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  1. Re: 25% off Manufacturers Samples and Vintage Serge Lutens

  2. 25% off Manufacturers Samples and Vintage Serge Lutens


    I am selling my collection of perfume bottles and samples.
    Samples and Essential oils only, 25% off.
    Email for availability and postage.
    15 minimum order for samples.

  3. For the most Generous Generous Perfume Lover, Thank You!

    Dear Tania A,

    I just got your package today and without doubt I am both honored and touched by your generosity.

    There are so many things in here I've only heard about and read in books, so many...
  4. Finding Empty Sample Card Holders for Purchase, US and UK


    I am looking to purchase around 150 of blank cards usually used to put 1.5-3ml samples vials in.

    Something pretty basic, but that I can write on. Its the ones that cover the vial on 3...
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