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  1. Re: Which fragrances in the last 15 years "changed the game"?

    Animale Animale was launched in 1994 while A*man not until 1996.
    How could A*man have change the game if it is a copy of a fragrance that predates it by 2 years?

    But of course a French...
  2. Re: Help me choose: Polo (classic) or Esencia Loewe.

    You did the right thing.
  3. Re: On the hunt for "Five Star" fragrances. All because I bought a book! HAIAHA!

    I have only one thing to say about Sanchez and Turin book: It is a waste of money.

    BTW: If anybody is interested, I will sell mine cheap.
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    Re: Do you use perfume every day?

    Twice a day, every day.
    The first after my morning shower and then a second time after my evening shower.
    If it is too hot (it is the norm here) and I take an early afternoon shower, then it is...
  5. Re: Support for Turin's Vibrational Hypothesis on new documentary series.

    Sorry to disappoint you guys but Turin's vibrational hypothesis is wrong.
    According to that hypothesis all enantiomers should smell identical, but some don't.
    In all scientific hypothesis if one,...
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    Re: Bentley Intense

  7. Re: Which long-term fragrance are you still excited to wear?

    Mostly all of them
  8. Poll: Re: Dior Homme or L`air du Desert Marocain

    Yes, you are mixing apples with oranges here.
    What smells better, an orange or an apple? Depends what for.

    Comparing LDDM with VC&A Zanzibar would make more sense.
  9. Re: What is your favorite Creed and why?!

    Silver Water Mountain and Himalaya
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    Re: 2014 XMAS Day Scent

    I not only dig regular alcohol based fragrances but also body oils.
    I got from a body oil called Blue Spruce and it smells just like X-mas.
    Probably layering with a perfume with a...
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    Re: Most minty fragrance

    Absolutely right, how could I forget.
    Read my review, in June 2012 I said: "One of the best treatments of the mint note"
    Unfortunably Nordstrom is charging $73.50 for the 3.3 oz bottle.
  12. Re: Micallef Sashka Man is a Lapidus Pour Homme Clone.

    I have owned 5 bottles of Sashka Black (Men) and 3 of them look like your number 1 and 2 like your number 2 and all smell identical to me.
    i agree with Hednic, I also own both and they are different...
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    Re: Al Rehab - Choco Musk

    I have experience several al-Rehab fragrances in both spray and roll-on forms and in every case roll-on is better IMO.
  14. Re: The "Official" Creed Spice and Wood discussion thread

    Compared with Bois Marrocain, it is very creamy.
    I was CLEARLY making a comparison.
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    Re: Smooth cedar fragrance?

    I would have recommended Spice and Wood, but it doesn't last and its price is ridiculous. Neither Tom Ford Bois Marrocain, too much cedar it smells like pencil shavings.

    Terre d'Hermes is a great...
  16. Re: The "Official" Creed Spice and Wood discussion thread

    Spice and Wood is very similar to the discontinued J. Casanova pour Homme, but not as good.
    And J. Casanova lasts all day long while Spice and Wood lasts at the most 3 hrs.
    I was happy Creed...
  17. Re: The "Official" Creed Spice and Wood discussion thread

  18. Re: Nominate a bottle for the most elegant bottle award here!

    The Guerlain BEE bottle is by far the most elegant bottle IMO.

    I own a 1 liter bottle and I would not sell it regardless on what they may...
  19. Re: Tested out Amen today, never been so offended in my life

    It was a blind purchase for me and I almost pucked the first time.
    Not only smells awful, but the sprayer is so hard to hit.
    And who wants a bottle in a condom anyway?
    A total disaster if you ask...
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    Re: Most minty fragrance

    For a nice minty scent:

    For a disgusting toothpaste smelling scent:

    For an inexpensive and also very...
  21. Poll: Re: The Almighty Battle: Aventus vs. Jubilation XXV


    This is like comparing Black Forest cake with a plain cupcake.

    Well, I understand, children would prefer a cupcake, wouldn't they?
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    Re: The Most Sexiest Male fragrance around

    I think you mean either the most sexy or the sexiest, but most sexiest????, is like saying the most best. LOL

    Regardles, judging for the reactions or compliments I get from females I think Oud...
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    Re: Any nice Bay Rum Colognes?

    Geo F. Trumper Bay Rum Cologne

    St. John's

    or Taylor's
  24. Re: Your favorite Oud scents under $100? No oud-rose combos please!

    What do you mean??, Ameer al Oudh is made in the United Arab Emirates.
  25. Re: Your favorite Oud scents under $100? No oud-rose combos please!

    Ameer al Oudh for less than 40 bucks, and it is out of this world.
    An Oudh/vanilla scent
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    Re: Kourkdjian - Best nose around?

    You forgot Himalaya and Erolfa
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    Re: Kourkdjian - Best nose around?

    I cannot consider him the best nose because he created that horrible disgusting concoction called Le Male.
    I personally like Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Pierre Bourdon above anybody else, and nobody can...
  28. Re: Look what I scored at a thrift store for 50 cents! Dali.

    The one in your picture is for women, check this out:

    Regardless, it is a real find for 50 cents. It goes for around 40...
  29. Re: Has anyone tried layering Aventus and Virgin Island Water?

    WHY would you do something like that???
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    Re: Grey Flannel - Why the dislike?

    At the beginning I liked Grey Flannel a lot, I had a 3.4 oz bottle and upon finishing it I bought a huge 5.1 oz one thinking that since I like it that much, I rather buy a big one right?
  31. Re: Which cheap and reliable introduction to leather and tobacco scents?

    Pierre Cardin Centaure Cuir Blanc

    Leather, tobacco and vetiver in a fantastic perfume.
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    Re: best tobacco scent?

    Tobacco Vanille and Tobacco Oud are outstanding, but i also like the tobacco/leather combo of Pierre Cardin Cuir Blanc.
    But my favorite is the tobacco/honey combo of Fragonard Desert.

  33. Re: Christmas in a bottle! Which fragrance and why?

    I agree with Bay rums, but there are more "christmassy" bay rums than Pinaud.
    Also agree with Pino Silvestre, Krizia, Epicea and would add Sung Homme.
    Try an oil called "Kyphi", incense and cloves,...
  34. Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

    Sorry if I sounded condescending, that was not mi intentions. What I meant is that today, with the advent of internet EVERYTHING is just at the touch of your keyboard.
  35. Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

    That's exactly my point, having so many wonderful attars from the Middle East at much more convenient prices, who would consider purchasing BN9's?
  36. Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

  37. Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

    Rasasi: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    Surrati: Saudi Arabia
    Al Rehab :United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.
    Haramain: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    Al Anfar: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  38. Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

    Not available in the US?????
    Ar you kidding me? Have you heard of AMAZON???? 266 results for "attar"...
  39. Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

    If you want attars, get the real thing: Abdul Samad Al Qurashi or Asgharali are out of this world at comparable prices.
    Attars from Rasasi, Oud & Rose Palace or Surrati are excellent too and cost...
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    Re: Powder: Masculine or Feminine ?

    This question is as irrelevant as asking if light blue fragrances are masculine or feminine.
    Powder has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity in a perfume and neither does color .
    Some light...
  41. Re: Scents you'd love to see re-released/made

    I can think of many, like Witness, Balenciaga pH, Sashka Black, J. Casanova pH, Theorema, Fendi Uomo etc..., but the one that stands out is Jean Patou pour Homme (1980). The stuff launched in 2013...
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    Re: Help me explore OAK by Bath and Body works
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    Re: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather... Discuss

    I love scents that tell me a story, and Tuscan Leather does.
    This is what I wrote in my review:

    Opens very sweet, with raspberry being the dominant note, but rapidly moves into a dirty leather...
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    Re: IFF's space rose

    I agree
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    Re: Scentstory 24 Gold

    Yes, but it has been reported over 30 hours with Ameer al Oudh

    check at 5 minutes and 6 seconds and again at 5 minutes and 55 sec.
  46. Re: Why is Silver Mountain Water so underrated?

    Underrated???, by whom???

    It is on my top ten list and this is its record in Basenotes reviews:

    135 Positive Reviews - 44 Neutral Reviews - 32 Negative Reviews.

    That is 64% positives and...
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    Re: Scentstory 24 Gold

    I have not tried it yet but I have heard several comments that it smells almost identical to Ameer al Oudh from Lattafa with the difference that Ameer al Oudh is not only better but it lasts the...
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    Re: good oud fragrance for about 100$

    Ameer al Oudh (unisex) by Lataffa, one of the best ouds out there and you can get it for less than 50 bucks.

    Just listen these reviews:
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    Re: Where to find testers of...

    Kohl's also have a large selection of testers.
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    Re: A note on PS by Paul Sebastian

    You can punt it this way, I'll fair catch it
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    Re: Thee Holy Grail!

    Thank you Hawky454
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    Re: Recommendation required

    Lapidus pour Homme

    Sashka Black

    One Man Show:
  53. Re: Your favorite from these 3 Lavenders

    There is no better Lavender than Agua Lavanda, why bother with the rest?

    And is dirt cheap to boot.
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    Re: Fragrances Houses Made in the USA

    What about Jafra USA
  55. Re: Making room in my collection for ONE more designer scent - Which one ?

    Oud Wood
    Mr. Blass
    Ungaro III
    John Varvatos

    Don't be fooled by the inexpensive price of Mr. Blass, it is outstanding.
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    Re: Thee Holy Grail!

    I thought I had found my Holy Grail (HG) more than once already, but discovered that once found the quest continues.
    My first HG, many many years ago, was Guerlain's Vetiver. I thought no scent...
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    Re: A touch of Vanilla

    I didn't say it was THE dominant note, I said it was A dominant note.
  58. Re: Challenge: Wear a fragrance marketed to the opposite sex

    What is the big deal? To me perfumes do not have gender, it is just a marketing thing.
    Black Orchid was designed for ladies, now you can find it in the male perfumes department at most stores.
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    Re: Salvador Dali PH

    I don't smell any castoreum in Dali pH at all, it is mostly an oakmoss/patchouli/sandalwood fragrance with some animalic "vibe" on it due to musk, but not castoreum.
    For castoreum get Antaeus or...
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    Re: A touch of Vanilla

    What about Caron pour un Homme?????
    Hard to get a more masculine scent then that, yet vanilla is a dominant note.
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    Re: mens fragrance with menthol smell? mentholated tobacco perfume, some guys swear by it.
  62. Re: Must pour homme vs Must pour homme Essence

  63. Replies

    Re: Bowling Green Alternative?

    I think Jordache Cologne for man is a good substitute of BG.
    The bottle looks ike this:...
  64. Re: Looking For A Classic Men's Fragrance


    a: of recognized value,
    b: traditional, enduring.
    c: historically memorable.

    Bleu de...
  65. Re: Fragrances that people around you hate

    One of my coworkers suffers of asthma and every time I wear either Polo Blue or Salvador Dali pH he gets one of his asthma attacks.
    Therefore I do not wear them at work.
  66. Re: When you go out of town, what fragrance(s) go with you?

    I take perfumes I would not miss if I leave them behind or break the bottle.
    Or perfumes I am running out of, those with just a couple of more wearings left in the bottle.
    I would leave my Creeds,...
  67. Re: Which of these colognes are suitable for my dog

    Pizza Hut perfume would be good, but Burger King body spray "Flame" is a must.

    Or any one suggested here:
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    Re: I Just Bought Black Orchid...

    I bought a bottle for my wife and after I smelled it i thought I could wear it also, so I did.
    I got compliments galore so guess what? I bought several bottles just in case.

    I like the flanker...
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    Re: Looking for LICORICE!!

    I second Blue Sugar, to me the best licorice around for a fair price.
    Ungaro Apparition also is a good example of well done licorice.
  70. Re: Which of these 80s powerhouses should I get?

    Of the three you mention, I'll vote for Quorum, but all three are great fragrances.
    I'll add Salvador Dali pour Homme, Paco Rabanne pour Homme and Oscar de la Renta pour Lui
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    Re: Something minty

    Faconnable by Faconnable, read my review
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    Re: Tom Ford PN vs Aqua di Parma EdC

    Where is the "art" in plagiarism??????
  73. Re: Do you apply a fragrance before you go to sleep?

    I shower twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed, therefore I apply fragrance twice a day,
  74. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford PN vs Aqua di Parma EdC

    That is not what I said, I said that they smell the SAME, last about the SAME.
    There is no better quality, no better scent on TF NP, why pay 50 times for the same damn thing.
    4711 has been in the...
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    Re: Advise for a mens Rose fragrance....

    Al Haramain Wardia
  76. Replies

    Re: Wanting to explore saffron.

    Don't spend a fortune!!!

    Try Spanish Saffron by Roses and Oud Palace:
  77. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford PN vs Aqua di Parma EdC

    Is TF NP overpriced?????
    Of course it is.

    At $525.00 for 250 mL, that is 2.1 bucks per mL

    4711 costs $35.00 for 800 mL, that is less than 0.044 bucks per mL

    Check it out:...
  78. Re: Musc Makkah - Amber of Yemen - Musc Black

    Check this thread:!!
  79. Replies

    Re: Help with Oud fragrances please

    This is a pretty decent Oud that is dirt cheap and have no rose (it has floral notes, but no rose).
    If you want a real good oud you'll pay thru the...
  80. Re: Looking for a cheap refreshing and ice cold citrus scent

    Pinaud's Lime Sec and Citrus Musk, you can't get more citrusy that this and they are dirt cheap.
  81. Re: Your top three discontinued frags you'd want to see returned

    Purple label is still available, check this out:

    My selection:

    Sashka Black (M. Micallef)
    Witness (J....
  82. Re: Describe the following 3 fragrances as creatively as you can in 25 words or less

    Did you read my mind?????
  83. Re: Richard James: No longer making fragrance?

    This is good to know, I was flabbergasted when I heard that RJ was not longer offering perfumes, but hearing this is a big relief.
    I hope they do not change the line.
    I own every fragrance Richard...
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    Re: Ermenegildo Zegna samples

    Same experience, the SA at the Zegna boutique at Crystals was very nice and I tried all six perfumes of the Essenza line. Excellent perfumes IMO, but too expensive. No samples available.

  85. Re: Clive christian colognes-i don't get it

    I don't get it either.
    I bought in ebay 2 ml decants for each of the 6 offerings of clive christian for an arm and a leg. Well, I was sorely disappointed, while they are not bad fragrances at all,...
  86. Re: Looking for smoky and leather frags, with HUGE longevity/sillage

    Tuscan Leather is just what you are looking for (if you can get over the raspberry opening).
  87. Re: Loewe Pour Homme - Yellow or Green?

    Mine is light yellow with a hint of green. Much, much lighter than the one showed here.
  88. Replies

    Re: recommend me a woody citrus

    Andy Warhol Pop, and it is inexpensive too.

    It is available at Amazon:
  89. Replies

    Re: Proper Storage

    Humidity should not be an issue with spray bottles since there is not way water could get into the bottle, and a little water will not harm the fragrance anyway. But light and temperature will ruin...
  90. Re: Here are the notes, help me find the fragrance!

    Maybe Ablaze by Boadicea the Victorious is what you are looking for:
  91. Replies

    Re: Dirty scent

    Tuscan Leather
  92. Re: Chanel No. 5 + Shalimar = Men's What??

    I second that
  93. Replies

    Re: Montana Parfum d'Homme

    Montana Black is a different perfume, it may share some notes with Montana PdH, but they differ is deveral aspects.
    Read my review of Montana Black
  94. Re: Reformulation that is equal or better than the original????

    I agree with Renato. The current version of Quorum maybe doesn't have the balls of the original, but the rougher edges were softened down making Quorum a rounder, more wearable perfume and I love...
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    Re: what's your refresher of choice?

    Agua Lavanda by Puig
    Heno de Pravia
    Molinard Cologne Lavande
    Pinaud Lime Sec
    Alvarez Gomez Agua Colonia Concentrada
    or Extra Vieille.

    The best part is that they are so cheap you can...
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    Re: What's a good peony scent?

    I do agree with this, but you may wanna try "Sleeping with Ghost" that is marketed for women and men
  97. Replies

    Re: Your holy grail of designer scents.

    If it is your "Holy Grail", then it means you are still in the search, how can you call it a holy grail if you already have it. at least that is a concept of a Holy Grail.

    If you mean the perfume...
  98. Re: Does Al Rehab Silver Really Smell Like Silver Mountain Water????

    They smell absolutely different to me
  99. Re: Pine notes Fragrances, please, suggestions!

    No clove in my opinion.

    Back to the original question:

    Pino Silvestre is the obvious answer, but I'll like to add Norne, Yatagan and Arboretum.
  100. Re: I really like Al Rehab Silver, what else would I like from this house?

    I disagree with your perception of similarities within Silver and Silver Water Mountain, they only are similar in one thing, both have the word Silver in their name, and that's about it.
    I agree...
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