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  1. Re: Muscs Koublai Khan layering suggestions?

    The rose suggestion is a good one. It provides something for the observer to hang the stink off of, besides yourself. Perfumes Rosine Rose d' Homme is an absolute delight this way, a really seamless...
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    Re: Instead of Chanel N19

    Another plug for Futur. Not as an exact replacement for my vintage 19, but because Futur smells like I always wished 19 smelled -- just a touch more cruel. It's that snap-your-head-back green...
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    Re: S o t D, Wednesday, 10 June 2009

    Equipage. Plus a coupla blasts of Jolie Madame on one wrist. Originally I was just trying to recall what the Jolie smelled like, but I'm leaving it on, it's a really nice surprise having it weave in...
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    Re: Cabochard versus Bandit

    No idea who started the thread, I just saw it sitting here empty when I was searching for such a discussion relating the two. Both Bandit and Cabochard are swell as masculines, I don't think that's...
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    Re: Cabochard versus Bandit

    What? A great thread title but no posts to the thing?

    OK, I'll start it with a quote from Guy Robert:
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    Re: SotD Thursday 4 June

    For the bright overcast day in San Francisco, cross-dressing in Tommy Girl.
  7. Re: How did the old cabochard edt bottle look?

    I just won this (8oz!) bottle off ebay. It arrived full, with a plastic stopper in place underneath the screw-on cap. (a pour, not a...
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    Re: orange blossom, special

    Doubtless you've all read Burr's commentary by now:
    Excerpting the bits related to this discussion (oh, my goodness...)...
  9. Re: Equipage reformulation, fake, or mistake?

    One last update:

    Today I got a whiff from a modern tester, and the Equipage I received by mail is indeed what Hermes is selling as Equipage these days. Apparently I had been comparing to a...
  10. Re: Equipage reformulation, fake, or mistake?

    Update: I stopped by the local Hermes boutique for a spritz. It matches the decant, and does not match my new bottle. Time to see if the seller will take this back.
  11. Equipage reformulation, fake, or mistake?

    I've received a NIB 100ml Hermes Equipage EDT via ebay, after enjoying a decant from Perfumed Court. The new stuff has only a subset of what's happening in the decant -- heavy on clove(!), missing...
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