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  1. Re: Ajaccio Violets (1995) by Geo F Trumper

    Bought it. Wanted to like it, but couldn't. The longevity was not fleeting enough for me, so I gave it away.
  2. Re: Favorite Atelier Cologne fragrance

    Orange, followed by Rose.
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    Re: 1 Scent for Each Season

    Spring--CC X
    Summer--Frapin L'Humaniste
    Winter--Idole EdT
  4. Re: first-world problems: dust, scratches, fingerprints, lighting

    Keep them in a cabinet which will reduce the dust. Have one of your maids periodically clean the cabinet. How are you scratching and smudging the bottles? What are you doing with them?
  5. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    Now that I've received Enigma I would suggest obtaining this one and then trying the rest of Roja Dove's frags.
  6. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    I took my own advice, it arrives Thursday.
  7. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    Roja's Enigma parfum extract. Notes sound interesting and sometimes you just have to go for it since life is short.
  8. Guerlain event at Las Vegas boutique

    I received a call today regarding an event at the Guerlain boutique in Las Vegas. During the conversation I was told of some very sought after collectables that were brought in from Paris for the...
  9. Re: Can I get a recommendation on fresh lemon fragrance?

    I too have been on a quest for a pure lemon scent that lasts. Monsieur Balmain and Aqua Viva are both great. Opposite ends of the cost spectrum, but both are favorites of mine to combat the Houston...
  10. Re: My first Czech & a Speake, which should it be?

    Cuba is my favorite of the the 3 that I have already acquired. I have better longevity with 88, but O&C is a great old school lavender. (Pun intended.)
  11. Re: Scents that everybody says should be worn for "special occasions", but you wear anyway daily

    As others have said, the determining factor in what I wear is the weather, nothing else. I'm a rich, opulent guy so anything goes..........
  12. Re: Clive Christian C versus X - How do they differ ?

    Tried both at Saks, thought C was ok, but I have other leather scents that I prefer. I wore X yesterday and it is fantastic. As others have said, old school masculine.
  13. Re: What perfume use famous people ? For example,Pitt,Bush,Clooney,Lance Armstrong,etc...

    It's interesting how many want to copy what a celebrity does. I'm more interested what knowledgeable noses on this board use.
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    Re: What's the best CREED Fragrance?

    Other than a wine tasting (where the selection is typically limited), how do you sample wine before you buy it?
  15. Re: If you had to chose only 1 cologne to wear for the next 5 years what would it be?

    I have trouble selecting one scent each morning, much less one scent for five years.
  16. Re: Oh no, what have I done? Recommendations...

    Unfortunately, the four that you are pondering are that good. The order for me would be: 1.IB 2. LDDM 3. 1270 4. Oud. My reasoning is based on where we are in the calendar. My collection is...
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    Re: You gotta love EBAY!!!

    Buying fragrances on Ebay is relatively straight forward. Buy little known uncommon frags that don't have mass appeal. Look at the seller's feedback and know that you can get your money back...
  18. Re: What is You Most Complimented Daytime Fragrance?

    Or Black, Windsor, Derby
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    Re: Coolest Looking Cologne Bottle.

    I believe cologne can be a style, a strength, or generic description for fragrances. It depends on the context.
  20. Poll: Re: On a scale from 1-5, how important is presentation to you?

    While the juice is the most important element, the bottle design is also important to me, so it would be a 4. Now that I have a display in my bathroom I can appreciate the artistry of my collection.
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    Re: Creed Windsor

    Bought it yesterday, wore it today. Three women (I didn't know) wanted to ravage my body because of this wonderful fragrance. Go figure...........
  22. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I very rarely receive compliments on what I wear, but today that changed. I purchased yesterday, and wore today for the first time, Creed's Windsor. When in a cosmetic doctor's office three...
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    Re: Creed Windsor

    I purchased it today at Neiman's in Houston. Nice fragrance, looking forward to wearing it tomorrow.
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    Re: Niche Vanilla..

    Guerlain's SDV and Tom Ford's TV
  25. Re: Dealing with large collections and problems of choice...

    Once you catagorize by ambiant temperature, then by time of day (day or evening) it is pretty simple. Within each group I pick freely. If I hesitate about using a fragrance it is given away to some...
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    Re: Citrus-barbershop

    Pen's Lord's.
  27. Re: I can not stop buying fragrances so I am thinking about selling my collection!

    This thread has apparently hit a nerve with many BNers. Addictive personality traits have little to do with what's being acquired. I suggest you seek professional counseling since your stopping...
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    Re: When do you wear Tauer's LDDM?

    I like it during the day when it is cooler. Wonderful scent and it has good longevity.
  29. Re: Thoughts on black afgano by nassamato? (spelling)

    I like this fragrance. As others have said, it is not for everyone, but it is a wonderful smokey, full bodied resinous scent that makes me feel warm on a cold dreary winter day.
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    Re: Should'nt they be sued ?

    Not that I necessarily believe it, but which soda is it?
  31. Re: Define Your Personal Financial Limit Regarding Single Purchases

    Since I've come relatively late to the fragrance world my perception of expensive is different than many that have posted. If I want it, I get it, price be damned.
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    Re: frags you couldn't live without!

    My next purchase...........currently that would be Windsor.
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    Sticky: Re: Is it possible this is a fake Creed?

    I don't trust Lucky Scent, Neimans, or Saks; when I want the real stuff I get it from China......
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    Re: Frank Los Angeles No. 2

    Very easy to wear, great longevity. As already said, cognac vibe with fruit, nice in cool weather.
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    Re: Creed Windsor

    I understand your reluctance to take what the rep has to say as gospel. I will purchase the 50 ml for over $400 to play it safe since Windsor is on my Must have list. I'm certain I will then see it...
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    Re: Creed Windsor

    I was told by a Creed rep that there is not enough raw materials to re-release Windsor in 2014. The only way to get it is through the Neimans promotion in December.
  37. Re: How many colognes do you have? And do you rotate between scents?

    North of 100. I segment my collection into warm and cool weather. I further break it down by casual and more formal wear. I never wear a fragrance two days in a row, rarely wear the same fragrance...
  38. Re: What do you think is the best all around travel atomizer size and where do you buy it from?

    I like the Flo Travel Atomizer. 6ml fill and you can purchase it on Amazon for $12.
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    Re: The ultimate niche fougere

    Penhaligan's English Fern is a traditional fougere in every sense of the word.
  40. Re: Creed - Neiman Marcus "Refill" Event - November 22

    If they, in fact, re-issue Windsor in the 250 ml flacon it would be cheaper per milliliter (if you can call it that) to buy the flacon at $650.
  41. Re: Winter is coming - Tobacco Vanille vs Guerlain L'instant Extreme/Derby?

    I like and own all three, but Derby is my favorite in this group.
  42. Re: What Is Your Most Wanted Fragrance?

    I would like a flacon of Creed Windsor. I try not to put together a wish list because I then find what I'n looking for, and then have to determine my next acquisition. Just floating along open to...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    Force Majeure by Bogart
  44. Re: Lemony lemons with a spritz of lemon...

    Both. Acqua Viva is a straight up lemon scent, nothing more nothing less. Monsieur Balmain has more going on. I detect woodsy middle and base notes with Monsieur Balmain. I very much enjoy MB,...
  45. Re: Lemony lemons with a spritz of lemon...

    If you're looking for a very long lasting singularly beautiful lush lemon it is definitely Acqua Viva. I, too enjoy Monsieur Balmain, but Acqua Viva is in a different category.
  46. Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Heeley--Sel Marin
    Profumum--Acqua Viva
    Bond No. 9--Montauk
  47. Re: Longest Lasting Summer/Spring Citrus Frag?

    Acqua Viva is the purest, and longest lasting citrus scent that I own.
  48. Re: Heeley Sel Marin is probably one of the worst aquatics out there

    After seeing this thread I decided to use Sel Marin today. Absolutely terrific fragrance.
  49. Re: Wanting Jubilation XXV - Where at a good price?

    The Perfume Shoppe. When you order online you get a 10% discount.
  50. Re: Which fragrance for beach feelings?

    Sel Marin and oft over looked and under appreciated Andy Warhol, Montauk.
  51. Re: Which scents gets you the most negative comments?

    I was wearing Une Rose by Malle and my wife said I smelled like a woman. I gave her the bottle since she's the only woman in our relationship.
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