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    Re: Viktor & Rolf SPICEBOMB

    My sample arrived this week and i tryied this one. Its a rival against One Million, 212 VIP and other modern fragrances for evening use, but it isnt a original fragrance like Antidote, is a little...
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    Re: Viktor & Rolf SPICEBOMB

    As a fan of spice fragrances, i expect that Spicebomb could be a masterpiece of V&R. Actually, i don't see too much interest in to create good spice fragrances, its all honey, chocolate,fruity or...
  3. Re: Dior Homme Intense vs. Guerlain L'Instant Extreme Pour Homme

    Choose both! The problem is to find this. Strawberry and Beautive has the Dior Homme Intense sometimes, but the L'Instant Extreme is too hard to find, only on the Guerlain official shops.

    I have...
  4. Re: A scent like Magnetism for Men, but with more projection ?

    And about Silver Scent or Silver Scent Intense. The first one is like these green grapes. Or did you found yet?
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    Re: Got my L'Instant Guerlain Extreme in today!

    It looks work well in the office to pleasure the female boss, but how it works on a date?

    Everybody loves cocoa, but is sufficient to make your date and all girls around fall down with the EDP...
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    Re: Dior Homme reformulations?

    This reformulated one seems like the Dior Homme Intense.

    I heard about the Dior Homme's reformulations, but i didn't heard nothing about a reformulation about the Dior Homme Intense. Do you know...
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