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    Got the aftershave and fell in love, so immediately got the EDT. Smelt like burnt plastic, my first ever skin scrubber. Couldn't go back to the aftershave after that as could detect the same burnt...
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    Re: What's the EdT you prefer over an EdP?

    Boucheron Pour Homme. EDT just more wearable for me.
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    Re: The Art Of Layering - Successful Stories

    A proper accident tonight but these two went beautifully together, to the point I really wish it was an actual scent!


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    Re: YSL Jazz timelines?

    Perfect, thank you
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    Re: YSL Jazz timelines?

    Live Jazz and Jazz Prestige were flankers and there was only one version of each afaik. I'm talking about the main Jazz, I know of 4 versions, just wondering the order.
  6. Re: Vintage Pasha de Cartier - Any visual clues?

    Where would people date my bottle? I know it doesn't have the old font and doesn't say Paris or "for men", but it goes have the gold rim and does have Oakmoss in the ingredients. Maybe the last good...
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    YSL Jazz timelines?

    Is this bottle a reformulation of the La Collection version, or a newer version? To my nose it smells very much like the original but is also still available.

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    Re: Vintage oak moss bombs on a budget?

    I've gotten good deals on vintage bottles of Sung Homme, Pasha de Cartier and YSL Jazz recently, all strong on the Oakmoss.
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today - 2020

    I'm so happy! Been looking for vintage PRPH for over a year at a reasonable price to no avail. Thought I'd snagged a bargain of the 2nd edition a few weeks back on eBay, but the guy had already sold...
  10. Re: My nose, my samples, my taste, which is it?

    I just had to come back to this thread. Today I took delivery of my first bottle of vintage Jazz (after owning and enjoying the most recent version) and my second bottle of Tsar, so I now own the...
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    Re: The smell of the forest after rain

    It's a shaving soap but wanted to put this in as I've never smelt anything so close to a damp forest. Can literally smell trees and rain. Overgrowth by Oatcake London.

  12. Re: Paco Rabanne Buy The Numbers: Vintage vs. Newer

    Feeling a bit low today but also made a huge chunk of commission, so decided to pull the trigger and treat myself to a 2nd edition (going by the guide above) full splash EDT bottle. Can't wait!
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    Getting addicted to moss!

    I have 3 frags that have real oak or treemoss in them: Rogue Mousse Illuninee (decant), Cartier De Pasha and vintage Sung Homme. I do have a few other things with moss in the ingredients, but not...
  14. Re: Which ONE Fragrance scares CoronaVirus to death ? Choose ONE!

    Barrister and Mann - Fougère Gothique

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    Do you buy similar fragrances?

    I by no means have a large collection, but when I have something I really like, I'll get one or two of the closest frags to it. E.g. I've just completed the trifecta of Jazz, Tsar and Pasha de...
  16. What's the most "mature" scent that you own?

    Mine would be the original Jaguar for Men. It's strong tobacco musky scent to me is just the complete opposite of what young men wear these days. I like it but even for me at 35, I find it a struggle...
  17. American Crew shave oil scent - anyone smelt it?

    Got lined up with this today and it had a very nice masculine lavender scent, however it lists rosemary as an ingredient. Has anyone smelt it and if so, recommend a frag that smells similar?
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    Re: Your Vintage SOTD - 2020

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    "Scent of terror" from BBC news

    I'm sure some people here would be up for wearing it 🤣
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    Turkish lemon cologne style frag?

    When I got for a hot towel shave at the Turkish barber I always look forward to the lemon cologne they use. There are a few I've tried e.g.


    They all have a very similar profile - strong...
  21. A more formal and/or modern Sung Homme

    I love SH, especially the vintage version, which in fact be my favourite fragrance ever.

    Are there any recommendations on fragrances that are somewhat similar that are more formal and/or more...
  22. Re: Guerlain Vetiver - What's wrong with the new formulation?

    I had a miniature bottle of this version:


    It was incredible. When it ran out I bought 2 X 100ml bottles of the current formula as it was on an offer and it's terrible in comparison. Thin...
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    Masculine powdery scents

    Looking for very clean, powdery but definitely masculine recommendations. Available in the UK and under £50.

    Know that's quite a loose description but then widens the net on what I might be...
  24. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    A dozen or so Creed's, all that were in the store. I was.... underwhelmed. All were a little sickly to me apart from Viking which I didn't mind. Maybe I'm completely underdeveloped when it comes to...
  25. Was my miniature Guerlain Vetiver a vintage version?

    I got the miniature version on the left and have been enjoying it for the last few months. Since running out I got the big version, but it smells slightly different, more synthetic somehow.

  26. Re: Advice for a 'Colder' Weather Fragrance: all suggestions welcome! (Wood, Tobacco, Incense, Spice

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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today - 2020

    Got through the post this week, vintage Quorum set and Agua Brava.

    Funnily enough I have pretty much the opposite thoughts on these!

    Not a fan of the Quorums, they are just too harsh on the...
  28. Re: Is Boucheron pour homme (1991) blind buy worthy?

    I have the EDT and love it. It's a dry, powdery citrus barbershop type scent, a little herby too. Nothing like Jaipur though so you can't compare there, so it's a little hard for me to suggest a...
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    Re: I have Vetiver fever !

    I can't add any more frags over the excellent recommendations already itt, but I will suggest the Proraso Cypress and Vetyver range for shaving to compliment most of them:


    I have the...
  30. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Several Creed's, TF's, Hermes and a few other odd frags. Never smelt any of them before but was in a big department store so gave them a whirl.

    Favourite Creed was GIT. Very nice opening. Didn't...
  31. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Sauvage Parfum. Never cared for modern frags after being scarred by Invictus but this was on a counter so I gave it a blast. Was quite shocked that this was what's "it" these days. Maybe I'd learn to...
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    Re: Favorite Tobacco Colognes 2019

    Jaguar Green
  33. Re: Spreading awareness of niche-niche fragrances

    Another point to add is that even if the actual perfumes aren't appealing, I'm sure most of you shave, so having a soap and balm that matches the scent of your favourite frag would be appealing? E.g....
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    Sybaris by Puig was always one I wanted to try but had resided it low on my list as I knew I'd probably never get to sample it and didn't fancy an expensive blind buy. Literally 3 days ago I'd read...
  35. Spreading awareness of niche-niche fragrances

    No, not a typo, but niche fragrances that come from a different niche - shaving companies. Dozens of these brands produce very high-quality EdT and EdP's but I very rarely, if ever, see them...
  36. Re: What fragrance do you have the most back-up bottles of?

    I've got 2 bottles of a couple of things, one by winning 2 auctions simultaneously, and one by forgetting I had something and buying it again, but otherwise I don't buy back-ups. Every backup bottle...
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    Re: My dirt cheap favorite tobacco scents

    Jaguar for Men (Green). Current version can be found for around 10 Euro however I've not smelt it, but from all accounts its not that far from vintage. Vintage is still quite easy to pick up on eBay...
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    Sung Homme vintage vs current


    Decided to get myself a vintage bottle of SH as it's always been my favourite scent and I must say I prefer the new formulation (the blue juice). The pine note is much more aggressively...
  39. Re: Best "Medicinal," "Ascerbic," "Clinical" Fragrance?

    Zino smells like fresh bandages to me
  40. Re: Is it worth chasing vintage Azzaro PH or just get the current?

    I'm slowly starting to realise that for classics like this having vintage is always better but it's good to own the current if you enjoy it so you don't run out of your vintage so quick. I wear...
  41. Similar to Paco Rabanne PH with better performance?

    Other than getting vintage (which I'm keeping my eye out for), what's on the market now that is similar to Paco Rabanne PH but has better performance? I absolutely love it but it dies so quickly.
  42. London Oatcake Overgrowth shaving soap - a fougere lovers dream

    What does a rainforest smell like? The combined scent of vegetation, moisture, soil, and decaying plants and wood. It's not a bad smell -- it's the smell of life!

    Scented with: Geranium,...
  43. Re: What's the odd one else in my collection? (And what else should be there?)

    And this one for me is the odd one out (no idea why I put else in the title!) - while the rest are all of the classic or powerhouse variety, the IM is the only "modern" one from the 21st century and...
  44. Re: What's the odd one else in my collection? (And what else should be there?)

    Do have a new bottle but like the little bottle :)

    Good shout on those 2, top of my list.
  45. Re: What's the odd one else in my collection? (And what else should be there?)

    Very interesting answer, inferior in what way?
  46. What's the odd one else in my collection? (And what else should be there?)

    Just a bit of fun. I consider one bottle here to be a little out of place compared to the rest. Also, what am I obviously missing.

  47. Re: Rate Jacques Bogart Fragrances Which Is Your Favorite?

    Have you tried the newest formulation of Signature? Just wondering if my assessment was consistent with others.
  48. Re: Rate Jacques Bogart Fragrances Which Is Your Favorite?

    Just got signature today after it being top of my list for ages. What massive disappointment. The scent is great but it's performance is that of a cheap aftershave. Think I got into this hobby 20...
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    Re: Today I bought October 2019


    Absolutely superb! Although surprised that Paco Rabanne PH is listed as similar - I find them very different.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 16th October, 2019

    Yeah baby. This is at the top of my want list.
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    Re: Today I bought October 2019


    Mail call, venturing deeper into my 80s scent obsession. Been looking for a reasonably priced vintage of this for ages as the new formulation sucks. This is INCREDIBLE. Early indication is...
  52. Re: Has anyone tried Stirling Soap Co EDTs?

    They're from the US and have dozens of scents :)
  53. PLEASE help me find the closest EDTs to these aftershaves - paging UK guys

    2 of my top 5 scents are these water weak aftershaves from UK pharmacies:



    What I'm after is guys who have actually smelt these scents and can recommend something. Note I'm not...
  54. Re: Has anyone tried Stirling Soap Co EDTs?

    They're very popular in the wet shaving community. What I like the idea of is they have literally every grooming product you'd need in each scent! They mostly do clones of popular scents but look...
  55. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Go on then

  56. Has anyone tried Stirling Soap Co EDTs?

    I'm a big fan of their soaps and splashes, and now their EDTs are available in the UK. Has anyone tried them and if so, what's the performance like?

    They've got a fragrance called Varen which...
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    Challenging fragrances

    I have 3 fragrances in my collection that, on first spray, each made me convulse with fear. They are:

    Barrister and Mann Fougère Gothique, which smells like dead bodies.

    Bijan Men, which if...
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    You smell like an old man

    I'm 34, not that young but certainly not an old man.

    I love the classics. Quorum, Aramis, Sung Home, you get the picture. They remind me of my father and grandfather, when men were real men, and...
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    Bowling Green with less fir?

    I love everything about Bowling Green especially the opening, however the Fir is just a bit too strong for me in the drydown.

    Can anyone recommend a similar green barbershop type scent without so...
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    Re: Help me find my summer fragrances

    Got my sample of GV today. It really reminds me of an old favourite of mine - Paul Smith Story, although much more refined. However, Projection and longevity seem quite poor from a couple of sprays...
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    Re: Help me find my summer fragrances

    Decided after wearing it a couple of times I wasn't keen. To my nose it's a slightly less medicinal smelling Zino.
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    Re: Help me find my summer fragrances

    Still went with a sample after finding a reasonable one. This is complex for me. It's becoming more pleasant as it dries down. One to try a few times I think.
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    Re: Help me find my summer fragrances

    Just looking at seems to perfect I'm thinking of breaking my blind buy rule
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    Help me find my summer fragrances

    I love classic scents - Quorum, Azzaro PH, Sung Homme, Paco PH, Aramis etc... But they sometimes feel a little dark and heavy for every day use in the summer, for office work especially.

  65. Re: Men’s Fragrances That Still Stand Out (No clones, nothing smells similar.)

    Lots of mentions of Fahrenheit, but this is the only time when I've really...
  66. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Over the last few months I've been on a classic fragrances trip.

    I've tried lots of different things but the style that really stands out for me are the real masculine classics e.g. Quorum, Paco...
  67. Re: Przemysławka - anyone else tried this Polish EdC?

    Has some decent longevity. Not much projection, but used on the face and you'll get delightful lemon hits for several hours.
  68. Re: Przemysławka - anyone else tried this Polish EdC?

    I buy it on eBay direct from Poland.
  69. Przemysławka - anyone else tried this Polish EdC?

    Was introduced to it by my Polish barber and it's been a firm favourite of mine since. Citrus and herb barbershop. Interested to hear what others think as there's no entries for it here or...
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    Re: Today I bought May 2019

    Today I took delivery of my first ever blind buy, Quorum Silver. Now I always get samples first but had the opportunity to snag a new 100ml bottle locally for just £5. Quorum original is a favourite...
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    Other woodsy scents to try?

    One of my favourite scents still comes from a super cheap (£2.49 for 110ml!) Bottles of aftershave from a UK chemist:
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    Clone scents database?

    Is there a site which lists all the clones of particular scents?

    I found an archive of a site called which is exactly what I'm looking for, but as it's an archive the site...
  73. Citrus barbershop to compliment Cella after shave lotion?

    I'm quite obsessed with the scent of this. It's very different from the soap (which is almond/marzipan). It's a beautiful...
  74. Which classic fragrances did/do a shaving soap or cream?

    Aramis used to do a soap and currently do a cream. Who else?
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    Re: New Tabac fragrance coming "Craftsman"

    I am definitely intrigued now.
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    Re: New Tabac fragrance coming "Craftsman"
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    New Tabac fragrance coming "Craftsman"

    From their IG

  78. Differences in Tabac A/S, EdC and EdT?

    Been using the Tabac aftershave and EdC's for a while now and really like the scent, but it always starts very floral for me.

    Tested the EdT spray today and it was very different, much less floral...
  79. Re: My nose, my samples, my taste, which is it?

    Tried Tsar today out of the bottle. Definitely don't like it.
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    Making clothes smell more masculine?

    Here's an interesting one. I am sick to death of my clothes smelling like a summer meadow. I would like something to put in the wash that is more masculine.

    I was thinking of maybe using an...
  81. My nose, my samples, my taste, which is it?

    One of my absolute favourite cheap aftershaves is Superdrug 'Forest Fresh' from the UK. Classic green masculine scent. The problem is, like any cheap aftershave, it dies almost instantly. I asked...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Hi all, just signed up today. Going to write a long intro, more for my own enjoyment. Cliffs: Got into scents through my father as a kid, re-found my passion recently in my 30's after getting into DE...
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