got Vintage and I don't really consider it sweet.

    Zegna Forte is sweeter.

    And for really sweet, +1 on Bogart pour Homme, Lanvin Avant Garde and Versace Dreamer.
  11. Re: What are some or your "Nastypiece" fragrances ?

    Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense.

    And anything that came after them where the perfumer though "hey, that's a good idea, I'll use that synthetic iris note in my next one". Such as Midnight in...
  12. An unexpected upside to all those Tonka Bombs on the market...

    "In laboratory tests, two sweetgrass compounds drove mosquitoes away from tantalising fake blood samples, just as well as the widely-used...
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    Re: If you could un-discontinue one fragrance

    Creed Green Valley

    and then Gucci Envy for Men, Declaration Cologne and Guerlain Homme L'Eau.

    Three of these have a major ginger note...
  14. Re: Fragrances that blew your mind when you first smelled them?

    Over time, it's taken more and more to blow my mind.

    Body Kouros

    Colonia Intensa

    Ambre Narguile

    Vie de Chateau Intense
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    Re: Why was Guerlain Homme L'Eau discontinued?

    When Homme L'Eau Boisee came out, most retailers near me stopped stocking L'Eau. I think it got culled due to shelf space competition from its own sibling.

    I have found Miller Harris Citron...
  16. Re: Men's designers with Eau de Parfum concentration

    FYI Givenchy Play Intense is not an EDP, it's EDT. The word Intense doesn't always mean EDP.

    Real EDPs are:

    Boucheron have Pour Homme and Jaipur
    Guerlain have Heritage, LIDGE (how did...
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    Re: your favorite designer fragrance

  18. The post editing "widgets" really do not like this new Microsoft Edge browser.

    They have a nasty habit of reloading the moment you click on any of the editing icons (like bold, insert link, etc).

    The Quick Reply widget has a really odd behaviour. It will sometimes backspace...
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    Re: Dior New Scent - Why so little info?

    The "other" website has a page announcing it:
  20. Re: S.M.S. (The Subjective Masterpiece-dislike Syndrome) The King that you can't worship

    GIT (or anything else with dihydromyrcenol for that matter)
    Dior Homme (or anything else with that synthetic iris "makeup" note)

    Dior Homme Eau for Men has both! Hell in a bottle.
  21. Re: Which are the most universally pleasant notes or aroma chemicals?

    I would guess Orange Blossom.

    But Fried Bacon would give it a run for its money!
  22. Re: L'homme Ideal - the best masculine scent of last five years

    I seem to be hypersensitive to certain synthetic aroma ingredients. Whenever a fragrance contains one of these ingredients, to me it is so loud that it drowns out everything else. I get the effect of...
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    Re: Dark strong and masculine

    I'm amazed no one has said Givenchy Gentleman .
  24. what does patchouli smell like and what should i try for reference?

    Just broke out my Holland and Barrett Patchouli Aromatherapy Oil bottle and put a dab on my wrist. I'm getting Peat Mulch like you get from a gardening centre, wet cardboard, bicycle tyre inner tubes...
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    Re: NEW: John Varvatos Dark Rebel

    Leather (well, suede), Fir, Tobacco and Juniper are all notes found in Varvartos Vintage. It has Patchouli too (source of the mysterious Akigalawood), and Santolina can't smell that different from...
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    Re: The best summer scent in my opinion

    Some old favourites

    L'Eau D'Issey
    Bulgari PH Extreme
    Eau de Rochas Homme
    Eau de Guerlain
    Armani Eau Pour Homme

    Sadly missed recently lost goodies
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    Re: Best "just showered" fragrance

    Kouros? That's just Golden Showered, surely :wink:

    (apologies in advance if this post is considered bad taste...)
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    Re: Comprehensive List of Carnation Scents

    Yet another Caron - Ev Avion. Not sure it's "man-friendly ", but by god it smells good!
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    Re: Today I bought July 2015

    Almost forgot to post in this thread, July is nearly over.

    Tom Ford Noir Extreme
    Miller Harris Citron Citron
    And a backup bottle of Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee
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    Re: Define projection/silage/longevity

    Sillage literally means wake, as in the wake of a boat. The effect you leave behind you in the medium you are traveling in. Having a wake of scent is a straightforward concept.
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    NEW fragrance: Spicebomb Extreme

    I didn't spray on skin and only kept sniffing the tester strip for about 10 minutes. So I didn't pick up any tobacco.

    Definitely got a woody note along with the spices. Reminded me of Potion more...
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    Re: Most Often Mispronounced Fragrances

    I once went into a store in London and asked "do you stock fragrances by Air-mez?"

    "Who, sorry?"


    "Oh, Hermes, of course sir, over here"
  33. Re: Who is your brother-from-another-mother here on Basenotes?

    I'm not sure I've spotted someone with similar opinions. I know a few opinions I don't agree with. The "frag bottles have no genitalia" comment is guaranteed to annoy me, as though private parts are...
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    Re: Calvin Klein Font

    It's a modified version of Futura Light
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    Re: Describe your last purchase in two words...

    Miller Harris Citron Citron - Fleetingly Fresh

    Tom Ford Noir Extreme - Gourmand Guerlainade

    Hmm, alliteration as well !
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    Re: which is the best A*MEN ?

    My favourite is B*Men. But I'll admit it's an odd one. But it's also the one that is most different to A*Men, so might work for you.

    The biggest complement getter is Pure Havane, without a doubt....
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    Re: Nicolai. Vie de Chataue intense

    I have a small 30ml bottle of this, and I only wear it for special occasions, but that suits it, it is a special kind of frag. That hay note is addictive.
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    Re: Similar to Guerlain Homme l'eau

    Miller Harris Citron Citron has a lime, lemon, orange and mint top. Closest thing I have found to the opening of GHlE.
  39. Re: thierry mugler A*MEN range,do women find it sexy?

    What they said. The original is not a compliment getter. You have to go for (some of) the flankers.
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    Chypre Suggestions Please!

    Equipage isn't really just one genre/fragrance family. There's a bit of Chypre in there, and some Fougere, and a woody oriental base, and a spicy heart.

    I don't think you'll really find anything...
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    Chypre Suggestions Please!

    Equipage signature note, for me, is Carnation. In my opinion, it is the best mens carnation frag you can get. Carnations are themselves a bit spicy (clove like). Equipage also has an accord that...
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    Re: The most sexy fragrance you have ever smelled

    Aomassai is very sexy. But my favourite to smell on a woman is Baiser Du Dragon.
  43. Re: Costume National Homme and Salvatore Ferragamo PH

    CNH is a creamy (milky even), and slightly spicy Sandalwood. A tiny soapy nuance in there too. Not what I remember of the Feragammo at all.
  44. Re: How much sprays of Paco Rabanne - 1 Million is enough?

    1 Million wearers are amongst the worst offenders of over application there are. Along with Le Male wearers. Present company accepted.

    One spray is enough. If you think it "doesn't last on me",...
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    Re: A summer taste of Italy scent

    Either Ninfeo Mio or Un Jardin en Mediterranee smells the way I remember the countryside in southern Italy smelt like. Really obvious smell of fig trees.
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    Re: Energizing summer ginger fragrance?

    Even less now that Dior Homme Sport got changed, and the Cartier was discontinued and replaced with L'Eau.

    Kenzo Tokyo or Homme Sport have prominent ginger.

    Otherwise, Origins Ginger Essence...
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    First Thoughts: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    Here's my take on it.

    TF Noir is, to me, Habit Rouge with a twist. The twist being the citrus top has been replaced by the scent of Parma Violet sweets, and the floral blend in the middle has had...
  48. Re: Other than Fahrenheit, which 80's powerhouse is a must have in a collectors wardrobe?

    It's a phrase from Whisky Distilling. When they lay it down in wood barrels to mature, a certain amount, a few percent, is always lost due to evaporation over the years. Those warehouses must smell...
  49. Re: Help me to pick fragrances for a wedding event.

    I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks time. Daytime will be Boucheron Pour Homme. Evening will be Pure Havane.
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    Poll: Re: Eau De Basenotes - BASE NOTES

    Sandalwood, Amber, Patch, Benzoin.

    My combo of all three layers would be a strange brew!

    Top: Verbena, Petitgrain, Blackcurrant
    Heart: Carnation, Cinnamon, Tobacco, Anise
    Base: Sandalwood,...
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    Poll: Re: Eau De Basenotes - HEART NOTES

    Carnation, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Anise.
  52. Re: Other than Fahrenheit, which 80's powerhouse is a must have in a collectors wardrobe?

    From all I read on BN, the Elizabeth Arden reissue has gone through some changes over time. My bottle was bought at the beginning of 2011, it's clearly an EA made version, just not sure where along...
  53. Re: Other than Fahrenheit, which 80's powerhouse is a must have in a collectors wardrobe?

    Glad to see this thread finally got a few Giorgio Beverly Hills mentions. Without doubt my favourite 80's beast mode frag.

    Gotta say Bel Ami too.

    And one that's not been mentioned so far....
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    Re: Sweet-Mossy-woods ?

    Actually, I thought of Pour Monsieur Concentree and/or Tiffany for Men.
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    Poll: Re: Eau De Basenotes

    Verbena, Petitgrain and Blackcurrant. If we'd been allowed 4 I would have added Ginger, probably, but I think Ginger belongs in the heart notes more than the top notes.
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    Re: How much longevity do Axe body sprays have?

    When I first smelt it, I though Black XS, or maybe Only The Brave. But others have said it has a definite coconut note, and smells more like Joop Homme Wild.

    All three of those are "one spray...
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    Re: What % of the population uses cologne ?

    Even if guys aren't buying for themselves, they are at least going to get some as gifts. The stores now roll out the mens fragrance gift sets 3 times a year, Christmas, Valentines Day and Fathers...
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    Re: A Good All-Around Winter Fragrance?

    Winter and pleasant to almost everyone? You be wanting something with a Tonka note.

    At this point, people usually recommend YSL La Nuit L'Homme or Armani Code. But I'd say only the eau de parfum...
  59. Re: Great fall fragrances that were released within the last 10 years?

    Varvatos Vintage
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    Re: Best fragrance to mask cigarette after-smell?

    Another one apparently purposely created to blend with the smell of a smoker:

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    Poll: Boss Bottled or Boss Bottled Instense?

    Oh god no, not the original. It's got the "smells cheap, smells like crap" musk note that Boss seemed to put in everything from the mid 90's onwards. Intense does not, it is what BB should have been...
  62. Re: Accidentally bought TerreDHermes eau tres fraiche instead of normal TDH

    This AND the Pure Havane fail? Not your night is it bud?

    P.S. If you know how TdH smells and really wanted that, I can see how ETF would be a letdown. It's still a great one in its own right...
  63. Re: Just tried Pure Havane, what a piece of junk!! :/

    The cherry is there right at the start. It's not all that realistic, smells more almondy than just neat cherries, and flits dangerously close to Playdoh. And then after two minutes it's overwhelmed...
  64. Re: Do you wear/categorize the fragrances for weathers?

    Some fragrances are refreshing, some are warming. The refreshing ones really don't project well in cold weather, so you're kinda wasting it. The warming ones can be overwhelming and choking in the...
  65. Re: Do I have to pay tax if I bought 3 bottles of fragrances from Europe and bring it back to the US

    Anything shipped with alcohol in it will be held at entry until you pay 3% of its value. Much better to use your $800 allowance for carry on.
  66. Re: Joop! Joop Homme or Thierry Mugler's A*men?

    Joop smells better to me, but it's too potent. One spray will choke you out, and most people around you too. Whereas A*Men has that tar note that some love, some hate. I personally cannot stand it.
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    Re: Have you found a perfect fragrance?

    No, I have accepted that there will be no one Holy Grail for me, there will be many. But that's mainly because my mood changes so much, I like to decide what fragrance to wear based on the...
  68. Re: a scent that you like but others/most don't seem to like

    Yeah, orris root, therefore there is a bit of root veg in there. Although to me DH is more parsnip than carrot. I've had nothing but negative feedback from women regarding DH, they instantly screw...
  69. Mainstream but Oddball - Your favourite Out of the Ordinary stuff

    Lets face it, apart from Mugler Cologne, all Mugler stuff is odd, in the positive, interesting and unique way we are using that word here.

    I have four A*Men flankers in my cabinet, so viva odd, I...
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    Summer fragrance for under £40

    None of these are strong, but they are all orangy:

    Bulgari Aqua Amara
    Clinique Happy
    Varvatos Artisan (in Debenhams).

    Check them out in stores, buy them online (for around your target price).
  71. Re: Mainstream but Oddball - Your favourite Out of the Ordinary stuff

    Not mainstream in taste.

    Mainstream in availability, at some point. Obviously a few are discontinued now.
  72. Re: Mainstream but Oddball - Your favourite Out of the Ordinary stuff

    Almost forgot one.

    Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude (this one starts a lot like Live Jazz, all citrus, mint and coriander - a bit salsa dip. Then it morphs into the nicest hazlenut latte scent I...
  73. Mainstream but Oddball - Your favourite Out of the Ordinary stuff

    L Homme Blanc Individuels thread about really good designer frag you can still get today has got me thinking of another idea. While really oddball and frankly experimental scents are usually the...
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    Re: Top Ten Designer Picks - with a few rules

    Pure Havane
    Guerlain Homme L'eau Boisée
    Body Kouros
    Grey Vetiver EDT
    TF Noir Extreme (what? I love this one)
    Burberry Brit for Men
    DSquared Potion
    Givenchy Gentleman
    Eau des Baux
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    Re: Top Ten Designer Picks - with a few rules

    Hi matey.

    I live in a provincial, but large, town. 40 miles from the very centre of London. So I could include what I could get in Selfridges, Harrods, F&M, Libertys and Harvey Nicks. But I won't....
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    Re: need a light cologne

    On the Fruity front, have you thought of Fig fragrances? Two mainstream figgy concoctions I think you should try out are Dune pour Homme, and Gucci by Gucci Sport.

    They are both very light.
  77. Thread: Turning 41

    by andym72

    Re: Turning 41

    I'm 43 so kinda target audience for this thread... and I own 4 out of 5 of the frags Ken_Russell recommended! But I live somewhere with definite winters! I do remember it always used to be that...
  78. Re: No bull, do you think different ethnicities prefer different scents?

    My personal opinion, is that if there are going to be trends, it will be cultural, not ethnic. And yes, there is a difference between culture and ethnicity. Cultural groups are much more finely...
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    Re: Cancer treatment and perfumes. Help?

    aphexacid, this hypersensitivity to smells seems to be a chemo thing. Happened to my wife as well.

    You hang in there pal.

    Stick to Mugler Cologne or Jean Marie Farina. I suspect even Lush Dirty...
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    Re: Alternative Summer Scents

    L'Eau Bleu d'Issey Eau Fraiche. Linear, in that it's Mint, Rosemary and Patch. A bit of Bergamot in the opening, and a leafy green floral note in the middle come and go.

    Does minty differently...
  81. Re: I have long resisted a summer fragrance, but....suggestions?

    I'd second Vetiveru, and Guerlain Homme l'Eau Boisée. If you look into Grey Vetiver, check the EDT out first, just as potent, but the citrus top lasts longer.

    Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport....
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    Re: Calvin Klein's "Reveal Man" Will Be Great

    My bottle turned up today. Because of the agave, reminded me of Xeryus Rouge, but without the harsh pimento note that never agreed with me.
  83. Re: Ever feel like nobody's listening or your fragrance recommendations go unnoticed?

    Guilty as charged m'lud. I try not to, but sometimes, you just cannot try something out first. So you then ask people opinion on BN, check out the note lists, read the reviews, find out who the...
  84. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    This was an accidental layering, in that I had got so used to one fragrance I had on, I couldn't smell it any more, and I forgot I'd put anything on. So it was Declaration Essence with one of my...
  85. Re: The Most Beautiful Flacon Ever Created ? Please Post Photographs !!!

    Lots of bottle designs on here that I like already.

    That Mauboussin... only a jeweller could come up with something like that. And the twist to the top to open the sprayer has a great feel too.
  86. Re: Tough guy's fragrance. Kouros or Azzaro Pour homme?

    My Pa is a Kouros guy, but he looked at Fahrenheit (which would have been vintage because this was 1989!) with suspicion when I bought it for him.

    The look on his face was "WTF is this? Flowers?!"
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    Poll: Re: Fig, Fig and Fig...Which one is for you?

    Can I third this one? A lot of fig fragrances are very leafy, this one is fruity and juicy.
  88. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    Well, no, it's not what you've been trying to say, is it? Just looking a few pixels up from this post I can see the subject is "Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre...
  89. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    For something I "just kinda like" to make it into my wardrobe, it has to be almost loose change cheap.

    "Just kinda likes" that cost $75 stay on the shelf in the store.

    Would I pay $300 for one...
  90. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    I don't think the pro single bottle crowd are saying they don't think they could find 4 good options for under $300. What they are saying is they don't want to. Someone said "I don't want to hunt for...
  91. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    Well I wouldn't go that far, but my opinion is you don't have to go for crazy money to get great scents. For example, my bottle of Costume National Homme cost me around £40. $65 maybe. Whereas it is...
  92. Re: Which "BIG" fragrance out there that just does not interest you?

    Really, nothing.

    Guerlain, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Armani, YSL, Givenchy, Cartier, Bulgari, Hugo Boss, D&G, Gucci, Versace, Paco Rabanne, Diesel, Victor & Rolf, Aramis, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein,...
  93. Re: What do you think are the sweetst and spiciest fragrances?

    I'd agree. Nothing beats Blue Sugar for sweetness.

    Something like Eau Lente or Comme Des Garcons EDP would be my call for spicy. Clove and Cinnamon bombs, both of them.
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    Re: Masculine but not old men frags suggestions?

    Woah. LIDGE is just 10 years old, and according to this guy, it's dated already.

    Now I've heard it all.

    I thought gourmands were still pretty current. Are they considered passe now then? Have...
  95. Replies

    Re: Masculine but not old men frags suggestions?

    John, personally I think the term "old man" is disrespectful, because it's generalising. It's much better to go with personal experience, and say "what my grandfather smells like" or "what my father...
  96. Re: New: Kenzo Totem - Totem Orange, Totem Yellow and Totem Blue

    Kenzo's answer to Big Pony?
  97. Re: Should be more love for the Basenotes wardrobe!

    I'm up to date, but I'm always forgetting to use SOTD.

    Check out some of Grants recent posts in The Basenotes Lounge, some of the ideas people have mentioned are in the pipeline. Grant is working...
  98. Viktor and Rolf Antidote officially discontinued

    It's also appeared again at House of Fraser and Boots.

    I never really "got it". A smooth oriental with such a jumble of notes, you couldn't make out what was in it.

    For me, it is a good example...
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    Re: Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male (2015)

    Looks like Ultra is the marketing word of the year. At least in France.
  100. Re: a Celebrity scent you'd like to see on the shelves...

    No, because he's already got a restaurant called Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. So it was either Luncheon or Supper. Luncheon sounded sillier.

    How about....

    The Special One by Jose Mourinho for...
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