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  1. Re: Vero Profumo Perfumes - What to Sample?

    CapriDog, the VDE's are the formula of the extrait at a lower dilution so you can wear them as a spray. Her VDE's and Parfums are essentially the same, EDP's are different, usually with added fruity...
  2. Re: Vero Profumo Perfumes - What to Sample?

    All of them are quite different in the VDE and parfum strengths, but the EDP's all share a certain aggressive passionfruit note that you might like or might not like. If sampling each of them for the...
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    Re: What is your opinion on Montale ?

    They smell like cheap Arabian perfumes in alcohol instread of oil, but that having been said, they're not all bad for that. I quite enjoy Highness Roses, Oud Cuir d'Arabie, and Louban. I'd happily...
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    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    Has there been a more recent reformulation? I'm familiar with the juice of five years ago-ish, and also own a partial bottle I think dates back around fifteen-twenty years. Both were quite high...
  5. Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Misia coming Feb 2015?

    I think I'll be picking up a big bottle of this in May or June. I have a decant and I wear it constantly. Much like Beige, it's not a remarkable perfume, but it's an exceedingly well-crafted,...
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    Re: Penhaligon's Praise Thread

    I'm a great fan of Elixir. It's really a middle eastern perfume in disguise: it smells like so many "white musk" oils sold in the middle east ( rarely what we think of as musk; more like...
  7. Re: The longest longevity fragrance you've ever used?

    Whatever is in Black Orchid does not come off. It doesn't so much fade as you shed skin cells until all the ones that smell of Black Orchid have fallen off.
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    Re: Casual coffee date fragrance?

    I recommend Phaedon: Dzhari as your date fragrance, but all the coffee fragrances I've smelled unfortunately have smelled terrible.
  9. Re: Designer scents that equals or betters Niche

    There are so many terrible niche fragrances it's not hard to find a designer better than some niche fragrances. I'm pretty sure whole celebuscent lines are better then whatever they put in bottles of...
  10. Re: Which scent have you worn the longest on a CONSISTENT basis?

    I've been wearing Tubereuse Criminelle fairly consistently since I first tried it in 2009. Even after reformulation, it's been good to me.
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    Re: How macho is your wardrobe?


    I've found duchesses nesting in my fragrance wardrobe.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Une Fleur de Cassie
    Shalimar ( vintage only )
    Santal de Mysore
    Iris Poudre
    Rozy VDE
  13. Re: What is your strongest chastity belt scent?

    Santal de Mysore repels folks like no tomorrow. I love it, but I think at least have of the people I've shown it to find is viscerally revolting. They probably eat a lot less Indian than I do.
  14. Re: What are your thoughts on Tom Ford's Black Orchid?

    A hot mess of a scent. I alternate between finding it noxious to finding it compelling. One of the few modern designer fragrances that really makes a statement, though.
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    Poll: Re: Which is your favorite Frederic Malle?

    Une Fleur de Cassie by far - it's my favorite fragrance. That being said, it's an exceptionally solid line with a diverse array of fragrances ( unlike, say, Serge Lutens or Amouage, there are very...
  16. Re: Which bottle(s) did you finish in 2014?

    Just one, Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum, but I got it as a partial.

    I think the only bottle I've bought a full bottle and drained all of it is Une Fleur de Cassie, which I finished off earlier...
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    Poll: Re: What Are Men Wearing Nowadays???

    The only men I smell wearing anything but deodorant are foreign. Canadians don't do perfume; it's rare on women, non-existent on men.
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    Re: Oriental powerhouse?

    In terms of modern scents, Amouage Opus VI impressed me. It's not for me, but powerful, bold, dense, yet somehow very bright smelling, it's sort of the culmination of the modern takes on the modern...
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    Re: Creed vs Frederic Malle

    Malle has a number of my all-time favorites from any line, so I am clearly biased, where as Creed has two fragrances I've enjoyed moderately, both of which have been discontinued ( Cuir de Russie and...
  20. Poll: Re: Caron L'Anarchiste query/opinion/suggestions?

    Spicy orange and Atlas cedar. It's good, but I never wear it. I got it in a cheap blind buy years ago and never warmed to it.
  21. Re: Any retail places sell Amouage in Canada/Alberta/Vancouver?

    The Perfume Shoppe sells it here. The store is right downtown, so easy to find if you're visiting. The lady who runs it is very helpful.
  22. Re: Whats your the most favorite fragrance by Parfum d’Empire

    1. Cuir Ottoman and Ambre Russe. Equally good. I only own Cuir Ottoman, but I'd love to own the latter. It's mostly just that I own so many related fragrances already in the amber fragrance category...
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    Re: Knize Ten - is it worth it?

    I'm curious - how would you compare these three?
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    Re: Knize Ten - is it worth it?

    K10 has recently been reformulated for significantly the worse. That being said, it's always been a big-girl's blouse in terms of having a large amount of big, powdery florals ( specifically orange...
  25. Thread: cumin note

    by Sugandaraja

    Re: cumin note

    I'll second both of these excellent suggestions.
  26. Thread: cumin note

    by Sugandaraja

    Re: cumin note

    Serge Lutens' Arabie is excellent in this respect, and quite powerfully cumin-y. It's a divisive scent though; sample first. Slightly subtler cumin odes in that same line are Santal de Mysore ( cumin...
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    Re: Favorite fragrance from Thierry Mugler?

    I've smelled a lot of them, and I must confess, none of them have done much for me, though I do see why they're big.

    A Travers Le Miroir is the most strikingly original I've smelled in the line,...
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    Re: Shave or beards?

    This. I don't have much commitment when it comes to this... I'll spend a few weeks beardy, then a few weeks clean-shaven.

    I like that my beard is full of red hair ( my brown haired when it comes...
  29. Re: Is It A Safe Bet That If You Still Have A Thick Head Of Hair At 44, You Probably Won't Go Bald?

    My father had a full head of hair until around age fifty, then it rapidly started receding. My maternal uncles followed almost the same ( and kind of unusual ) pattern.

    I more or less know what...
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    Re: What's Going On With Tabac Blond !!!

    Caron has a really terrible record of reformulating their scents. Not only one or two changes over time, but their scents are consistently inconsistent batch to batch. Farnesiana and Poivre come...
  31. Re: Chanel Les Exclusifs - What are your favorites?

    I didn't enjoy 1932 or Jersey at all: they both struck me as neutered versions of existing genres ( jasmine and lavender, respectively ), but I've come around to the fact that those who find those...
  32. Re: Must-Have Niche fragrances that won't break the bank

    Serge Lutens' exports are usually easily had for considerable discounts online, usually clocking in at under $100 USD per bottle. Many quality fragrances in this line, though somewhat diluted by...
  33. Re: Any recommendations for a vanilla based frag?

    For a serious vanilla, it's hard to go wrong with Shalimar, but I want to put that out there with the proviso that I'm specifically recommending the extrait ( modern version ) or the EDP, extrait,...
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    Re: New Moderators!

    Thanks for the welcome, folks! :)
  35. Re: Compliment Getters... Are they worth buying?

    Compliments have no bearing on what I wear. I even wear some insult-getters!
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    Re: Eau Des Baux What Does It Smell Like?

    Eau Des Baux is in the sweet, haylike tobacco category. Of those, it smells closest to Volutes EDP, in my opinion.
  37. Re: It's unpopular, but you love it. What is it and why?

    Quite a few. Some poorly-received scents I enjoy:

    Penhaligon's Elixir - I'm charmed by this one; it smells like an Arabian "white musk" oil, only made diaphanous with aldehydes.

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    Re: Cuir Ottoman - upon further review

    I wear it infrequently, but I always enjoy it when I do. I think the reason I wear it as infrequently as I do is that has a certain edgeless quality; an olfactory pillow, that can make it a bit bland...
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    Re: What is your The Most Unique Fragrance?

    Too many, really: I love the oddballs.

    If I had to name just one, I'd name Vero Profumo: Onda. A strange beast, animalic honey and vetiver with a shrill green chypre accord. There is nothing...
  40. Re: How much leather in Frederic Malle EdP Parfum de Therese?

    I am indeed! A lot of my fragrant life is lived on FB these days, but I'm still fond of this place.

    I was trying to pinpoint what it reminds me of, and the closest I came was the 2006 Missoni...
  41. Re: How much leather in Frederic Malle EdP Parfum de Therese?

    I found this to be a peculiar melon floral chypre thing. I smell no leather at all; I don't find it to be more than mildly related to Diorella, either, another common comment. It's not a dumb scent,...
  42. Re: The monster which became a beauty, love on second sight!

    I have had this happen to me so many times I now fully distrust all initial impressions.

    My favorite fragrance of all time I hated initially: Une Fleur de Cassie. I remember describing it as...
  43. Re: What's definitely masculine is.. grossness?

    Non-perfume people tend to like more instantly pleasant, recognizable smells rather than complicated or strange ones. My most complimented fragrance ever was an orange-scented hair gel: I don't think...
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    Poll: Re: Do you like Oud...?

    I'm not fond of mono-ouds, but I've smelled it in a number of blends where it comes across charmingly. I like oud, but in the way I like civet: on its own, it's a little much.
  45. Re: What's definitely masculine is.. grossness?

    Most men in the west just want to smell "fresh", not "barnyard": it's not a common request. There seems to be a special love of animalic scents in the fragrance fandom, but that also is quite...
  46. Re: Does our sense of smell (discernment) improve?

    Pragmatically speaking, if you've never smelled lavender, you've definitely seen lavender, and seen that it is purple, it makes sense you expect it to smell purple.

    If you'd never eaten a banana,...
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    Re: Ethical Hypothetical

    The latter - I have a large number of scents I love but can't realistically purchase for myself.
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    Re: CARNAL flower Alternative?

    I love tuberose and I've tried dozens and dozens of them... and there is nothing like Carnal Flower. It's truly unique.

    The majority of extant tuberose fragrances descend from Fracas ( Beyond...
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    Re: Need rose suggestions.

    I'm familiar with Portrait of a Lady, but my favorite from the land of Malle is Une Rose. It's a difficult scent, but in its lingering sillage is the most compelling rose in modern perfumery.
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    Re: Five least favourite Malles

    Truly bad perfumes:
    1. Eau de Magnolia
    2. Outrageous
    I just happen to not like:
    3. Dans Tes Bras
    4. Geranium PM

    I've enjoyed all the others at one time or another.
  51. Re: Fragrances that you believe in, but just don't seem to wear as often as your other scents.

    Most of them. I always love Chene, especially, but I wear it once or twice a season, max.
  52. Re: Bois D'Argent my biggest fragrance disappointment to date.

    Out of curiosity, have you ever smelled orris powder? Separate from various iris extracts, accords, etc. Bois d'Argent always struck me as being closest to the slight musty-grainy violet-iris of...
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    Re: Unisex, or... is it, really?

    I regularly wear fragrances marketed to women, even famous ones, and it never comes up. When you do something every other day for years, and it's not been an issue once, the proof is in the...
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    Re: Unisex, or... is it, really?

    My general approach to this is simple: most non-Basenoters simply don't think about fragrance. If they smell a fragrance in passing on someone, they'll assume it's meant for them, if they think of it...
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    Re: Manly Gourmand??

    Maybe identify the notes you find to be manly, and then we can suggest something that combines them with gourmand notes in a fun or tasteful way. :)

    Serge Lutens - Fourreau Noir

  56. Re: Does our sense of smell (discernment) improve?

    I find it easier to discern notes and accords and "family resemblances" in perfumes, but I'm not sure I'm more discerning. I tend to only have a narrow focus at any given time. Half my most-worns are...
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    Re: Purchases for the coming summer?

    I should also add to that list Noir Epices ... I love it, but don't know when to buy it.
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    Re: Purchases for the coming summer?

    I've become much more restrained in my purchases lately.

    I have a double bill of Rozy and Ashoka on the to-get list for my birthday in July
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    Re: Favourite "jammy" scents?

    Roses have a strong tendency to smell jammy to my nose. Probably the most fruity of them I know is Byredo Rose Noir, which has a vivid berry compote accord to it.
  60. Re: Bois D'Argent my biggest fragrance disappointment to date.

    I love Bois d'Argent, but it's not my favorite iris by a long shot. Honey and milk ( though, not "turned" milk to my nose ) are definitely present; I get something a bit like anise in there, too,...
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    Poll: Re: Which ones do you love from this list?

    None of the above!
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    Re: Civet (Ungaro II alternatives)

    Bogue: Maai is quite civet-y in the base, with a herbal rather than citrusy top. Very old-world smelling, somehow, though you definitely need to be OK with over-the-top scents like Kouros to like...
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    Re: Top gourmand frags

    I think the only explicitly food-smelling fragrance I own is Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum. It's basically marzipan and kirsch over a warm, musky base, with a bit of aldehydic "fizz" in the top notes....
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    Re: Shalimar - can a man get away with it?

    Short answer: yes.

    Slightly longer answer: yes, and unless you're fire-hosing it on, most strangers won't even notice your SotD, so wear whatever you'd like. Basenoters think a lot about...
  65. Re: 3 Fragrances you love by the same perfumer?

    Far too many!

    Vero Kern: Kiki, Rozy, Onda.

    Olivia Giacobetti: Dzing!, En Passant, Idole.

    Christopher Sheldrake: Mandarine Mandarin,Tubereuse Criminelle, Cuir Mauresque.

  66. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    Chanel's cologne is pretty much perfect. It last not at all, but then that's not the expectation with colognes.
  67. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    Despite Ropion creating my current favorite fragrance ( Une Fleur de Cassie ), I'm almost sure I'll hate this one. Bright citric clean musk is everything that was wrong with the last Malle, the...
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    Re: Brand New Montale - Aoud Lavender!!

    Oud and lavender sounds different enough to be worth sampling, though Montale's slightly industrial oud accord rarely sits well with me.
  69. Re: Single notes, soliflores and the search for simplicity...

    I agree with Highness Rose. It's so very much a rose-rose that it's a little boring, but it's beautiful and resolutely literal. Rose with your rose.

    Bruno Acampora Jasmin takes five min to...
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    I find travel sprays are great for alleviating this issue. Noxious fragrance in the room? Just whip out that travel spray, delicately apply 25-30 sprays, and pretty soon all him, you, and anyone...
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    Re: Your Top Subtle Fragrances.

    I'm not much of a person for subtle, but:

    L'Eau d'Hiver - papery almonds; delectable and subtle.
    Chene - a delicate, tannic woody-boozy fragrance.
    Violette Fumee - a delicate,...
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    Re: Unusual Designer Scents

    They play things safe these days, for the most part.

    White Linen - a brutally Avante Garde aldehydic monster, it just wasn't marketed that way.
    Clandestine - tinned pineapple floriental....
  73. Re: Has your blind buy success rate improved over time?

    I don't blind buy, but my idea of whether I'll like a perfume before I try it has become much more accurate due to:

    - previous experience with the line.
    - previous experience with the perfumer....
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    Re: Orange, but...

    My favorite orange-focused scent at the moment is Noir Epices. Despite the name, it's more about orange and geranium together, with a big helping of clove. There is nothing traditionally oriental...
  75. Re: Chanel Les Exclusifs - What are your favorites?

    I love Misia - I want a bottle. In their currently iterations, it ranks third for me in terms of enjoyment level, just behind Cuir de Russie and Beige, and tied with La Pausa ( which it somewhat...
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    Re: The Matrix Neo You're The 1

    Une Fleur de Cassie. I have a bunch of back-ups now. Hopefully they'll last me.
  77. Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Misia coming Feb 2015?

    To my nose, this one is a winner. I don't think it will convert anyone who doesn't like the Chanel style, but if you're charmed by the other exclusives, it's a must-try. Much stronger release than...
  78. Re: Name your favorite unremarkable, generic, "eh, not bad," forgettable scent that you actually wea

    Chanel Beige. The perfect anytime floral.
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    Re: Rate these Frederic Malle fragrances

    These days, I'd rank Noir Epices the highest of those. I wouldn't have said the same five years ago.

    They're all solid releases. It's hard to go wrong with Frederic Malle; I can only think of a...
  80. Re: What fragrance would the Prophet Muhammad wear?

    I certainly can't conceive of a way this thread might turn unpleasant or aggravate some members...
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    Re: Your top lavender fragrances

    I was a bit late to loving lavender. I've only really turned that corner this past year or so.

    My two top choices at this moment are Serge Lutens Fourreau Noir and Vero Profumo Kiki Voile...
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    Re: *NEW* Serge Lutens La Religieuse 2015

    I'm hesitantly optimistic. L'Orpheline was quite good, and first isn't always best with Serge ( I find Foureau Noir is my favorite of his lavenders despite being the third; Sarrasins I far prefer to...
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    Re: New SL Fourreau Noir

    I sampled this one a few years ago and wasn't hugely impressed. I've gone through a lavender phase recently, and in that mood I decided to revisit it.

    I must say: this time, I am extremely...
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    Re: My leather collection

    Thinking on the leathers I own...

    Montale - Oud Cuir d'Arabie: it's decent, but too linear, to the point I rarely wear this. It also dries down a typical rose/synthwoods Montale base.
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    Re: Frederic Malle, which one worth to buy?

    Almost all the Malles are quality fragrances. Buy the ones you like.

    Of the ones you listed, I'd go for Noir Epices, but I'd be happy to own DvN, too.
  86. Replies

    Re: Help please!

    All of them work, but they're not much alike in terms of smell. Of those three, I'd pick Sahara Noir... but within Sahara Noir's genre, there are scents I prefer ( Absolue Pour Le Soir, L'Orpheline...
  87. Re: Soft scents that pull people in. Recommendations?

    Same here. I was not impressed at all initially... it smelled like a non-fragrance. It took a few wearings for its subtleties to come forward.
  88. Re: Soft scents that pull people in. Recommendations?

    Frederic Malle - L'Eau d'Hiver

    Delicate warmth personified.
  89. Re: Anyone else get alot of people "sniffing " around them?

    Depends on how much you apply, and what fragrance. Whenever I wear more than a half-spritz of Santa de Mysore I see *sniff* *sniff* *horrified expression* all the time. Others, rather less so, but...
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    Re: FM - Dries van Noten

    I've gone not quite a 180, but maybe a 120 on this fragrance? I passionately hated this one on first sniff: that oilseed note simply swamped everything, and it was like wearing tahini. I revisited it...
  91. Re: New Frédéric Malle Dans Tes Bras Notes & Info

    The past two years have featured a deepening love for the Malle line, yet, I've just not been able to warm to this one. It's the fungus note. It oppresses me, even though, all in all, it's quite a...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite sweet fragrance

    If just "sweet" rather than "gourmand"... perhaps Vero Profumo Rozy Voile d'Extrait? Very sweet to my nose, more so than Onda where the honey is suppressed by a bunch of other things. It's definitely...
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    Re: Miel de Bois Lovers

    It's taken a long, long time to come around to this fragrance, but I love it. Unfortunately, my love ( and former hate ) of this juice is based on an old decant of the export juice. I have a decant...
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    Re: The very worst of 2014

    I'm still having nightmares about FM Eau de Magnolia's drydown. That stuff was terrible. We need more lemon pledge!

    The Diptyque lavender and geranium.

    Serge Lutens Laine de Verre. Just...
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    Re: the best true rose scent

    Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose is a lovely green, dewy rose. Very vivid and textural.

    I'll second Hednic's mention of Highness Rose. Very literal ( it's really just rose ), but it's one of the...
  96. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    Also, L'Ombre Dans L'Eau, especially in the new EDP.
  97. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    Sonoma Studio has a scent called "Wood Violet" that has a strong tannic berry smell to it, I definitely recommend it.
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    Poll: Re: Favorite gourmand

    People eat things that smell like Absolue Pour Le Soir...?

    In terms of the more literal, foody variety, my favorite is Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum. Bitter almond, marzipan, a slightly "fluffy"...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite perfume family

    Florals, but I have representatives from almost everything. I don't really get citrus, though.
  100. Replies

    Re: Mandarine Mandarin

    I've yet to plunge on a bottle, but I've gone through a couple decants over the years.
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