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    Re: The scent of power....

    Fwiw many of the 1%ers I come across wear Terre D'Hermes and GIT.
  2. Re: My opinion on l'Air du Desert Marocain has changed

    Total noob here but it smells like expensive Old Spice to me. It does have something that I can only describe as "cool" and "neon blue" in the dry down that I love though.
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    Re: The first time you smelled GIT.....

    I didn't like it. Thought it smelled very "typical." Then I wore it a few times and found it to be much softer and more sophisticated on my skin. So I guess now I enjoy it but I'm certainly not crazy...
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    Terre D'Hermes = the 1%er's ADG

    After spending a year and a half living in Palm Beach I have noticed this fragrance WAY more than any other. I absolutely love TDH and won't stop wearing it, but I thought I would share since I found...
  5. Best "light" niche fragrances for men?

    First time poster here. Fairly new to this and I'm having a hard time finding lighter niche scents outside of Creed and Bond no. 9. I don't want to smell typical, but I live in Florida and I find...
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