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    Re: Blind bought Straight to Heaven

    All Kilian bottles are refillable - even the travel sprays.
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    Re: Blind bought Straight to Heaven

    Although I'm not surprised that it would be faked, I thought that a brand like Kilian with their complex packaging would be hard to fake. By Kilian started producing fragrances in 2007, so by that...
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    Re: Blind bought Straight to Heaven

    I'm a monster fan of Straight to Heaven. My all-time favorite scent, with a spellbinding opening, and it has a very unique "liquid velvet" feel in the drydown to me. Kilian himself introduced it to...
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    Re: Smelled a great smelling cologne today!

    At my alma mater, we had a lot of Brazilian students coming to the US - some on the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program one-year scholarship, others as regular students. In fact, we had more foreign...
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    Re: Thoughts on Bergdorf Goodman?

    I was in there in January 2008 when in NYC. Didn't buy a bottle of anything in the end, but I did get superb customer service from the Serge Lutens rep and several others. As I stayed at a Holiday...
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    Re: Cheaper Platinum Egoiste alternative?

    Even at full retail, Platinum Egoiste is still a bargain in the fragrance world - as are most non-exclusive Chanels. Remember, we aren't talking full-retail Creed pricing, just full-retail designer...
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    Re: Acqua Di Gio vs Essenza

    AdG Profumo > original AdG > AdG Essenza
  8. Re: Name some Sweetest (sickening) Men's Fragrances

    Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men does it for me.

    It's like applying straight-up high-fructose corn syrup to your skin... and you can't scrub it off.
  9. Re: What are your "MASTERPIECE" fragrances but DISCONTINUED ?

    A*Men Summer Flash/Ice*Men
    B*Men (interestingly, I smell similarities to B*Men in Sauvage, right down to the ambroxan-heavy drydown)
    Creed Orange Spice
    Escada Magnetism for Men
  10. 10% cash back with Chase Freedom

    If you have a Chase Freedom credit card, you can get 10% back at right now until the end of the year, on up to $1,500 in purchases.

    The signup is at and you can sign...
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    Re: John Varvatos Dark Rebel vs Vintage

    I'd pick Vintage, but both are great.
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    Re: Frapin's Orchid Man

    It should hit Luckyscent and Barneys soon, but if you can't wait, just buy a bottle from Essenza Nobile in Germany - they ship to the US and don't charge a lot to get it to the States (a little over...
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    Re: Favorite By Kilian Fragrance? and Why

    In case you've followed me on Basenotes since the summer of 2008, Straight to Heaven is my favorite from By Kilian. Basically, a take on woods/patchouli that smells like liquid velvet - and one of...
  14. Re: What is your favorite Thierry Mugler A*Men fragrance, and which do you think is most versatile?

    You missed two:
    -Taste of Fragrance
    -Summer Flash (aka Ice*Men)
  15. How about an "I Stand With France" SSD on 15 November?

    By now, I'm sure we know about the tragedy that happened in Paris and the world's response to it. And I think that Basenoters need to do their part, too.

    I propose that tomorrow, November 15th,...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, which was gifted by my (awesome) boss as a welcome gift was a pleasant surprise from the first time I sniffed it.

    It's along the lines of MI, but also unlike any...
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    Re: Most overrated fragrance on Basenotes?

    Now, I have to say Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. Not just the most overrated - but the worst that I have ever smelled. How did this end up the 3rd best fragrance of the past 15 years?

    The good news...
  18. Re: dior homme eau anything that smells the same but has better projection and longevity?

    There isn't anything out there that smells like Dior Homme Eau for Men to my nose. I don't get similarities to Fierce or Legend, and even if I did, the iris top notes wouldn't be there. And Dior...
  19. [USA] Re: Gucci Envy for Men, Paul Smith Story, TdH Parfum

    Removed Terre d'Hermes parfum (decided to keep it)
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    Re: Guerlain homme or set sail st barts

    I never liked Guerlain Homme - there was something in it that didn't do it for me. And the Intense is even worse because it's overloaded with ambroxan.

    St. Barts, however: It smells more tropical...
  21. Re: Question Regarding Bottle Size For Envy For Men ?

    Back when it was being made, Gucci Envy for Men only came in 1.6 oz/50 ml and 3.3 oz/100 ml bottles - those are the two sizes that I remember department stores and cosmetics stores in the US selling....
  22. Re: Revisiting Drakkar Noir, and Macy's and Dillards moved out all the old stuff

    Strange. Maybe it's a smaller store with less shelf space available?

    Both Ulta locations here, which are virtually identical in square footage, carry both Chanel and Dior. For Chanel, it's Bleu,...
  23. Re: Revisiting Drakkar Noir, and Macy's and Dillards moved out all the old stuff

    At the same time, it's funny that Kohl's is selling lines from brands that are sold at Macy's and Sephora, but are entirely different fragrances.

    Case in point: YSL selling the L'Homme line to...
  24. Re: Is it just me, or I smell Iso-E super everywhere these days?

    This thread has perfect timing.

    My boss gave me mostly full bottles of Terre d'Hermes EDT, Marc Jacobs Bang, Gucci Envy for Men, and Paul Smith Story when I started my current job. He said that he...
  25. Re: Your Best Niche VS Your Best Designer... which is best?

    Designer: Encre Noire
    Niche: Leather Oud (because I can't pick my most personal fragrance, Straight to Heaven)

    Winner: Leather Oud
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    Re: D&G the one edp

    In the US, airport duty-free stores will only let you buy fragrances or cosmetics if you're ticketed for a flight departing out of that airport the same day. Doesn't matter if the flight is...
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    Re: Amen pure coffee at nordstroms !

    It's been sold at the Von Maur here in Fort Wayne for about a month now.
  28. Re: What was your first fragrance? Or the one that sparked your interest in Fragrances?

    Acqua di Gio, fourteen and a half years ago in high school.

    The first fragrance that I wore with any regularity, and purchased because a good-smelling schoolteacher wore it (I asked). Didn't join...
  29. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    I'm giving it a full-body wear today, and you're spot on: a very different take on the aquatic genre that smells unlike any other aquatic I've tried.
  30. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    Turns out that no one guessed it entirely right: it's Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt - Christine Nagel's last pre-Hermes fragrance.

    Smells pretty dang good, actually.
  31. Re: Am I nuts for buying a Tom Ford fragrance and a 6 dollar suit?

    You're not nuts - you don't have to spend a lot to look great. All my suits are secondhand - mostly Hart Schaffner & Marx, to be exact. And I also have a secondhand pair of Armani slacks. They all...
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    Poll: Re: Whats the verdict on Royal Mayfair?

    Way too floral for me. A scrubber.
  33. Re: 5 years hence, Aventus is still as popular! Has any other fragrance ever echoed this enthusiasm?

    According to Creed itself, Aventus is, in fact, the brand's number-one seller, and has been almost since launch.

    Before Aventus, it was GIT.
  34. Re: Should I bother sampling M7 Aoud Absolu? I liked the original.

    I've owned both versions of M7. Oud Absolu is incredibly faithful to the vintage, still lasts for eons, has somewhat less sillage (which actually makes it easier to wear), and costs a fraction of...
  35. Re: Products (unrelated to cologne) that smell like a fragrance?

    While not completely identical, Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort has a very strong similarity to Le Male.

    In the US, it's offered in body wash, bar soap, deodorant, and anti-perspirant - you could...
  36. Re: Annoying "Your Flash player Plugin is Outdated" Popup

    It's not a Basenotes issue, in part because neither iOS (all versions) nor Android (from 4.1 onward) supports Flash. In the case of iOS, they're probably taking advantage of a security flaw found in...
  37. Re: If you could only have one in a mixed climate

    Since the weather here is heavily cold-biased (which means heavy fragrances most of the year) and it's about the only heavy fragrance in my collection that works in the dog days of summer, I'd pick...
  38. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    You might be on to something, now that I think about it. Although Tom Ford is an American designer, he does have heavy connections to London. For proof, look at the name of one of the latest Private...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler B*Men

    To me, I think that Dior's new Sauvage has a striking similarity to B*Men - like what would happen if Thierry Mugler introduced a B*Men Summer Flash.
  40. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    You mean Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille? That's an American designer.

    Unless you're referring to another Creed fragrance because of their British heritage.
  41. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    You know, either would be great, but the Jo Malone sounds more interesting. I tried Original Santal once and liked it, though.

    Some of the Jo Malone citruses sound really good, too. I wonder if...
  42. Re: What was your BEST EVER compliment and on which frag?

    Ironically, Starbucks bans their employees from wearing fragrances.

    Not because of allergy reasons like some places, but because they don't want anything interfering with the smell of coffee in...
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    Re: Best of British

    Don't forget about the house of Jo Malone.

    Though owned by Estée Lauder, it's still based in London and the fragrances are still made in the UK. They specialize in lighter scents, and it would be...
  44. Re: What was your BEST EVER compliment and on which frag?

    Two of them:

    1) When doing projects in the student life office back in college, one of my coworkers told me that I smelled so amazing, he wanted to buy a bottle of it for himself. The scent was...
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    Re: What will you be wearing this Christmas?

    Christmas Eve, it will probably be Straight to Heaven.

    Christmas Day will be whatever I get under the tree.
  46. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    My boss just dropped another hint on Facebook: it's from London - which in the case of Neiman Marcus, niche, and small bottles, rules out everything but Jo Malone, Clive Christian, and Creed...
  47. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)


    The reason why I didn't mention Fragrantica by name is because I post under a different username on a different, non-fragrance board that explicitly bans members from mentioning competing...
  48. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    I don't think so. He probably lurks on that other fragrance site, which seems to be far more popular than Basenotes here in Fort Wayne (and I don't post on their boards).
  49. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    Seems like a lot of Creed, MFK, Nasomatto, and Byredo thoughts so far. And I'm sure there's much more to come. But having known him, I think it will be either an MFK or Byredo scent in the travel...
  50. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    I was going to open a fragrance store, but decided to put it on indefinite hold because of many reasons - the biggest two being funding and work experience. I still want to further in the future, but...
  51. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game) doesn't sell Nasomatto or CdG.

    But keep guessing - it makes the game fun.
  52. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    He earned my respect before I even saw the bottle of Scent Intense. I think what did it for him was my commitment to excellence. I had known from past agency experience that this agency fell on tough...
  53. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    A quick check of (the mystery scent was ordered through there) shows that they offer Bullion in 100 ml only - not the 50 ml size that my boss would probably classify as "small".
  54. Re: it stinks!! My Wife Hates it! People hate it!!! Dogs hate it!! But i love it!!!

    I've only gotten one complaint ever over the smell of Leather Oud. Virtually everyone loves it on me.

    But I got so many negative reactions from family to Giorgio for Men that I gave it to a...
  55. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    Since research is one of my strengths, I decided to go to the Neiman Marcus website and use the filters to filter things down to just niche brands that can be had in small bottles (under 3 oz and...
  56. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    Unlike the Terre d'Hermes, Paul Smith Story, Envy, and Bang that were surplus, the fragrance that my boss is gifting to me next week was purchased new from Neiman Marcus and the FedEx delivery man...
  57. New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    Well, I got a new job a few weeks ago in the advertising industry. It's starting as an unpaid internship, but my boss is so impressed by my work that it's likely going to a paid job soon. Of course,...
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    Re: Your cleanest & your dirtiest

    Maybe. My cleanest scent is probably Bamboo Harmony - clean, light, fresh, inoffensive, and subtle. Sort of a cross between Bvlgari The Vert, Mugler Cologne, and the best from the aquatic genre -...
  59. Re: Recommend a fragrance for the person above you based on wardrobe

    cornishlee, you might want to give Leather Oud a try. But definitely sample first.
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    Re: Cinnamon fragrance

    By Kilian's Intoxicated, my SOTD, has a prominent cinnamon note paired with cardamom, coffee, and chocolate.
  61. Re: How to reduce and maintain a 'small' wardrobe ???

    I've never had more than 26 bottles in my wardrobe at once, and I only have 18 today - I'm hoping to get it down to 16 by year-end (selling 3 bottles and adding 1).

    In reality, my methodology is...
  62. Re: New Male Specific Frederic Malle Announced!!!

    Although my experience with Frederic Malle is limited to just a few fragrances, and I only own Geranium Pour Monsieur, I will definitely have to sample this next time I'm in Chicago.

    The notes...
  63. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    From Norstrøm's wardrobe:

    CdG 2 MAN
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Musc Ravageur
    Terre d'Hermes
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    Re: Euphoria Essence Men, anyone try it yet?

    Our local Macy's has it.

    Tried it - wasn't impressed.
  65. [USA] Re: Gucci Envy for Men, Paul Smith Story, TdH Parfum

    Updated with new listings, including two discontinued gems
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    Re: So How Many of You Have Not Smelled Kouros?

    Is there a Kohl's near you? You'll find testers there.
  67. Re: Fall and winter is here...time to break out the _____ (fill in)

    Back to Black.

    It's an amazing fragrance. But this is the only time of year that I can wear it.
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    Re: So How Many of You Have Not Smelled Kouros?

    Back when Ulta sold it, I sampled a pre-reformulation version of Kouros. I didn't get what makes this fragrance special - I thought that it was just another leather chypre. A very good one, mind you,...
  69. Re: What to Wear When You Don't Know What to Wear

    In the warmer months, Bamboo Harmony.
    In the cooler months, Straight to Heaven.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    -Straight to Heaven
    -Leather Oud
    -PdN New York
  71. Re: You will prefer your 2 or 3 unbathed-days smell, over wearing which fragrance?

    Not my dear SOTD and one of my favorite cold-weather fragrances! And mentioned TWICE! :(

    I also see Kouros mentioned often. I don't see it as the nastiest fragrance, but I don't see it as the...
  72. Re: Fragrance for day one of a new advertising job

    Yup. Must be why L'Humaniste got me hired on the spot.

    He's a fabulous guy in other respects, too. I think the best is yet to come.
  73. Re: The best and worst fragrance names to say out loud.

    Not only is the name bad, but the idea of a bakery-cafe having a fragrance seems wrong.

    I had to do a 30-page final paper on Panera Bread, one of their competitors in the US (and far larger, with...
  74. Re: Look for a "dirty" designer fragrance with animalic notes

    Another vote for Leather Oud, but I find that the animalic notes of this (especially the civet) make the fragrance more well balanced.

    I just find Kouros to be another leather chypre. A very good...
  75. Re: Fragrance for day one of a new advertising job

    It went phenomenal, actually. Of course, being an ad agency with the nature of the beast, I can't say much. But I can say that this agency is on the rebound, and I am glad to be part of it.

    And I...
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    Re: Worst blind buy purchased.

    Probably Habit Rouge. Bought it because of the relationship to Shalimar (which I adore), hated it from the first spray. It was a disgusting powdery old man smell, and I put it on the swap boards as...
  77. Re: Fragrance for day one of a new advertising job

    I went with Straight to Heaven on day one for three reasons:

    It was cooler and windier than expected today
    It fit the atmosphere (and the cold temperature!) of the office perfectly
    It was...
  78. Poll: Re: On average, how many sprays do you usually use?

    Normally 2.

    But there are exceptions - 3 for L'Humaniste, 1 for Leather Oud, and sometimes 1 for Straight to Heaven.
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    Re: Original A Men age group?

    Around here, the average A*Men wearer is young. He dresses in Fox or Affliction shirts, wears Rock Revival or Express jeans (pre-ripped, of course), and carries around the latest iPhone or Galaxy. Of...
  80. Re: Fragrance for day one of a new advertising job

    That was my thinking, too. Save the daring fragrances for the weeks and months ahead - which was the reason why I wore L'Humaniste and not Leather Oud to the interview.

    But after further thinking,...
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    Re: Armani release before Christmas?

    Not counting the separate Emporio Armani brand and counting only the main Giorgio Armani label, it was Attitude in 2006 (now discontinued).
  82. Re: Fragrance for day one of a new advertising job

    Lots of great suggestions so far. My take on some of them:

    Geranium Pour Monsieur, Terre d'Hermes, and John Varvatos all seem like safe bets in an office setting.
    Straight to Heaven's rum...
  83. Poll: Re: I don't like any Creed fragrance that i have tried!

    No fragrance is one-size-fits-all - designer, niche, or anywhere in between. If there was one, Basenotes wouldn't exist, and we'd all be wearing Acqua di Gio.

    Enjoy what you enjoy.
  84. Re: Which fragrance is a "Hype-king" or "Overhyped"?

    Ever checked out Scentualities 45 minutes away in Kohler? Last time I was there, they had the whole brand - of course, things may have changed.

    But for me, here's 10 of each category.

    Worthy of...
  85. Re: By Kilian's Refills - but I don't have an original bottle

    Not only that, but the refills that you can buy from By Kilian or any store that sells the brand now include a 7.5 ml travel atomizer in the box.

    They are designed to be a drop-in replacement...
  86. Fragrance for day one of a new advertising job

    This Thursday, I'm starting a new job in the advertising field. Before you ask, I did wear a fragrance to the interview - L'Humaniste - which just might have been a reason why I got it. :)

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    Re: Desktop Fragrances

    Nope. I was a Mad Man then - and will be returning to the field very shortly. I went to college in January 2014 to get my bachelor's, then started a research firm immediately after graduation in May...
  88. Re: Does your all time #1 favourite never change?

    My all-time favorite from June 2004 - August 2008 was A*Men - a fragrance that I now find impossible to wear in everyday life.

    Since Kilian Hennessy himself personally introduced it to me in...
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    Re: My Creed collection. What's yours?

    This thread came at the right time, as I ran out of MI and came close to running out of Aventus today after making decants for friends. So right now, it's just Aventus. No GIT, no SMW, no OV, no BdP...
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    Re: Desktop Fragrances

    During a time period at my previous job from June 2012 to January 2014, I kept a bottle of Gaultier2 at my desk.

    I didn't put it there because of the smell or because it was the best juice on the...
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    Re: An Oud For Beginners

    Another vote for M7 Oud Absolu.

    The original (vintage) M7 was my first oud fragrance, and Oud Absolu is 90% of the smell of the vintage at a much more attainable price than that or other oud...
  92. Re: What fragrances will you be purchasing this fall?

    And now, I'm down by one bottle - I ran out of MI today when making decants for friends, and I'm almost out of Aventus as well. As for the latter, you may call it blasphemy for a Basenoter to be...
  93. Thread: ...

    by MFfan310

    Poll: Re: Dior Sauvage Summer flanker for 2016? Interesting or no?

    There already is patchouli in Sauvage.

    But a leather version would be cool.
  94. Re: What fragrances will you be purchasing this fall?

    Don't plan on buying any more bottles until a forthcoming trip to Walt Disney World. For the first time in months, I'm mostly comfortable with my collection as it is, and I also plan on streamlining...
  95. Thread: Dior privee

    by MFfan310

    Re: Dior privee

    Just a reminder that these are not to be confused with the travel splashes, which look like the regular bottles and are 7.5 ml.

    I got two of the travel splashes as freebies when I bought Leather...
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    Re: Opinions on Tuscan Leather

    Tried this a few days ago.

    It's a great modern leather with a real leather feel, and I like the unique raspberry note (largely because I love raspberries).
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 2nd October, 2015

    Testing out JLmarc' Signature, a fragrance that's not in the directory, but one that the brand owner kindly sent samples to me of.

    The verdict: Not bad at all. In fact, pretty darn good. Some...
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    Re: G'bye Italian Cypress

    The bad news: I learned today at the Saks in Indianapolis that yes, Italian Cypress is being discontinued. However, the exact reasoning - whether it was slow sales, falling victim to more up-to-date...
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    Re: Royal Mayfair thoughts

    Sampled this at the Indy Saks today. They had a prerelease tester, but weren't getting bottles in until November

    The verdict: On my skin, the rose dominates to the point where it could be a great...
  100. Re: Substitute for Gillette "Cool Wave" deodorant

    I use it. Smells amazing for a shave gel - and the cooling effect is great. If you like Aventus or TSOPFH, you'll love it.

    But back to the main topic: in the US, Gillette changed the fragrance of...
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