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    Re: The Return of Tea for Two

    If only they would take out the ashtray note and improve the longevity, I'd buy another bottle. :wink:

    The main reason I bought Tea for Two was because of the fantastic dry down.
  2. Re: A GREAT Overlooked Vanilla Fragrance: Le Couvent de Minimes Eau des Missions Botanical Cologne

    It's not "exactly" like SDV, of course, but the overall fragrance is very similar. SDV has the slight incense note that I don't get from Eau des Missions. Eau des Missions is more of a linear scent...
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    Re: Presidential Scents

    Not a President, but Prince Charles allegedly wore Crabtree & Evelyn's Extract of West Indian and Sicilian Limes.
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    Re: What smells say "Hawaii" to you?

    Lili Bermuda South Water smells like Hawaii to me, as it has a heavy smell of pineapple.
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    Re: Buying an entire line.

    No, I have never had a desire to do that. I'm much too picky and I've never found a line that I have liked EVERYTHING I've smelled from them.

    I DON'T like many more fragrances than I like.
  6. Re: Helmut Lang Reborn. The original iconic scents, available again!

    For those who are considering Cuiron (or either of the other two Helmut Langs....EdC & EdP), I wouldn't recommend just going by what is written on this limited thread.

    Instead, I would encourage...
  7. Re: Helmut Lang Reborn. The original iconic scents, available again!

    Cuiron's projection and longevity on me is significant. I put a few dabs of the new on tonight and went out to eat, and I have been catching whiffs of it all night.

    I can only imagine what a...
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    Re: Looking For A Classic Men's Fragrance

    You're in luck. Helmut Lang just started making Cuiron again and it is about as close to the original as I have smelled of late.

    Cuiron is a light leathery scent that is very clean and...
  9. Re: What happened to forum members of the past?

    I have heard a lot of them got tired of the way some things were handled here in the past so they quit coming around (or in some cases, were banned).

    I have also heard a lot of old members still...
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    Re: Creed Samples ... Advice Needed

    I would say either or Crystal Flacon should have several people selling samples of all the most popular Creeds.
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Crabtree & Evelyn Extract of West Indian & Sicilian Limes

    Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee

    A Lab on Fire Liquidnight

    Helmut Lang Cuiron
  12. Re: If you could spray cologne on only one spot.

    Center of my chest.
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    Re: Something minty

    +1 on Selection Verte.

    Creed's Selection Verte is definitely the best mint fragrance I have smelled. And it truly does smell like mint (after the fantastic citrus opening)'s not just a...
  14. Re: Helmut Lang Reborn. The original iconic scents, available again!

    I got my samples of the three new Helmut Langs today from Luckyscent. Cuiron was the first one I sampled because I wanted to directly compare it to a sample of the original I bought from The...
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    Re: NICOLAI Cuir Cuba Intense.

    This does sound very interesting. I love several Nicolai fragrances.
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    Re: GIT, MI, or SMW?

    GIT or MI.
  17. Re: RareCREEDs(Sel.Verte/C.Bigarrade)/Himalaya/Heeley/Spicebomb/Batucada/L'Essence de Cerruti/TheVer

  18. Re: Realizing I really like Vanilla, what am I missing

    A Lab on Fire's Liquidnight is an excellent, under the radar vanilla.
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    Re: Pure Havane Vs. Pure Wood

    I was very disappointed with Pure Wood. I didn't think it smelled like "wood" in the least. More like a generic A*Men flanker smell to me that smelled like it had already dried down.....even in the...
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    Re: Advise for a mens Rose fragrance....

    Are you wanting a "hint" of rose or an obvious rose?

    If you want a true rose-smelling fragrance that can actually be appropriate on a man, here is one....
  21. Re: scent that makes you feel most like a king

    Vintage Tabarome or Windsor
  22. Re: Realizing I really like Vanilla, what am I missing

    A great, long lasting vanilla that reminds many of Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille (SDV) for about 1/7th the cost is....

    Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions Botanical Cologne of the...
  23. Re: Helmut Lang perfumes available for purchase on offical HL website!

    Luckyscent has it, too. I ordered samples of all 3. Looking forward to comparing Cuiron to the original.

    As we know from the Patou Pour Homme "re-launch" debacle, you gotta sample before...
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    Re: Helmut Lang - Cuiron Alternative

    I just ordered samples of all 3 Helmut Langs from Luckyscent.

    I'm especially anxious to compare the new Cuiron to the original.
  25. Re: Article: Helmut Lang relaunches Cuiron, Helmut Lang Eau de Cologne and Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum

    Link not working for me.
  26. Re: Worth the Purchase: Dior Homme vs Dior Homme Intense?

    I don't think there's a reason to have both, unless DHI is just too strong for you.
  27. Don't have permission to view a page?

    I was reading a thread a little while ago that Grant posted about Helmut Lang starting some old fragrances again. It had a link to click to read the article, but when I clicked it, it said I didn't...
  28. Re: Can't stretch the page anymore to fill the monitor!!

    My "stretch" was broken last night and I fixed it. When I came on today, it was broken again and I had to fix it again. But the options for the "stretch" have changed names.
  29. Re: I was so wrong about Bleu de Chanel, you too?

    I tried it a couple of years ago in a department store and I just remember thinking it smelled very all the things you smell in a department store.

    Guess I'll have to try it...
  30. Re: Top 1 Spray Fragrances (Current Formulations Only)

    For me.....

    L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Tobacco Vanille
    New Haarlem
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    Re: Pure Malt vs Pure Havane sweetness?

    I wouldn't say sweetness is a significant enough difference to not buy Havane, or any of the other A*Men flankers for that matter.

    I think the most important thing is simply whether you would like...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite from CREED Royal Exclusives?

    I smell no soapiness in my Pure White Cologne.
  33. Re: On the whole " That fragrance smells dated thing" or " generic" even..

    No doubt. Just as we associate certain decades with the music we hear, I also associate them with certain fragrances.

    60's: British Sterling, Brut and Canoe
    Early 70's: Jovan Musk Oil
  34. Re: Best Vintage, Discontinued fragrance that still can be worn today (modern) -

    Crabtree & Evelyn Extract of West Indian & Sicilian Limes
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    Re: My first Scubber

    Too many times to count for me.

    It's amazing how many colognes there are out there that smell like street tar. I guess I don't get it.
  36. Re: Re release of Mugler pure coffee. Post your impressions here

    I think this is a very accurate way to put it. When "coffee" is in the name, you expect COFFEE, but Pure Coffee takes on the usual "generic" A*Men flanker smell that we have all come to know so...
  37. Re: NEW PARFUMS DE NICOLAI - New York Intense

    If I buy this, I will be buying from Parfum1. They regularly send out 20% off codes, while Luckyscent doesn't.

    As far as getting a response from Parfum1, I have had a good experience. Stamatis...
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    Re: Cereus #7 - good stuff

    That's what I figured, too. But I found out differently. I ordered samples of #5 (now #6) 11 and 14 from Luckyscent with the intention of buying the bottles on eBay (if I liked the samples). I...
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    Re: Most versatile scent?

    GIT is frequently mentioned as a versatile scent.

    I think Creed's Pure White Cologne is also a very versatile scent.

    One of my new favorites is also quite versatile. It's Almost Transparent...
  40. Re: I'm looking for a L'Artisan Tea For Two clone!

    I hear you on the projection and longevity of Tea for Two. When it goes on, it seems like it would be a fragrance that would be very strong and last for hours, but not so.

    Maybe it's one of...
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    Re: Thoughts on a few vetivers

    Vetivers are hit and miss with me. I really like some of them (typically the lighter ones like Creed's OV), but can't stand others (Guerlain Vetiver).

    One vetiver that doesn't get much...
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    Re: Cereus #7 - good stuff

    My favorites from the line are No 4 and 7. 4 is a nice green apple scent. I also like #7, particularly the dry down.

    Like you, I tried buying cheap bottles of 5 and 14 off eBay and found that...
  43. Re: My 1 Liter Creed Vintage Tabarome!!! Feast your eyes on this bad boy!!!!

    It's a 4.5 year old thread.
  44. Re: RareCREEDs(Sel.Verte/C.Bigarrade)/Himalaya/Uden/Heeley/Spicebomb/Batucada/L'EssencedeCerruti/The

  45. Re: What's the most uncommon large fragrance bottle you've ever owned or heard of?

    I've heard of 1,000 ml Creed bottles before, but have only seen pictures.

    The biggest I've bought have been 250 ml Creed flacons, 200 ml Chanels, and a 200 ml Atelier Cologne.
  46. Re: My 1 Liter Creed Vintage Tabarome!!! Feast your eyes on this bad boy!!!!

  47. Re: Anyone tried No. 5 from Fragrance Republic?

    I liked 2 as well, but still trying to decide if I would wear it myself. I know it would be great on my wife though!
  48. Re: Who else keeps a spreadsheet of their fragrance collection?

    I don't keep a spreadsheet, per se, but I do write down all pertinent information for every fragrance transaction I make, including date, person I buy from/sell to, item sold/bought, price and...
  49. Re: What was your first niche fragrance and what would you have bought first if you could go back?

    I bought Creed GIT and OV at the same time and I would buy the same if I had it to do over again.
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    Re: "Mark Forums Read" not working

    This problem has corrected itself now.
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    "Mark Forums Read" not working

    When I come on Basenotes, I always click on "New Posts" so only the new posts come up since the last time I left. That's because I always click on "Mark Forums Read" each time I leave Basenotes so...
  52. Anyone tried No. 5 from Fragrance Republic?

    I have now sampled number 5 from Fragrance Republic and found that it is superb in every way. It's definitely my favorite so far and I will be buying a bottle. It is a versatile scent that can be...
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    Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain alternative?

    Yes, I'm afraid LDDM stands alone. I can't think of anything that would be considered an adequate representation.

    That's what makes LDDM so special. I knew as soon as I smelled it I had never...
  54. Re: HELP! Loss of Search box on the green bar to the far right in all forums when I log on

    No search box for me either on my desktop computer, but it does show up on my phone.
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    Re: Is BN really laggy today?

    I thought we were supposed to be past this problem?

    Now we are getting another taste of why we switched over to Huddler to begin with.

    This is like going back two years in the time tunnel.
  56. Re: Which fragrance is best at smelling like a bakery?

    Al Rehab's Choco Musk.
  57. Thread: Strike

    by RedRaider430

    Re: Strike

    Agree, the Bulgari is quite sickening.
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    Re: Pick 2 from your collection

    Hmm....probably Creed Windsor and Vintage Tabarome, since they would be worth the most.
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    Re: Change in taste

    Creed Windsor. It wasn't at all what I was expecting when I first tried it. But then I grew to really like it.
  60. Re: Fragrance Republic - Free Samples! 9/2/2014 CONUS

    I have tried 5 of the 9 so far, including 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8.

    Number 2 and 6 were my favorites. Number 2 is an excellent floral fragrance, and number 6 is very nice light limey vetiver scent.
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    Re: Heeley Cocobello and Creed VIW

    My take is like yours. I prefer the a lot, actually.

    I wanted to like Coccobello, but I just didn't....certainly not enough to buy it for the price it goes for.

    I couldn't really...
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    Re: GIT Progression

    Olivier Creed has also noticed it and says it occurs. He should know.

    But my own nose is the best indicator of all. Not all Creeds "blossom," but my GIT certainly did. There's just no question...
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    Re: Looking for a rose

    I received my free (9) samples today from Fragrance Republic.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and see the free samples option for all 9 fragrances. And...
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    Re: Patou pour homme reissue

    You put it succinctly and I agree with you. I thought it was absolutely horrible and I would not wear it if a bottle was given to me.
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    Re: GIT Progression

    I have a 2010 bottle and it "blossomed" as well over time.
  66. Re: I have a nuclear bottle of Creed Millesime Imperial

    Depends on who you ask. It was definitely true for me on my first bottle of GIT. When I first sprayed it, it smelled like.......nothing. Now, 3 years later, it smells like the best GIT you'd ever...
  67. Re: Ever asked a person who was of the same sex what they were wearing? If so, how did you approach

    I have come out and asked complete strangers what they are wearing several times. It's not uncomfortable to me at all, although I know it can be for some.

    Put yourself in their position. If...
  68. Crabtree & Evelyn's Extract of West Indian and Sicilian Limes

    Most of us have heard that Crabtree and Evelyn's Extract of Mysore Sandalwood is one of the best discontinued sandalwoods.

    Along those same lines, I had the good fortune to run across a brand...
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    Re: Scent you will always have love for.

    Hundreds, really, but my Creed Green Valley will always be special to me. I've just always been particularly taken with the fragrance.
  70. Re: Are all Xerjoff fragrances (shooting stars) supposed to have an X on the sprayer?

    My bottle of Kobe has the "X" but the Uden doesn't.
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    Re: Imaginary Authors quick impressions

    Thanks for the info and your impressions!
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    Re: Richwood or Kobe?

    I prefer Kobe. And remember, less tends to be more with these fragrances. I use only one spray and the P & L lasts all day.

    I don't think I would ever use more than two sprays of Kobe because...
  73. Re: What is your girlfriend's favorite scent you own?

    I own so many, I don't hear many comments, but the most recent one I remember was Murdock Black Tea.
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    Re: Opinions on these Creeds

    Millesime Imperial
    Original Vetiver
    Green irish Tweed
    Silver Mountain Water
  75. Re: How much do you think Creed actually makes?

    I don't know, but I have heard that in many cases, if not most, the packaging and bottle cost the manufacturer more than the juice.
  76. Re: I want "clean" but something distinguished

    A Lab on Fire's Almost Transparent Blue
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    Re: Going to a wedding scent..

    Edition Blanche or Dior Homme.
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    Re: Top 5 pepper scents

    Penhaligon's Juniper Sling
  79. Re: Fragrance Republic - Free Samples! 9/2/2014 CONUS


    Is there any information on which of the nine are considered to be for men, women and unisex?
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    Re: Bond Bleecker st. is sooo underrated!

    Bleecker St. tends to draw compliments, but the more you use it, the more it tends to smell synthetic. Still, a very different, fresh scent. I've seen the (Fragrance Bros.) comparisons of Bleecker...
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    Re: Top five vanilla scents

    Creed Angelique Encens
  82. Replies

    Re: Very disappointed with PdM Herod

    I haven't cared for any of the PdM's.
  83. Re: What's your favorite from the Creed Acqua Originale line ? Or none of them?

    It is odd. I also think it smells like it has vetiver in it. It smells like a very light Original Vetiver in the opening to me. It's even slightly soapy.

    But the Creed Boutique website has no...
  84. Replies

    Re: Guerlain Derby or Knize Ten Gold

  85. Re: If I have Pure Malt and Amen - would Tase if Fragrence be over kill?

    I don't personally think the flankers are different enough to warrant having more than a couple of them.

    I think if I was going to be buy another one, I'd wait until Pure Coffee is offered...
  86. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes...Without The Sweet

    Sounds like you're describing Creed Vintage Tabarome. Not sweet or a pipe tobacco scent at all. Very much the leathery scent you are wanting. It smells like you walked into the library at Harvard...
  87. Re: What's your favorite from the Creed Acqua Originale line ? Or none of them?

    Nor do I. I have only purchased Vetiver Geranium and I have not found the longevity to be significantly less than average, especially other Creeds.

    I wore it yesterday and the longevity lasted...
  88. Re: What's your favorite from the Creed Acqua Originale line ? Or none of them?

    Vetiver Geranium
  89. Re: Heard at the Saks counter: New Creed 'Acqua' Line has the best price I've seen....$255.00. They show to only have two left.

    The best part about this is that often sends out 20% off codes, so that would allow the...
  90. Re: Heard at the Saks counter: New Creed 'Acqua' Line

    I tend to agree with you. VG was the only one of the five that I was interested in buying.

    The only other considerations to me were the Cedre Blanc and Aberdeen Lavender. I did not care for...
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    Re: What Should Be My Next Niche

    From the ones you mentioned, LDDM.
  92. Poll: Re: Orange Sanguine vs Cedrat Enivrant vs Acqua Viva

    By "dirty," I just meant that it went away from the primary lemon scent (I assume the cedar was the reason). That isn't what I wanted from AV....I just wanted the lemon.

    I have tried Monsieiur...
  93. Poll: Re: Orange Sanguine vs Cedrat Enivrant vs Acqua Viva

    Acqua Viva is one that is often seen on Basenotes discussions as being THE fragrance if you're after a straight up LEMON scent.

    That's what I was wanting, so I ordered a sample from Luckyscent...
  94. Re: So....great start to my weekend ! Dammit!

    That's terrible. I feel your pain!

    Yes, decanting into something else is a must, I'm afraid.

    I think you have provided a good lesson to the rest of us, so thanks for that.
  95. Re: Creed price increases have officially landed in the US

    Wow....that's significant. It will be interesting to see if these prices hold, or if they drift back down due to competition.
  96. Re: Sprayed vs unsprayed Brand new bottle

    I have read (but cannot find) that Olivier Creed has said that the "clock starts ticking" on a fragrance once it is sprayed, and if property cared for, Creed fragrances can last for 6 years, or more....
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    Re: Picking a chocolate scent as a gift

    From your list, LIDGE.

    Also, if he's really into that kind of scent, he might like a cheapo called Al Rehab Choco Musk. Not sure why they call it "choco" musk, because it doesn't have a strong...
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    Re: Patou pour homme reissue

    What I was getting at with that statement was to show just how UNLIKE the reissued PPH is to the original. Two completely different colognes, to my nose. The original PPH is an oriental fougere. ...
  99. Re: $4000 to spare on colognes! What would you buy?

    I'd probably buy everything on my sales threads (below). LOL....
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    Re: Patou pour homme reissue

    I'll tell you how different I thought the reissued one is to the original. The sample I was sent smelled like an acquatic cologne. Kind of fruity/beachy. Now THAT'S different! :lolk:
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