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  1. Re: Shocking move by Guerlain/LVMH - closure of Monsieur Guerlain website

    Terrible news, Mr. G. My sympathies and full support. I hope there will soon be an amiable outcome to what I regard as an apalling decision from LVMH.
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    Re: A peach of a fragrance.

    Of vintage peaches I do love both Femme (more plumish though) and Mitsi.
    Contemporaries not yet mentioned, I think, and which I LOVE are; SoOud's Ouris (iris and peach), Kilian Playing with the...
  3. Thank you very very much for this great...

    Thank you very very much for this great interview. I love the honesty and sincerity, and I find TW's dedication to Guerlain and to quality is clear in every sentence. Personally, I can't wait to see...
  4. Great interview, and what a sympathetic person...

    Great interview, and what a sympathetic person she is, now I'm even more happy how much I like her perfumes. I loved what she said about blogs and critics. Thanks for sharing.
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