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  1. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    Cabochard with a little bit of Encre Noir. Restores some depth and authority to my otherwise rather two-dimensional modern bottle of Cabochard.
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    Re: New Kerosene - Fields of Rubus

    I now have a bottle of FoR. Unlike anything I have smelled before (not that my experience is encyclopedically wide)--it's heavy and warm, and the raspberry is there, but with no resemblance to the...
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    Re: Rose plus very dark base - any ideas?

    Histoire de Parfums Edition Rare Rosam--Freaky amber rose

    Ungaro III--Rose-vodka manic depressive

    Whips and Roses (Kerosene)--Rose-tinted leather
  4. Re: Chanel Allure vs Platinum Egoiste vs Antaeus vs Pour Monsieur

    As this thread has flickered fitfully for over two years, I guess it's OK to chime in at this late date; the material interests me.

    I've used three of the four (not Allure) and of those three the...
  5. Poll: Re: Caron Le Troisieme Homme (The Third Man) or Givenchy Insense?

    I can see that I shall have to try 3eme Homme; unfortunately I don't know it. I can rep enthusiastically for Insense though--amazing, dense, labrynthical floral. Is it "feminine"? Well, yes, but...
  6. Thread: Jade East

    by Hojji77

    Re: Jade East

    I got a 60% full sixties-vintage Swank bottle of the AS at an estate sale today, perhaps mostly because the color of it was so fascinating. An edgy, slightly pushy fougere, far better than I had...
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