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  1. Re: Best scents when have a cold or upper respiratory situation

    Pomelo Paradis!

    It's a complex fragrance, but when I'm under the weather, the only thing I pick up on is the big happy citrus smell, and I find it both soothing and uplifting.
  2. Re: whats the nicest smelling mens cologne you have ever smelt?

    Boy, that stuff sure is nice. I may need to seek a decant at some point. The main thing holding me back is the performance, but I need to give it another try to see if maybe it's deceptive in how...
  3. Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    +1! And I think that's awesome. I love when I have a sense for different people's tastes around here.
  4. Re: Castile or Prada infusion D’homme


    I don't find the two to be very similar though. Yeah, they're both clean, but they're different enough that I'd recommend trying both in order to find out which better suits your taste. ...
  5. Re: Do You Have a "Secret Weapon" Fragrance?

    Not where I live.

    I live in a very busy downtown. I walk out my front door and I'm surrounded by highrise apartments & condos, plus shops, pubs, restaurants, businesses, light rail, a university...
  6. Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Penhaligon's Castile
    Histoires De Parfums 1725 Casanova
    Les Exclusifs De Chanel Eau De Cologne
    Creed Royal Oud
    Amouage Interlude Man
  7. Re: whats the nicest smelling mens cologne you have ever smelt?

    Les Exclusifs De Chanel Eau De Cologne

    It is niceness in a bottle. It has absolutely no rough edges, no harshness, and is not challenging in any way. It is the fragrance equivalent to sitting on...
  8. Re: Do You Have a "Secret Weapon" Fragrance?

    I think it is here too. I'm pretty sure I've only ever noticed it on anybody else twice in the past seven years.
  9. Re: Top 10 colognes I smell in California

    The main thing I smell around town is Bleu and the scents that follow in its footsteps. Most guys these days seem to have that fake wood/fake incense smell. It's everywhere. Sure, all of those...
  10. Re: Do You Have a "Secret Weapon" Fragrance?

    I think mine might be Castile.

    I feel like Castile is two scents from the same bottle. In the air, it presents itself as friendly, safe and clean. Very clean. Who doesn't like clean?!? ...ah,...
  11. Re: Just sampled L'homme Ideal EDP and Cologne...what's the hype about? These are extremely overrate


    L'Homme Ideal and its flankers almost never get mentioned here in the forum.
  12. Re: My 3 most complimented fragrances

    Reflection Man
    Hanae Mori H.M. EDT

    I don't know what it is about Curve, but it brings in compliments more than anything I've ever owned, and if I'm asked for the name, when I tell them, I...
  13. Re: Bulgari Black experts - a moment please?

    I'm surprised people say this one fades quickly. On my skin, it's quite long lasting. It takes me a while to get past the rubber accord. I mean, I like the rubber smell... it's weird but...
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    Re: Your 2019 Fragrance Netto

    I told myself I'd buy no more than 4 bottles in 2019 - one per season. Well, we're already heading into late March and I haven't made a purchase yet this year, so I'm on track.

    Years ago, it...
  15. Re: 4 Bottles for the Rest of Your Life - 1 Per Season

    Spring: Castile
    Summer: Les Exclusifs Eau De Cologne
    Fall: 1725
    Winter: Tom Ford Extreme

    ...but, really, I'd wear them like this:

    Tom Ford Extreme: Cold weather.
    1725: Cool weather, or at...
  16. Re: which of these 4 similar fragrances is the best?

    Personally, I'd go with Tabac Rouge by Phaedon. It's an easier to wear Tuscan Leather with the appeal that made me want to reach for a scent like Tuscan Leather in the first place. Godolfin is...
  17. Re: What did everyone wear for St. Patrick’s day?

    D'oh! I didn't even think about the fact that it was St. Patrick's Day when I chose what to wear. If I'd thought about it, I'd have chosen Green Irish Tweed too.

    One of these days, I'm going to...
  18. Re: What's your least favorite fragrance in your collection?

    I struggle with this one too. I try to live by the rule that I should finish a sample before buying a bottle, because it's too easy to be wowed by something I wouldn't end up wearing often enough...
  19. Re: Who legitimately has the largest fragrance collection?

    Perhaps they don't feel a need to prove anything. And why should they?

    Granted, I have one of the smaller wardrobes on this site, but still... just because some semi-anonymous username demands...
  20. Re: What is your traveling strategy?

    I do this too. I travel with around 5 of them, for the sake of having some variety.
  21. Re: My experience of living with just 12 fragrances - An enforced experiment

    Excellent post!

    There is no right way or wrong way to build a wardrobe so long as one isn't spending beyond his or her means. Some people like having huge wardrobes, and that's great. Others...
  22. Re: Who legitimately has the largest fragrance collection?

    I can understand that... but tell us... how many peeps do you have? :thumbsup:
  23. Re: Why is Calvin Klein hardly ever mentioned?

    Add me to the list of those who enjoy CK One. It's so much better than I remembered it being, but I never wore it back in the day. I had a fellow niche head friend over a year or so ago, and I was...
  24. Re: Who legitimately has the largest fragrance collection?


    Don't let jealousy over what others can afford get in the way of yourself enjoying what you can afford.

    My 50 bottle collection is closer to being one of the smallest on basenotes,...
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    Re: Schooling Sales Associates at the counter


    Sales assistants are not experts. C'mon now. It's usually an entry level hourly wage gig. They haven't spent years studying perfumery. They often don't have much experience with...
  26. Re: I'm seriously considering STOPPING the purchase of $$$$'s why.

    I don't believe that at all. In fact, I think the opposite is true. The chemicals being used today are harsher and stronger than ever, especially among the current trend of fake wood/fake incense...
  27. Poll: Re: Your absolute #1 favorite pre-2010 Bvlgari fragrance?

    Bvlgari Black.

    Are you sure you don't have those two reversed? I get a ton of fish in Bvlgari Aqva Marine, but I don't get any fish at all in Bvlgari Aqva. In Bvlgari Aqva, I do get a sort...
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    Re: MFK - Amyris Homme

    I don't get much of a connection between the two. Amyris is sort of similar to the fresher aspects of Allure Homme, minus the amber/gummy base Chanel uses (which I'm not a fan of. To be fair, I...
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    Re: MFK - Amyris Homme

    I don't think Amyris Homme is one of MFK's better works. The opening has an upscale designer mass appeal sort of vibe in that it smells very common but made with uncommon quality. I mean that in...
  30. Re: TF Grey Vetiver discontinued?

    I don't know. I don't see the EDT version listed at, but it's easily found online at places like Sephora.
  31. Re: Chose ONE best/must have Fragrance (New, Classic, etc.) UNDER fifty dollars.

    Based on the price, I assume you're using discounter pricing... so... my must have for myself at any price would be Castile. It's easy to find for around $42, but if you wait for ebay to run one...
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    Re: GIT layering opinions

    Yes and no. Have you ever tried a Black & Tan?

    In case you're not familiar, a Black & Tan is a pint filled 1/2 with pale ale or lager (traditionally Bass Ale), and 1/2 with Guinness. If poured...
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    Re: GIT layering opinions

    I don't think GIT is good for layering. It's quite complex. Complex scents are harder to layer with because there are more ways that parts of one could clash with the other even if some parts work...
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    Re: Your most worn February 2019

    ...anything else was only worn once.

    Castile by Penhaligon's
    10 wears
  35. Re: Fragrances with a real smoke smel like MM By the Fireplace and Amouage Interlude Man?

    Sombre Negra, by Yosh.

    For me, the best part of Interlude Man is the base. The whole scent is faaaaaantastic, but man oh man, that base is...
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    Re: Favorite Blue Juice

    My favorite blue juice:

    My favorite blue bottle:

    ...though, that Gph II bottle comes in...
  37. Re: What should/will Creed do next?

    Does anyone really expect Explorer to be as popular as Cool Water was in the 90s and beyond?

    Cool Water was an international mega smash hit that became a legend, but it didn't stop Green Irish...
  38. Re: What should/will Creed do next?

    I doubt it. I suspect that, 20 years from now, it'll still sell really well. Green Irish Tweed was released in the 1980s and it still sells really well even though it's been copied a bajillion...
  39. Re: What should/will Creed do next?


    We all hate it, but it's the truth.

    If you sell 200 widgets for $1, you make $200.
    If you sell 150 widgets for $2, you make $300 even though you sold less of them.
    ...and because you...
  40. Re: Fragrances that are labelled Cologne(strength) but have the power of a strong EDT or higher?

    THAT'S an EdC?!? ...impressive! I only have a sample of Cologne Grand Luxe, but its performance for me seems to be outstanding. I had no idea it was an EdC.

    It's a shame Cologne Grand Luxe...
  41. Re: Fragrances that are labelled Cologne(strength) but have the power of a strong EDT or higher?

    Performance wise, I can't say since I only sampled AHSC in stores... but in terms of how they smell, they're totally different. AHSC is basically a bright citrus similar to Dior Homme Cologne, but...
  42. Re: Fragrances that are labelled Cologne(strength) but have the power of a strong EDT or higher?


    I had no idea Curve was an EdC concentration. I'd been wearing it for nearly 20 years before somebody mentioned it here. I'd never paid attention to whatever's printed on the metal tin...
  43. Re: New francis Kurkdjian AQUA UNIVERSALIS FORTE

    Well then, my friend, follow the link I posted for MFK's web store and check out his sample sets. This should take you directly there. They charge 14.00 € for 4 samples, and they include a coupon...
  44. Re: New francis Kurkdjian AQUA UNIVERSALIS FORTE

    My thoughts exactly.

    Aqua Universalis Forte smells more feminine to me, whereas Aqua Universalis smells very unisex. And Aqua Universalis Forte feels to me like it's too heavy for its own good. ...
  45. Re: Take your SotD, now layer it with whatever is adjacent to that bottle...what combo did you roll?

    Inter-l'oud, Man!

    Interlude Man, sitting next to Royal Oud. I don't think I'm going to try it.
  46. Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Make sure you don't pull the trigger on a bottle until you get to the base. On my skin, something in Dunhill Icon goes kind of wonky.
  47. Re: Green Irish Tweed or Platinum Égoïste: If you could only choose one which would it be?

    Green Irish Tweed, without a doubt.

    I don't get much similarity between the two.
  48. Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Interlude Man on a cold gray day is marvelous.
  49. Re: Does the color of a fragrance matter to you?The color of the liquid itself.


    I don't spray my clothes, but I'd prefer clear juice so there wouldn't even be an issue.
  50. Re: Reflection Man.. did I miss something?

    Try saving the rest of your sample for a nice spring day. Reflection Man is a scent that, to me, seems to smell different in different weather. The florals pop more in warm weather.
  51. Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Holy moly, APOM is fantastic. Why the heck don't I wear this one more?!? APOM is a perfect example of why my spending slowed down so much when my...
  52. Re: Reflection Man.. did I miss something?

    It sounds like you got the right sample.

    Reflection Man was a weird one for me. It took me a few tries before it clicked with me. I went through 2 samples before I committed to a bottle. I'd...
  53. Re: Reflection Man.. did I miss something?


    Le Male: Vanilla. Lavender. Mint. Cinnamon. Tonka. Amber. Cardamom. Caraway. Artemisia. They even list lime.

    Reflection Man has none of those notes. Not a single one. ...
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    Re: Mfk gentle fluidity

    That is exactly why I grumble about poor names for fragrances. Gentle Fluidity is a fine name for a fragrance, but it's a poor name for two. People quickly started referring to them as Gentle...
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    Re: Mfk gentle fluidity

    Which Gentle Fluidity are you referring to? There are two: Gold and Silver.
  56. Re: Is there a cheap dupe of Royal Water ?

    You can find deals on Royal Water online. I got a 4oz bottle on ebay for under $100.

    I don't get any connection between Royal Water and Acqua Di Gio other than that they both use some florals...
  57. Re: Name an expensive fragrance that people should avoid because it is bad.

    Oh. My. God. That stuff is awful... and I'm a fan of HdP! But "This is not a Blue Bottle" is not a good scent. It is blatantly harshly chemical nonsense.
  58. Re: About weak perfumes and overspraying...

    Not really.

    Think of it in a different context: Let's say you live in a really quiet apartment. You're likely to notice every sound, because the sound isn't overbearing, which means the sound...
  59. Re: What makes Baccarat 540 Rouge sooo good?

    According to Francis Kurkdjian, Baccarat Rouge 540 is almost entirely synthetic. I think that's why it can be hard for people to interpret and describe. Somehow, it manages to be both familiar and...
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    Re: Best Bergamote scent ??

    Bergamote Soleil by Atelier Cologne is my favorite - but I'm always on the hunt for something better. The bergamot in Bergamote Soleil is magnificent, but the base isn't as good as the opening. The...
  61. Re: What's your least favorite fragrance in your collection?

    I supposed I'd have to say John Varvatos Original. It's a great scent and I really do like it, but I never feel compelled to wear it.
  62. Re: Which Luna Rossa should I start with?

    ALWAYS sample first. I never recommend anything for a blind buy. In a sense, the way fragrances smell is sort of like the way different foods taste. Just because lots of people love olives...
  63. Re: Which Luna Rossa should I start with?

    I would recommend Prada L'Homme over anything in the Luna Rossa line.
  64. Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    For $20 more, I would have too! I wish my bottle of GIT was the black 4oz flask, but I got my 75ml tester for around $80, so I couldn't pass up a deal like that. I do like how the felt labels on...
  65. Re: Was Dior Sauvage a Marketing plan that got out of control ?

    I don't remember anyone saying it was generic.

    I remember people saying - and still saying - it smells like a chemical bomb. I thought it was awful then and I think it's awful now.

    I managed...
  66. Re: If you had to go through life with just three fragrances...

    Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne
  67. Re: Your Fragrance Discovery of The Year

    You can sometimes find bargains on ebay. I bought a 2.5 oz bottle that was around 2/3 full for $80 when ebay was running one of their 15% off deals... so... $68 shipped for at least 50ml. Not bad!
  68. Re: Your Fragrance Discovery of The Year

    Les Exclusifs de Chanel, Eau de Cologne

    ...terrible name.
    ...fantastic fragrance.

    It's a terrible name because all you have to do is say Sycomore and people know which scent you mean. If you...
  69. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water - Whats the Jury on this ?


    I was shocked by how close Al Rehab Silver spray smells to Silver Mountain Water. It wasn't the same, but I enjoyed the ways it was different. If I recall correctly, my bottle of Silver...
  70. Re: Santal 33 without the pickle note

    I get dill in this one too, as well as a few other scents. I can't figure out why. I have to assume most people don't get dill from Santal 33, but I sure do.

    Do you eat sweet pickles? I...
  71. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water - Whats the Jury on this ?

    It doesn't click with me in a way that makes me think "Wow, I need to own this, and I need to wear the heck out of it!" I can understand why other people would though, because it's very high quality...
  72. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water - Whats the Jury on this ?

    I think Silver Mountain Water is excellent... and yet, it never clicked with me.
  73. Re: Montblanc EXPLORER. Finally a designer’s clone of Aventus


    Individuel was released in 2003.

    Original Santal was released in 2005.
  74. Re: Have you ever bought a fragrance that wasn't printed right?

    I bought a bottle of M7 that had the text basically falling off. It was a tester, but instead, it said ESTER.


    I feel terrible saying this, but although I enjoyed ESTER's company, I...
  75. Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now

    1. Castile
    2. 1725
    3. Interlude Man
    4. Hanae Mori H.M. EDT
    5. Chanel Exclusifs Eau de Cologne
  76. Re: Fragrance For A Caramel Trench Coat?

  77. Replies

    Re: Tired of Ouds ?


    Cliche backlash against anything that becomes popular is so silly.
  78. Replies

    Re: Your most worn January 2019

    I was on a bit of an Interlude kick this month. Man oh man, that stuff is glorious.

    Castile by Penhaligon's
    10 wears
  79. Re: Thoughts on the Clean range of fragrances?

    I've only tried the ones at Sephora, and I wasn't impressed. I've read good things about a few that Sephora doesn't carry (Clean Men? Clean Shower Fresh?), but I haven't had the chance to try them....
  80. Re: Which TF Private Blend(s) do you find bottle-worthy at retail today?

    Noir De Noir, absolutely, but you really have to like patchouli & rose, and you really have to want a heavy scent. It's outstanding, but it isn't the easiest thing to wear.

    It's probably my...
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    Re: Citrus pilgrimage

    Have you tried Bergamote Soleil? Bergamote Soleil smells like a reworked Pomelo Paradis to me, using bergamot instead of pomelo, and with the base brought forward, creating a scent that leans more...
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    Re: is dior homme still worth it

    Dior Homme is still excellent. It's still among the best of designers sitting on the shelves at the fragrance counter in my opinion.
  83. Re: Style match your scent profile?

    Always - and I bet most of those who say they don't actually do as well, but it's not something most here realize, because it's not something you have to think about. Getting dressed up? You'll...
  84. Re: Picking a signature fragrance

    Actually, it isn't wrong at all.

    There's no right or wrong here. If you find one scent you love so much you can wear it daily, go for it. That's awesome! But if you find that you like having...
  85. Re: Picking a signature fragrance

    Signature means it's something you wear so often that other people identify you with it. So... which from your list do you love enough that you could wear it that often?

    Endymion could be an...
  86. Poll: Re: Give me your opinion, what should I wear?

    Figure out which one best suits your personality and your own style. From your list, for me, I'd choose Reflection Man. Only you can know which one best suits you.
  87. Re: One-Hit Wonders: Name a fragrance that you loved on the first wear but never liked again


    I was going to say I don't remember ever experiencing this, but then you mentioned 1899... and, yup, I had the same experience as you. I thought it smelled like a nice cinnamon-oriental at...
  88. Replies

    Re: Dior Fahrenheit IS BACK!!

    I love Fahrenheit, but it's a weird one for me. Sometimes, I'll wear it and get a huge gasoline accord. Other times, I'll wear it and get individual notes but no gasoline at all, and I have no idea...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    I love when I find a wow that I already own.

    I hadn't worn Interlude Man in ages, mostly because it's such a commitment to wear. 2 sprays give...
  90. Re: Gucci Pour Homme II - which version?

    You're fine if you buy a new bottle.

    There are so many reasons why someone's perception of a fragrance may change over time, especially when that person is comparing what they smell with a memory...
  91. Re: Gucci Pour Homme II - which version?

    I've never heard of a purple version of Gucci Pour Homme II.
  92. Replies

    Re: Your birthday fragrance :-)

    I know this is a lame answer, but...

    I wear whatever fits my mood, my plans for the occasion, and the weather (my birthday is in late spring. One year, temps were in the 40s, another year they...
  93. Replies

    Re: Citrus pilgrimage

    The 200ml bottle is $305 and the 75ml is $180, but you can sometimes find them on ebay for less - especially if you wait for one of ebay's occasional 15% to 20% off sales. I bought a 2/3 full 75ml...
  94. Replies

    Re: Citrus that survived :D

    I get surprisingly good performance from Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne. I'm a big fan. I do think it will be a disappointing scent for the beast mode bro crowd who need nuclear performance to fill...
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    Re: Bvlgari Blv?

    (The writing for the first three seasons of Arrested Development was so ridiculously good. Off the charts good)

    I've been...
  96. Re: After some years of experience, what is your favourite fragrance, and why?

    HA! And a bit of yikes too. I hate the thought of wasting your money on my recommendation, so I hope you enjoy it! :thumbsup:

    Don't be surprised if it takes a few tries before it clicks with...
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    Re: Murdock Colognes

    Black Tea is fantastic.

    I also think highly of Patchouli and Avalon. And, as a side note: I really like the look of the redesigned bottles. My Black Tea is the old bottle style, which looks...
  98. Re: After some years of experience, what is your favourite fragrance, and why?


    I wore it 126 times last year. I've already worn it 5 times this year, and it's only January 12th! (I log what I wear in the SOTD feature). I never get bored of it.

    What I love most...
  99. Re: Date Night Tests - Round 3.

    A few thoughts:

    Your soap won't have any effect unless it's drying your skin out, and that won't change a fragrance's smell. It would just diminish performance. The smell from a soap won't last...
  100. Re: Boellis: The Official Discussion Thread

    Your timing is excellent! Panama 1924 is on my list to seek a sample of. I would love to find a scent that smells similar to Le Male but has a natural smelling base. I think Le Male is a work of...
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