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    Paris - obtaining samples?

    I am off to Paris next week and was wondering whether there is an etiquette for buying/obtaning samples. I hate spraying on me in the shop - things mingle together and I forget what was sprayed where...
  2. WANTED: Ninfeo Mio, Laura Mercier Eau Gourmandes

    Hi! I'm in the UK and would love bottles of Annick Goutal's Ninfeo Mio, or Laura Mercier's Vanille or Tarte Au Citron frags. Thanks!
  3. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    Tried First by Van Cleef and Arpels the other day. Smells like what I imagine Harrods fabric conditioner smells like...

    Hypnotic Poison has something in it that almost instantly gives me a...
  4. Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?

    Website is I first saw this on the MSE forum - lots of posters there say their versions of Flowerbomb and Angel are dead on, but I was intrigued to see they do some niche...
  5. Re: Looking for a clovey carnation ladened fragrance

    Villoresi's Garofano is lovely, but out of my price range at the moment!

    I do like the CdG and the Caron Bellogdia is a little bit creamier, which is sometimes a good thing. Got nothing from...
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    Tried it, now can't remember what it is

    Visited Les Senteurs at lunchtime today, and sprayed on something that smells...well, it started out green, and now smells soapy, but like a really nice, expensive soap (definitely floral). I can't...
  7. LOOKING FOR: a golden apple scent, a spicy, clove-y carnation; lemongrass/ginger

    ...not all in the same frag! Three separate ones.

    Carnation - something gorgeously spicy, rather like Lush's Potion.
    Apple - NOT like Be Delicious, a true, rich apple-y scent.
    Lemongrass and...
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    Looking for a similar frag to Lush Potion

    Potion is a now-discontinued Lush fragrance, sold in solid tins - it's also the same scent as their Potion body cream and Ruby Slippers bubble bar. Here's a description:

    "However, last weekend on...
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