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    Re: Zara Man Gold/ Zara Gold / Sprint

    Just to make it more fun. It's like trying to solve a puzzle or riddle. Here is what I think is the new bottle. Bought it for fun at the Zara store in South Coast Plaza yesterday. More like...
  2. Re: Invasion Barbare MDCI, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.........

    Thanks Jonathan for organizing the split. Admittedly, USPS caused some problems and maybe it was because of Hurricane Sandy, but it was 100% not because of Jonathan and not his fault at all. He was...
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    Re: Scientific jobs in fragrance industry?

    Bookhouseshell, congrats on your degree.
    My degree was in chemistry and I have wondered the same the last couple of years. The sad part is, I have been too scared to make such a big change in career...
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