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  1. Re: Clearing Out Some Space Sale CONUS and CAN Only

    added Lacoste Essential
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    Re: New Fragrance: Perry Ellis Aqua

    Got my nose on it today. It is forgettable. However if you like aquatics, give it a try
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    Re: Any Armani Code fans ?

    It is definitely nice. It is just overpriced and overplayed but I still use my bottle of it.
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: February 2012

    Geir Ness
  5. Clearing Out Some Space Sale CONUS and CAN Only

    These are all men's fragrances. I just need some money at the time so I am eliminating the fragrances I do no use. They all have at least 95% left in the bottle unless otherwise noted. The bottles...
  6. Re: Allure Homme Sport, I can't believe how much I DIDN't like it.

    I think AHS is ok. The hype over it is a little much. I think it smells better when you just catch whiffs of it compared to smelling it up close. I did not care for Bleu either. Try Dior Homme Sport...
  7. Re: Looking for some good bargain summer fragrances.

    Tuscan Soul
    Perry Ellis 360 Red
    Tommy Bahama St. Barts
    Tommy Bahama Martinique
    Lacoste Essential
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    Re: What was your best blind buy?

    For me so far:
    Amen Pure Malt
    L'instant de Guerlain
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Ross had this yesterday:

    Burberry Brit Limited Edition 3.4 oz $40.

    Is it worth it?
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    Re: My 2nd Fragrance Review - Allure Homme Sport

    I have been underwhelmed by sport as well. I thought your review was a good review. Getting the blonde's opinion was a good idea.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, March 14th, 2011

    iceberg twice
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, March 13, 2011

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    Poll: Re: encre noire or the dreamer?

    I'll go against the grain here, I'll take the dreamer. I have a sweet tooth. Maybe I need to try my encre noir more. I wasn't a big fan of it the first couple times I wore it. I think the dreamer...
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    Re: Whats on your buy list for this month guys?

    Tuscan Soul, Versace Eau fraiche, Pure Havane, or maybe I will just buy samples of more fragrances
  15. Re: best weather conditions for imperial millesime

    You can wear it anytime you want, but I would say Spring and Summer are optimal. The cold may mute the fragrance too much.
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    Re: sorry, i cant help it..but B*Men>A*Men

    I think the mid notes of B men are the best. I very much enjoy the frag until it dries down. I think it dries down into something that reminds me of an 80's frag. I can't wear it at that point.
  17. Re: What do yall think of 360 perry ellis degree red?

    If you like ADG, you will like it. If you cant stand ADG, you probably won't like it. Great price on it though.
  18. Re: Skin vs paper: possible to get completely different smell?

    Happens all the time. I always try it on my skin before I buy it.
  19. Re: Going to start doing youtube fragrance reviews...

    I would like to see more bargain frags on youtube. I have thought about starting to do reviews and doing cheaper frags was going to be one series of reviews. No one really does them much. I...
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    Re: I don't understand the YSL La Nuit hype

    I like it on paper a lot. On my skin though it was ok. Much more restrained. Not sure if it is my skin or the sample I have. I may get a new sample or try it on at a store.
  21. Re: What goes through your mind when you smell someone with Acqua Di Gio?

    "they need a shower" There is note in ADG that always turns sour when I smell it. I smelt it all the time growing up, i thought my friend must have always smelt bad or didn't take enough showers....
  22. Re: Are any of these Cuba fragrances worth purchasing?

    I have Cuba Las Vegas. It has a pretty strong tobacco smell with a little bit of sweetness. Its ok. For 3 dollars its hard to feel robbed. The tobacco could be done better. It smells like my humidor...
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    Shiny by Giorgio Monti

    I bought this at a shop in the mall and couldn't find it here.
  24. I am looking forward to Boss Orange. I am a fan...

    I am looking forward to Boss Orange. I am a fan of Boss Bottled and the One.
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