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  1. Thread: Shelf lives

    by Michelle_H

    Re: Shelf lives

    How interesting that I stumbled upon this conversation when it is still so recent. I have a number of materials I ordered to teach myself more about aromachemicals. I based this purchase on the...
  2. Re: Any Perfumes that Smell of Vintage Flex Shampoo

    Thanks Alityke. I have curly hair too, it is so hard to find good products! I like Lush Cynthia Silvia Stout, even though it smells like beer and patchouli and not ambery sandalwood!
  3. Re: Any Perfumes that Smell of Vintage Flex Shampoo

    I kind of wonder if the old Wild Musk and Flex could have one of the "banned" musks in common, and that is why the current Wild Musk does not smell like Flex?
  4. Re: Any Perfumes that Smell of Vintage Flex Shampoo

    Thanks for your replies! Wild musk, in it's current incarnation. (I guess it has been reformulated?), does not smell like Flex, but it does smell like the mid 80s, to me. Perhaps the discontinued...
  5. Any Perfumes that Smell of Vintage Flex Shampoo

    Does anyone know of a perfume that smells of the Revlon Flex Shampoo popular in the late 70's/early 80's? It is a comforting memory for me, and it smelled so good! Sometimes I like to depart from...
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    Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    Discontinued? Oh NO! What a shame!! I hope L'Artisan will reconsider! Or perhaps at least leave it as a limited availability fragrance.

    Does anyone have favorites that are of a similar...
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    Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    I have worn this wonderful fragrance on and off since it was first introduced. I got a sample of it about a year ago with an order, and the sample smells very weak compared to my bottle. I can...
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