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    Re: Kouros day. June 1st ?

    anybody else getting pumped for Monday?
  2. Re: Anyone else not a fan of beast mode performance?

    I made a conscious effort a while ago to get rid of anything that was too strong. I found them unenjoyable. I still own Kouros because, well... it's Kouros. I want to be able to participate in...
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    Re: Mancera Red Tobacco

    Atomic. Sweet. 1 tiny spritz from a sample is as strong as like 8 sprays from an average full bottle. No reason to ever be that strong. Maybe if i needed people to smell me from 10 feet away outside...
  4. Re: Guerlain Jicky is Disgusting, Horrible and Vile, OMG

    Gray = less animalic, bleached by time
    Black = fresh, animalic
  5. Re: Should I Buy Vintage Or Current Kouros?

    Ive considered buying another current blend just because the vintage is just bombastic. And people call Sauvage loud. It also lasts shower to shower, and beyond. Its fun for high heat. Gotta embrace...
  6. Re: Guerlain Jicky is Disgusting, Horrible and Vile, OMG

    Lol. The stretched crack accord. Eh, its so quiet i find it a polite use. Though, it doesnt seem to meld together as much as sit alongside the powdery nature.
  7. Re: Caron Yatagan is it worth adding to my wardrobe, anything nicer IYO?

    OP, I found that Tom Ford Noir Anthracite has a similar opening to Yatagan to my nose. They do not have a super similar overall feel, though both are very dry. It was not something that I readily...
  8. Re: Could I get some feedback on Eau Sauvage EDP please?

    I owned the 2012, sampled the 2017, but prefer the original edt.
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    Re: Most animalic that you enjoy?

    I've come around the horn on my animalic journey. I have a healthy appreciation, but it is not something I am actively searching out anymore. Salome is not only a great animalic, it is one of the...
  10. Re: Does Armani code Profumo have iris in the base?

    No, there is no iris that I've ever picked up. It does have a softened powdery tonka. I think that is what you are smelling.
  11. Re: Your Personal Unicorn. What is it?

    Arsene Lupin Dandy - Adored this one for quite a while, but was unable to find it for a reasonable price. Finally got a full bottle. Had a decant that was almost out, so it was timely as well. ...
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    Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Balance


    Bottles: +3
    Decants: -5
    Backups: =

    Bought three laliques. White, PH, and Equus
  13. Re: What is the least amount of time it's taken you to go through 100 ml?

    Since coming back to collecting I have yet to finish a 100.
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme

    I haven't tried GGoud, so I cannot comment on the similarities. That has me interested to try it though, as a cost effective/easy to find substitute would not be a bad thing. I really like this...
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    Re: Best scent for sex?

    Sixcats speaks truth. Also, im in agreement with ZC, clean up.
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    Re: The Best Fragrance Of All Time

    hm. First thing that comes to mind is Shalimar. Im thinking most common, useful, and well regarded in its time, coupled with looking back at the composition. I'm going AdG for men, number 2 would...
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    Re: Increasing longevity ideas

    I don't have longevity issues, so I'm probably not an expert here. You could just buy some Mancera monsters, and choke out the world for 18 hours.
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    Re: MaxAroma

    Unless the product is defective or fake I don't think it is right to return it. If I don't like the smell, or it doesn't last very long that is the chance you take by not sampling the product before...
  19. Re: Truth Must Be Told: Reviews based on Sample Vials are not as reliable!

    Probably go ahead a disregard most of my reviews in that case. Almost none from a store. Sample vials and sprays make up my majority.
    I would have none that werent positive then, because if you...
  20. Re: How do you control your purchases?

    Im meticulous with my full bottle purchases, as I'm always actively trying to keep my bottles in a gainly state. Too many stresses me out. Samples and decants are your friend.
  21. Re: Link to new Dior Homme Cologne 2020

    Well, Dior Homme Cologne came out in 2013. The newest 2020 Dior Homme is an Eau de Toillette. Cologne is in a white and blue bottle. 2020 EDT is sort of tan colored with black accents. Cologne is...
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    Re: Baccarat Rouge 540

    Sauvage Pour Femme
  23. Re: Gucci Guilty Absolute is Gorgeous. Why is there such a controversy?

    My only bugaboo is GGAs simplistic structure. Feels sorta Tom Ford linear. Not aleays a bad thing, but it can make one tire of it. Still awesome, and a solid frag that ive backed up.
  24. Re: Flankers That Far Surpass The Original

    Tom Ford for men Extreme
    Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense
  25. Re: Gucci Guilty Absolute is Gorgeous. Why is there such a controversy?

    Its strong. Wouldnt call it safe in the slightest. But id say its positive rating is about 85 percent on basenotes, and 15 percent in real life.
  26. Poll: Re: Dior Sauvage (EdT) vs Prada Luna Rossa Carbon - Same or Different?

    I find the Sauvage hate bizzare. Scratchy, bombastic, and a bit simplistic. Many frags i dont care for, but the active vitreal many espouse would for me take quite a bit more than that. I dont find...
  27. Poll: Re: Dior Sauvage (EdT) vs Prada Luna Rossa Carbon - Same or Different?

    Your Blade Runner analogy is apt.
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    Re: Oud Dream

    I like it. Its a really good Montale. Its like a rose/oud/patch that has a bit of that sweetness from Macera Red Tobacco. Beastly and unisex.
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    Re: Blackpepper minus the pepper?

    I think Blackpepper is pretty much Wonderwood with the pepper amped up. Id say explore the CdG lineup.
  30. Re: Seriously beginner question, How does one apply fragrance?

    Top of each forearm. Each side of neck. If its strong i forego the neck or 1 to the back of neck to prevent anosmia. Usually 4 sprays. If it is super weak i might add a spray to the forearm.
  31. Re: A Macho Man: Notes that Exude Masculinity

    lol :lolk:
  32. Re: What minerally scents do you enjoy

    Terre d'Hermes is my favorite minerally frag.
  33. Re: Has Caron "YATAGAN" recently been RE-formulated ?

    It went up and disappeared when Caron was forced to remove their mens fragrances for IFRA noncompliance, which actually makes a lot of sense when you smell them. I would assume if it has been...
  34. Re: A Macho Man: Notes that Exude Masculinity

    Masculine notes to me include
    fake woods
    brown leather
    fecal oud
  35. Re: Is there anyone here who has NOT smelled original Calvin by Calvin Klein?

    I haven't.
  36. Re: Article about solid colognes - Esquire

    I have some solid cologne. I call it deodorant.
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    Re: Dior Eau Sauvage vs Dior Sauvage

    I like both. They are as different as bananas and spaghetti.
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    Re: Hercule Poirot and Geo F Trumper

    I loved Poirot. Used to read the books and watch the show as a kid. Havent in about 15 yeats tho. David Sutchet is great.
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    Re: D&G KING vs YSL Y edt/edp

    This is an easy answer for me. King is really good. Both of the Ys are not good. They have a sweet note that stands in for apple I believe that I cannot stand. It is piercing. People seem to...
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    Re: 8.4oz Viking bottle question

    Lol. All those bottles. Too many shady people out there.
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    Re: Ensar Oud samples WARNING!

    thats a lot of fragrance spilled. Did you at least mop some up with your wrist? Pick out the glass shards and just bird bath that bidnis. I'd probably hit up some cloths so I could judge it on...
  42. Re: Disappointed by the cloning from PDM

    I'm not a fan. They sacrifice nuance for performance. They are not useless, or worthless. I can imagine a person being wholly content with these. Their niche is that of the normal fragrances...
  43. Poll: Re: Terre d'Hermes - try for a third time or is it time to move on?

    I would assume you are not going to like it, but you never know. I'd expect similar results as the Parfum, but if you want to try again because you love the smell, go for it! I've owned and sold...
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    Re: Guerlain Lui is underrated

    I had it, I found it too light, sweet, and feminine for my tastes, sold it. I have been considering trying it again, though. Solid construction and well blended. The bottle is nice, though small. ...
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    Re: 8.4oz Viking bottle question

    supposedly you can do it.
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    Re: Dior homme intense

    I prefer VUI. But, op, i never considered it harsh at all. It is definitley irisy. Have you tried other iris frags for reference? If it doesnt agree with your nose id agree with Bavard and move...
  47. Re: Name Your "Number 1" Budget, Bargain Fragrance


    I would have agreed with Heritage, but as of now it is over 40 on Fragrancenet, which is usually where I base my suggestion criteria on. So it is out for me. Third man is great though.
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    Re: Yo yo yo let me speak on this

    Armaf be talkin bout 4 life, Rasasi be talkin like 4 ever
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    Re: Ended my quarantine buying pause

    Thanks all!
    Bavard, I specifically thought about you saying you were enjoying 1947 when I ordered it. Quite nice stuff, albeit a bit floral for my tastes. Awesome blending.
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    Re: Most worn in April 2020

    Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior
    6 wears

  51. Re: April 2020 Shut-in "I thought I was gonna die" Binge-athon

    nice ones. that is a fun round of sniffing.
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    Ended my quarantine buying pause

    Started a big onslaught of pent up purchases. Mostly samples and a few bottles.


    Boucheron Santal de Kandy
    Creed Silver Mountain Water
    Creed Royal Oud
    Bentley Infinite
  53. Re: Versace Eros.......Is It Really That Bad??

    eh. I don't mind the bottle. Its aight. Its sweet, much overly sweet. I'm not into it, but it doesn't smell bad. It IS gauche. But so are many others. It is not nuanced, or complicated. Mint...
  54. Re: Your Thoughts On Youtube Fragrance Reviewers?

    ugh. they are a bad way to find info, but good way to listen to people talk about things you care about. Without sports and with all the news bad I've been watching. Many are terrible. I assume...
  55. Re: Carven l'eau intense bottle worthy?

    +1 Guerlain is pretty good. They are definitely in the same location.
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    Re: Jovan Musk for Men

    My wife, who nearly never comments or appreciates my scents, today gave me a compliment while giving me a hug. That is now twice in a row while wearing Jovan Musk. I don't think anything else has...
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    Re: Next Zoologist will be Koala

    A couple days ago I saw a video entitled,
    I don't know what I thought koalas sounded like, but it wasn't this.
    truth. Crazy.
  58. Re: Suggestion for dark, rugged aquatics

    Definitely this.
  59. Re: Need suggestion, Terre de' Hermes / Pure malt / Light Blue Intense for college student

    I think Terre is the best of those by a wide margin. Pure Malt would probably blend best with cigarettes for a night time frag. I would not consider Pure Malt to be a very good every day workhorse...
  60. Re: My Evolution: From repulsion to love towards Guerlain Heritage

    It is really fantastic to me. My appreciation has only grown.
  61. Re: Close comparables to Tom Ford Costa Azzura Acqua?

    Gucci guilty cologne
  62. Re: Better quality alternative to Dior Homme 2020

    Other things like it last less for me. It has plus longevity after quite a bit of wearing. It was something i could barely smell at first, it is transparent. I get probably 8 hours.
  63. Re: Beau de Jour to become part of Tom Ford's signature line?

    So are we gonna get a new listing for the signature blend? The only entry as of this moment is still for the private blend. For Ombre Leather basenotes made a new entry. I don't want to log...
  64. Re: Is there a RADICAL Oud, such as Black Aoud, for less than $50?

    Black aoud should not be crazy expensive. I think its on fragnet for like 60, so keep an eye out, im sure you can pull one for 50. Or just buy 8ml from fragnet. Should last a lifetime.
  65. Re: Dont understand the Ambre Nuit hype

    Ambre Nuit > Aventus for me. It is more nuanced. Power does not equal quality. Otherwise the clones would win. I can understand where you are coming from, but Bois D'argent is better than Aventus as...
  66. Re: How Are Clones/Imposter Colognes Perceived Here?

    I dont generally like Dua/Alexandria/kiosk type scents. I dont mind say Mont Blancs or Perry Ellis on principle, though they often are not to my taste. I like Explorer and own CDNI. Id not rebuy...
  67. Re: MFK Grand Soir in warmer weather?

    One or two sprays maybe. Or maybe an evening out, but its kind of a day long affair. Its a tough summer wear for me.
  68. Re: Designer High-End Ranges ? Your Tips !

    I like the Diors a lot. Every one ive tried has been quality.
  69. Re: Would layering Molecule02 to ambroxan based scents give insane projection?

    I think molecule 02 smells quite unpleasant. I got 8 ml from maxaroma a while ago just to educate myself. I like Sauvage and ambroxan based scents. But those dont need more throw, and when you add it...
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    Re: Tip: for removing scents

    Dawn dishsoap then hand sanitizer is the best ive been able to do. If i just use h sani i can still smell it usually. Some extra strong stuff like Black Aoud just cant be killed.
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    Re: Most worn in March 2020

    Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior
    7 wears

  72. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    I like demachy. Dh20 is real easy for work.
  73. Re: Thank God for Basenotes! A haven from the madness.

    Im still working. Had a week of vacation scheduled for last week. So yay. Sat around the house with 2 child tornados. Nuts. Kids are so pent up they are exhausting. Trying to go for long walks and...
  74. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    It was my most worn this month by far. Its a grower.
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    Re: $100's, 5 Fragrances

    1 for Summer-Lalique Encre Noire Sport 3.4 oz $23.93
    1 for winter - Calvin Klein Obsession 2.5oz $17.63
    1 for all seasons-Perry Ellis 360 original 3.4 oz $18.26
    1 unisex-Mont Blanc Individuel ...
  76. Re: Good fragrances famous perfumers made for cheap houses?

    Lalique White - Christine Nagel
  77. Re: Will all natural ingredients be replaced?

    I think ifra will ban most naturals at some point. In 100 years squeezing oils from formerly living things will be considered barbaric.
  78. Re: MFK Grand Soir or Andy Tauer 02.

    Eesh. I guess in 90 degree weather with 90 percent humidity i could wear a single spray of lddm under my shirt. Grand soir is just too thick and sweet for summer daily wear.
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    Re: Whats your go to signature scent?

  80. Replies

    Re: Dior Homme Parfum vs Intense?

    They are pretty different. In your Parfum just subtract the smokey candle leather and sweeten it a touch. That is DHI. Thin it out, give the notes a little room to breath and remove some sweetness...
  81. Replies

    Re: Where to go after Dior Homme

    ? He said he doesn't like that one as much.

    OP, as you like the complexity and construction of Dior Homme Im gonna recomend the masculine tree from Guerlain, specifically Habit Rouge. Guerlain...
  82. Re: Can you recommend me some not so expensive niche?

    There is just so much in that price range. without any other factors it is too broad. All the ones mentioned are fitting.
  83. Re: At what time of the year, if ever, have you worn all your bottles once?

    I try to wear every bottle once a month. Sometimes a fragrance will slip through the cracks for a couple. Beasts like Kouros have been a bit trouble to get to. It lasts forevor. I will essentially...
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    Re: Rank all the Dior scents

    1. Fahrenheit
    2. Leather Oud
    3. Dior Homme
    4. Spice Blend
    5. Sauvage EDP
    6. Ambre Nuit
    7. Patchouli Imperial
    8. Oud Ispahan
    9. Dior Homme 2020
    10. Cuir Cannage
  85. Re: LVMH switches perfume production to hand sanitizer

    Dior and Guerlain are my favorite houses, this is a good thing they are doing.
  86. Re: HERMÈS new Men's pillar fragrance

    Impressive PI work. Hope its a masculine pilar. 2006 was their last one.
  87. Re: anyone who has Nasomatto - Black Afgano, what color is the fluid?

    luckyscent is legit. its good.
  88. Re: Thank God for Basenotes! A haven from the madness.

    I'll be fine im sure. I could breath again easily, after a sinus infection, but my sense of smell just was blind. This afternoon i put the vicks tub up to my nose and breathed deeply, and could smell...
  89. Re: Thank God for Basenotes! A haven from the madness.

    I have a cough, sore throat, I think its just a cold. But, as it is, I have completely lost my sense of smell. Very wierd. Im completely nose blind to even like Vicks vapo rub. Cant smell a...
  90. Re: As a Scent Crusader, Have You Found Your Holy Grail?

    I know of no other meaning than the traditional, opium/heroin meaning. It is used colloquially to denote addictive searching behavior, where one always tries to find that next high. Dancing with...
  91. Re: As a Scent Crusader, Have You Found Your Holy Grail?

    I think I'm still chasing the dragon. But I'm not sure I will ever have a holy grail. More favorites categorically.
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    Re: Official Best clones thread

    Cue the Alexandria/Dua marketors in 3... 2... 1...
  93. Re: What are your mission, vision and values when it comes to fragrance?

    Well, we have to end apartheid for one.

    And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger.

    We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless, and oppose racial...
  94. Re: Olfactory terrorists brandish Aqua di Gio

    I smell AdG probably 10 to 1 over all other fragrances combined in public. But I never go to bars, so we are talking Home Depot and the gas station.
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    Re: Sex and fragrance

    0. Jewelry is a great analogy. Its just there, a bystander. And I've never found a smell sexy, personally.
  96. Re: SixCats! seeking suggestions for (under $30.00) Cologne.

    Six cats!
  97. Re: What is your basenote lifetime number?

    Well, I'm at 26.86 years. But I'd be willing to bet I use significantly more than .25ml a day. I'm sure I use a full ml. By myself I'll spray a bunch. Usual application is like 4-5, but then I...
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    Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Balance


    Bottles: =
    Decants: -5
    Backups: =

    -3 decants
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    Poll: Re: Which Tom Ford Tobacco?

    I don't like vanilla generally speaking, so Tobacco Oud
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    I prefer reform Obsession for men.
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