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  1. Re: New Fragrance? English Laundry Signature Cologne

    was back at nordstrom yesterday and they had it in stock...grabbed a 1.7 oz bottle. btw I didn't make the connection myself, but on two separate occasions someone has told me it reminds them of JPG...
  2. Re: New Fragrance? English Laundry Signature Cologne

    sampled this by smells awesome. got a compliment right away. very fresh and clean, and exceptional longevity (edp). I still smelled it on my shirt a few days after i sprayed it. was...
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    Re: new fragrance: Hanae Mori HiM

    I've been testing the Hanae Mori HiM edt for over a week now. Did get one compliment so far, but overall still not sure if other people like it on me yet, however I do love it myself. Find it...
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