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  1. Poll: Re: Christian Dior La Collection Privée Thread

    The love for Leather Oud isn't surprising, but for Granville is good to see! These are the only two I own (250ml each), and the next shall be Eau Noire. Best get that one soon, the SA at Saks NYC...
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    Re: New Armani privee Encens Satin

    Indeed. Bergdorf Goodman has this in when I was passing through NYC last month, and it is excellent.

    It has a pinkish blush to it that puts it closer to Guerlain's Encens Mythique than to it's own...
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    Re: Layering a Rose with other masculines

    Fascinating. I have LDDM and a sample of LN. Will try this. Thanks!

    Next step: La Fille de Berlin + Leather Oud. I'll report back on this in a few days.

    I looked into my sample jars and...
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    Re: Layering a Rose with other masculines

    A rose leather sounds good! I have a sample of knize ten here somewhere. Will try this today!
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    Re: Etat Libre D'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

    I tried this on skin at Twisted Lily (they had a tester in store and are due to receive stock in a week or so) a few weeks back and I think it's fantastic. Drier and smokier than the original thanks...
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    Layering a Rose with other masculines

    Geranium pour Monsieur and C&S No 88 really got me thinking into what a lot of mainstream/niche masculines would smell like with the addition of a good rose.

    The rose of choice of me is Lutens'...
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    Poll: Re: Hermes Vetivers

    I'll take the Bel Ami Vetiver, it feels like a more rounded-out fragrance as opposed to the interesting smell that is Vetiver Tonka. Also, isn't Terre basically a vetiver?
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    Re: L'homme Ideal de Guerlain?

    On my next trip! I wasn't sure about duty free prices and I had already spotted bottles cropping up here and there on eBay for ~$80.
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    Re: L'homme Ideal de Guerlain?

    This wasn't easy to find. Smelled it at two consecutive airports on the way home. It lasted the entire 10 hours of the first flight. Did a comparison of a fresh spray with the base at the second...
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    Re: Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance.

    Yup I ordered these to Pakistan. I was charged a customs duty of Rs. 20 (about 19 cents) on an order of $350.

    Quite good, actually.
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    Re: Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance.

    I did!

    I bought L'Air du Desert Marocain, Cedrat Enivrant and Like This. It arrived within two weeks all safe and sound.

    Recently I also ordered from Essenza Nobile (because they have Frederic...
  12. Re: Serge Lutens - Any news about the 2014 exclusive range perfume?

    They have had this at Barney's for the past two weeks. I only got to smell it on a strip, and yes it is by far the smokiest lutens ever. Blows serge noire out of the water, but in a smoother, fuller...
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    Re: Serge Lutens - L'Incendiaire

    They have had this at Barney's for the past two weeks. I only got to smell it on a strip, and yes it is by far the smokiest lutens ever. Blows serge noire out of the water, but in a smoother, fuller...
  14. Re: Encens et Lavande, Frankincense and Myrrh

    Serge Lutens' own Gris Clair is a simple, soapy lavender with light incense.
    Penhaligon's Endymion is also a good clean lavender.
  15. Re: Need some violet/violet leaf recommendations

    easier on the wallet: Grey Flannel
    less easy on the wallet: Eau de Cartier / Fahrenheit (but I loved the gasoline versions so I cannot look upon this one favourably anymore)
    what you should...
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    Re: Niche House Sampling Suggestions

    Welcome to basenotes!

    These are the first seven samples I ordered, ever. They began my niche journey two years ago:

    L'Artisan - Timbuktu
    L'Artisan - Dzongkha
    Frederic Malle - Carnal Flower...
  17. Re: Fragrance that smells most like household cleaner?

    Dior's Granville. And I love it nevertheless.
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    Re: Spearmint/Citrus EDT for summer?

    I second Hermes Concentree d'Orange Verte, Geranium pour monsieur, Live Jazz, Guerlain Homme and Herba Fresca. Interesting how no less than three Guerlains make the list. I'm not such a fan of...
  19. Re: Do you buy testers from sites like fragrancenet etc.?

    I've bought most of my lutens as testers with caps from fragrancenet. Absolutely no complaints so far.
  20. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur - Safran Troublant Discontinued

    Ah sad. Glad I bought this one, even if I don't use it. There just aren't enough good saffron perfumes out there, even in the midst of this niche explosion. If anyone know of releases with saffron as...
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    Re: Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance.

    Superb. Thanks hednic!
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    Re: Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance.


    For the people ordering from ALZD and EN to the US, how much, if at all, do you pay for customs??

    I'm looking to get a few 100ml Malle bottles and this would help
  23. L'Artisan, Different Company CAPS Wanted

    I'm looking for the following bottle caps:

    1x L'Artisan Old Style (the ones that look like little crowns)

    1x L'Artisan Current packaging cap (seven sides, flat top, doesn't have to be carved)
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    Re: Oud in the summer.

    The Essence de Bois flanker to Eau de Cartier is my summer oud. Its the closest thing to an oud cologne I've smelled, plus it carries over a yuzu note from M7 Fresh.

    At ~$54 for 200ml it isn't...
  25. Re: Is Tuscan Leather an 'attractive' fragrance?

    Personally, it's a poor harsh leather but makes for a good fragrance. But no, it is not beautiful.
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    Re: best designer oud

    I own and love vintage M7 (indeed I smelt it when it first came out in 2002 and loved it since then) but I cannot recommend it as an oud fragrance alone.

    Leather Oud is fantastic, but the one that...
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    Re: Obscure vs marketing Gurus

    Le Labo is quite well known, esp in my country. As are tom ford private blends, amouages, and definitely creeds. Its only the price that's keeping these niche as of yet.

    L'Artisan is probably the...
  28. Re: Are My YSL M7s From INDIA FAKE? (Please Help!)

    Haha! Good read, this. I own a true vintage M7, and a fake one (legit bottle, but had a different batch code than the box, which is a dead giveaway, and smelled off, which is another dead giveaway,...
  29. Re: What has joining Basenotes taught you about your tastes?

    Taste-wise not so much, but a whole lot of background information and even some great deals in the marketplace. Also BN got me over the vanity of buying retail while on a student budget, for which I...
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    Re: Your Best Steals on Fragrances

    TDC's Oud for Love, brand new, for about $100 at auction.

    A best offer of $90 for a brand new Amour Nocturne.

    Serge Noire, new, for $40 on eBay (don't you love misspelled listings?)
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit Pure Parfum

    This. The man from Dhahran has spoken.

    I honestly believe if he (Demachy) was given at least a longer leash, and preferably ballsier creative direction from 'up above', they could turn out some...
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    Re: Modern Guerlains - your thoughts?

    L'Instant EdT - to work, to play, all day, all year. It's a fantastically well-balanced one (citrus, floral, semi-gormand, woody, all fine tuned and in one bottle!), I think. Not my favorite but...
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    Re: Buying Used Bottles...

    For personal use, box or no box doesn't matter, as long as the bottle is clean, has a cap, and if it's one of those that come with both spray and screw on tops then it's better if both are included....
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Update to the previous photo:

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    Re: Your favorite fragrances by JCE?

    1. TdH
    2. Bois Farine
    3. Gentiane Blanche
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    Re: Citrus & Incense

    Thanks for the replies!

    Jubilation XXV does actually have a citric note but it moves one quickly to it's dried fruit and incense.

    L'Eau Froide sounds like something i should try! Bleu de Chanel...
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    Re: Favorite Men's Line

    Hermes, by far: Bel Ami, Rocabar, Equipage (!), Eau d'Hermes, Terre (!), Voyage

    YSL a close second: Kouros & Body Kouros, Jazz & Live Jazz, Rive Gauche, M7 & Fresh, La Nuit de L'Homme

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    Re: Looking for a brutal parfume for a man

    Brutal (but not foul, i presume?) yet attractive to some?

    Leather Oud as mentioned above
    Secretions Magnifiques, also as mentioned above

    Serge Noire

    Also, 15 sprays of A*Men can be...
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    Citrus & Incense

    As a gigantic fan of both the above, I've been looking to sample perfumes that have combined both the above and retain the character of each.

    My reference citrus is Eau d'Orange Verte
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    Re: Amour Nocturne - l'Artisan Parfumeur

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    Re: Fragrance houses you generally dislike

    Houses I dislike with no exceptions:

    Hugo Boss - utter crap, year after year, time after time. No redeeming aesthetic value, let alone fragrance.
    Kenneth Cole - I wore reaction a long time ago....
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    Re: Are your top fragrances niche or designer?

    Discontinued Designer. Which deserves a category all to itself.

    Gucci pour Homme I

    Amongst what is out there it's a mix:

    Dior Homme
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    Re: Safe niche citrus based blind buy

    If longevity is your main issue, you should consider the Atelier Cologne in niche for sure, they do a decent few hours of citrus on me (I own Orange Sanguine).

    Also, have you tried Caron's 3rd...
  44. Re: Im loving Rive Gauche and Azzaro PH... What next for me?

    Around the range of Rive Gauche:

    Caron pour un Homme is definitely worth it. Close to a barbershop vibe, will stand apart though. Around $30 for 125ml

    Habit Rouge is more dandified (more floral...
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    Re: Amour Nocturne - l'Artisan Parfumeur

    I tried Amour Nocturne today, wore it for a full six-ish hours.

    I kept thinking that I had smelled the doughy+powdery+sweet combo somehwere and in the middle of a book it hit me: Dzing! AN is, to...
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    Re: Amber Revisited

    Of the ones I've tried, the cleaner ambers are:

    MPG's Ambre Preceiux - Soft, comfortable, doesn't wear to heavy but has good longevity. I've only tested this twice. $130/100ml officially but can...
  47. Re: Define Your Personal Financial Limit Regarding Single Purchases

    Interesting thoughts on this so far. My limit would be around $150 for a purchase, regardless of volume.

    For me, > $60 / 100ml for an 'everyday' sort of fragrance is expensive, and I probably will...
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    Re: Primer on Lalique Men's Fragrances?

    ^ I second Hommage a l'Homme, quite a good wood.

    Encre Noire is a must. Longlasting, 'free-floating' vetiver. By free floating I mean to describe an airy rather than oily feeling (raw vetiver has...
  49. Re: What fragrance would "Donald Draper" of MadMen wear to work?

    60's New York, a clean-shaven exec who grew up on a farm and keeps a stack of pressed white shirts in his desk?

    Old Spice.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    I nearly ROARED after seeing this. Fantastic!
  51. Re: Perfume that gives you a sense of well being

    In new-style perfumes, practically every JC Ellena and most B Duchaufour perfumes have the wellness factor in spades, of these my prime favourites are Timbuktu, Eau d'Orange Verte (I keep a bottle in...
  52. Re: How Many Cool Water Flankers Have You Tried?

    I tried Summer Dive, liked the supposed-grapefruit edition. It's the only CW I've bothered to own. Did last quite well though, I used it all up in one summer
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    Re: The United States Of America.

    The best price for Dior Homme Intense I've seen in the US is at the LAX international terminal duty free as I was passing through. ~$80 for 100ml.

    For the rest, I second the Dior Vegas boutique...
  54. Poll: Re: Allure Homme Edition Blanche or Dior Homme Sport?

    DHS, simply more invigorating and the ginger twist helps set it apart. versatile to boot for day or evening.

    EB isn't bad by any means, but to me feels like it has a more restricted use: as a...
  55. Re: Some laugh... "Tell me your best, strangest, incredible buyl!"

    The only decent deal i've managed is a bottle of Kenzo Jungle pour homme for ~$25 from a local market, and a full tester of GpH (2003) for $30.

    And these stories are incredible! They do underscore...
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    Re: Name some "dry" fragrances you love.

    ^ This. Although it starts pretty damp/fresh

    Also: Terre d"hermes, Timbuktu, Dzongkha (all 'airy' dry), Gucci PH/CDG2Man (dusty dry). Habit Rouge, Rive Gauche & Dior Homme Intense (sweet/powdery...
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    Re: An EDC Sans Florals

    If you are OK with Pamplemousse Rose, you should try it's bitter sister, Gentiane Blanche. Light iris, but the overall effect is far from floral.

    A great pepper/incense cologne for summer,...
  58. Re: Need 3 high quality summer niche frags - your recommendation is needed !

    ^ MFK - APOM pour homme is pretty good too, tad sweeter than aqua universalis but the better off for it. persists throughout the day and evening.
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    Re: Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    Someone told me early on in my hobby to be wary of the very negative and very positive things people say about fragrance (and by extension others matters of taste)

    Encre Noire is the tonal centre...
  60. Re: Timbuktu by L'Artisan (my impression and my thoughts)

    ^ exactly my first thought, and yea they each do project the brand image quite well despite the uniqueness
  61. Re: LOT - (mostly) Niche Samples (4ml Tom Ford Private Blend) [updated prices]

    PM sent
  62. Re: Sequoia, Artek, Kyoto, Wonderwood, and TdH Parfum

    I'll third Timbuktu and encourage you to try Dzongkha (cleaner and leaner than Timbuktu) and Al Oudh (oudhless, actually, transparent animalic woody incense. Fantastic!)
  63. Re: Fragrances that you have a change of heart with

    Kenneth Cole Reaction. Loved it just four years ago. Electric apple was my impression. Wore it every friggin day for three years. Then I smelt some smells. For the past one year, havent sniffed it...
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    Re: Back Up Bottles- When, Why and How Many?

    Oh this thread brought up a recent painful memory.

    I have one bottle of vintage M7, and recently while browsing through an out-of-the-way bazaar came across a shop that had a dusty looking box....
  65. Re: Two Vintage Testers - Antaeus and M7 - First versions??

    yup. M7's real alright! enjoy. That opening is faaaaaaaantastic!
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    Re: Suggest a formal evening scent

    I feel that for a man, the formal mood is best communicated by a perfume with a strong feminine heart. Dior Homme (or Intense) works very well like this. Rose and oud work magnificently too, as does...
  67. Re: have you ever received a funny comment on a frag?

    What's burning in here?! (Gucci pour Homme I)

    Cheap airline tissue (Eau de Gentiane Blanche)

    What's burning in here?!? (Encre Noire)

    A wee bit poopy (Al Oudh, person later went on to adore...
  68. Better yet, find someone to put it through a gas...

    Better yet, find someone to put it through a gas chromatograph, and discover how redundant or not they are!
  69. Re: Best sites to buy samples/decants for niche fragrances?

    Aedes de Venustas have a generous sample program from their collection (good niche coverage, esp 'basic' niche like L'artisan and Serge Lutens), $15 for any 7 1-ml samples of practically any scent,...
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    Re: Today I Bought: February 2013

    Habit Rouge, EDT, 3.3 (lighter than expected)
    Kenzo Jungle pour Homme (nuttier than expected. Also, zebra-brush-cap works wonders for getting dust off other frag bottles)
    M7, bottle dating from...
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    Re: Orange / Sweet Orange

    Today, I found an extracts shop in an old part of the city that had, somehow, a barrel of the brazillian orange oil. On skin, it is quite sweet (Fanta!) but maintains the bracing aspect that we smell...
  72. Re: It looks like the maintenance man had a fun time with my cologne collection.

    Next ELdO scent: Fat Plumber, "a sensual mix of a personal collection impertinently and hurriedly sprayed while being aware of crossing boundaries and yet succumbing to desire"

    Honestly, it would...
  73. Re: ATTENTION all M7 fans: interesting videos.....

    Shouldn't oil float to the top of an ethaol/water mixture?

    And, I have a vintage bottle from 2006, nothing settles in the bottom, haven't touched it for weeks.
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    Re: Taking a Break From Wearing Fragrances.

    I once took only one or two bottles with me on a six-month trip. Came back to the rest of my collection and difference.

    I guess if you're inhaling deeply, sniffing skin or shirt or...
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    Re: What's your favourite birth year scent?

    Fahrenheit, 1988. Dad wore it solely and continually for the next 12 years.
  76. Re: honey fragrances, are there any out except Pure Havane ?

    +1 Absolue pour le Soir
    +1 Chergui

    Absolue has the more apparent honey, whereas Chergui seems to have an effect reminiscent of honey (at least to me, as it smells a helluva lot like a...
  77. Re: What fragrance do you use the most sprays of when your applying, and how many sprays?

    I'm with DULLAH on the hermes colognes. I've used the three of them for a few years now, and you positively need 20+ sprays just to get any mileage on them beyond the first hour. I began to use 20 or...
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    Re: The Mystery of Aventus.... Exposed?

    *music from 2001: a space odyssey*
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    Re: Eau De Pamplemousse Rose..Hermes

    Fantastic grapefruit indeed. If find it best to leave a little bottle in the car and apply before stepping out into the heat. Also a good white-summer-shirt scent.
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    Re: What is Your Favorite Minimalist Scent?

    Eau de Gentiane Blanche by far. Sleek light pepper iris and musk. Does what it says on the box. Absolute favourite for summer evenings.
  81. Replies

    Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Gucci pour Homme I. First time i actually had the cash to buy a loveatfirstsniff!
  82. Thread: Dubai

    by uhbhatti88

    Re: Dubai

    Guerlain's Mythiques D'Orient was a decent trio, I smelled some while passing by at the airport. Also, LIDGE is quite cheap in Dubai.
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    Re: What scent got you into Fragrances?

    I didn't know it then, but I sure feel good about it now: M7, at age 13. One small sample spray that dad found in his suitcase after a london trip. Blew me away. I began to notice smells.
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    Re: Rank fragrances from the house of Kenzo

    Jungle pH is predominantly spicy with a citrus opening.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Jungle pH is predominantly spicy with a citrus opening.
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    Re: Rank fragrances from the house of Kenzo

    There's also Jungle pour Homme, which I really like. It has a limey, nutty, tropical vibe to it.
  86. Re: What 10 Samples Would You Give a Newbie Interested in Exploring Frags?

    1. TDH
    2. Kouros
    3. Timbuktu (really, now, this has to be on here)
    4. LIDPH
    5. Kouros/Habit Rouge
    6. Rive Gauche
    7. Shalimar
    8. A*Men
    9. Bvlgari The Vert
    10. Egoiste
  87. Re: Army of Dior Fahrenheit bottles for just $222,222.00

    So that's where fahrenheit bottles go when they die...

    *rolling belly laughs all around*
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    Re: Encre Noire By Lalique

    Hmm, 8 should comfortably get you through till your great-grandchildren. Holy smokes man, you planning on mixing cocktails with that much? Although, if I had the option (or the cash) I'd probably...
  89. Re: Is YSL's M7 a fragrance that every gentlemen's fragrance wardrobe should include?

    M7, vintage especially, feels more like a signature scent than an everyman essential. It just doesn't have the balance required to be an essential part of a wardrobe. That said, I do love it, and boy...
  90. Re: If You Just Want to Smell Like a Man (A Terre d'Hermes EdP Thread)

    A fellow Sartorialist peruser? Nice.

    If an alpha male is analogous to a complete man, how is a complete masculine even imaginable without a flower? Without an animalic, yes, that is conceivable....
  91. Re: Your most used or most recently discovered fragrance in 2012

    Used: Live Jazz. Finished a whole 100ml
    Discovered: L'Instant pour Homme. For me, like opening a window into the grand old age. Must, must, must pursue.
  92. Re: Fragrance houses and the jewel in their crowns

    YSL today is likely La Nuit
    Hermes is Terre d'Hermes

    Dior still seems to be crowned by Fahrenheit. I don't believe DH has had the public impact yet that Fahrenheit has, although in current...
  93. Replies

    Re: What is your #1 head turning scent?

    I thought the title was about what turns *our* head, and came fully prepared to say Gucci Rush, the femme, but Oh, not what the thread is about.

    Encre Noire works for me.
  94. Replies

    Re: 'Vintage' Live Jazz...does it exist?

    I wasn't aware of any changes that have been made, I have a bottle from 2009. However, it is probably the most low-profile (generally speaking) YSL masculine out there, they haven't changed anything...
  95. Replies

    Re: What is your workhorse, day to day, scent?

    Live Jazz got daily wear for the year and a half that I've owned it, as did KC Reaction for two whole years before that, but as many have remarked, that was a simpler time. Lately, Concentree...
  96. Re: Dark scents? When a scent is dark, what's it like?

    Smokiness (vetiver, incense), earthiness (vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood) and certain sweet herbal/floral qualities (heavy rose, lavender as mentioned above, tobacco, caramel etc) when coming...
  97. Re: Is There a Popular Fragrance House You Haven't Tried?

    I've been criminally negligent about Comme des Garcons, but also have Frederic Malle, the Hermessences, pretty much all guerlains and chanels left to try.
  98. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian - which ones are worth trying?

    Absolue Soir
    APOM Homme
    Aqua Universalis Forte
    OUD - or Amyris Homme, this last is upto you.

    But the first three are the best of what he has to offer!
  99. Replies

    Re: a (young) mans fruity fragrance

    Do you consider the fig to be a fruit?

    If Yes, try: Hermes' Un Jardin en Mediterranee (sweet light fig) or L'artisan's Primier Figuier (figgy fig fig)

    (I have not smelled the dipytique fig)
  100. Replies

    Re: Tobacco Vanille and Burberry London

    I have london, and a sample of TV that i dip into now and then. London is fruitier than TV, and so I usually lean towards the latter. They do have very similar vibes. I would use both for pretty much...
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