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    Re: The best of Xerjoff?

    The only one I'm interested in is Nio. Where can I order it online at best price?
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    Re: So Parfums Vintage just dropped more scents

    I don't get how they charge a premium for their clones, and they can't even ship the week you buy them. Their website has had "High volumes of orders and integrating new releases will result in...
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    Re: Creed Aventus Purchasing

    The website you refer to must be Parfumerie le Soleil d' Or but they don't sell creed anymore, at least not last time I checked. I bought 4 120 creed's as soon as I heard the 100ml bottles were...
  4. Re: How is it FragranceNet still sell 4 Oz Creed?

    Oh ok, thanks. I found it weird because I clearly remember them selling 3.3 Oz shortly after Creed discontinued the 4 Oz so now they magically have 3.3 Oz again.
  5. How is it FragranceNet still sell 4 Oz Creed?

    Bought a few 4 Oz before they got discontinued, and I kind of regret not getting Millesime Imperial. I checked and fragrancenet and also fragrancex both selling 4 Oz... how have they not ran out of...
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    Re: Real or Fake?

    100% real
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    Re: I finished a bottle of Vintage Egoiste

    How do you spot vintage from reformulation? I remember smelling one in a store close to me and it smelled great, but I didn't buy one because I might have smelled the vintage.

    Any way to visually...
  8. Re: Help me list expensive Vintage/Discontinued fragrances from the 2000's+

    Thanks for the input. Gotta update opening post when I get home.
  9. Re: Help me list expensive Vintage/Discontinued fragrances from the 2000's+

    I have them listed on first page of this thread. This is the 2nd page. I am asking for ones that arent in the list here:...
  10. Re: Help me list expensive Vintage/Discontinued fragrances from the 2000's+

    Yeah, I forgot about LIDGE. I tried getting one for myself for so long and never found it. It also makes it hard that you can't identify it by just the box. Eau Sauvage EDP I have 2 bottles of and...
  11. Re: Help me list expensive Vintage/Discontinued fragrances from the 2000's+

    what do you mean? This is the list I give my friends (I also add pictures of boxes/bottles) for them to buy for me whenever they travel. I update opening post with suggestions.
  12. Re: Help me list expensive Vintage/Discontinued fragrances from the 2000's+

    Sorry for the thread revival, I have a few friends traveling to places where they might have more hidden gems. Could someone suggest other fragrances to add to this list? I've managed to get a few of...
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    Re: Dior homme parfum reformulated?

    My mistake, but my info still stands. Just ask someone with an early version to post their "formula number" and compare that number to that of DHP 2017. If the formula number of a 2014 is the same as...
  14. Re: Who are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    Mr Smelly was my favorite because of all the jokes. He turned into a 'serious reviewer' now and that's just a dime a dozen on youtube.

    I don't watch anyone anymore. I am still subscribed to a...
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    Re: Dior homme parfum reformulated?

    It has been reformulated. Mid 2014 and earlier is what you should try and get. If you go searching you should be able to find one. I have two 2014 backup bottles and I even found 2 1.7Oz bottles of...
  16. Re: Current Formulation Classics Ruined by Cheap Drydowns

    The easy ones:
    Nautica Voyage
    YSL La Nuit de L'homme
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    Re: Creed Aventus TESTER - Fake or real?

    How many mistakes do you see in it? Besides a tester coming with a cap, the only reason I know it is fake is because of picture showing the stem below the sprayer and the bad paint job. The glass...
  18. Re: What's YOUR favorite Vintage?! Post YOUR pictures!

    Found these 2009's at a store a few years ago... for discount! I recently sold one for over $230.
  19. Re: Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua discontinued already?

    Don't like the regular, but I really like the Aqua. Fortunately, I found two bottles at a store and bought them both.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense reformulated (again)?

    Dior has been reformulating all their fragrances recently so I wouldn't be surprised. Fortunately for me. I have 1 new backup bottle of early 2014 and two new backup bottles of 2009. I had 3 2009,...
  21. Re: Dolce & Gabanna The One with STRONG Projection and Longevity...

    Travel atomizer is best solution, but if you try velvet exotic leather and feel it is a good alternative, let me know :)
  22. Re: ebay selling issue - false complaint from buyer - any advice?

    I have sold a few fragrances on ebay with no problem. I very recently sold a vintage La Nuit that went for over $180 for 2.0 Oz. In my listing, I even mention that I don't accept returns unless they...
  23. Re: Possible fake Creed Millesime imperial .. opinions please

    Remove the sprayer and take pictures of the bottom (inside) of it and also of the stem revealed after removing the sprayer. Those are the easiest ways to know.
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    Re: Issey Miyake Eau de Toilette

    That fragrance has been on sale since forever. It has gone through multiple reformulations. Bottle has changed and the box has change too... worse yet, the scent! It is no longer worth buying for the...
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    Re: Creed aventus is this the best Fake?

    Why would that be fake? It looks real to me. How does the inside of the sprayer look?
  26. Re: To my nose, these are the most beautiful, sensual, sexiest fragrances

    Vintage DHI followed by First reformulation of DHI then vintage La Nuit. Rest, I either dont like that much or are just "ok"
  27. Re: Fragrances changing due to poor storage - Your tales

    Do you have a link to that Aventus thread? I can't believe that is true LOL.

    Perhaps smell changed to something good because the perfumers alcohol didnt go bad. The combination of sunlight plus...
  28. Re: Recently discontinued fragrances to buy before they're sold out?

    Recently, I've managed to get a hold of: Invictus Aqua, Fahrenheit Absolute, DHS 2013, Eau Sauvage (they have several bottles but this is such beast mode that even one full bottle is overkill),...
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    Re: Strongest cinnamon fragrance(not 1 miliion)

    Gucci Pour Homme II is my favorite Cinnamon. It is not a very good performer, but the scent makes up for it.
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    Fragrances that grow on you over time?

    I am sure many of us, as collectors, have bought fragrances just to own them even though you don't like them much yourself. I bought Dior Homme Sport 2013 version and I remember not liking it that...
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    Re: Best Summer Fragrance?

    Dior Homme Sport 2013 and TdH Eau Tres Fraiche
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    Re: Chanel Allure Edition Blanche

    Concentration was JUST a RENAME. It is same fragrance "toilette concentree" to "EDP" is just rename

    Fresh fragrances don't last long (very few do). I find this one to last more than the typical...
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    Re: DUA, good, nice, great or overhyped house?

    that one post sums this scam of a company up real good.
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    Re: 10-15 "Must-Have" Colognes for a Newbie

    Have you read the basenotes article already?

    it is a pretty good one.
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    Re: Would you buy fragances from 2011?

    Pre-IFRA fragrances are better. As long as they are correctly stored, there is no reason not to. If you are getting them at regular price (for example black border used LIDGE goes for more than new...
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    Re: It's back! L'Occitane Eau de Vetyver

    Thanks (and thanks to all others that chipped in). I think I have two with the box on the left and flimsy tin cap. How is the performance on you? I find the performance very bad on mine and have been...
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    Re: It's back! L'Occitane Eau de Vetyver

    Sorry for reviving the thread, but I just noticed my Eau des Baux bottle has a plastic cap and my Vetyver has a tin one? I doubt people would fake l'Occitan so is it old vs new packaging or are all...
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    Re: Xerjoff Nio 3.4oz back in stock at Notino

    And they are out of stock.

    Is it safe to assume once they have them back in stock, they will be the new rounder bottle design? I really really like that bottle.
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    Re: Top 5 for this Summer you will wear -

    Great thread. I live in 90% of the year summer area and note composition of Guerlain L'eau Boisee has me ready for blind buy! Thanks for suggestions.
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    Re: Notino 10% off Coupon (mother's day sale)

    Wish they still had Bentley Absolute. Saw it in stock 4 days ago. It is the only fragrance I currently want. I hope they re-stock even without code, I'd buy it.
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    Re: Christian Dior 32 Fahrenheit real or fake?

    I'd think it is fake because the stem is too thick and goes straight to the bottom through the middle. All Fahrenheit 32's I've seen have the stem slanted to a corner. It really does look fishy. The...
  42. Re: New to Aventus - Used to buy and want to be sure its real(Hate to be anther post like t

    easiest is to take picture of sprayer, sprayer off, below the sprayer, and inside of the cap. From those pictures, it seems real though.
  43. Re: Aventus is Discontinuing the 120ml and 75ml Bottles. Replacing with 100 and 50ml Bottles.

    Creed had to rhyme with Greed lol
  44. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    Glad I bought three 4 Oz Creeds for the collection. Not going to be buying anymore. This is just daylight robbery what they are doing.
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    Re: Fragrance for a male exotic Dancer

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    Re: Creed Spice and Wood blind buy???

    I almost blind bought it myself. I wanted Aventus and GIT for my collection and needed to buy a 3rd. It was either VIW SMW or Spice and Wood... I went for SMW (don't have them yet) let us know what...
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    Re: dunhill icon fake or not?

    Was looking fine until I saw that scratched top. Could it be a real bottle that was opened and refilled? It would explain the scratched surface. I'll have a look at my bottle when I get home. I doubt...
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    Re: NEW: Dunhill - Desire Extreme!

    The only Dunhill I ever smelled (and own) is Icon. They just don't offer that line where I live. I am sure interested in this one. That bottle is just as good as the Icon too!
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    That is a lot of juice missing. I wonder if Creed sells them intentionally not cellophane wrapped so they can resell the ones people return because they didn't like the batch.
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    Re: how much left in bottle?

    Dark room, use the LED flashlight from your phone to shine the bottle from behind and you can see the level in the front.
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    Re: Pure Malt discontinued?

    the Creations has a fruity opening that stays there for a while. They both dry down to the same though. The difference isnt that big anyway, but I really do like the fruity because it has more going...
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    Re: Pure Malt discontinued?

    The one that I wish I could find is the "Creations 2013" version of Pure Malt. I have one, but I want a backup. (got the regular too, but like the Creations 2013 more).
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    Re: is My Creed Aventus REAL ?!?!

    Man thats a pretty good fake though. If they fix the cap and the stem, it would be very hard to tell.
  54. Sticky: Re: Recently Discontinued/ Due To Be Discontinued Fragrances......???

    I wonder if Ultra Zest is next for the A Men.
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    Re: Fahrenheit Question?

    A while back, I did a lot of research on this. 2012 was the last "good" year. I only managed to find two 50ml bottles, but I'm happy with that. The opening is the only thing that changed noticeably....
  56. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    I don't have it yet. I sent it to a friend who lives in USA and will bring it to me in 3 months. Can't wait to get it.
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    Re: Dua fragrances

    If you read that 20+ thread. Some guy did a domain lookup to find who the website was owned by. There is another fragrance house that is registered under same name, both websites have the same...
  58. Re: I think my wife is mad ( much cologne is enough?).

    If you think it bothers her to a point where fights could arise or even if you want to "ease her mind", you could always split your bottles. It is something I've been thinking on doing myself. I have...
  59. Re: I think my wife is mad ( much cologne is enough?).

    I never understood this "fear" people have of their wives. Its your money, isn't it? I rather be single than get the stank look from my wife for spending my money on something that makes ME happy.
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    Yeah, especially when even THEY sell travel atomizers...
  61. Re: Will 3 shots to the chest alone get me noticed?

    As others have pointed out, try another fragrance that has big projection. Also, apply some to clothes if you want it to last longer.

    I don't care if others smell it or not, I just want to smell...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    75 and 120 ml discontinued and replaced by the smaller ones priced at same as the bigger ones. In other words, more of a scam.
  63. Re: NOTINO's 10% OFF (Easter SITEWIDE SALE) Good through 4/12

    ^ true. A week ago, they had 10% too which I used to buy Mancera Cedrat Boise. Back then. Mancera was under $100, now it is over. I paid like $83 for it, that is a steal.
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    Re: Creed SMW/VIW/Himalaya

    I was in this same predicament. I didn't know which to get between VIW/SMW/MI/Himalaya but ended going for SMW... I'll get my bottle in 3 months.

    I didn't get MI because it is often compared to...
  65. Re: My daughter loves my Di Gio, I need somethibg for her.

    I suggest Kouros. That will surely keep the teenage boys away.
  66. Re: Legit check for Dior Homme Intense(tester), please.

    Looks legit, but unfortunately for you, it is a 2016 bottle which is why you are having longevity issues. After August 2014, they are pretty bad on longevity.
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    Re: Dua fragrances

    Very very shady company. A thread got to over 20 pages before it got locked revealing how much of a scam they are. Don't waste your money.

    I don't know how you think their price per ML is...
  68. Re: Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum - worth the price?

    I like the smell of the EDP way more, but performance on both sucks. I just have it for collection purposes.

    EDIT: as for worth the price, I don't think so. I mean I paid $110 or so for it. Since...
  69. Re: Does anyone know what Le Male flanker this is?

    Yeah that looks like an imitation trying to replicate LeMale. Cuba Gold is a good alternative to LeMale.
  70. Re: Does anyone know what Le Male flanker this is?

    does the bottom say it is JPG? Maybe some imitation?
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    Re: New to forum and need some advice please.

    If you like vetiver, you should like it. I find it better than the original and it only costs around $35 from discounters... can't go wrong.

    EDIT: As for OP, sample some in stores and buy from...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    at this point it is more out of curiosity than anything else because I already bought it, but my cousin has it and will bring it to me in 3 months. I had no way of pre-picking batch. In any case,...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    I fully understand I won't get same longevity as someone else. But the samples I've had of 2014 Aventus lasted only 2 hours on me. If he says it lasts 10 hours for him, then I'd have to guess it...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    Would love to hear your opinion on longevity on it. I bought it on Soleil D'or website for 161 euro (french discounter). I think that is a great deal.

    EDIT: LOL some guy has like 20 on ebay right...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    How good/bad is the 16L batch? I read some people say they saw a 16L 100ml, but mine is 120ml 16L batch (friend is bringing it to me so I can't smell it).

  76. Re: Aventus is Discontinuing the 120ml and 75ml Bottles. Replacing with 100 and 50ml Bottles.

    I thought the 75 ml bottles were the ones that got faked the most... I remember reading that here.
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    Re: Le Male... Popeye?

    Limited Edition, which I cannot sample because fragrance stores where I live claim it is same scent as the original... even the box has different ingredient list and they claim it is the same...

  78. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    I don't think so. I just think online retailers carry little quantities and everyone stocked up. I bought from Soleil D'or and they've only ran out of Aventus. The other creeds are still available at...
  79. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    161 euro for 100 Ml...

    A week ago (from Soleil D'or thnx hednic for suggesting that website):

    Aventus EDP 120 ml 161,67 € 1 161,67 €

    Since I purchased over 400 euros, shipping was free too...
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    Re: "La Poste" shipping Soleil D'or

    Thanks hednic. I had to go all the way to EM to get the code to work haha! How did you even find out you had to change the CH haha. Lets hope I get my stuff monday :)
  81. Replies

    Re: "La Poste" shipping Soleil D'or

    Thank you, I will give that a try when I get home. I used "la poste" website to track and tracking does start with CH. Too bad it is the weekend, I will have to wait until Monday.

    Sent from my...
  82. Replies

    "La Poste" shipping Soleil D'or

    Question about Soleil D'or shipping. They use "La Poste" to ship and from their tracking it states:

    "Your parcel could not be delivered. It will be made available in the addressee's post office."...
  83. Re: Aventus -- cheapest website to buy real Aventus???

    Soleil D'or has the other creeds 120ml but no more aventus. Glad I bought mine a week ago from them.
  84. Thread: Tapatalk

    by Schnitter

    Re: Tapatalk

    It is the only reason I even have tapatalk installed... well HAD as I have since uninstalled.
  85. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    You can't fight batch variations, but you can fight counterfeit. Just don't buy from ebay. Known online discounters don't sell fakes. Notino, Fragrancenet, etc. I bought mine from Soleil d'Or because...
  86. Re: Why do most colognes have weak projection and poor performance?

    You just have to lube up your body with unscented moisturizer. Make sure you apply enough until you are as shiny as a bald's guy head. Projection and longevity guaranteed!

    On a serious note, get...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    ^ by the looks of it, you've been buying and returning them? I guess this is why Creed sell them with no cellophane, no one will know it has been used by this guy!

    EDIT: In any case, I do agree...
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    Re: Down to 4 Chanels

    Edition Blanche is the only Chanel I like. I do have BDC EDP and the original, but don't like them. Also Allure Homme Sport is good, but I have the similar Versace Pour Homme
  89. Replies

    Re: Creed GIT or DHI

    There are claims that 2017 brought yet another reformulation for DHI, so I don't know how bad/good that has gotten. I'd chose vintage DHI over any fragrance, but with all the reformulations, I'd...
  90. Re: Question about Creed's Silver Mountain Water

    Bottle looks real. Seems that frag you have is from 2001. Due to it being so old, maybe it was kept in bad conditions and the juice degraded. That, plus Creed's batch variations might be the reason...
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    Re: Finally tried Bleu de Chanel

    Agree with you OP. I don't like BDC or Sauvage even though I have both. The EDP of BDC is better to me, but that isn't saying much.
  92. Re: Creed Aventus "grey market" or middle-eastern market???

    Fake because the bottle cap shape is off, the sprayers don't say CREED anymore, the under side of the sprayer doesn't look right and more.
  93. Re: Is it me? Has Acqua di Parma gone uber synthetic?

    I was looking to get Colonia Essenza as per suggested by MrSmelly youtube reviewer... this is some sad news.
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    Re: Issues with Seller

    Wait so OP got money back even though it was sent as family and friends? If so, PayPal is way better than I thought. How did you do that?
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    Re: I'm Looking for a so-called 'Dumb Reach'...

    Dandy has great suggestions. Encre Noir Sport is so good as is Eau Tres Fraiche.. I'd add Chanel Edition Blanche to the list.
  96. Re: Question about Creed's Silver Mountain Water

    Pictures of the usual would help

    Cap, top of bottle with cap removed, under the cap picture, bottom of cap.
  97. Re: 10% OFF Site Wide SALE at NOTINO's Offer expires on 4/02/2017 .

    Well, you made me buy more stuff.

    I own Aventus and ordered Cedrat Boise... mixed reviews on the Mancera. Some say it is very close to Aventus, some say it is different (a woodsy aventus some...
  98. Re: Bought 3 Creed's - Batch is 2016 - subtle differences, authentic or fake?

    Now that you got your unbiased answers, do you mind sharing where you got them from?

    I recently bought from Soleil and would like to compare prices haha. Ithink I did get good price for mine, I...
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    Re: How much juice is left

    you could always peel the bottom and lay frag in its side to know, but that depends how much you care for a pretty bottle haha.
  100. Replies

    Re: How much juice is left

    The LED light on the cell phone is strong. Just shine the back of it with that light and you can see it clearly.
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