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  1. Re: What was the last scent you fell REALLY hard for? Is it still a favorite?

    I fully agree - this one was a complete grower for me too! And FWIW, I ended up buying one of the huge Frederic Malle room sprays in Europe (much cheaper than US) called Russian Nights and find the...
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    Re: Why the love for Oud Ispahan?

    Ha! And from Goose's bill to God's ear. :) I hope to have better luck w/ this suggested Zegna. Oud Ispahan was a bit too Shetland pony ride circa 1975 for me too.

    +1 Bois d'Argent
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    Re: Phlur - New line featured in WSJ

    Yep, I fully kind of reminds me how Philosophy originally didn't divulge their fragrance notes when pitching fragrances on QVC - as if their scents were this whole new olfactory experience...
  4. Decants: Byredo Bullion + HdP 1889 "Moulin Rouge"

    Just a couple small decants up for swap...but more to come!!

    - 5ml Histoires de Parfums1889 - Moulin Rouge - a bit less than 5ml...only sprayed a couple times.

    - 5ml Byredo Bullion - a bit...
  5. Re: Looking for Good "Luxury" Travel Atomisers

    Wow - those prices make the by Kilian ones seem like a real steal. They run around $80 and are extremely well constructed - but on the heavy side. And they hold 7.5ml if that is a deal breaker.
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    Re: NEW: Byredo Belle de Tanger

    Yes, please!! I never refuse a sniff of anything w/ violet / orris.
  7. Re: Any Recommendations for my Refined Tastes...?

    It seems we have very similar taste in fragrances, which makes me think that I need to sample some of your favorites that I've not yet tried. :)

    +1 Parfum de Marly Herod - first one that came to...
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    Re: First By Kilian Purchase- Suggestions

    +1 Straight to Heaven
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    Re: Favourite Sweet Fragrances

    +1 LIDGE
    +1 SDV
    +1 Hermes Ambre Narguile / PDM Oajan

    PDM Herod
    TF Noir pour Femme
    TF Noir de Noir
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    Re: NEW: MFK Grand Soir

    Oh, great...sure wish I had the gift that some here have for breaking down the notes!! For me, this is just unadulterated deliciousness - but made with adults in mind i.e., not in an overly sweet...
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    Re: NEW: MFK Grand Soir

    I also had a chance to sample Grand Soir and agree w/ the others, there is nothing animalic about it. IMO, it sits pretty firmly in the oriental gourmand camp and is perfectly unisex. For me, it...
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    Re: Shaving Oils - Does anyone like them?

    I've used a few different pre-shave oils over the years e.g., Anthony Logistics was one of my favorites. But I've never really considered them a staple - more like a nice little extravagance. The...
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    Re: Frederic Malle's OUTRAGEOUS!

    Welcome, Susan!! You will likely have better luck posting your interest/search for this fragrance over on the "Fragrances Wanted" section of the marketplace. Best of luck!
  14. Re: Is it me, or does Armaf have the most random and ugliest bottles?

    Just seeing this thread - fully agree that the Armaf bottles are some of the most randomly festooned and bejeweled that I've ever seen. Some of them have been known to even make the M. Micallef...
  15. Re: International discounters who still ship to USA?

    And bear in mind that the list prices on the First in Fragrance and Essenza Nobile sites include 19% tax, which drops off at checkout for US orders. :)
  16. Re: Who loves Lush but is a bit snobby about perfume?

    Welcome!! You could try Hermes Eau des Merveilles - certainly not a dupe for Karma, which I've also owned - but it would give you a different take on the orange and pine notes that Karma features. ...
  17. Re: International discounters who still ship to USA?

    True - I didn't know if the OP was using that term in a literal sense or just using it to mean any EU-based online retailer that offers fragrance lines significantly cheaper than can be found at U.S....
  18. Re: International discounters who still ship to USA?

    Someone please correct me if no longer the case, but I believe "First in Fragrance" and "Essenza Nobile" still ship to the US. I ordered from the latter a couple months ago.
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford Ombré Leather 16

    Please do!! Taking all my willpower to have some modicum of restraint and at least wait for your thoughts and/or the official notes before joining your split! :).
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    Re: Buying on Basenotes

    Very sorry that this happened to you!! I would hope that there is some type of public shaming or banning of sellers w/ such egregious delays or unscrupulous behavior. I suppose the feedback system...
  21. Re: Best Raspberry or Blackberry Cologne for Men

    I don't think that I've personally tried it but another Jo Malone may also fit the bill: Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay - but I can't vouch for how dark it leans.
  22. Re: Is Valentino Uomo Intense worthy of a blind buy?

    If you already love the original Valentino Uomo, I'd say there is very little risk at all. I was surprised by just how much of the original's dna is present in this new release. I think it's...
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    Re: Habit Rouge Dress Code re-release 2016

    I thought the same thing! I'm not really a bottle snob but I think I slightly preferred the old bottle - or maybe the red cap just seems a bit too much. But more importantly, this is great news...
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    [CONUS] Re: Montage Aoud & Pine - a Mideast Exclusive - Priced to Move!!

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    Re: Was Le Labo reformulated?

    I've personally not noticed any difference between recent purchases and ones from several years ago. In fact, I also don't detect any difference with Rose 31. For me, the cumin note is what really...
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    Re: Today I bought July 2016

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding but are you not thinking about the newish (2015?) parfum flanker?? It does have a more pronounced vanilla note. It reminds me of YSL Noble Leather.
  27. Re: Experience at Parfum de Marly Boutique Manhattan

    Thanks for sharing your impressions. I only have Herod but have sampled a few others. I feel the same about Godolphin. It's a fantastic TL inspired scent but La Yuqawam is the way to go. And I...
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    Re: Fille en Aiguilles similar fragrances

    I would suggest Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir, marketed as a feminine fragrance but completely unisex...or Tom Ford Plum Japonais, both last for 7+ hours on me and are in the same ballpark as Fille en...
  29. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2016 thread

    Parfums de Marly Layton, please!!
  30. Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid "Deodorant Spray"

    Sadly, you'd be wholly disappointed. :) I never once questioned it's authenticity - very impressed w/ the strength and development, especially considering the
    deodorant format.
  31. Tom Ford Black Orchid "Deodorant Spray"

    I couldn't find any post on this topic so, hoping someone can enlighten me.

    Several months back, I purchased a Tom Ford Black Orchid "Deodorant Spray" off of ebay. I very rarely wear Black...
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    Re: Masculine Iris?

    So many great suggestions here...taking notes on ones that I still need to test!

    +1 Dior Homme Parfum
    +1 VC&A Bois d'Iris - but to my nose, it is so similar to Bois d'Argent

    And I personally...
  33. Re: Which fragrance garners the most COMPLAINTS when you wear it?

    My thought exactly....easily, one of my most complimented!!
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    Re: What Are Your Favourite Iris Fragrances?

    So many great ones already mentioned!! Adding Dior Bois d'Argent, which to my heathen nose :) is practically a deadringer for VCA Bois d'Iris. I also enjoy the now discontinued Guerlain Shalimar...
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    Re: NEW: Byredo Cuir Obscur

    Interest is definitely piqued. But a bit surprising re: the rather late stage name switch - must have hit some legal challenge concerning the trademark, I suppose.
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    Re: Montale Lovers, we need your help.

    As an aside, that is quite the prolific pace!! After 175+ years, I see that Guerlain has approximately 300 in most online databases.
  37. Re: name a fragrance that you love the intial blast but hate the dry down

    It certainly never morphs to hate, but I think that Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi has such a spectacular opening that I can't help but feel a bit jilted when it seems to very quickly evolve into a...
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford Orchid Soleil

    Hmmm...will definitely sample but looks like it could veer too far into feminine floral territory for my taste.
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    Re: Tobacco Recommendations please ?

    As already suggested several times here, Phaedon Tabac Rouge is fantastic stuff...and to my nose, very, very similar to Tobacco Vanille. I'm just not certain, you would enjoy any real savings since...
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    Re: Creed Aberdeen Lavander Spelling would be quite an easy French to English translation oversight - since it's correctly spelled lavande in French.
  41. Re: Help needed to recreate the fragrance of Halo shampoo

    Yep, welcome to the good ol' US of A!! Get a hyphen and get an edge!! :)
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    Re: need ROSE recommendation!

    + 1 Egoiste
    + 1 Paestum Rose
    + 1 Declaration d'un Soir

    And if you had more budget:

    +1 Noir de Noir
    +1 Lumiere Noire
    +1 Le Labo Rose 31
  43. Re: favorite scent with an emphasis on Sandalwood

    Egoiste and Santal Blush are a couple of my personal favorites. ..and if I'm honest, Estee Lauder Sensuous is pretty darn delectable - but not one that i'm comfortable wearing.
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    Re: Educate me on Montale?

    I've only tested 3 or 4, but I found Aoud Melody to be a very worthy stand-in for MFK Oud, which I also love - very, very similar to my nose.
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    Re: Best Violet and Leather

    In this category, my heart belongs to Fahrenheit or Armani Prive Cuir Amethyste...BUT if you're fine with "slumming it", :) or at least saving a few bucks, Rihanna Rogue (for Women) is...
  46. Re: Which Men's Fragrances are most popular in France at the moment?

    Yeah, only joking...and yes, I fully agree that there would likely be little daylight between the top sellers in these 3 countries.
  47. Re: Which Men's Fragrances are most popular in France at the moment?

    In terms of mainstream fragrances, I sometimes have a look at the best selling men's fragrances on the Sephora-France website. But fair warning, be prepared to be depressed. :)
  48. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2016 thread

    +1 for Byredo Oliver Peoples
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    Re: NEW : VCA Midnight in New York

    Ha!! Now THAT bottle would indeed have me questioning its authenticity. :)
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    Re: NEW : VCA Midnight in New York

    My sense is that the front-line customer service reps for VC&A are simply out of the loop on this new release. IMO, the other online "evidence" overwhelmingly points to this being the real thing,...
  51. Re: (CONUS) Hanging Splits! Xerjoff, Olfactive Studio, MDCI, Profumum Roma, Le Labo, biehl + More

    Nice prices on your Le Labos!! I will send PM shortly. Thank you!
  52. Poll: Re: Layering fahrenheit le parfum with fahrenheit absolute

    I've never met a version of Fahrenheit that I didn't like or love...but I may actually give this blend a shot too. Incidentally, per another BNer's suggestion, I really like the combination of...
  53. Re: not using shampoo makes my hair appear better, but...

    I have never suffered from dandruff or any of the scalp conditions mentioned in this thread. BUT i do know that although counterintuitive, dandruff is almost never due to an overly dry scalp i.e.,...
  54. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2016 thread

    Anyone planning to split anything from the Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection?? The jumbo (6 oz.) bottles and prices to match would make them very split-friendly. Based on the notes, Oolong should be...
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    Re: Tuscan Leather best alternative

    +1 Admittedly, I haven't smelled all of those mentioned but my own search quickly ended w/ La Yuqawam. Great stuff!
  56. Re: Nordstrom DISCONTINUING Sales of Bond No. 9

    I would also think that the line now being carried by Sephora didn't help their ability to negotiate distribution thru upscale department stores.
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    Re: Madrid Duty Free selection

    I can tell you that the Madrid airport has an excellent selection of premium designer fragrances such as the Armani Prive line, D&G Velvet Collection, and the Tom Ford Private Blend line, among...
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    Re: Valentino Uomo INTENSE edp

    Ha! I agree...i loved the look of that matte black bottle.
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    Re: Are any of you fragrance lovers famous?

    does living under the same roof as someone somewhat famous count?? :) And not monstrously famous - but nearly 200k Twitter followers and certainly approached for autographs + photos w/ some...
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    Re: Tom ford chocolate ,, what a surprise

    Additionally, the name seems particularly uninspired. I can't imagine TF wouldn't have put a bit more of a creative twist in the naming of a chocolate-centric frag. e.g., Cacao Ivoire, Cacao Noir,...
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    Re: New 2016 By Kilian - Moonlight in Heaven!

    I didn't spend much time w/ it so, I may be off. I thought it was really beautiful - but not particularly unisex. I was actually getting a Bond No. 9 "Nuits de Noho" vibe, which doesn't make sense...
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    Re: NEW : VCA Midnight in New York

    Thanks for the scoop...the bottle looks pretty cool - looking forward to having more details!!
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    Re: invasion barbare

    LOL...not a fan of the bust bottles either but, in their feeble defence, they are Limoges porcelain, not plastic. :) :)
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    Re: Violets for Spring!

    I find TF Violet Blonde to be very unisex and very addictive. Once the opening blast of aldehydes subsides, it's a fantastic "suedey " violet - w/ a soupcon of something that smells like cumin to my...
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    Re: invasion barbare

    I fully agree...and it's even less expensive if you opt for their metallic refill bottle instead of the glass bottle sans bust.
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    Re: Above or Under the waist?

    LOL. Plus, I generally spray my wrists or forearms... so, it seems like I would be achieving the same thing i. e., my wrists are usually below waist level.
  67. Re: Looking for a replacement for White Barn's "The Original" candle

    I'm familar with this one and bought several this past year. It's very vetiver-forward and yes, they are fantastic! I'm sure others will be able to assist w/ suggesting other nice vetiver heavy...
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    Re: Virgin Island Water – opinions?

    Hopefully someone else can speak to your batch question - my bottle is from several years ago and the coconut is firmly in place, along w/ lime, rum etc.

    I love the stuff but understand how for...
  69. Re: Is it dangerous to store fragrances on their backs?

    I suppose it could just have been a fluke but the one and only time that I had a major leak/spill was from a fragrance stored in its original box i.e., on its "back" in a dresser drawer. It was a...
  70. Re: looking for Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD - any amount

  71. Re: Sephora no longer carrying JPG fragrances?

    It must just be part of Puig's reboot of the JPG brand i.e., taking the reins from Shiseido/ Beaute Prestige. There was a thread on this development here somewhere. I'm sure the line will be back...
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    Re: Damn it feels good...

    Congrats!! It gives me some small measure of comfort that I still get a sense of accomplishment when I've finished a bottle - a reaffirmation that I haven't slipped over to full-blown hoarder...yet....
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    [CONUS] Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP

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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood really blindsided me. I did not expect to be so taken with it....fantastic stuff!!
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    Re: Duty free purchases

    It depends how broadly we are defining niche. I've only ever seen designer and more rarely have seen the premium designer ranges such as Armani Prive, D&G Velvet Collection, Tom Ford Private...
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    Re: Sales thread question for admins

    Plus, as far as I know, it's fine to include a link in your posts here (like a sig) to direct folks to your offsite sales /swaps listing e.g., an open site like "Crystal Flacon".

    Mods or...
  77. Re: Inexpensive Scent Options to These Expensive Ones - Newbie

    Yes!! I would recommend this one too. But just be sure that you buy the one for women. The men's version is an Aventus clone.
  78. Replies

    Re: Discovery Sets - best value for your $$$

    Yep, this is the one that I was about to suggest. And it was very easy to sell off the ones that I was less crazy about.
  79. Re: Francis Kurkdjian meet up at Saks Sherway Grdn Toronto Canada

    Thanks so much for sharing! it's always so curious to me when high-profile perfumers say that they don't wear any scent! Just wonder if that has to be their stock response so as to not play...
  80. Re: Boutique Du Parfum becomes Incenza on March 23rd!

    No problems...only fantastic / speedy service. In many cases, faster delivery than domestic (US) sellers - and they're shipping from France!!
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    Re: Paco Rabanne One Million Prive

    They could have at least called it "private reserve" to play off the gold ingot motif...
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    Re: "Change" at L'Artisan Parfumeur?

    Exactly...I thought the same thing.

    ETA: and "unfortunately", it's the look that I cave for most. :)
  83. Re: looking for Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD - any amount

  84. Re: eBay Coupon For $125 or more in Select Categories $25 Off expires 7PM PST 3/28

    Thank you, sir!! Yep, in both instances, I was only made aware of the coupon deal from your posts here. But I couldn't really scramble quickly enough to find any items that I "need" that also met...
  85. Re: eBay Coupon For $125 or more in Select Categories $25 Off expires 7PM PST 3/28

    Congrats!! Does anyone know how to get notified of these ebay coupon codes?? I've been on ebay for nearly 15 yrs but don't ever recall receiving any kind of notification for these deals. Is it a...
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    Re: "Change" at L'Artisan Parfumeur?

    I liked the old bottle design too but these are also very nice - a bit more masculine and "cleaner". And at least they didn't completely abandon their former aesthetic.

    As for the candles, I...
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    Re: Six Degrees of Fragrance Separation

    A bit jealous of you guys that have found your "Kevin Bacon" of the fragrance universe. :D It certainly would make it easier to discover new loves. I'm still hunting for mine but a worthy...
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    Re: Purple Label

    Fully agree...great any time of year!! I would also like to know if it has been re-released?? I'm mainly seeing exploitative prices on ebay.
  89. Re: Online international (non-USA) retailers for by Kilian that ship to USA? worries!! I appreciate your additional digging. I'm beginning to think that this is one line that definitely makes sense to purchase abroad in order to take advantage of the VAT refund....
  90. Re: Online international (non-USA) retailers for by Kilian that ship to USA?

    Thank you, sir!! Fantastic find...had never even heard of this one!
  91. Re: Online international (non-USA) retailers for by Kilian that ship to USA?

    Curious to know if any other international online retailers have been discovered since the OP started this thread a year ago?? I.e., EU based retailers which handle by Kilian and ship to the US. If...
  92. Re: looking for Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD - any amount

  93. Re: Method to the madness? Your buying patterns and tricks!

    A tremendous amount of helpful advice in this thread. I too feel lucky that I've never required bottles to get my "fix". I'm equally thrilled to get decants...and have no interest in the display...
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    Re: Vanilla recommendations?

    But, the word has quite a different meaning in the UK vs. how it's used in the US. :)
  95. Replies

    Re: A vibrant vulva experience

    This!! I'm no prude - and never remotely tempted to use the PD word - but the rather selective outrage escapes me.
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    Re: Le Labo Santal 33 - Cult Classic?

    True to this house's usual curveball naming system, I always found it to be more about cedar than sandalwood. I like it very much but prefer Rose 31. And I just saw that Santal was released in 2011...
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    Re: Vanilla recommendations?

    Une Note Vanillee by M. Micallef is a fantastic boozey vanilla.
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    Re: Your take on TF Oud Wood?

    I love both TF Oud and its "half sister", Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot. Both could be better in the already mentioned longevity dept. but they're both keepers nonetheless!
  99. Re: Thoughts on the Czech & Speake line........

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Freewheeling!! Well before I had fully fallen thru the fragrance rabbit hole, a local London friend of mine trotted me in a (the??) Czech & Speake store in London...
  100. Re: Is this how the journey into vintage starts?!

    Yep, I fully agree! Plus, it would stand to reason that perhaps a bit more thought / resources actually went into the development of these great fragrances i.e., in the days when a new fragrance...
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