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  1. Re:  Paltrow/Pleasures ad (more info added).

    Oh dear. I dreaded these moments after hearing that Miss Paltrow is chosen as the new face for Estee Lauder. Ok, I am not a fan of this company anyway. But I loved seeing Liz Hurley, Liya Kebede and...
  2. What happens to Helmut Lang's perfume boutique?

    Maybe those of you who live in New York and are a fan of Helmut Lang, can tell me whatever happens to his perfume boutique. His fragrances are not in any stores anymore, eversince he left the Prada...
  3. Re: Comme des Garçons 2 Man vs. Helmut Lang Cuiron

    Both are completely different fragrance, in my opinion. For 2 different moods. But perfect for the evening.
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    Re: opinions of B Men by Thierry Mugler

    I would like to say, I have yet to wear Amen out of the house! But Bmen is a frangrance I can wear without stinging another's nose. Although Amen is great, but I feel that the wearer has to be like...
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    Re: SOTD Thursday 3 November

    My scent of the day is the new Lagerfeld, smells just great on this autumn day! Well, does it count that I like the way it smells on myself? ;D
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    Re: The BEST Fragrance House

    On top of my list has to be Chanel, they don't make mistakes.
    Then it is Yves Saint Laurent.
    Lastly, Calvin Klein. Or do they have Puig to work for them?
  7. Re: Favourite/Most Unusual/Best Perfume Bottle

    I have always admire the Angel bottle, and recently Kingdom. But CdG has always used this odd shape like a melted metal or mercury. That is nature!
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    Re: TM Cologne's longevity

    In my case, TM's Cologne does last for at least 6 hours. That is when I applied on my clothes. But it does evaporates rather quickly on skin. But it blends in with light perpiration and body scent...
  9. Re: For girls: Which male fragrance turns you on?

    Since I am not a girl... and am not voting in category. But Mr Moderator, if you could come up with another topic, which reads like this :- For guys: Which male fragrance turns you on?

    That is...
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