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    Re: Creed Aventus

    Please put me down for need for a pump this time around. :) Thanks!
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    Re: Creed Aventus / UNUM

    Please put me down for 100ml of Aventus + pump...thank you!!
  3. Re: Tom Ford Extreme (97% w/ box) for large decant of TF Plum Japonais, Guerlain SDV...

    bump + added a few more swap ideas...and I'd certainly consider a "care package" of several of these WL items if you're not able to meet the suggested volume of any single fragrance...but my definite...
  4. Tom Ford Extreme (97% w/ box) for large decant of TF Plum Japonais, Guerlain SDV...

    I have a gently used back-up bottle of Tom Ford Extreme up for swap...It comes with its box and I'm estimating the remaining volume to be in the range of 97%...I can provide photos upon request. I'm...
  5. Re: Decants for swap! L'Humaniste !!! Eau Duelle!!! Fahrenheit Absolute!!!

    Sending you a pm...
  6. Re: If you could pick one scent for from DIPTYQUE - Which one would it be?

    = the correct response :)
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    Re: XERJOFF OUD STARS: Our first review is in!

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting in the math dept for us. :) That actually is a decent deal in relative terms - guess without the 50ml/100ml fancy schmancy art deco bottle, it brings the pricing...
  8. Thread: Pure Malt

    by Nouveau Nez

    Re: Pure Malt

    Not sure if this is a EU only relaunch but I'm seeing that Pure Malt has again resurfaced on the website...hoping this points to a N. American relaunch in the near term but based on prior...
  9. Re: I must tell you about a fragrance that you don't know yet - Parfümerie Brückner - Aoud 1

    Just wanted to bump this one since the site was down and it's not showing in the "What's New" threads...
  10. Re: I must tell you about a fragrance that you don't know yet - Parfümerie Brückner - Aoud 1

    I noticed Kron started a split for this little beauty last night in the BN split forum...luckily, I managed to claim a slot before they were all taken - in less than 24 hours. I'm sure Kron would...
  11. Re: Vanilla based fragrance similar to Guerlain SDV

    A fellow vanilla wh*re weighing in :) - I love both SDV and Mona di Orio but they are quite different - my nose definitely picks up on the clove/orange accords of Mona di Orio - certainly not xmas...
  12. Re: Tom Ford Noir De Noir is just freaking unbelievable

    Fully agree - NdN is just fantastic stuff and practically free compared to by Killian's Rose Oud :) - and to my nose, Rose Oud can't hold a candle to NdN.
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    Re: Fahrenheit Absolute , thoughts ?

    Very interesting how so many don't pick up on much resemblance between original Fahrenheit and this flanker...and based on on one of the more high-profile YouTube reviewers who described it as some...
  14. Re: M. Micallef's "Une Note Vanillee" - any inside track on if/when it will be re-introduced??

    Yes - I've seen this as well...crazy high prices for it on ebay - or least compared to what I believe it used to sell for...I guess I'm just baffled as to why they would pull the plug on this one...
  15. M. Micallef's "Une Note Vanillee" - any inside track on if/when it will be re-introduced??

    I didn't find any threads with definitive info on this topic so, decided to start a new thread. In recent months, I've become increasingly taken with M. Micallef's "Une Note Vanillee" and would very...
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    Re: Serge lutten ambre Sultan is for men

    Just today, I got my nose on a requested sample of this and I have to agree that it's completely wearable for a man - at least this one! :) Very nice!!
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    Re: ROSE and Cherry type of frags??

    Agree 110% on both counts! Two of my very favorites.
  18. Re: Amouage Lyric for Men vs. Bond No. 9 West Side. Which ROSE scent is more masculine of unisex?

    Another vote for West Side - a definite FBW scent, IMO. I love a couple scents from Amouage but Lyric did not really wow me.
  19. Re: Please help me choose the better quality fragrances!

    Don't want to inject any additional complication but I would vote for L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme - not sure where you are located but this one is not easily found in the U.S. but can be found on a...
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    Re: Five Stars fragrances ? Rate it

    Great thread! Only listed those that I've tried...

    L'Air du désert Marocain - 4
    Azzaro pour homme - 4
    Beyond Paradise Men - 3
    Black - 4
    Chinatown - 4 (but too femme for me)
    Cool Water - 4...
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    Re: Where To buy Tom Ford Fragrance?

    This is just an off the top of my head list of online retailers, so please don't consider this anything close to an exhaustive list...HTH!!
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    Re: Ok, sampled Kilian line...which do buy


    Fully agree!! IMO, the travel atomizer is the way to go...beautifully constructed and similar material to Diptyque's containers for its solid fragrances (bakelite??). Black to Black and...
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    Re: New to Mugler

    Just chiming in that I too would like to have any "intel" :) as to what the next "Pure" launch from this house may be...and equally, I would like to know if there has been any established pattern of...
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    Re: Frapin 1270 revisited

    Sure wish I was in a position to respond to the longevity question...I purchased 1270 from the go-to guy on ebay several weeks before Christmas and am still waiting for it to arrive!!! the...
  25. Thread: Pure Malt

    by Nouveau Nez

    Re: Pure Malt - What's the Fuss?

    Not looking to hijack the topic at hand but, is there some certainty or even an ETA on when Pure Malt or the other much-ballyhooed (sorry, just always wanted to use that word :) ) flankers will be...
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    Re: Cologne with a spicy vanilla smell?

    My favorite spicy vanilla is Diptyque's Eau Duelle - IMO, spicier than Guerlain SDV, which I alo love.
    ETA: just noticed that hedonist222 had also suggested this and I wholeheartedly agree!!
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    Re: Bond no9 blind buy thoughts??

    Yep, I'd have to agree w/ the others - I love several of the Bonds but neither of the two that you've short listed did much for me. I know that New Haarlem gets a good amount of love here - and the...
  28. Re: Muscs Koublai Khan resembles Bal a Versailles?

    ...and tailor-made for a young, blossoming Catholic girl!! :) (reference to my sister in earlier post)
  29. Re: Have you ever apply fragrance in your hair?

    Yep, same M.O. for least for me, it really helps with longevity/projection-challenged scents.
  30. Re: Muscs Koublai Khan resembles Bal a Versailles?

    Ha! :) But, unless my tastes have evolved (devolved? :) ) significantly since my last whiff of it, I don't think I'm a fan either. And I know it hasn't been in a closet or anything but also not in...
  31. Re: Muscs Koublai Khan resembles Bal a Versailles?

    I got a real kick out of reading this thread.. as a very young college student studying in Paris, in the early 80's, I was looking for a special gift of fragrance for my equally young sister. A very...
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    Re: Help me rename Le Labo's fragrances!

    Arghhh...Rick Rolled before 8am!!! Far too early in the morning to remember my 80's look!! But thoroughly enjoyed your post +
    El Cumino is a keeper!! :)
  33. Re: Frapin 1697: EDP vs. Limited Absolu; Compare and Contrast

    Yep...I'd probably be a bit miffed if I had purchased the absolute thinking that it was a limited run and now, everyone saying that the EDP actually has better sillage, which incidentally, I don't...
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    Re: Hello, fragrance nuts!

    ...and that's Mr. Fragrance Nut to you! :) Judging from your inaugural post, it sounds like you will be a fantastic contributor - welcome!!
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    Re: Montale black aloud - I had no idea

    Soapy? Interesting observation and I hadn't made the association but yes, I would absolutely agree. For me, it's definitely not the more modern soapy clean smell that you associate with the more...
  36. Re: What's Your Favorite Scents of the Vanilla Variety?

    I agree on both counts...I'm always surprised that there isn't more love for Eau Duelle around here. I find it very addictive.
  37. Re: Top Fragrances Based on Basenotes Reviews

    Welcome and thanks for the running these numbers!! I've never sampled it so I can't comment but am very surprised to see MKK at the No. 3 spot since from what I've heard, it's one of the more...
  38. Re: Shock and Reaction pulled from Macy's......

    I've never smelled either one and I hardly want to be defending those horrible bottle graphics but in their...gulp...somewhat half-hearted defense, these are flankers for CK One - correct??, I...
  39. Re: Frapin 1697: EDP vs. Limited Absolu; Compare and Contrast

    Thanks, BillyD! After resurrecting this thread, I've been trying to convince myself that I truly don't "need" the 1697 in either form. :) I've beeen trying to content myself with my bottle of...
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    Re: Noir d Noir & Musc Ravageur

    Personally, I much prefer NdN to Musc Ravageur. I had a practically new bottle of MR that I ended up selling. I guess it boils down to me not being a big fan of animalic and it seems there was...
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    Re: I Loved Rose 31, and I want more Le Labos

    Beyond Rose 31, I'd also echo the recommendations for Patchouli 24 - but IMO, definitely not a safe blind buy - its opening is decidedly smoke laden. Incidentally, there are currently a couple of...
  42. Re: Frapin 1697: EDP vs. Limited Absolu; Compare and Contrast

    Just curious if there was any verdict on how the EDP compares to the Limited Absolu...if anyone who has experienced both can weigh in, I'd be very grateful. Especially looking to hear how they...
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    Re: Need help picking out some Bonds

    Of those that I have sampled from your shortlist, I consider Bleecker and West Side to both be FBW. I too expected to really like "Success is job..." but didn't care for it at all. I also didn't...
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    Re: Bond No.9 recommendations please

    From those that I have sampled and/or owned, these 5 are my no particular order...IMO, these first 3 lean towards the feminine...

    1) West Side
    2) Chinatown
    3) Nuit de Noho
  45. Re: Which fragrances smell closest to your clothes after a bonfire?

    Absolutely agree! The smokiest scent that I have personally every tried...but I haven't had a chance to try some of these other great suggestions...
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    Re: What's your favourite ShaveCream ?

    Well...from the standpoint of shaving comfort and performance, I think there is really no difference - for me, the appeal of Trumper Violet is purely a scent preference. Based on the huge love...
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    Re: What's your favourite ShaveCream ?

    ...oh, I guess I should respond to the original question :). I still think my absolute favorite cream is the much loved Trumper Violet - very addictive stuff.
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    Re: What's your favourite ShaveCream ?

    I agree with CHSeifert that the Art of Shaving creams are top drawer...many moons ago, before my shaving brush ephiphany, I used to use the Aramis Lab Series cream, IMO, it is also a great product...
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    Re: What kind of razor do you use??

    I've always used some form of a Gillette disposable razor, most recently their Fusion ProGlide razors. For the past several years, I'm loving an old school badger brush + one of the traditional...
  50. Re: Can I go wrong blind buying....Chergui, Tom Ford

    Just echoing what others have already said...I'm no stranger to the blind buy but very glad that I sampled Chergui - I'm a big fan of its dry down but for me, the time necessary to get there is just...
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    Re: Church vibe, candle-wax + incense

    I haven't tried most of the other fragrances that are dominating this thread so, I can't compare but when I fell hard for Bond No 9's Silver Factory a few year's back, it was largely due to the very...
  52. Re: Dior Homme Sprayer/spritzer/atomizer any good?

    Yep, I definitely have noticed the same issue w/ the sprayer on my DH. And as a result, I do go thru it very quickly. I'll have to experiment w/ depressing fully as the previous post mentioned. I...
  53. Re: Won Chanel Eqoiste on the bay and received Platinum Egoiste!!

    Yes, by all means send it back with delivery confirmation. If she doesn't refund you via PayPal then you'll have the paper trail of events so, you can - if necessary - open a case with Ebay. If...
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    Re: Santal 33 by Le Labo

    Yep - it would be much appreciated if this frag could be added - I'm debating whether I'll join a split opp and would love to see more reviews from BNers.
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