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  1. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Homme - I just tried it!

    Thank you big time for your great review Lucasai !

    You say iris ist the main player - is this perfume any similar to Dior Homme ???
  2. Re: Creed Aventus doesn't smell at all after a while!

    Aventus is a warm weather frangrance - changes in weather (now is cold) do cause this kind of changes - "summer" (or warm weather) perfumes do not last in cold !!!
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    Re: Millesime Imperial at FragranceX

    Just as gmm said - MI is a "monster" on me too...bought my bottle from Essenza Nobile...great stuf!!

    gmm, lepo je videti še enga Slovenca tukaj ;-)
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    Re: Tom Ford Italian Cypress Or Tobacco Vanille?

    Hello all!

    Oslo-Fjord, you can get all from TF Private Blend line from Alla Violetta Boutique, from Napoli in Italy:

    They deliver to...
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