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  1. Re: Need help with L'Occitane. Please tell me your faves - and why!

    I like the Eau des 4 Reines, which is a lovely light summery fruity rose.
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    Re: Jo Malone fragances

    Living a long way from a Jo Malone store, is there any way of getting samples? Or do I resort to TPC?
  3. Re: Where to shop online for Le Labo in Europe?

    You can get them online at Liberty's in London.
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    Re: Penhaligons Douro Eau de Portugal

    I got mine today and had to try it. I had planned to give it to my daughter's boyfriend as I did not think it was my husband's style of fragrance. But I sprayed it on the back of my hand and he was...
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    Re: London trip-recommendations?

    Yeah, I saw the map, it is brilliant, really handy.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. Re: [Sorry. Ended] 100 Bottles of Penhaligon's Douro Eau de Portugal up for grabs

    Thank you very much, Grant, for doing this and please pass on our thanks to Penhaligons.

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    London trip-recommendations?

    I am off to London next week to see an opera (Die Tote Stadte) and will be staying near the British Museum.

    We will have one afternoon of gentle shopping and I was thinking of SpaceNK (can get a...
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    Re: Perfume Passion Pondering

    Mine was when I was working my way through the Niche and Classic Perfume Sampler from The Perfumed Court. I had printed out some brief descriptive notes for each sample so that I could read them...
  9. Re: What does wax furniture polish smell like?

    I would think that the classic furniture polish is NOT lemon-scented or anything remotely like Pledge - or anything in an aerosol.

    It is traditionally made of beeswax and turpentine and sometimes...
  10. Re: Will I really smell like sex if I wear Jasmine or Tuberose?!?!

    That link was very useful. Don't worry. I ADORE white florals and wear them to work and they have not had any untoward effects at all.
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    Re: Just made my day

    I second The Perfumed Court.

    Have you tried the Niche and Classic Perfumes sampler packs? These were responsible for my hobby/addiction :)

    One of my daughters had the French Legends Pack and...
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    Re: Buying Blind

    I second those who say don't buy blind!

    It may be fun if you have lots of money to waste because you may not like what you buy.

    I have to restrain myself every time I see something that...
  13. Re: [UK Only] 100 Bottles of Penhaligon's Douro Eau de Portugal up for grabs

    I hope I am not too late!

    For the person who posted about a disgrace to all non-UK Basenotes-just look at the threads on swaps and sales saying US only...

    I do not want to start any kind of...
  14. Fragrances for someone who likes Erolfa, Eau Sauvage and Dior Jules

    Hope someone can help me here. Last year I made up a sample pack of men's samples and tried to cover as many groups as possible. for my daughter's boyfriend.

    The sample pack was a great success -...
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    Re: Keeping Records and Notes?

    I have an excel spreadsheet because I used to have a paper folder and it got too big. I added all my samples to the spreadsheet and it has 113 rows :o

    It was fun doing it and you can sort by...
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    Re: niche, selective and exclusive fragrances

    not generally available and not widely advertised (so actually genuinely exclusive as they can be hard to get), possibly not always attractive to the public at large.

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    Re: Which Perfumed Court sampler pack?

    I got the Niche and Classic perfumes sampler pack and my daughter got French Legends.

    But BEWARE this could be the start of an addiction.

    I then went on to get Rose based fragrance samples,...
  18. Re: Budding Perfumista, intro and why do most mainstream perfumes turn bad on me?

    My full bottles, all bought after I had tried samples on my own skin either from Perfumed Court or elsewhere include
    Hermessence Amber Narguile
    Shiseido Feminite du Bois
    Frederic Malle Lys...
  19. Re: Budding Perfumista, intro and why do most mainstream perfumes turn bad on me?

    I never really found much in the department stores that I liked and once I discovered niche stuff my hit rate is much higher. My husband has a very sensitive nose, in that he can't stand a lot of...
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    Re: Recomendations for a 14 year old girl

    My 14 year old daughter wears Gucci Envy ( having tried a tester) and also DKNY Be Delicious.
    However I don't think you can beat getting a selection of samples and letting her choose, with the...
  21. Re: Guerlain Djedi EDT special at perfumed Court

    My other samples include Vent Vert by Balmain,Gateway to Frederic Malle Sampler Pack - because I want to smell Musc Ravageur and the sampler pack also includes En Passant & L'Eau d'Hiver, People of...
  22. Maharadjah and Vetiver de Java candles by Nicolai-anyone tried these?

    I was reading about these in Luca Turin's blog, and he says two things beautifully, one is that
    Maharadjah "festoons the house with invisible glitter"
    "her Vetiver de Java was once...
  23. Guerlain Djedi EDT special at perfumed Court

    I got an email saying there is Guerlain Djedi EDT on special at the Perfumed Court.

    Reading about this on Basenotes I realised, newbie that I am, that I just have to try this.

    Of course, when...
  24. Re: Lowbrow For Lovely: A Limerick Contest For Free Frags

    A cunning basenoter just said
    he wanted to take me to bed
    I'm not a cock-tease!
    he just had to say please
    and woo me with DG in Red.

    I know it is a bit late and I am from the UK so could not...
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    Size of fridge for storage of fragrances?

    I am thinking of getting a silent mini-fridge for storage of fragrances-full bottles and samples etc for mine and my husbands fragrances.

    Size is not really a problem, we have a space that we can...
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    Re: Winners Announced for the Déjà Blue Bottles Contest (#2)

    I love these pictures as desktop pictures, as well you know.

    What I would like to know, is where you find these fantastic bottle pictures and how you make the collage?

    I am so...
  27. Re: Seeking suggestions: spicy, with a touch of sweetness

    What about Amber Narguile by Hermessence? This is utterly gorgeous. Spicy, amber, gourmand...
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    Re: fragrances for a teenager

    You could make up a selection of masculine fragrance samples from Perfumed Court, then if there are some he really likes, you can get the full bottle. Makes a great birthday present if you print out...
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    Re: Red Bottles picture on your Desktop

    Nice one!
    I'll put that one up when I need a change.
    Don't worry about the size, you can stretch it or centre it. I like to have a border round the outside that my icons sit on so you can see them...
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    Re: Who wants to help an innocent little kid?

    I think if you like them all loads, either buy them all :) or if you really can't afford to do that, think which ones you could not live without...

    Or try and organise some bottle splits or find...
  31. Re: Shiseido launch anniversary Feminite du bois gift set

    I looked at the store locator and tried Fraser's in Glasgow and John Lewis in Glasgow and they do not stock the perfumes but they suggested I tried Harrods. They did not have it either but said to...
  32. Shiseido launch anniversary Feminite du bois gift set

    I fell in love with this fragrance when I had a sample from the Perfumed Court, so I decided to see if it was available to buy in a FB size.
    When I searched on Google I found this link
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    Red Bottles picture on your Desktop

    This was what I PM'd Tang to ask...


    I was so impressed with your beautiful Red Bottles Picture, especially when you posted the one you had made as wallpaper, because it is the perfect...
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    Re: French 101: Eau de Parfum

    I think you are right!

    Someone posted this link some time ago and I selected "Juliette" and then "Alain" and they both missed out the "m" if you listen carefully. I have to admit that most people...
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    Comfort scents

    Today I had a bath after doing some DIY with my husband-screwing a bed back together, sweaty work...We wern't going anywhere or doing anything special this evening.

    I wanted to wear some perfume...
  36. Re: Your discoveries of 2007 and plans for 2008

    Discoveries in 2008

     Niche and Classic Perfumery. This was discovered in a roundabout way, as my husband found some stuff on Badger and Blade (a shaving forum) about men’s perfumes. As a result...
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    Re: Sampling/Testing methodology - survey

    1. How many scents do you test in one day? In a month?
    Probably one a day most days- just now I have a lot of decants from the Perfumed Court and I am working my way through them. Sometimes two a...
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    Re: Happy New Year! SOTD January 1, 2008

    Today I moved my earrings out of a jewellery box and have dedicated it to my numerous decants....The earrings are waiting for an acrylic earring stand to arrive. I may photograph the decants in true...
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    Re: SotD Thursday, 27 December 2007

    Ormonde Jayne's Frangipani Absolute...floral, exotic, gorgeous, and a breath of the tropics - where as here it is rainy with gales and really not very nice weather!
  40. Re: Must -Try masculine fragrances to make up a sampler pack-suggestions please.

    I thought you might be interested in an update to this thread.

    I spent a lot of enjoyable time reading up about various male fragrances and reading reviews here and other sites and looking at...
  41. Re: Grandmother's Mirrored Perfume Tray

    Gandmother's mirrored perfume tray sounds utterly lovely.
    Could you post some pictures?
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    Re: SOTD Monday 24 December

    Hermessence Ambre Narguile-and I am still smelling it 15 hours after I put it on to go to work.
    Gorgeous wafts of spicy edible wonderful Christmassy niceness all day...
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    Re: Foundation problem

    Really good detailed description. Love my foundation (chantecaille) but have never worn powder, but I just might after reading that!
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    Re: honest

    Please excuse a woman butting in here. The question was, is there a reason for the whole wet shaving thing.

    I think in some cases there really is.

    My husband was shaving for about 45 mins with...
  45. Re: getting rid of the smell on your skin of testers you don't like

    It was Winter Star by Michael Storer-a tester he mailed out to 20 people.
  46. getting rid of the smell on your skin of testers you don't like

    I have sometimes tried something that I have had to wash off...I have tried soap and water with a scrubbing brush, then tried make-up remover for waterproof eyemakeup (for the oiliness possibility)...
  47. Re: The Official Michael Storer Test Sample Discussion Thread

    Hello Michael,
    Thanks for sending me a tester- I had wondered you were going to send one all the way to Scotland but when I got home today-there it was! I opened it immediately and had a squirt on...
  48. Shopbulgaria for bulgarian rose perfume? Best offer??

    On the Ultimate Rose fragrance thread someone mentioned rose parfum from shopbulgaria.

    So I typed it into google and up comes this weird and wonderful site with all sorts of things-old medal,...
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    Re: the Ultimate Rose Fragrance?!?

    Crabtree and Evelyn used to do a talc called Damask Rose. It was gorgeous and I loved it and was very disappointed when they discontinued it.

    I have "4 Reines" by L'Occitane and it is lovely and...
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    Re: This is so terrible


    Thank you for your fascinating post. Here we have a rational discussion based on facts rather than opinions.

    To me, many people seem to suffer from this perception that natural...
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    Re: c & s no. 88

    "clit twitcher"
    I do like No 88 on my man but for me it has to be Le Labo Rose 31 ...mmmmm, when he is wearing that I feel like ripping his clothes off!
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    Re: Is my daughter too young for fragrance?

    I don't think there is a problem here as long as the scents are appropriate to her age. (By that I mean that I hate seeing the ads for some teen fashion high street shops where very young teenage...
  53. Re: I'd like 20 women to test my new fragrance idea..

    me too!
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    Re: Basenotes addiction anyone..?

    I print out perfume reviews from Basenotes and other sites about samples or bottles I own, so I can read the reviews and compare and record my ideas about a particular fragrance.

    The other day I...
  55. Narcisse Noir and Carnal Flower-what do they have in common?

    I got some samples from Les Scenteurs at the same time as I treated myself to a full bottle of Lys Mediterannee from Editions de Parfums. (I had tried Lys Med in my Niche and Classic sampler pack...
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    Re: Sheer lipstick

    The Lipstick Queen does two types of lipstick-the Saint which is sheer and the Sinner which is very pigmented and deep colour. I had a Saint in a nude colour and it was lovely but I gave it to my...
  57. "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I am just getting into perfume so am new to a lot of this, so sorry if it has been asked before.
    I was idly browsing on eBay over the last few weeks and I see that there are various sellers,...
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    Re: the Ultimate Rose Fragrance?!?

    There are some rose samplers on the Perfumed Court website which could be a good way of trying lots...My next purchase, in fact!
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    Perfumery training kits -anyone used one?

    I was looking at The Perfumery Training Kit at the Perfumers World
    ( and I wondered if anyone has used anything like this to train their nose to identify perfume...
  60. Must -Try masculine fragrances to make up a sampler pack-suggestions please.

    First post and asking for some help.

    I have had such enjoyment out of my first sampler pack from the Perfumed Court-I got the Niche and Classic Perfumes sampler pack and one daughter had the...
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