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    Re: Ramon Monegal - worth the price?

    Just did a quick search...Several people have samples for sale on EBAY
  2. Re: Baby/Talcum Powder uses with fragrances?

    Actually powder use is discouraged in areas that tend to retain moisture/perspiration. They actually soak up the moisture and hold it close to the skin encouraging fungal growth and rash. Doctors...
  3. Re: LOL @ everyone that complains their MI batch doesn't have enough watermelon...

    You Creed Cheerleaders talk of Batch variations like they were a badge of honor, rather than a horrible business practice of poor quality can spin any problem with Creed into a plus. ...
  4. Re: What by Diptyque deserves most attention?

    Virtually all frags today are "more synthetic" Artificial/synthetic doesn't necessarily mean inferior or bad. Actually all natural ingredients are made up of chemicals, just done without human...
  5. Poll: Re: What is the most overrated out of these

    There is a difference between "over-rated" and "over-obsessed about" The Aventus and GIT are definitely worthy of purchase. Great unique frags....but the freaking obsessional love and dripping...
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    Re: Ramon Monegal - worth the price?

    I have tried 13 of them...Great creativity, didn't hate any of them, some were FB worthy, BUT for $180 and only get 50mls, I have resisted the temptation. If I saw a good price on Dry Wood or Agar...
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    Re: The $100 Rule

    My $600 Tribute sits right next to my $19 Thallium Black...each has a different appeal...There are $300 Creeds I wouldn't take for free, and $19 Chesapeake Bay Spyce Cologne That I would have paid...
  8. Re: Any perfume containing real "Musk" (animalic, deer musk) ?

    real musk, ambergris, civit, fecal notes do smell awful "straight" but highly diluted work great.
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    Re: Slumberhouse

    I've tried Eki, Grev Jike, Vikt, Rume, Sana, Norne, and Pear and Olive, but they were the extrant super concentrated samples. I loved Norne, but not on me...smelled like pine room spray. Pear and...
  10. Re: Most disappointing releases of 2012?

    Almost every dept. store frag. that came out in 2012 disappointed me. I looked in sorrow at the list of nominees for Best Frag. of 2012, and picked none...
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    Re: A fragrance for Kim Jong Un

    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought "creative idea" my second thought was "how many responses until some Creed Cheerleader says "aventus" ...The answer....7
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    Re: Help vetrins!

    Come on now people, there are fresh Montales!!!!! Try Aoud Forest...neither oud nor foresty, it smells fresh citrus, rose, aquatic. VERY FRESH and has the longevity/projection of all Montales
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    Re: Homage,Tribute or Al Shomukh?

    I own a bottle of Tribute, It is richer than Hommage, which is more floral.
  14. Re: That one note that kills it for you...

    I see so many people say they hate anything "synthetic" I agree with the others who respond to that statement by saying virtually all frags currently on the market are synthetic, and the houses who...
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    Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    LOL point taken..."Upon application, I was enraptured to the seventh heaven as the Royal Pineapple glorified the cherubs of heaven...."
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    Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Rex, Give it a try! There is no "right or wrong" reviews...Mine are not 'expert' at all. They just try to convey to people how the frag. struck me. I stick by my belief that to say "it sucks...
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    Re: Amouage for Spring/Summer

    Everyone has to try Tribute Attar at least once in their lives...
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    Re: New Montale Intense Cafe

    Yea, I'm pretty sure he is the Manager of the old Montale boutique in Place Vendome Paris...Not sure if he is still there since they moved locations- took them all spring and summer to move... ...
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    Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Wow, thanks for all the constructive criticisms.
    I didn't mean any harshness on reviewers except to say "This foul mess is garbage" isn't constructive or enlightening as a review. Please tell...
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    Re: Recovery

    Red box!!!
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    Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Yea, but some newbies don't know how to put what the think into words, so as long as they are not just "jumping on the bandwagon" I'm ok with that. Sometimes (especially with Creeds) people just...
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    Re: Recovery

    For me, it is the thrill of a "good deal" When I bought my Amouage Tribute Attar, It was $600 dollars most places, when I finally saw it on a webstore I trusted for $499, I HAD to buy it. I couldn't...
  23. Help for those 'addicted' to buying...

    Hi, I have been collecting frags as an obsession/hobby for about a year now. I can tell that I am on BN far more than I should be...I get angry at the silly posts (I'm not putting anyone down), and I...
  24. Re: When did you first wear Aftershave/cologne/fragrance

    When I started shaving about 13 yrs old...My pop bought me Aqua Velva there was a set of like brown, green, yellow juice. You poured half a bottle on, it burned like a son-of-a-gun, and you smelled...
  25. Re: What is the best male fragrance for men?

    Couldn't be. Nope.... There aren't a Bazillion threads about how it's label peals, which batch sucks, how it's sprayer nozzle sqeaks like two old people having sex on a rusty mattress, or whether...
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    Re: Best Scent to Watch the Oscars?

    I'm NOT criticizing anyone in particular but I get SO SICK of "what should I wear to watch Television" or "What is the best frag to wear to grandma's funeral" Come strangers who never met...
  27. Re: A weird Montale from Luckyscent

    I own 6 Montale FBs and that is absolutely correct. The glass in other bottles is what is heavy. Plus the can is made to hold 150mls and they only put 100mls in so it sloshes like it's half empty.
  28. Re: Bond no.9 I love NY For all or New Harlem?

    I learned long ago never ever blind buy Bond no 9. New Haarlem was a nice gourmand with a very annoying cinnamon/cove/spicey note that ruined it for me.
  29. Re: Those great little decants from Luckyscent

    I bought a bag of 2ml plastic atomizers.. I personally HATE daubers. you get maybe a 2cm by 2cm area of frag on your skin. An atomizer takes that same amount, and spreads it over a huge area. You...
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    Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Ok, for all you newbies out there, listen up. I have a pet peeve...a large one. We welcome your reviews of fragrances, we even understand that you are new, and maybe can't break down all the notes...
  31. Re: Fragrance Madness Voting - FINAL FOUR

    I never got all the hype over TdH...It smelled of rotten oranges.. I just couldn't get past that fermented orange. The drydown is very nice, but I couldn't hold my breath that long.
  32. Re: Amouage Opus Collection 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 , 5 ,6 ??

    Tried them all, didn't dislike any, but 6 (VI) really floated my boat. I love it but being a Cheapskate, I am waiting for a good deal on it. Strange thing is Nobody ever has it for less that $160. ...
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    Re: Amouage Interlude Man

    I'll wait for Opus VII and skip this one...All I got from IM was alot of pepper and spices, I wasn't picking up the Oregano everyone talks about.
  34. Re: New house and four launches from Franck Boclet

    "warm" frags...I like benzoin tincture, it has a unique middle-eastern smell
  35. Poll: Re: Green Irish Tweed, Millisime Imperial or Aventus?

    I own full bottles of all three...the MI is a generic mess. Waste of my money. GIT and Aventus are nice, without the longevity I wish they had.
  36. Re: Best fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Amouage Tribute...You never forget it.
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    Re: Your Favorite or Best Citrus

    Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St. Clements by Heeley
  38. Re: after to send them internationally

    I have written "beauty supply" also...but unfortunately the ladies at my post office specifically ask now about fragrances. They all ask "is this perfume?" Which technically it might not be...but I...
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    Re: Rume by Slumberhouse

    I bought samples of all the Slumberhouse frags awhile back, I dislike Rume...there was something fermented or rotten behind the spices. One of those frags that has that "one note" that kills it for...
  40. Re: Calling All By Kilian Fans (And Haters): A 100% By Kilian Thread

    I love the Pure Oud, It just isn't worth the money for me only b/c its longevity isn't great...there are several other frags that smell close with much better longevity. If I found a really good...
  41. Re: I cant believe people think Cool Water smells like Green Irish Tweed

  42. Re: Creed Royal Oud didn't like first try loved second try.

    I own a FB, but the oud is sawdust variety, and weak. It isn't indicative of an Oud frag, and has only fair longevity. It's dry-down is why I own it...and only b/c I got a really good deal on a...
  43. Re: after to send them internationally

    East Coast USA...I know many people lie on the customs form...But that is illegal. I have had postal workers tell me that If I lie to them, there is a fine and/or imprisonment. I won't risk it and...
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    Re: New Montale Intense Cafe

    - - - Updated - - -

    There was a HUGE thread about 6 months ago about Pierre. There is a Pierre in the Paris shoppe, NOT Montale though. THere really is no Pierre Montale that I could ever find. ...
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    Re: Jaques Evard Thallium Black

    I know it was just "overlooked" There are a lot more "hated" frags that are listed... I also know it was "submitted" back last summer for listing but never showed up. Fragrentica also has overlooked...
  46. Re: 2013 Amoauge Opus VII (7) due in April.

    OH MAN!!! I've been waiting for this...I LOVE Opus VI. Nothing in the "news" section of their website.
  47. Re: after to send them internationally

    I quit shipping anything internationally. I used to send samples, decants, and FBs but the Customs Officials are "confiscating" more and more...I had a decant of Tribute (luckily only 5mls)...
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    Jaques Evard Thallium Black

    I decided on this as my SOTD today and got wondering...why the heck isn't it listed in either BN or Fragrentica's list of frags??? It isn't new, it is 3 or 4 years old? Ok, I admit there are some...
  49. Re: Not in Front of Other People: Spraying Perfumes is an Intimate Matter

    I'm a nurse, and there is an issue with tons of smells around patients. I wear it lightly and something close to the skin around them. If I walk into a bathroom and smell the sillage of someone...
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    Re: New Montale Intense Cafe

    There is no Pierre Montale...he is a made up marketing ploy. Montales are made by some guy in a back room in The United Arab Emirates. There was a thread about it a year or two ago...
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    Re: New Montale Intense Cafe

    To my nose Montales are either LOVE or HATE frags. I have tried about 20 of them and own 5. I will definitely be testing this one. I think they failed on Chocolate Greedy...too linear.
  52. Re: Fragrances with Longevity and Good Projection

    Anything by Montale, Anything by Bond no. 9, Anything by Thierry Mugler, Stay away from Penhaligon's and Creed, they may smell nice but they won't last 4hrs. ( may get 4hrs from GIT)
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    Re: Smells like orange and chocolate

    Serendipity 3 seems to be close. Montale Chocolate greedy is about the vanilla and chocolate, no citrus You could layer it with Heeley's Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St. Clements.
    For a...
  54. Re: Name a gourmand better than New Haarlem.

    Serendipity at 1/10th the price of New Haarlem or Montale Red Aoud at half the price...
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    Re: Bond no. 9

    Yep, a real shame...They project/last like crazy. I wish I liked more than just 2 or 3 out of the zillion they make...
  56. Re: How often do you use your rare/vintage/discontinued fragrance from your collection?

    My 30ml bottle of Amouage Tribute isn't discontinued, but at $600/30mls, I wear it 5 or 6 times/ year.
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    Re: Question

    Wow...there just went 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back....
  58. Re: Your most loved and hated note in perfumery currently.

    liking Oud
    disliking most Vetiver except Mona Di Oirio's Vetyver...Yummm
  59. Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    Some of the same BN'ers who advocate drenching themselves in fragrance and forcing everyone around them to experience it are the same ones who will whine and cry if someone with a cigarette is...
  60. Re: Fragrancenet: Amouage Epic woman unboxed refunded because it's out of stock..a LIE!

    I've bought from them before...they are a little shady. They had Creed MI on their website for almost $20 more that they were also selling it on EBAY...Free shipping on EBAY. Same company, same...
  61. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    NOOOOOOOO.....not my Tribute...anything but that!!!
  62. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    From MDCLX:
    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extreme
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    Re: Mont Blanc Legend?

    I tried it for the first time on Sunday...on blotter. I loved it, now I will try it on skin for longevity/projection.
  64. Poll: Re: Do you share a kind of olfactory complicity/bond with one or more basenoters?

    Hednic and I seem to have alot of scents in common...then again I think he has like 1500 bottles, so he has alot in common with almost everyone.
  65. Re: What is today's "popular Basenotes fragrance"?

    It's no problem...I'll try it a few more times, , and then sell the whole bottle as "used" I've done it before with really popular frags, the resale value is almost as high as "New" In fact I was...
  66. Re: I'm really warming up to L'Homme Libre!

    I love it...inexpensive and smells good...a good combination. Beware will find alot of "haters" who criticize anything mainstream, and especially flankers... I respect not liking...
  67. Re: What is today's "popular Basenotes fragrance"?

    I have been collecting fragrances as a hobby for a year now. I have heard so much talk about Creed Millesime Imperial that I finally blind bought a bottle. I own Aventus and GIT, and do like them...
  68. Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    If I spray "more than enough" on, It overpowers my sense of smell, I wear frags for me, not others, I have some that I put just one spritz low on the chest, and it is plenty, anymore makes me want to...
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    Re: Sample Usage Question

    I hate dauber vials, you don't get even coverage a few "globs" of frag on each side of the neck, at best a "smear" I buy empty 2ml atomizers and dumb them in there, a few Spritzes give a better idea...
  70. Re: What does Versace's "Dreamer" dream about?

    His big brother Pour Homme...
  71. Re: What is the ultimate most macho alpha male scent ever created?

    Fahrenheit, Old Spice, and Stetson...Man I can see those unshaved dirty Sam Elliott types clearly!!
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    Re: Bond no. 9

    They often use an artificial grape/plum chemical note that permeates their frags, making them unwearable. Riverside Dr. Bleeker St. to name a few. Some people don't smell it or don't mind it, but I...
  73. Re: When does Complexity become Cacophony?

    The great Phil Spector, record producer for the Beatles had a technique called "the Wall of Sound" where he took huge orchestras, amplified certain instruments, and basically created a huge wall of...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Malt or Pure Havane?

    Me too...PM smells like A*Men without the tar...PH has more depth.
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    Re: Best Amber Frag for Men?

    Bn9 New York Amber is my favorite.
  76. Re: Seeking online seller of samples, previously at ebay

    Surrender to Chance . com
  77. Re: Seeking online seller of samples, previously at ebay

    That's funny...I am the opposite. I used to pay $4 or $5 each for samples PLUS shipping from StC or TPC but lately get huge lots on EBAY...Just bought 46 niche samples 1ml each for less than $50. I...
  78. Re: Loving Cuir d'Arabie, but my wife swears it smells just like a popular women's perfume!

    It is in my top 3 favorite frags, Love the fecal opening and leather dry-down. Longevity/projection monster...doesn't smell like any women's frag I smelled, perhaps a tiny bit like the unisex dark...
  79. Re: When does Complexity become Cacophony?

    I like to look at postives vs. neutral and negative reviews...True some people are kind and never give negative reviews, or only review if the like a frag...and we all know creed heads rate...
  80. Re: What would you name your own fragrance creation?

    CSx Pour Homme...CSx stands for Creed Sux Pour Homme....
  81. Re: Thoughts, what fragrance best fits this picture?- Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Montale Dark Aoud, Montale Cuir d'Arabie
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    Re: Bond no. 9

    I heard Bn9 discontinued their association with Andy Warhol...they will rename all the frags associated with his name
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    Re: Please help me identify a scent?

    Oh BROTHER....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Your description was nothing like Aventus...and unless you are trolling trying to stir up yet another Creed thread, you were not smelling Aventus. There...
  84. Re: Millesime Imperial vs. Allure Homme Sport & Bleu de Chanel

    MI is worshiped like a god around here, so I am in the minority, but It is kind of generic smelling, costs a fortune, and doesn't last 2 hrs so I would go with Chanel.
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    Re: Thank you BN

    LOL, Never thought of it that way...Man, I have brought home some skanky...frags.
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    Re: Good Scents with Good Longevity

    Inexpensive High School type: Versace Pour Homme, great longevity...YSL L'Homme Libre, THierry Mugler A*Men, Pure Malt, or Pure Havanna have great longevity, and you can get them on sale...
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    Re: Oudh

    this ^^^^^^
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    Re: Layering Pure Agarwood Oil

    I agree...Montale Black Aoud is oud and rose...try putting a drop of rose oil and a drop of oud in your palm with unscented lotion...mix it with your finger and apply to your arms and chest.
  89. Re: A*men - How long till that TAR F's off?

    Never, if you are lucky...that is what makes it unique. Otherwise just buy Montale Chocolate Greedy and be done with it.
  90. Re: How long does a bottle of cologne last you?

    Yea, It was broken down about a year ago here on BN, the average was about 8-9 spritzes for 1ml, 100ml bottle= about 900 spritzes, divided by 3 spritzes/application= 300 applications, wearing...
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    Re: creed royal oud review

    I always get a second opinion when I get poor longevity...Ask the wife if she still smells it. There are a few frags that somehow cause nasal fatigue in me...BUT only a rare few, and I won't...
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    Re: creed royal oud review

    Like I said above, there IS oud present, only it isn't the earthy oud, but the very dry sawdust oud also present in By Kilian Pure Oud. What bothers the heck out of me is that It has now been 4 hrs...
  93. Re: When does Complexity become Cacophony?

    In all honesty, it is mostly KFC's "secret recipe" containing 12 herbs/spices. Yea there are 12 but Most are just trace amounts. I have reproduced fried chicken almost identical in...
  94. Re: When does Complexity become Cacophony?

    Very good thread!!! I have tried frags where the notes all scream loudly and together. Slumberhouse is an example of a house that produces these. To some extent Bn9 does too. To me, a fragrance...
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    Re: creed royal oud review

    I dislike when people start a new thread about something already being discussed SO...I am reviving this thread.
    I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Creed. I love GIT, Aventus, I like MI, although...
  96. Re: Slumberhouse Jeke (extrait version - 2013)

    I liked Jeke and Norne...BUT they were overpowering. Each one had something about it that was too much. I love longevity/projection but Slumberhouse needed serious diluting. The others I didn't...
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    Re: Bond no. 9

    Bn9 is a strange House...I've tried 20+ of their frags...I'm obsessed with the longevity/projection that they have. BUT I have only found a few I like well enough to buy FB...NY Amber, and NY Musk....
  98. Re: Buying Bond No. 9 - from Nordstrom or directly from

    I agree...there are folks who are proud possessors of 50 year old vintage bottles of fragrances. As long as they were not stored in Heat/cold/bright light, "fresh" is not an issue.
  99. Re: a must-have for every man's collection

    One stipulation was A f f o r d a b l e ...How about Polo Green? it has stood the test of time.

    - - - Updated - - -

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    Re: Question about Aventus

    Aventus can be worn by women...BUT it seems to have a mysterious "attractive quality" that makes women sit up and take notice, so be prepared! Forget the hype, and hatred of Aventus/Creed, If you...
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