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    Re: Affordable masterpieces

    +1...especially Equipage!

    I'll add vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, too.
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    Re: What have we become?


    If I like (or don't like) the smell of a fragrance, I've found that it stays pretty consistent with me. It makes no difference who makes it or how much it costs.
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    Re: Trouble finding Bois Du Portugal

    You can get a sample of it at

    And also here....
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    Re: Dealing w bottle theft

    It has never actually happened to me, but I once thought it did. I can definitely relate to how upsetting it is and how furious it makes you.

    You experience such a sense of loss, and if it's...
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    Re: Creamy Cozy Sandalwood

    I wouldn't.
  6. Re: Straight to Heaven/Vintage Tabarome & other rare Creeds/Coccobello/Bond9Hamptons/Balenciaga/SAMP

  7. Re: What is your choice for the most weirdest fragrance?

    A Lab on Fire's Paris*LA is probably my weirdest fragrance with its coke and cookies smell, but I still love it.
  8. Re: Rank the Creed Royal Exclusives line based on longevity, compliments, scent and projection

    Pure White Cologne is really the only one I love of the Exclusives. I have S&W and JdA, but rarely wear them.
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    Re: By Kilian Recommendations

    Does Surrender to Chance ship internationally? I believe they have most all in the Kilian line.
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    Re: By Kilian Recommendations

    I would recommend Straight to Heaven and Apple Brandy for sure, and consider Back to Black and Single Malt.

    Prelude to Love is also a nice unisex fragrance, but it doesn't get much attention.
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    Re: Got my Creed Royal Mayfair

    I agree with you. I used one spray from my RM sample, and I'll be darned if the longevity didn't beat both my 2009 and 2010. And I'm not too sure the overall dry down doesn't beat both of them as...
  12. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    I was surprised to read that RM reminded you of 1849 in any way. To me, they are as different as day and night, so I never would have thought of comparing them.

    I'm betting you will stay with your...
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    Re: Better compliment getter

    Compliments on fragrances are rare, so it's of no consideration to me when choosing.

    I just buy what I like the best. In this case, it would be LDDM.
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    Re: Next purchase

    MI. It's much more versatile.
  15. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair...does it have a best season for wear?

    Interesting that Windsor was assigned # 81 in the Creed line, and now Royal Mayfair is # 81.
  16. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair...does it have a best season for wear?

    Yes, wonderful and versatile year 'round. :smiley:
  17. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    I think that will be exactly what happens; short term exclusivity.
  18. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    Hmm....that wouldn't even make sense. They already sell the "Exclusives" line of fragrances, so why wouldn't they sell Royal Mayfair....which is reportedly supposed to be part of their regular line...
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    Re: Bentley Intense - I am Hooked!

    I fell for the hype on this one and bought it. After wearing it twice, I realized it was too strong for my the point of feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. And that was just with one...
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    Re: Penhallagon’s: Best offering?

    I like Juniper Sling from this house. I just wish they would tone down the pepper; way too strong.
  21. Re: Comparing Two Fragrances for Blind Buy: Polo Black or Burberry London

    I prefer Burberry London.
  22. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    Yes, they are making official Creed samples out of Royal Mayfair. Just got mine today from Neiman's in a 2.5 ml spray vial.

    I have a lot of Windsor, so I am in no hurry to buy a bottle of Royal...
  23. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Just got my official Creed sample of Royal Mayfair from my SA at Neiman's (yes, they do have them in 2.5 ml spray vials).

    I do agree with the others. The opening is very slightly different than...
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    Re: Thinking about slowing down...

    I have definitely slowed down, but I don't think I'll ever actually STOP acquiring altogether for any significant period of time.

    About the only way I could see doing that would be to completely...
  25. Re: Name a fragrance you own, but no other Basenoter does...

    I don't know that NO other Basenoter has this, but I know I'm one of the few that has Creed Windsor in their usual 2.5 oz spray bottle. It's a tester, of course. :smiley:
  26. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Creed reps (including those at the Creed Boutique and the Creeds themselves) will tell you that anytime you are working with "natural" ingredients that there is the potential for batch differences....
  27. Re: Should we spend more on higher quality deodorants?

    The best deodorants today are the ones labeled "clinical" strength, and the brand does not matter, as they are all have the same active ingredient.

    Look on the back and buy the...
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    Re: Platinum Egoiste a good choice?

    PE isn't an age-dependent type fragrance, IMO. It's just a clean, versatile, good-smelling scent that anyone can wear for any occasion.

    I actually wore PE yesterday for the first time in quite...
  29. Re: Planning to buy ....some must haves for a mid range popular collection ..please help

    3, 6 and 8 would be my recommendations from your list, but I would suggest Pure Havane/Malt over the regular Amen.
  30. Re: Deciding on whether to get A*men or Bleu De Chanel?

    Agree. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Creed Selection Verte is delicious!

    It's still available, but only in flacon size, which is usually too much for most people. I believe I've seen people splitting it on occasion on Basenotes, but not positive.

    You might request...
  32. Re: Which Fragrance Won You Over With The Unexpected Dry Down?

    Nice thread! I have so many with great dry downs, but 3 of my favorites are....

    Creed Windsor
    Creed Angelique Encens
    The Different Company De Bachmakov
  33. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    Was sent this from my Creed rep in Dallas....

    "Yes, we will be releasing Royal Mayfair in August, and will have it available for pre-order beginning July 20. All of the Neiman Marcus stores will...
  34. Re: Damn, just blind bought 150ml/5oz of Dior Homme Intense

    Ordinarily, I would recommend keeping it, too. But the thing that's odd to me is that you said the longevity and projection were gone in an hour.

    Some love DHI and some don't like it at all, but...
  35. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    Neimans and all the rest will eventually have it because it's going to be part of Creeds regular line.

    But if you're going to buy it full price, get it from the Creed Boutique so at least you...
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    Re: New haarlem

    LOL...I agree. It doesn't get any easier than that!

    Fragrancenet should be the best price, after their 25% discount. Also, get 6% cash back when you access F'net through
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    Re: Midnight in Paris

    EdT for me. Smells better from the start, IMO.
  38. Re: what is your #creed #favourite #fragrance ?

    Hard to choose for me between Vintage Tabarome, Windsor and Pure White Cologne. Oh, and my cherished Green Valley. :wink:
  39. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    I assume it's not part of the Royal Exclusives or the price for a flacon would be $710.00 like the others and be in the fancy spray bottle. But it's "only" $650.00 for a flacon. What a deal!

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    Re: Creed 1849

    Smelled it and had no interest at all in buying it.
  41. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Make sure you establish an account on Parfumerie Soleil d'Or so you will see the correct prices for people in the USA. If you don't sign in, you will not see the lowest price because people in the...
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    Re: Windsor vs. Portrait of a Lady

    Your wife has an excellent smeller! :wink:
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    Re: Windsor vs. Portrait of a Lady

    Yes, but you can always buy the new Royal Mayfair, which is Windsor by a different name. Reviews have been limited, but the one I read was very good. A 50 ml split here on Basenotes is just a little...
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    Re: The thing women most often said.

    If that's what they were saying back then, then I would agree with them.

    Generally, I do NOT like female (only) fragrances. I prefer my lady to wear unisex fragrances that I also like and could...
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    Re: Windsor vs. Portrait of a Lady

    Yes, I agree with you. POAL is a very polarizing scent. I remember being shocked when I first tried it because I couldn't wash it off of me fast enough. I couldn't believe that it gets the acclaim...
  46. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Sampled the following 13 By Kilian fragrances over the last week or so.....and found only 2 of them bottle worthy (which is actually a good thing)! :wink:

    Apple Brandy - Absolutely fantastic. I...
  47. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Royal Mayfair may not ever show up at places like Fragrancenet, just like the Royal Exclusives have never been sold there.

    Regardless of whether Royal Mayfair does make its way to the American...
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    Re: Pretentious - Expensive -- Rubbish

    Yes, I agree with the posts above. There are just too many fragrances I don't like; I dislike many more fragrances than I like.

    But if I like it, I'm willing to spend to get it. By Kilian is a...
  49. Re: How many do you currently own from this list? Include samples as well!

    I have owned (or sampled) as many as 46 of these, but have since sold many of them. Currently, I own 15 of them, including....

    Green Irish Tweed
    Millesime Imperial
    Terre d'Hermes
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    Re: Surrender to Chance samples

    This is why they make so many different fragrances....all our opinions are different. Of the 5 listed, Coromandel is my LEAST favorite, and it's not close for me, either. :smiley:
  51. Re: By Kilian: Straight To Heaven, Splash of .... WHAT ??!!

    I sampled Straight to Heaven Splash of Lemon today and it's EXACTLY what the name implies. Exactly! And that "splash" of lemon lasted maybe 10-15 minutes for me. Then it turned into the Straight to...
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    Re: Lemon in Zest/By Killian

    I got a sample of Lemon in Zest today. According to Fragrantica, top notes are mandarin orange and italian lemon; middle notes are vanilla and brandy; base notes are indonesian patchouli leaf and...
  53. Re: By Killian boutique - Wonderful customer service!

    Kilian personnel in the New York store told me that they no longer sell the 3.4 ounce refill bottles like they used to. The only ones they sell retail now are the 50 ml refill bottles.

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    Re: Versace L'Homme - Bad News

    Both of these appear to be the same current version that began in 2009, according to this post and picture....
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    Re: I'm looking for an amazing Sandalwood!

    I would love to smell Crabtree and Evelyn's Extract of Mysore Sandalwood on my lady, but unfortunately, this beauty can only be found for high prices on eBay now.

    Also, seek out Santal Imperial by...
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    Re: Lemon in Zest/By Killian

    I finally got through to the Kilian house in New York and they said that the 50 ml refills for Lemon in Zest and Single Malt will eventually be available, but they aren't available right now.
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    Re: I tried creed Royal Mayfair

    First of all, I don't see how it could smell like Aventus if it has exactly the same notes as Windsor, NOT Aventus. So I don't believe it smells like Aventus.

    And the juice? It's looks almost...
  58. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    I just find it very surprising that Creed appears to be trying in every way to pass RM off as Windsor III, yet right off the bat there appears to be a BIG difference if the color of the juice isn't...
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    Re: Reformulations that don't suck

    Helmut Lang's recently released Cuiron is an excellent representation of the original.
  60. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Doesn't seem like it could possibly be "exactly" the same then.

    I wonder why it's a different color?
  61. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    It's supposed to be the same as Windsor, with the same ingredients.

    However, most people are saying they would be surprised if it's the same, due to IFRA, so as always, it's best to sample before...
  62. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    The color of the juice in that picture against the white background of the magazine appears much lighter than any Windsor I've ever seen. Looks like it's got a light green tint to it, which was not...
  63. Re: Which Tom Ford fragrance is your favorite?

    My favorites are Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, Italian Cypress and Azure Lime. I would probably choose Tobacco Vanille as my favorite, even though I don't wear it this time of year.
  64. Re: Name the fragrance you smelled for the first time and bought without second thought.

    By Kilian Apple Brandy and Single Malt
  65. Re: Name the fragrance you smelled for the first time and bought without second thought.

    Creed Green Valley
  66. Re: Name your best leather (forget the "again?" - Keep on reading)

    I like Baladin by Parfums de Nicolai. It is a friendly leather scent that DOES smell like leather, is not overly strong as some can be, and has little to no risk of being offensive or off-putting to...
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    Re: Thoughts about this fragrances list?

    I did not care for any of the Parfums de Marly. Very overrated house, IMO.

    The ones on your list I would definitely recommend are Liquidnight by A Lab on Fire and 40 Knots by Xerjoff. Both smell...
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    Re: Creed Royal Water

    I believe I read he doesn't wear fragrances, but his favorite Creed is Silver Mountain Water.

    But, yes, nothing they say can be believed based on their past actions.
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    Re: Tell me about LIDGE

    It's great. Sample it and buy it if you like it.
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    Re: Creed Royal Water

    It was too effeminate for me. Plus, I really was not enamored with the overall scent.

    Isn't this the one that was supposedly created for Princess Di?
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    Re: Lemon in Zest/By Killian

    Just got something from Surrender to Chance and they have Lemon in Zest available for sampling already. And they just so happen to have a special going on for Kilian fragrances, along with 4 other...
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    Re: Azure Lime or Tuscan Leather?

    It depends on whether you want something that smells good to most people (Azure Lime) or is potentially offensive to many people (Tuscan Leather).

    As stated, these are two significantly different...
  73. Re: Fake or Tester? Creed Baie de Genievre

    I have seen the sticker on the bottom of the bottle and it is no problem at all.

    By the way, only buy the Baie de Genievre if you can determine that it's an older bottle. The newer ones that were...
  74. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before. Most say it's the other way around.

    And if you don't mind sharing, where did you get a decant of 2009 Windsor for retail prices? Retail where?
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    Re: Loose caps on Creeds?

    I keep most all of my fragrances in their boxes and I've learned that I might as well turn my Creeds completely upside down to get the bottle out, because if I just grab the cap and try to pull it...
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    Re: Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance.

    delfa, just wanted to tell you that getting the "CL" code is a good sign, because it's at least a sure sign that the package isn't lost and is working its way through the system.

    Like hednic,...
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    Re: Do you smell Aventus often?

    Don't believe I ever have, now that you mention it. How odd.
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    Re: By kilian intoxicated or TM amen

    Some will tell you that no Kilian is similar to any other fragrance, and that they are all 100% unique scents. Don't believe them! :wink:

    For the price, I'd recommend getting Pure Malt over...
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    Re: Is By Kilian copying fragrances?

    Actually, they DO smell very much like the ones I mentioned, and they are not ALL unique. That's why I brought up this thread. No doubt, some Kilians are not unique, but have been improved upon over...
  80. Re: What are your thoughts on Mancera Wild Fruits?

    Not good, but I like very few Manceras.
  81. Replies

    Re: You can buy Creed at SEARS

    Creed is sold online by Walgreens, too, which I think is even more surprising than Sears.

    Probably all the same grey market supplier. I've heard Walgreens stock actually comes from Fragrancenet....
  82. Replies

    Re: Is By Kilian copying fragrances?

    Yes, definitely! LOL...and it just so happened that I sampled both of them at the same time; one on the back of each hand. It was like, "What's going on?!?!"

    Afterwards, I did some research and...
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    Re: Creed Vetiver Geranium vs Creed Aventus

    I actually bought both fragrances but wound up selling both of them,mainly because of negative comments about them from the women in my life; namely, my wife and daughter.

    After the negative...
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    Re: Is By Kilian copying fragrances?

    I have always found it amazing that all the songs and melodies that have ever been written have come from only 12 notes from the chromatic scale. 12 notes! Yet hundreds of thousands of songs have...
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    Is By Kilian copying fragrances?

    I found that I really like Straight to Heaven by By Kilian, so I recently decided to sample a few more fragrances from the line. The only other ones I had sampled were Prelude to Love and Back to...
  86. Re: Plan C: Not scrapping the Marketplace, but making it better instead

    +1 on this! If only we could all be so wise! :smiley:
  87. Re: Craving Lily of th Valley at the moment. Any recommendations?

    I haven't smelled it, but by Kilian's "Vodka on the Rocks" has Lily of the Valley in the listed notes. His fragrances are usually very nice and very unisex. And, of course, very expensive.
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    Re: Lemon in Zest/By Killian

    Yes, but it comes with a crystal carafe! :wink:

    It's hard to imagine, but right now, a 22 oz crystal carafe is the only "refill" option shown on the website for the Lemon in Zest....
  89. Re: Plan C: Not scrapping the Marketplace, but making it better instead

    Thanks for the examples, furrypine.

    Yes, I can definitely see what you mean. I just never would have dreamed such problems would be so frequent that the negatives would outweigh the positives of...
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    Re: Bought Single Malt by Kilian today ...

    I know what you mean, and I agree. Like Straight to Heaven, it's just super smooth, lasts a good long time, and smells darn good.
  91. Replies

    Re: Lemon in Zest/By Killian

    You're in luck! It IS available in refill, but it appears you have to buy a 22 oz refill to the tune of $4,500.00!

    Whoever comes up with the sales options for Kilian needs to be fired!...
  92. Re: Plan C: Not scrapping the Marketplace, but making it better instead

    Grant, would you mind telling us a little more about WHY you are ultimately responsible for what goes on in the marketplace? Because I didn't think you were.

    Grant, at the top of the...
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    Re: Bought Single Malt by Kilian today ...

    I sampled Single Malt today and it appears I'm in the minority on this one, as I liked it very much. From the name of it, and from reading a few comments on Basenotes about it, I was thinking it was...
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    Re: Possible future marketplace

    It seems to me all we really need is a message board and we could continue as we were. I know there are bound to be a variety of possibilities across the Internet. We would just need to put someone...
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    Re: Possible future marketplace

    I would prefer to just switch everything as it is currently on Basenotes over to Crystal Flacon.

    I see no reason why the marketplace couldn't continue in exactly the same way that we are all...
  96. Re: [INTL] Creed WINDSOR/Dior FEVE DELICIEUSE/Acqua di Parma/Roja Dove/Armani Prive/+++

    I see no reason why the splits couldn't be continued in exactly the same manner on Crystal Flacon. Just get the word out that they are there now instead of Basenotes.

    It's in the same format that...
  97. Re: Any idea when this bottle of Creed Aubepine Acacia was from?

    Two things struck me by these pictures.

    1. Besides the "Vetyver " being spelled differently, it was noticeably darker and more golden than the Vetiver that was being sold prior to it being...
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    Re: Frederic Malle Cologne Indelebile.

    I haven't done a direct comparison, but if that's true, at least my opinions are consistent. I don't like Neroli Portofino and Cologne Indelibile is even worse! I've always wondered if maybe I just...
  99. Re: Avoid Shipment from Germany, Specially First in Fragrance

    Please post when the strike is over......if anyone keeps up with such things.
  100. Re: Important announcement regarding Marketplace, Blogs and News

    This is a huge loss for the community, IMO. Marketplace activity of all kinds brings a fair amount of traffic to Basenotes, I would think.

    I don't really understand why the responsibility of...
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