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    Re: Secretions Magnifique

    Not for me. At first, I was very curious and eager to try it, but after the first wearing, I couldn't handle it. I definitely can't wear it in public, ever!
  2. Re: Serge Lutens: Overhyped if not overrated?

    I simply adore the perfume house and the creative works behind the scents, but it doesn't mean I like every single perfume that the house releases. There're some of the SL fragrances that I hold...
  3. Re: I found a way how to create Muscs Koublai Khan

    no, it's like Musc de change1 , anyone wanna buy? xD
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    Re: Smoky, dark fragrances.

    My hands-down smoky and dark fragrance choices are Serge Lutens' Fumerie Turque (smoky tobacco and honey) and Borneo 1834 (dark and dusty cocoa - patchouly. I'd also recommend you By Kilian's Back to...
  5. Re: A woody scent and no sweetness. any ideas?

    1+ for Serge Lutens Chêne, absolutely sugar-free!
    another vote for Tam Dao, which is sugar-lite :P
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    Re: Douce Amere different label

    I have exactly the same bottle of Douce Amere, which smells wonderful and lasts about 6-8 hours on my skin.
    If I spray it on my clothes/fabric, the perfume lasts for at least 2 days.
  7. Re: Theoretical (i.e., Blind) Buy of Fendi Theorema

    It's ok.
    "Spicy, cozy orange scent"? Yes, you got it.
    "Liquid sushine"? maybe, but it's more like a dry-out "liquid sunshine concentrate" to me.
    Overall, this one is cozy and comfort but just oh...
  8. Re: Like Coco, but without the opening aldehyde blast?

    Not sure if you can tolerate the bizarre medicinal topnotes of Serge Lutens' Mandarine Mandarin, but apart from that, I found the perfume have a great deal of similarities with Coco, which I too...
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    Re: Fresh cut grass

    +1 for Sisley Eau de Campagne (like you're having a tall glass of grass juice with a flow of milk to chill under the shade)
    +1 for TF Grey Vetiver (the green grassy vetiver note is very sharp in the...
  10. Re: Recommendation Needed: It's 5AM and just rained in a quite forest.

    I recommend Dyptique's Tam Dao, which is earthy and forest-y. It's not moist or damp (in fact it's quite dry) but I feel like I'd wear it in a serene early foggy morning while going outside for a...
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    Re: Gelsomino by Santa Maria Novella

    Oh, I've just googled and it's a Santa Maria Novella's take on jasmine!
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    Re: Gelsomino by Santa Maria Novella

    How does it smell like?
  13. Poll: Re: French Lover / Bois d'Orage vs. Noir Epices

    Haven't tried Noir Epices so I can't compare but I really like French Love.
    I'd consider adding FL to my wardrobe when I'm rich enough. There're still some other perfumes that are on my priority...
  14. Re: Serge Lutens: Fumerie Turque-- My Review

    Wow, strange.
    I thought there was something wrong when the first time I tried Bornéo 1834, I thought it smelled almost exactly like Fumerie Turque (well, apart from the smokey tobacco part *ehem*)....
  15. Sticky: Re: Found: Complete Onlive Archive of Luca Turin's "Duftnotes"

    Whoa, thank you so much! I've been looking for the full archive!
  16. Re: Do You Scent Your Purse...And If So, With What?

    I often carry some fragrance samples in my purse/money pocket and I think they were leaked a little bit. Mostly of Angeliques Sous La Pluie and Al oud (thanks to cusut and hedonist222!) combined with...
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    Re: Lutens MKK - warm weather scent?

    To Mon-Petit: I like that word "polite animal"!
    I guess the bottle I own is the reformulated version since it only gives me a slight hint of nasty sweaty/animalic vibe. But it smell devine to me!...
  18. Re: Citrus and Cigarettes - Any Suggestions?

    Santa Maria Novella's Aqua di Cuba is all about tobacco and I actually detect a hint of citrus in the middlenotes!
  19. Re: Like Obsession or Must - but without civet?

    In my humble memory, Serge Lutens Mandarine Mandarin does ring to my mind of Ck Obsession. Maybe it's because they both share the candied mandrine peel note.
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    Re: Musc Kublai Khan fine for the summer?

    Yes, please. I lived in a Southern Asia country and it's absolutely hot and humid here but I still wear it in summer. It's mesmerizing in the heat!
  21. Re: Next Lutens to be released: Vitriol d'oeillet and De Profundis

    So here's my try on Vitriol d'oeilet:
    + first spray: nothing stands out
    + 2nd spray: ok, there're definitely peppery and spicy things in the opening before smoothening into a soft floral until it...
  22. Re: L'Artisan sale - I've just managed to get 100ml of Jour de Fete (for £21!!)

    Oops, I was late!
    Most of the scents on sale are out of stock, arghhh!
  23. Re: Has a fragrance ever literally made you nauseous?

    Edited: Sorry for double posts!
  24. Re: Has a fragrance ever literally made you nauseous?

    YSL Paris (I think it was because of the rosewood note in the composition. The fragrance is indeed romantic but the whole thing smells a lot like a room spray to me)
    Caron Pour un Homme...
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    Re: Favourite Orange Blossom scent.

    +1 for La Chasse aux Papillons
    Beautiful orange blossom with a nice hint of tuberose.
    The downside is predictable - it's fleeting!
  26. Re: Looking for a berry scent with good projection.

    Nina Ricci Deci Dela - a nice dose of bubbly raspberry!
    Longevity and projection is really good.
    P.S: Oh, I'm not sure how it smells like on men thou.
  27. Re: Any Serge Lutens recommended for summer?

    Fleurs de citronnier is my personal favorite floral from the SL line, it has more to offer than most of the common floral frags out there, IMHO (crushed lemon leaves, lime flower with...
  28. Re: Can't wait for my latest samples..Parfums de Nicolaï, Nobile 1942...

    I love Odalisque, too. When I wear it, I feel the need to behave as a lady ;-P
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    Re: Simailr to Artemisia

    You can give "Dalissime by Salvador Dali" a try. I find a great deal of similarity between the two frags. Apart from that, the nectarine/peach note in Dalissime is more pronounced and the scent is...
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    Re: Tonka/Coumarin Accord

    By now I haven't figure out clearly how the tonka accord smells like, but to name a good tonka scent that I know, it would be Parfums de Nicolai's Vanille Tonka. I find it similar to Serge's Douce...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de Dilemma...

    Thanks cello for the heads up! My skin doesn't eat perfumes either, I think so.
    And congrats to JeanieE on the Chanel-s!
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    Re: Newcomer to Caron perfumes

    Right now I'm sniffing my wrist, where I sprayed Caron Tubéreuse since the morning (it's 6.00PM here, so the longevity is great). What I can smell now is soft and lovely, it's actually beautiful in...
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    Re: Newcomer to Caron perfumes

    I have a bottle of Tubéreuse (edp), which was a blind buy, and today is my second "full try" (lavishly sprayed on the skin and fabric). After many times of research and careful consideration...
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    Re: Caron pour un homme eau de toilette

    I like lavender scent but I was pretty disappointed with CPUH.
    Civet? playdough?
    I don't get any of these from the juice. To me, there's 3 clear-cut layers consisted of lavender-vanilla-amber....
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    Re: Histoires De Parfums 60ml bottles

    Damn, look at those cut-off bottles!
    I myself prefer the full-size bottles, but I love that they listen to customers and offer a smaller quantity option! (even though they already have thenomad kit...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de Dilemma...

    Thank you, cacio!
    For 31 rue Cambon, I read somewhere that though the juice is really nice, it fades fairly quick as well, doesn't it? If it does then I'm not a big fan of ethereal beauty in terms...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de Dilemma...

    Could you guys give me more inputs for Beige (if you've tried)?
    So to give you the idea about my taste: I love Coco and No.19; appreciate No.5 (but it's not suitable for me). Egoiste, which I've...
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    Re: Dioressence

    Dear tiffingirl, thank you so much for your kindness and careful instruction!
    I've been seeing some of the bottles with the houndstooth packaging floating on the ebay but didn't know how vintage...
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    Re: Dioressence

    Off topic but I'll jump on the boat of love for the Dior house!
    I have a Miss Dior and I love love love it so much; and also Diorissimo, which I enjoy!
    Reading this thread leaves me in sore from...
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    Re: Cleopatra's equivalent in scent?

    I echo TF Black Orchid
    I also think Hermes Jardin Sur Le Nil would be relevant...
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    Re: Newcomer to Caron perfumes

    I love Montaigne, too. Mine is edp. The first time I tried it, I didn't like it.
    I was even in the "eh..." mode and totally turned away from it. I think it was because of the coriander in the...
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    Re: Jean Patou Joy

    I received my bottle of "Eau de Joy" (read - Joy EdP, pls!) ;).
    My 1st thought? Old-fashioned! (especially the topnotes since there's aldehydes, but it stays like that for just a couple of minutes,...
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    Re: Perfume for Mother's Day

    Uhm... 47 is still pretty young, single mom- thus very independent --> may I recommend Chanel No.19 (which represents a sophisticated, mature and very independent woman) or Joy by jean Patou (which...
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    Re: Female Fragrance for a hot summer

    My new discovery for hot (and even steaming) weather - Eau de Campagne by Sisley.
    Leafy green, refreshing and milky. Someone told me that I smelled like a yummy virgin while wearing this one. The...
  45. Re: What is the iciest, chilliest, most camphorous fragrance you have tried?++

    Iris Silver Mist by SL is definitely the chilliest fragrance I've ever encountered!
    Despite of the warnings all the perfumnistas giving out, I went ahead blind-ordered my bell jar of ISM.
    And to...
  46. Re: Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Trilogy #3 Animale

    Lol at your comments about the HdP frags' names!
    I have to agree with 1969, I was questioning myself when I spritzed some on my wrist
    "What is so revolutionary about this one that it's named Parfum...
  47. Re: Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Trilogy #3 Animale

    @Cacio: 1740 seems a little too masculine for me (patchouli coriander, cardamom), do you think so? but ohmygosh, there's labdanum listed in the basenotes (I'm looking for a nice labdanum scent and...
  48. Re: Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Trilogy #3 Animale

    @diamondflame: I got my Nomad kit with Tubereuse #1; Ambre 114 and 1969 Parfum Revolte already (this one, to my surprise, smells fresh and sweet, a wee bit fruity. I don't get the warm fuzzy things...
  49. Re: Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Trilogy #3 Animale

    I've only tried #1 Caprecieuse among the triology and I was so impressed!
    The fragrance is really well-done, high quality and has characters, which I appreciate!
    Right now I'm tempted to try #3...
  50. Re: Feminite du Bois: Serge Lutens or Shisheido?

    I own the SL version and even though I enjoy it pretty much, I find the drydown so faint on me as if it was diluted while I expect it more, so guess that all the "darker, thicker, full-bodied, etc."...
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    Re: 4 Lutens Fragrances Discontinued

    Crossing Douce Amere out is tragic!
    How could they?
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    Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    I'm wearing CoCo Chanel perfume today.

    It's so hot in here. No, really! It feels like mid-summer and the air condition in my office is not...
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    Re: SotD Tuesday 20 April
    Hello everyone!
    It's hot today, and I felt a little neat and clean, so I decided to pick DIORISSIMO EDT.
    It's so much more like a...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 17 April

    Today is quite chilly here, so I'm wearing:
    - Douce Amere by Serge Lutens: 1 spray on the left...
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    Re: SotD Tuesday 13 April

    Today I went to work in white shirt and Chanel No.19. Feels so freaking grown up! :P

    I have to admit,...
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    Re: SotD Tuesday 6 April

    It's lunch-break here!
    Today dose: 5 sprays of Féminité du Bois + 1 spray of Ambre Sultan (both by Serge Lutens)
    I rarely wear this much though!
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    Re: Iconic perfume/cologne bottles

    Chanel (IMO it's the classic!)

    L'air du Temps - Nina Ricci (It's just so lovely, isn't it?)...
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    Re: SotD Monday 5 April

    Fleurs de Citronnier - by Serge Lutens
    I can't help making myself smell any less SPRINGY, especially on a drizzly...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 3 April

    Aw, thanksssss! You're all far too kind, makes me feel homey already ^^
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    Re: SotD Saturday 3 April

    Daim Blond by Serge Lutens

    And dabbed on some oil which was squeezed from the zest of a grapefruit, well, exactly...
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