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  1. Re: Supposed new A*Men flanker will be: Pure Wood

    im waiting for this also... I like TM fragrance
  2. Re: Pricing from myperfumesamples or decantshop?

    I know.. I started to order it from decantshop but they are out of order at the time.. so I went ahead with ... then decanshop got musc in and checked their price and it was...
  3. Pricing from myperfumesamples or decantshop?

    I purchased 5ml Musc Rvageur for $18.99 on decantshop has it for $35.92 now im wondering if the myperfumesamples is fake. this is a very big price drop from decantshop..... has...
  4. Re: New samples i tried - still interlude is my choice.

    Oh I didn't know it was reformulated lol... Im not experienced in cologne as some of you are.... I wouldn't have never knew that myself ..... HEDNIC ur right that stuff is sooooooooooooooooooo...
  5. New samples i tried - still interlude is my choice.

    I have tried several samples I got from
    1. Musc Ravageur - tried it the first time and didn't understand all the hype. I tried it again a few days later and I liked it more the...
  6. Re: Annick Goutal Ambre Fétiche - sampled it today - very nice

    Where can I purchase a bottle of this at? not ebay though.
  7. Annick Goutal Ambre Fétiche - sampled it today - very nice

    I finally got my decants from decantshop, and had a sample of Annick Goutal Ambre Fétiche along with others. All I can say is this is a very good .. loaded with incense.... I wasn't expecting it to...
  8. Re: tried musc ravageur for the first time today- wasnt impressed at all.

    yeah, don't get me wrong its a lovely scent. But , I guess I was expecting something that projects like a beast. I put it on at 9am and it's now after 9pm and I can still smell a sweet woody scent. I...
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    Poll: Re: Rochas Man vs Hanae Mori

    both are good. but, I would go with rochas man
  10. tried musc ravageur for the first time today- wasnt impressed at all.

    It didn't last but a good 7 hrs on my wrist. After reading all the post about this I assumed my this is a beast. true it is when first applied but its not that great of a cologne at all to me....I...
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    Re: Aventus owners

    tried this for the first time yesterday with a sample from myperfumesamples...... my this is some beautiful juice.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Question

    very nice cologne
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    Ebay has been hacked

    I would advise everyone on here who buys or sells on ebay to change ur password immediately.

    one of Mr. Obvious links
    eBay's hacking should be taken seriously. The e-commerce site has 128...
  14. anybody ever order from

    Im looking to buy the oil you can get 1/4lb for like $20.00 just wondering. anybody ever order from this site?
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    Amouage gold 3.4oz

    Used a couple sprays threw away box. full bottle except two sprays $200 free shipping
  16. Re: Can you wear Interlude Man in the summer?

    thanks a lot.. that's why we wear cologne for right? so people can get a sniff of us. lol.. :coolold:
  17. Can you wear Interlude Man in the summer?

    I have tried a lot of cologne and always come back to interlude man. It is the greatest scent I have ever smelled in my life. What do you think of wearing this in the summer? would it be ok? or to...
  18. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Homme - I just tried it!

    yeah I tried this a month ago. love the scent myself. very nice indeed.
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    Re: Amouage Fragrancenet

    I order wholesale from this company.. they are a very good company indeed.
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    very good scent indeed.
  21. Re: According to my Macy's SA, only old men buy Thierry Mugler

    I love ANGEL MEN.. it last forever on the clothes and 16 hrs or longer on my skin.. just ordered a bottle yesterday again...

    also does anyone think interlude man is just to strong?
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    Re: ANYONE EVERY TRIED Molecule 01

    thanks alot
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    ANYONE EVERY TRIED Molecule 01

    Talked to the lady at lucky scents and she said they are great!!! the feedback on this one is great..has anyone tried it?

    Molecule 01
    Eau de Toilette
    by Escentric Molecules
  24. Re: Question for the group? decant or whole bottles?

    thanks guys.. now i have to waste some more money :thumbsup:
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    Re: Issy Miyake Summer 2013 hype

    nothing really to call home about to be honest. nice smell though.
  26. Re: 2013 Amoauge Opus VII (7) due in April.

    min new york has it $325 a bottle $5.00 sample
  27. Question for the group? decant or whole bottles?

    2 years ago i started this craze of cologne and purchased $600.00 woth of cologne. i have alot left in alot of the bottles, and seeing how they are useless after 3-4 years is this a waste? do alot on...
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    Re: chrome vs nautica voyage?

    They seem so much similar to my nose. the voyage I sprayed on my skin yesterday at 3pm, and at 11:00 the next morning I still have a faint scent from it. great cologne! for the price. I tried Tere d'...
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    Re: Terre d'hermes - reformulated?

    I got a sample of this with the others I ordered yesterday and its not that strong at all. after 16 hrs I could still smell nautical voyage when tere d'hermes was long gone.. wouldn't buy anything...
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    chrome vs nautica voyage?

    Is it just me, or do these two scents seem very close to you?
  31. Re: Anyone ever order samples from

    thanks a lot.
  32. Anyone ever order samples from

    they have this for 8ml for $40+.. wonder if anyone on here has purchased from them before? thanks

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Amyris Homme
  33. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    try the amyris pour home also. that's a great cologne
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    Re: Best oud for summer??

    I agree such a great scent.
  35. Re: PAR 4 COLOGNE? anyone tried this besides me?

    I don't know. but wow! if you can lead me to that place to buy it for that price im sold lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    I also like maison francis kurkdjian - amyris pour home. that's a beautiful frag.
  36. Re: PAR 4 COLOGNE? anyone tried this besides me?

    yes that's it. I absolutely find this scent very good ..... $34.00 I didn't think was a bad price considering it goes for $80 elsewhere.
  37. PAR 4 COLOGNE? anyone tried this besides me?

    I got a small sample and it smells pretty good. I found a guy on ebay selling these for $30+ without cap and box... any thoughts?
  38. Re: purchased 17 bottles cologne today - best to worst

    good advice! I never thought of that. Yes, i had a buying spree the other day lol...
  39. purchased 17 bottles cologne today - best to worst

    I ordered 17 today and like to list my favorite to the absolute worst.
    1. Kouros Body = absolutely very stunning scent
    2. Joop = lovely sweet bubble gum scent.... Its very sweet but i like it.
  40. Re: New fragrance(s) alert - Bvlgari Aqva Tonic & Aqva Marine Tonic

    its a very nice smooth scent.
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