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    Re: Which scents chicks dig/females love/blah blah blah

    Man this is an interesting thread. Well first off women have a more acute sense of smell and can detect your cologne even if you think its gone... So from that stand point I have not worn more than...
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    Re: Any recommendations for male fragrances?

    Anateus is an excellent scent but for some reason i have only used it for formal occasions. It is a little potent so i always tried to spray it on my chest with at least a distance of arms length and...
  3. Re: Fake Creed?. Got three different Creed's and they all smeel like lemon. PICS uplo

    I recently got GIT and SMW from Fragrancenet based on the rave reviews here. Finally when the box arrived I did all the precautionary checks; the white spray nub and housing, the lot numbers and all...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    SMW has gotten the most compliments... its like pheromones in a bottle. GIT, Armani Atittude, Allure Homme Sport and Envy have been in my top 5..
  5. Re: Scents that smell like 1) Plywood / lumber at Home Depot, 2) Pine Christmas tree

    This one is old probably came out in 1950s, my grandpa wore this one called Pino Silvestre. Another one would be Acqua Di Selva.
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    Re: Five you want but can't have

    Probably don't have five but, Boss Sport and Jovan Sport scent are the two i would like to stockpile.
  7. Thread: Givenchy Pi

    by ANK212

    Re: Givenchy Pi

    This is one of those scents where a little goes a long way. I used it primarily for evening occasions but found it too sweet and cloying to be worn on a regular basis. All in all this is an excellent...
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