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  1. Byredo.en - thank me later

    Byredo.en - thank me later
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    Re: SOTD: Monday 3rd of December

    Scent of the day : burberry London
  3. Re: Dolce and Gabbana By Man body wash, worth anything?

    Nope , sorry but I doubt it would be worth much :(
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    Re: Green Irish Tweed from Fragrancenet

    Hi kron

    Chi here, can you tell me what year/batch the GIT SAMPLE you sent me was ?

    Love that smell bro !
  5. Re: New splits for 2012! Armani/Prive| Creed | Dior | Guerlain | Puredistance | Tom Ford | Xerjoff

    Hi everyone

    Quick couple of things, gotta echo the sentiments of most on BN , Kron is an absolutely legend, great communication and fantastic product, received MI split with a cheeky GIT sample,...
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