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    Facebook Perfume groups?

    Hi I am looking for a perfume facebook group I could join. But it seems I only know of one and that is the Male fragrance group run by Marc Robaitille. I would like to join this group in order to...
  2. Current Gucci Fragrance out. Girlfriend loves it, but what could it be?

    My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I want to get her something nice. She hinted at a Gucci perfume she tried on in Macy's that she loves. Clearly she wants me to get it for her, but I just...
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    Re: What do you wear to bed?

    Grey Flannel...
  4. What fragrances are similar to Versace the Dreamer?

    I don't want to blind buy this scent but the rave reviews are tempting me too. But there is the few that say you either like it or hate it if you don't like the top.
    What I am asking is, What range...
  5. Where could I used Paco Rabannes Black XS?

    Ive recently traded my dolce and gabanna the one for Black XS. I have yet to receive it but I know its a huge fruity blast similar to One million but a little darker which is what I was looking for....
  6. Re: Recommendations based on these scents(New to this)

    For daily wear you will love Chanel Allure Homme Sport- great spring, summer, and fall fragrance. Somewhat versatile, its an aquatic/citrusy masculine scent like nautica voyage. This can be your...
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    Where can Armani Code be used?

    I have a 4.2 oz bottle of Armani Code I'm going into college this fall and I need to find ways to use it. Ive used a portion of it but I have this big bottle and no ideas when and how to use it. I'm...
  8. pfft fruity gourmand...flippin 12 year old girls...

    pfft fruity gourmand...flippin 12 year old girls are going to be smelling like crap from a mile away...
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