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  1. Re: Supposed new A*Men flanker will be: Pure Wood

    Well, there it is :) And being released right around my birthday I like it :) I too am interested in the notes and will try to do some digging.

    I think it would be neat if they had a special...
  2. Re: Supposed new A*Men flanker will be: Pure Wood

    I haven't heard anything since I first heard the rumor. And sadly, Clarins has revamped the way they deal with their models. They have divided the models up by the different lines (Mugler, Mont...
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    Re: Fan di Fendi pour homme assoluto

    I have this and it smells pretty damn good when you first apply it. However it doesn't have the best longevity. I even tried layering it with Iso Super E which helped a little bit, but sadly not...
  4. DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue Discover Vulcano. Anyone try this yet?

    I really don't expect much from the designer D&G frags, but this is one I hadn't heard about till now. I can only find one bottle size, 5oz and the price is $85. I was not a fan of Stromboli, maybe...
  5. Re: Supposed new A*Men flanker will be: Pure Wood

    Which release is that? I still have nightmares about Pure Shot, but I really like Pure Leather. (I don't count the reissues as new relases, so just wondering) :)
  6. Re: Supposed new A*Men flanker will be: Pure Wood

    I agree, I think the world is over saturated with oud and it's being bastardized all over the place. Hopefully Pure Wood will be a step in the right direction for Mugler. And if they do a special...
  7. Supposed new A*Men flanker will be: Pure Wood

    According to my Clarins rep they have received word that the new flanker for A*Men this year will be Pure Wood to be released fall 2014. She didn't have any other details for me.
    Maybe it will have...
  8. Re: Can anyone tell me how to delete an image file from a post here?

    Well, I have access to most of the retail stuff early, but their problem was they sent the testers and some product, but neglected to tell us that we were to hold the items until they were officially...
  9. Re: Can anyone tell me how to delete an image file from a post here?

    Yeah :} apparently it hasn't been released yet. I posted a pic on Instagram and got an email from Interparfums asking me to take it down, nicely I might add, and so I figured I should take it off...
  10. Re: Can anyone tell me how to delete an image file from a post here?

    THANKS so much! :)
  11. Can anyone tell me how to delete an image file from a post here?

    I need to delete a file I posted in a forum, but can't figure out how to do it, Sorry to post here, but I was hoping to get a quick response :) feel free to private me if you wish, and THANKS :)
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    Karl Lagerfeld New Men's fragrance

    This arrived at work this week. Not that pleased with it :( seems like an amalgamation of all the fairly boring designer frags of late with less longevity and sillage. If Karl thought we were waiting...
  13. Re: Are drunk reviews the future of the fragrance community?

    In my experience most Canadians, especially from his part of Canada, are a rowdy bunch who tend to drink a lot an swear a ton. Maybe this was just part of his process. He probably speaks the same way...
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    Re: Bloomingdales

    No, I am in Brazil right now. I have a 7 hour layover in NYC when I fly back next week and wanted to take advantage of the Bloomingdale's there since I now know some stores have much more selection...
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    Re: Bloomingdales

    I got REALLY excited until I saw where "here" is.... :( if only they would ship internationally (for free) :)
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    Re: Bloomingdales

    I was amazed to discover a few Bloomingdale's carry Creed and other niche lines. I was in Boston and walked in to a Bloomingdale's and they had a very good collection of Creed, just not many of the...
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    Re: what is your oldest fragrance?

    For release dates of the cologne mine is Royal English Leather, 1781. Oldest bottle that I have in terms of having it in my possession is at least 10 years old and there are a few of them including...
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    Re: Givenchy Gentlemen Only

    I find it to be a very synthetic, poorly blended fragrance that stays close to the skin on me. I was expecting so much more.
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    Re: CK Free Blue - Sure is Subtle

    The name itself is laughable to me. Although I haven't tried the Blue I remember the original being on the shelves when I first was working the men's counter. Why would you name a fragrance Free? And...
  20. Re: Men, what's the worst FEMALE fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Worst: Womanity... Caviar?? hell no..

    Best, hard to say. One that pops to mind is L'eau d'Issey since I had to ask a woman I was sharing an elevator ride with what she was wearing.
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    Re: Inexpensive Vetiver to buy?

    I get a very nice vetiver vibe from Kenzo Woody. And if you want to go ultra cheap then you can try Beckham Homme. It has many similarities to TdH and Kenzo Woody and I just saw it at my TJ's, $13...
  22. Re: Can you check my modest wardrobe and see what I can use for formal or professional events?

    +1's on Dior Homme, DHI and YSL l'Homme and La Nuit.

    Also look into the Bulgari Pour Homme line. I call these my Boardroom scents as they are refined, but subtle.
  23. Re: Faithful No Longer: Newbie Looking for New Fragrances

    give Dior Homme Sport a try. I know it has been reformulated this year, I haven't had a chance to try the new version, some say it's better, but the one I know is a very nice woody, citrus, classy...
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    Re: Use by dates on fragrances

    This symbol is actually a "after opening" date, not a use by date. So after the bottle is opened or sprayed the manufacturer claims that the contents will be good (under normal usage) for the amount...
  25. Re: Which are the best oriental designer scents still in production?

    +1 Obsession
    +1 Egoiste
  26. Re: If you end up in hell, which fragrance will the devil make you wear for all eternity as punishme

    Fahrenheit 32 ... Putrid
  27. Re: Need help finding a winter, office-type scent

    +1 for Terre d'Hermes, Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Givenchy Play Intense and Burberry London.

    Also adding Pure Havane, Pure Leather, Dior Homme, and Armani Code Ultimate.

    Welcome to BN :)
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    Re: Best 'designer' beach scents for men...

    I was a little hesitant to mention this one, but I own both the fragrance and the body oil. If you remember what the Coppertone tanning oils smelled like in the 80's, then this one will take you...
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    Re: Chili Pepper Vibe

    All the ones that first popped in my head have been mentioned, but one that may not be exactly what you're looking for, but could be a viable summer frag is Eternity Aqua. If you notice, there is a...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I went to a TJ's yesterday and saw some different stuff. Seems like they got some different stock in, most notably was this one that has some fans in the community including me. I have a .5oz bottle...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    When this first came out I gave it a quick try and didn't like it at all. Fast forward to a few days ago when I decided to give it another chance. Still didn't like the opening all that much, it...
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    Re: Chanel Platinum Egoiste

    For me Platinum is kind of boring :( but Egoiste (not platinum) is really really nice. But for a work scent I can see Platinum winning since it is easy going
  33. Re: NEW fragrance Dark Obsession for men by Calvin Klein

    Thanks man :) Let us know how you like Dark Obsession.
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    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

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    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

    This was a huge surprise! thanks for the compliment :D And I hope to get to some frags that you like :) there was just so much new stuff that came out when I started I figured I'd cut my teeth on...
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    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

    Subscribed :D
  37. Re: I went sniffing today: Issey Miyake Summer 13 and Le Male Le Beau

    JPG puts has put a summer version every summer since 2007 or so, and you're right it's usually just Le Male light :( I like the Issey Summer this year, it's along the same vein being a lighter...
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    Re: Do you really care for your fragrances?

    LOL I think I love you!!
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    Re: new fragrance: Hanae Mori HiM

    The EDP was my fragrance of choice for all my Christmas parties this past year. I do like it a lot

    That SA is an idiot.... I say that about very few fragrances (D&G The One Sport is the main...
  40. Re: just opened up Men's Journal magazine.......Salvatore Ferragamo's AQCUA ESSENTIALE is in there

    Thanks :) Does being an opera singer suffice? :)

    - - - Updated - - -

    I can get what your saying as well, there is a weird vibe to this one.
  41. Re: Some laugh... "Tell me your best, strangest, incredible buyl!"

    My first time buying at a Neiman Marcus was during a little Creed fragrance party in the store that I set up with my coworkers. The night before we had 19 people saying they wanted to come, so the...
  42. Re: just opened up Men's Journal magazine.......Salvatore Ferragamo's AQCUA ESSENTIALE is in there

    lol I think I did a few reviews that day and was running out of space on my arm to spray so I could refresh my memory :} Although I spray there often since I tend to wash a frag off by accident...
  43. Re: According to my Macy's SA, only old men buy Thierry Mugler

    As stated before there is a HUGE difference between a SA and a Fragrance Model. I have a feeling at least one of the pushy ones was a Model. But, I do feel your pain and yes there are plenty of SA's...
  44. Re: just opened up Men's Journal magazine.......Salvatore Ferragamo's AQCUA ESSENTIALE is in there

    I'm not that impressed with it. has a synthetic vibe to it, and not in a good way. I reviewed this on my YouTube channel :}
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    Re: Questions for fragrance lovers

    How much $$$ have you spent on your fragrances so far ?This was painful for me to realize... I just added up the bottles in my wardrobe and it was over $4,000 But that doesn't count all the decants...
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    Re: What to get!?

    +1 to this

    "Eau D'Hadrien Absolu by Annick Goutal" Bloomingdales actually does carry this.

    I would also look into Terre d'Hermes and Spicebomb
  47. Re: According to my Macy's SA, only old men buy Thierry Mugler

    OK :) lots to say here, I actually am a SA in fragrances and I will gladly to battle with any blow up doll you throw at me. :)

    First, to the OP's question, Yes, she is crazy and yes there is some...
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    Re: Pick of the liter from macys?

    Sadly this along with Pour Monsieur are no longer available at Macy's.

    +1 on Pure Havane since it is a "Limited Edition" Also look at Mont Blanc Legend and Chrome Summer Edition 2013 since they...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Not bad :) Keep your eye out for the bigger bottles of Shock, it's a very nice fragrance especially for the money.

    I love stories like this, Haven't had it happen to me yet, but I keep...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    The 6.7oz bottle can be found for $29.99 and the 3.4oz is $24.99, so keep that in mind :)
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    Re: Do You Ever Clean Your Bottles?

    I recently got a bottle of Kouros in a swap, the bottle arrived and was just fine, but had a bit of dirt and a few scratches on it, nothing major at all, just normal wear and tear on that white...
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    Re: Best cologne for a 14 1/2 year old?

    Also give Mont Blanc Legend a try. The small bottle should be able to be had for the upper end of your limit.
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    Re: Perfumania...somethings not right???

    I wish we could prosecute them. It happens often, someone will try to save some $ and buy a frag from the kiosk in the mall and realize it's a fake. The kiosk doesn't have a return policy of course,...
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    Re: Perfumania...somethings not right???

    OK, quite a few things here that I hope I can clear up a bit.

    There are several reasons why at the "upper end" U.S. department stores the prices are full retail. Among these are guarantees of...
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    As with most summer scents it stays pretty close to the skin. But when I wore it I would notice it here and there once in awhile, so it's not a disappearing act like many of the others.
  56. Re: NEW fragrance Dark Obsession for men by Calvin Klein

    really? They must be way behind on their stock or it might be a small store. My store got 17 new frags just in Men's in the last 2 months. It's been crazy :}
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    CKO Summer 2013 has better longevity than most of the other CKO summers. I got a few hours out of it, a friend of mine that bought it and loves it and he says he gets really great longevity out of...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I waited long enough for this one to get discounted yet again and I got Santos de Cartier for $29.00 :) Haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping the longevity isn't as bad as everyone says it is. But for...
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    Re: John Varvatos Platinum Edition - ?

    I was able to try it last night, I loved the opening, but it reminded me a lot of the 10 year anniversary edition. Weird thing was that my first spray on the inside of my elbow seemed to disappear...
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    Re: easy use cologne

    I would not recommend Issey Sport, some may like it, but it's not really a crowd pleaser. Maybe you can try the Issey Summer this year, it's cheaper and is more palatable than the original for the...
  61. Re: Where can I get Pure Havane in the US?

    Go to any Macy's and if they don't have it ask them to look at what stores do have it and they can even print out the whole list of stores that do. The vast majority of stores were only given 3...
  62. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    from Bigtruck260 Gucci Pour Homme :)
  63. Would this be a good item to store my fragrances?

    I've been looking for something to store my bottles since I don't have much drawer space left and my clothes have become orphans strewn around the room. I have about 150 bottles and I saw this the...
  64. Re: Another Acqua... Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale

    I just got a chance to try this and I'm not getting much Bleu de Chanel at all. There is a little similarity on the dry down with the labdanum, but it's a stretch to my nose.
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    Re: Macy's Cologne Preferences

    For the limited quantity that is out there I would look into Pure Havane and Gucci II. Havane may not be around much longer and Gucci II is starting to go higher and higher online.

    1 Million is...
  66. Re: How do you choose which fragrance to wear?

    Combo of Weather, occasion, who I'm going to be with, what I'm wearing.. but it's not like I dwell on it, well I have been known to take a week or so to think about what to wear for a big event :)
  67. Re: Your most loved and hated note in perfumery currently.

    Love: Leather

    Hate: Ginger

    (wait.. did he just say sperm and blood?)
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    NO, I smell nothing remotely similar between CKOS2013 and AdG. Other than being a light crisp clean frag they are not similar. AdG has a Mediterranean, sea salt, citrus, and woodsy vibe to it thanks...
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    No, I haven't seen 2012 for months now. I can try to check if there are any in my company's other stores, but that might not help you in Brazil :(
    If you have any friends in the US that live near a...
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    The juice for 2013 is clear, only the bottle is blue. So, should be no fear about stains.

    BTW, I went to the mall with a buddy of mine who not really into cologne that much, but he absolutely...
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    LOL Thanks man :) Sadly, I started working in fragrances Fall of 2008, so I just caught the end of CK One summer that year and my memory of it is sketchy. I know that the last few years have not...
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    lol cool :) I like this years better. I have only worn it a few times, but it seemed to have decent longevity. Last years smelled like watermelon jolly ranchers candy to me, which was a neat...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    This makes me want to move to Canada!! :)
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    These flankers are, for the most part, fairly similar year to year although they do tend to alternate between aquatic and citrus notes. There has a been some comparison between 2013 and 2008 but I...
  75. Re: Santos de Cartier, red box, good deal for $39?

    Well, I decided to pass on the Santos, maybe if it goes down some more I will pick it up. But I did buy Azzaro Night Time. I'm liking it! I feel I paid a little too much $25 for a 1.7oz bottle, but...
  76. Re: Pure Malt vs Pure Havane vs A Taste of Frag vs A*Men my two cents....

    I am so glad Havane is back in the stores and I am hearing rumors that Malt is also returning to the shelves of Macy's soon as well.

    I have the original and leather now, I will be getting Havane,...
  77. Re: Santos de Cartier, red box, good deal for $39?

    My fault, it is the large 100ml bottle. Thanks for your input. For anyone who has had the "new" formulation, is the longevity really that bad?
  78. Santos de Cartier, red box, good deal for $39?

    So there is a bottle of Santos at my local TJ's that has been tempting me for awhile. It's on red tag clearance for $39 and I guess part of me keeps waiting for it to go a little lower :) I'm a fan...
  79. Re: Which female fragrances have you worn / tried ?

    Bronze Goddess - estee lauder
    Alien Essence Absolue -mugler
    Zen original - Shiseido
    Angel fragrance of leather - mugler
    Sensuous Noir - estee lauder
  80. Re: NEW fragrance Dark Obsession for men by Calvin Klein

    Finally got a chance to try this and put a review on my YouTube page. It's a pretty familiar smell, as a matter of fact I bought my first bottle of this (almost) same juice back in 2011... and paid...
  81. Re: Tester bottles vs Retail bottles - strength ?

    Perhaps you might want to look at this a little differently.

    If you are dealing with a department store then my theory may not work. But, if you are going to a discounter or a kiosk then maybe...
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    NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    Another flanker from Nautica....

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Lime, Green Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Brazilian Rainforest Pitanga Fruit, Crisp Apple Traces, Seaweed Absolute.

    Mid Notes: Pink...
  83. Clarins Fragrance Group to start distributing Lagerfeld fragrances in 2014

    From what I hear it will only be for new Lagerfeld fragrances, although I hope they will also distribute Lagerfeld Classic. Just an old favorite of mine that I miss in the stores :)

    I liked...
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    Re: Pure Havane relaunch ?

    Pure Havane is being re-released as a limited edition and should be in the stores within a week or so. It will only come as a 3.4oz bottle for $89 in the US. As RedRaider said it has been on the site...
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    Re: Mont Blanc Legend or A&F Fierce?

    THIS ^ I have worn them side by side, on on each arm and I still don't get the comparison. And every time I did this test MBL outlasted PE.

    I would give the upper hand to MBL, I haven't had a...
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    Poll: Re: Acqua di Gio Essenza vs Bleu de Chanel

    I like Bleu, just like. And maybe I would rate Essenza higher if it had better longevity and projection and most importantly if it wasn't disgustingly overpriced.
  87. Re: Running out of ideas for summer citrus Help !

    +1 on Dior Homme Sport and Eau Sauvage

    Also, try the new Prada Luna Rossa. I have developed a fondness for this one as of late and it has very respectable longevity. I think it will do very well...
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    Re: Winter fragrance for high schooler?

    +1 on CK One Shock and A*Men, also give Pure Leather, Armani Code Ultimate, Hanae Mori HiM EDP and JPG Le Male a try. With your budget you could get a 6.7oz bottle of CK One Shock and a small bottle...
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    Re: AMen Pure Leather??

    I like Pure Leather very much. I am a big fan of A*Men and totally agree with the others who have said it is not as close to the original as some people think. I also agree it is easier to wear Pure...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Went to Kmart and found a few frags on clearance. Bought a Old Spice AS and Deo Stick for $5 and this Perry Ellis 360 set with 1oz spray, 3oz AS and Shower gel for only $6. When I first sprayed it...
  91. Re: If it's being discontinued, will I see it soon at discount places

    Many good things said here already, I'll just add that it is rare for a widely distributed fragrance to be in full production on minute then be discontinued the next. Therefore the supply of that...
  92. Re: Spot the Fake and note the discrepancies :)

    Nice :) You got quite a few of them. One thing I will say with this one is that the juice color does vary quite a bit even with the real ones. Most of that I think has to do with how full the bottles...
  93. Re: Spot the Fake and note the discrepancies :)

    Cool :) what makes you say that?
  94. Spot the Fake and note the discrepancies :)

    Once every few weeks we have customers who try to return fragrances they claim they bought from us, but have no receipt, box, proof of purchase or anything. I'm sure they know the bottles are fake...
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    Re: Aftershave/Dated vibe

    +1 on Pierre Cardin and adding

    Tabak Original. Such a cheapie and was my favorite purchase of last year. A bit nasty out of the bottle, but the dry down is amazing.
  96. Re: What is cheaper alternative to Eau Sauvage

    It's too bad you're not in the states. I got my ES 3.4oz bottle on sale for $35 at perfumania. It goes on sale once or twice a year
  97. Re: Terre D'Hermes high school signature scent

    Definitely worth it! one of my all time faves. Give it some time and if you can try to spray it from a full bottle in a store, it might give a better wearing.
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    NEW Chrome Summer Edition 2013

    Should be on the shelves soon, Chrome will release another summer flanker.

    Top Notes: Cypress, Cedrat Coeur, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Madarin
    Heart Notes: Fresh...
  99. Sticky: Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread

    OSCARS sample giveaway contest :)

    I recently had my first giveaway contest for the Super Bowl and now I am doing one for the Oscar's.

    Make predictions on who you think will win certain...
  100. Replies

    OSCARS Sample Giveaway Contest :)

    I had a Super Bowl giveaway on my youtube channel a few weeks ago and now it's time for an Oscar's giveaway.

    All the details are in the YouTube video:

    One lucky...
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